Sep 17, 2012

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A message from Peter Jackson

  1. Yes! New stuff!

  2. Peter, I kiss your shoes.

  3. Really stoked for the new trailer!!

  4. Thanks PJ really exited about some hobbit footage!!
    Read the book for the eighth time this week so cant end it better than with a new trailer.!

  5. andrescornish says:


  6. So I’ve been looking around a lot, and have been trying to find some kind of means to get in touch with mister Peter Jackson… and of course that should prove a challenge…
    I wouldn’t want everyone to be able to bug me with every kind of silly request…

    I do, however, have.. a request… I’m getting married.. october 13th…
    And I made a video for mr. Peter Jackson… Now whoever runs this site.. would you be willing to pass this on?
    The password is; peter

  7. An exciting week ahead indeed!

  8. ALL RAIN!!!


  10. Two days till the new trailer!! I’ve been looking forward to this for ages.

  11. LOTR nerd :) says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

  12. For Varda’s sake.
    I can’t wait to watch it.
    Thanks a lot mr. Jackson!!!

  13. Thank you for getting the releases so close together. Your crew really looks to love working on this production. I can only guess at the complexity of your scheduling requirements. Can’t wait to visit New Zealand some da.

  14. I was on Facebook and seeing “A message from Peter Jackson” on the tab for this page really made me freeze for a second or two 🙂

  15. how wonderful to share all your camaraderie and fun. more Oscars coming up for sure and I am already feeling sad about seeing the last of the Hobbit movies.

  16. Amazing, I can’t wait to get back to Middle Earth on 22th December. I just want the movies to be at least as big as LOTR were! In quality, time duration, everything!

  17. AWESOME!!!!!!!! NEW TRAILER!!!! NEW STUFF!!!!! Peter Jackson, you are one of the finest film makers of all time, you make every one from New Zealand VERY proud to be a kiwi. =)

  18. It’s the 19th …. I don’t see it yet though 🙁

  19. The trailer was amazing Peter. Thank you so much for putting so much time into this. It means a lot to us fans.

  20. Thank you peter for the amazing trailer. Im so excited and I can not wait for the hobbit to come to the big screens. Ive noticed the warg scenes have been put in and im thrilled. This means the world to all the fans so continue your amazing work on the film and I wish you luck for the second and third instalment!!!!


  21. I love reading all the comments.

    Could your staff please erase my email address??! It still comes up even after I delete it.

    Or could one of you above please tell me how to get rid of it??



  23. Dear Peter,
    any chance you will be filming ‘Farmer Giles of Ham’ after this??? 🙂

  24. Hello. I hope you had a good , I do not know how to speak good English , So I’m sorry if I make mistakes in writing , I imagined a great idea for a movie but I do not know what , The problem is I do not speak English , Since my language is persian , And the second problem is that I do not know what my idea of a filmmaker ,If you can help me ? I ask that you respond , thanks

  25. Alex Hamilton says:

    Hey Peter

    I want to get into filming (directing or editing) when im older i wonder if you had any tips for me.

    I had to put in my email to post this so whoever runs the site should be able to give you that.

    Please get in touch with me. Thanks

  26. Thank you, very much.

  27. I’d love to make your next weeks even more interesting by providing you an extended access capability for your 3D production of the Hobbit! I make a thin film that enables autostereoscopic (no glasses) viewing on the 500 million or so iPads, iPhones and iPods that Apple’s sold, and that will support a 3D release on iTunes. (and how about the possibility of a re-release, in 3D, on iTunes, of the LOTRT, should you anticipate dimensionalizing it?)

  28. Dear Peter, I woke up this morning and the thought crossed my mind that one day you might be making a movie with stories of the first colonizing of New Zealand, and of ancient Maori tales. Now how about that??

  29. Hi,Peter ,

    Cant wait to see the Hobbit also was wondering if may be you could look into making a film basrd on the book “The Passage”
    written by Justin Cronin .

    It is a fantastic book and very different .

    Cheers Margot

  30. Peter Jackson,
    I was wondering if you would maybe make some of J. R. R. Tolkien’s other books into movies. I would really appreciate it because, I’m a HUGE fan of your work on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I was wondering if you would email me about this topic.

  31. mithrandir says:

    Great job Peter Jackson, on making the impossible possible!!!!!!! You’re an awesome person, and I don’t think any other director could have interpreted Middle-Earth in a better way! You are my favorite director of all time!!! As Gandalf said, “All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that’s given to us.” You’ve certainly used your time well. Are you going to make any other Middle-Earth movies? If so, please e-mail me. thanks a ton, fellow Hobbit!

    Namárië(farewell in Sindarin)!

  32. Todd Masters says:

    This movie was for 6 year olds. Maybe you should change careers. I will not be watching anymore of your lame attempts to bring good books to the big screen; it’s obviously above you.

  33. Hi Sir Peter Jackson
    Thanks and Praise
    I very much like your style of film making.
    Can I please have your email address?
    Many thanks
    Sam from Iran

  34. awesome, you are very amazing, tou are my inspirations film maker, i try to make a short film inspirated from you, hope you can watching,, can i know your email adrees sir? please send to my email, thanksvery much

  35. Dear Mr.Jackson,

    yesterday I saw the Hobbit 2. This is actually, I am sorry, the first time
    I saw one of your movies.

    The movie was very nice and I nearly felt seeing myself in your movie.

    Best regards


  36. Im the creator of the old Toby cannabis strain ,THERE NEEDS TO be a scene where bilboand gandalf argue about what the best pipe weed is , in the fellowship,bilbo says old Toby the finest weed,ectect, and gandalf starts to argue the comment, the scene is suddenly cut! So wee need to see the whole argument, as TOLKIEN HIMSELF Said’old Toby is arguabley the fimestweed in the shire? Our was it middle earth?lol

  37. Mr. Jackson,

    I was thoroughly disappointed with the first Hobbit movie but I felt compelled to give this second movie a chance. My mistake. Where may I ask, did you come up with the storyline? Did you read another book? You pulled stuff out of thin air and ruined a wonderful tale and a great book. It took only (3) quality movies to do LOTR but now it takes (3) movies to butcher (1) book. Disappointment does not begin to describe my reaction during the movie. I could not wait for it to be over. After LOTR I had high expectations. You took a happy and somewhat light hearted adventure and twisted into something it is not. I will not watch the 3rd movie and have warned many off this second movie if they were expecting a somewhat credible depiction of the book.

  38. Peter Jackson im soon 15 years old and when i was a Young bot i dream about to was in a movie and that movie was your movie and i would be in the movie the hobbit there and back again. That would be My dream please Peter just think about it.

  39. Zeer Peter Jacks on, last week I have week the lord of the rings tot the dienst time! After it I have watched the Hobbit part 1 and 2. Juist amazing movies all of the, but I don’t know of you read thuis. Because in the new Hobbit (the desolation of smaug) I think Legolas was a bit geld feeling and his eyes weer really blue (in the lord of the rings they are darker). Maybe this will help you with the next hobbit movie. But the movie was zo amazing, I am waiting for there and back again!!!!

    You are amazing Peter Jackson

  40. Last message was with autocorrection:

    Dear Peter Jackson, last week I have week the lord of the rings for the first time! After it I have watched the Hobbit part 1 and 2. Just amazing movies all of them, but I don’t know if you read this. Because in the new Hobbit (the desolation of smaug) I think Legolas was a bit gold feeling and his eyes were really blue (in the lord of the rings they are darker). Maybe this will help you with the next hobbit movie. But the movie was zo amazing, I am waiting for there and back again!!!!

    You are amazing Peter Jackson

  41. Nizamudeen says:

    Hi I love u Peter Jackson,really iam mad of ur Direction,iam not in Film industries,but even though….my desire is untill death i would like to meet once peter jackson….i hope whose running this site please forword my message to him…i love him a lot…like god,if i see him once that day is my most valuable day.i love him lot please god give a chance to meet him once.

    Posted on January 19, 2014 by munckyme
    A Message from the Heart


    Dear Cast and Crew of Middle Earth,

    First of all I hope this letter finds itself to you and is not lost in the throngs of fan mail you receive, or even worse… ignored. I had to work up a lot of courage and it took a lot of self-convincing to type this letter…I don’t usually do this sort of thing.

    My sole purpose in writing to you is to thank you for bringing to life, the magic and enchantment of Middle Earth in your films. Thank you because not only have you made award winning films, but each and every one of you, through your unique contributions to the making of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the Hobbit trilogy have taught us to hope and have courage. And that is worth more than any award you can receive.

    Being in my final school year and about to step into the Real World, I often find that I identify myself with Bilbo Baggins…as crazy as that sounds. There is a huge adventure waiting for me out there, and I am curious as to what it might be. Part of me yearns for it, but another fears to step away from the comforts of my home and parents, for there’s no knowing where I’d be swept off to.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, if Bilbo can drop all that he knows and set off on a quest, cross- country, with a bunch of rowdy dwarves, to reclaim a homeland and treasure from a fire breathing dragon, I too can set off on my own adventure, albeit a much less exciting one.

    Growing up, I can feel the magic and the power of imagination that I had as a child slip away and be replaced by the pressures of examinations, universities, choosing a career etc…. However, if it hadn’t been for your films, I would have perhaps lost that spark forever and become another dead faced cog in the machine. Do I sound silly? The truth is the trilogies keep alive my desire for adventure and give me hope even in the darkest of days.

    Sir Peter Jackson, I like to think of you as my personal Santa Claus, after all it is you who has given me some of the best gifts I can ever receive. You sir have touched countless lives, including mine, with your spectacular renditions of Tolkien’s work. Only few have ever managed to do that. Some may say you have ruined the Universe Tolkien created, but personally I think that you revived it. After all, it was only after watching your films, did I and many of my friends actually read the Lord of the Rings.

    I am also extremely grateful for the production blogs that you put up. They were quite simply a stroke of genius and was a great way of making all the fans feel involved. I found them interesting and informative. I never imagined film making to be such a complicated and intricate process. But so very fascinating and interesting, I wish to know more! You have a vast crew there and they are so very talented, I envy them. But they seem to work themselves tirelessly to the bone (yourself included) every day on set. You couldn’t have asked for a better crew. The artists and set designers for the films are unbelievably gifted. I was able to glimpse some of your designs in their initial stages, and wow I wish I could draw and design as half as well as you guys.

    Mr. Richard Armitage, I had watched North and South and the Robin Hood TV series, so I knew of your work long before the Hobbit. Therefore I was delighted to hear that you were cast as Thorin. You did not live up to my expectations of Thorin, you surpassed them. With Thorin’s grouchy and moody personality, he was always a hard character to like. But you portrayed the warrior prince in a manner that demanded respect. You have forever been immortalized in my mind as Thorin.

    Dear Mr. Martin Freeman, I first came upon your work on Sherlock BBC (such a huge fan, in fact it is the only TV show I follow, religiously). I always admired your portrayal of Dr. John Hamish Watson, but had my doubts when I heard you were cast as Bilbo. See I was still thinking of you as the brave, adventurous Dr. Watson, who couldn’t be any different to Bilbo Baggins. But boy did you prove me wrong. You played Bilbo Baggins exactly how I imagined him to be, when I read the book.

    Mr. Andy Serkis, is it possible for one man to be so insanely talented? Your performance of an inhuman, schizophrenic, utterly insane creature with severe multiple personality disorder is nothing short of phenomenal. Watching you act, in the production blogs was surreal. I am not even going to talk about your Sméagol/Gollum voice. Did you know that after seeing Gollum’s fish eating scene in the Return of the King, I was so disgusted I didn’t eat fish for 5 years. True Story. But not only are you a great actor but you were second unit director! I didn’t know this until the production blogs, but you sir did a brilliant job as second unit director.

    Sir Ian Mckellan, I was over the moon when it was confirmed that you would be returning as Gandalf the Grey. You are probably one of the most inspiring actors I have ever seen. Gandalf the Grey is one of my favorite characters (I prefer him over Gandalf the White) and you do him justice.

    Dear Mrs. Evangeline Lilly, I adore Tauriel. As a girl myself I was always disappointed with the lack of female characters in the hobbit, therefore I think Peter Jackson’s idea to introduce Tauriel was a stroke of genius. I think you played a risky role, book purists were either going to hate or love Tauriel. But with her quick wit and bad assery with the daggers she is hard to despise. But to be honest, I was a bit skeptical of the love interest between her and Kili, mainly because of the height difference. Ah well love comes in many shapes and sizes…I am not much of a romantic.

    Dear Dwarves, I love how each of you have your own distinct personalities, (and impressive hair-dos). It just adds so much color to the film. Some of my favorite scenes are perhaps the unexpected party, the fight at the Trollshaws, and the escape from Goblin Town. Each and every one of you portrayed your character to perfection. I cannot imagine anyone else in your roles. And Adam Brown I think Ori is absolutely adorable; I want nothing more than to give him a big hug. In fact I think if I was a character in the Hobbit I would most likely be Ori!

    Dear Orlando Bloom, are you as graceful as Legolas in real life? I am genuinely curious because it is so convincing in the film. Dear Tami Lane, I love the prosthetic make up, wow it looks like a very delicate, time consuming job. I wish I was as patient as you and your team are.

    If the rumors are correct Hobbit: There and Back Again will probably be the final movie of Middle Earth. For me, it is heart-breaking, but all good things must come to an end. I was extremely devastated to hear that filming for the Hobbit Trilogy had ended. That was probably the sign of the end of a golden era. No more epic fantasies to look forward to! However if by some miracle, Sir Peter Jackson decides to take up his mantle and direct another Middle Earth movie, I hope you upload more production blogs, because it is the only way that we fans who are on the other side of the world can feel involved ( I am a Sri Lankan in Oman…I’d be surprised if you know where that is, and the fan base here is quite small, but growing thanks to me, because I won’t shut up about the Trilogies and force everyone I can to watch it. You’d be happy to know, that each and every one of those people too have fallen in love with the splendor you have all created ).I hope Hobbit: There and Back Again will perhaps premiere in the Middle East, maybe in Dubai?

    Once again thank you, to all the crew, to all the cast to every single person who helped in any small way. You are all inspirational, you are my heroes because together you created more than just a couple of films. You created magic. And it is my dream
    and greatest desire to one day work with Sir Peter Jackson.

    Lots of love,


    P.S: Congratulations on your Oscar Nominations

  43. I want to know I have a scenario for the lord of the rings

  44. Hello Mr. Jackson, After you finish the last hobbit there will be no JRR Tolkien movies left to be made, right? No Hobbits, No elves, No dwarves, no wizards right? well i have a cool new idea for a movie for you to direct. It is a movie about Gandalf and his origin, his story and it will focus more on what he does when he leaves the scene. Please get back to me for more info.


  45. Hello mr. Jackson I have an idea for a new movie for you to direct, i have thought hard about storyline and plot because like most fans i am dissapointed that there will be no more JRR tolkien movies. My movie is about Gandalf, his origin and it will focus more on what he does when he leaves the scene. I was wondering if you would like to hear more so if you do please reply back so i can tell you

  46. Dear the makers of The Hobbit,
    I am writing to you to ask for your assistance.
    I love the Hobbit. I watched An Unexpected Journey on holiday with my family in 2013. Then I read the book. Later in the year I watched The Desolation of Smaug with my Mum which was equally as amazing and now I’m making my way through The Lord of the Rings books. I have been looking forward to the finale all year however I really hope to watch it with my Mum too, its become a sort of tradition! However, unfortunately my Mum is currently in a hospice and so the cinema visit would be incredibly difficult. I was wondering if you could please help me to allow my Mummy to see it?
    Kind Regards,

  47. Caio Oakenshield says:

    Hello Mr. Jackson, I would say that I love The Hobbit and his films. I was very sad when Thorin died and even thought you could change that fact, it would be nice to see him being king under the mountain. Even so thank you for making such good movies that make us travel and feel at every moment of every adventure.

  48. Mr. Jackson & team
    I would like to congratulate you for your incredible production, not only for The Hobbit, but also for LOTR and all of the media that you used to give us advances between the two sagas.
    I was able to watch the movies since the first and I loved them since. You have made me laugh, expect, love, cry… And yesterday there were tears and a mix of feelings between sadness and joy.
    All the team, actors, musicians (all movies have an amazing music), make u artist, editors, special effects (I still can´t believe how you have created Smaug), everything is a wonder.
    I´m writing from Argentina and here the books were not that popular before the movies, luckily my husband and his family have known them many years ago and read them when they were children. That made me closer to all mysteries of middle earth.
    Here its not easy to find merchandising and even a DVD of the movie, but thanks to technology an travel i can have the copies of the movies, my dream is that one day my own children will read the books, watch the movies and become in love of middle earth as me and my husband are.
    I want to thank you, from the heart, for your creation and for take us to such a wonderful place. You have made a part of my life full of magic and beauty.

  49. billie clouse says:

    Dear peter jackson

    My nam is billie nicole clouse I am 17 years old …
    When I watch the lord of the rings and hobbit movies I thought to myself…there soooo much stuff missing in the story ..that I hope u can make more twist to… like the two other wizerds that r blue and the first war in the lord of the ring and about the elf witch girl and gandalf thay have somthing going on! 🙂 u can make soooooo much movies with this and I hope u do bec I want to know these ..I’m dieing that u take my advice 🙂 ur like one of my heros these movies are truly an art 🙂 and I’m sorry about my grammer and spelling I have a hard time at it bec of my delaxica anyway I hope u have a great year

  50. I am Trinity and I am 11 years old. There’s a flaw in BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES,Sting didn’t glow blue like in the first Hobbit. 🙁

  51. Sarah Ridgeway says:

    I think you should look into making the Dragon Lance Books into Movies!

  52. hi I was wondering if sir peter or a member of the cast of hobbit would be interest in my car number plate its T188OHL but when looked through mirror reads the L like a j and the rest HOBBIT I hope you can forward this for me. thanks

  53. Thanks for the whole magic of your work…

    A sugerimiento who created would be condemned to a success since it is in your line…

    Because you do not study to be able to do a new version of the movie of animation. ‘ The dark crystal ‘?

    It is fantastic in possibilities, alternative worlds and the felt magician of the same movie.

    Thank you and a pleasure to greet you.

    Joan V

  54. I need that music in the background

    plz help 🙁

  55. Paulo La Roque says:

    I love your work Mr. Peter Jackson. Why don’t you shoot a ‘finale’ for the original cartoon Dungeons and Dragons? I wonder how Dungeon Master and Avenger would look like. I’m sure you’d make another masterpiece!

  56. Just Wondering: Is it even possible to talk with Peter Jackson about a Movie Idea that I believe would be “Very Big” in it’s Possibilities. I’ve Got the Story w/Ideas and have composed all the Music to go with. This would be something no one has ever seen or experienced before.
    Just Shootin’ in the Dark, Here!!! Thanx

  57. Mr. Jackson, didn’t you think about taking “Gothic” RPG-Adventure PC game by Piranha Bytes to your workshop and make film based on that story? This is great tale (game has 3 parts) about nameless hero placed in world of fantasy.
    That would be great project.

  58. Dear Sir

    After seeing your wonderfull job on the Hobbit movies I think that you are The One that could bring the marvolous Jack Vance trilogy ‘Tschai’ to sreen.
    Maybe you are already aware of this superb story that deserves your talent to bring out of our imagination on to the silk screen.

    Best regards
    Paul Standaert

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