Jul 24, 2014

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And so it begins…

This just in from The Official Hobbit Movie page on Facebook: San Diego Comic-Con International attendees, join us for a first look at #TheHobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies this Saturday, July 26th, at the Warner Bros. Pictures panel at 10am in Hall H! Peter Jackson and our special guests will also be signing this exclusive art at the WB booth at 12:30pm – details here: http://sched.co/1oN9xnq

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies poster for San Diego Comic Con

  1. awesome can’t wait to see it

  2. Whoa! Ill be sleeping in the line for Hall H…but if I don’t get in…I’ll hopefully get a chance at a signing of this poster! So excited!!!

  3. Siris Darkstone says:

    Absolutely gorgous I nearly cried

  4. greg smith says:

    Looks like Kili to me! A little too small for Bard.

  5. Poster looks awesome.

    One of these years, I will get to Comic-Con!

  6. Love you all ….. : )

  7. Zazo Guerra says:

    I hope there is video blogs also this time!

  8. Evgenia Shamaeva says:


  9. Oh man…I cannot WAIT to see the trailer!!!! It is possible its release will be on Saturday or Sunday on the web. You guys who are going to San Diego Comic Con….You. Are. So. Lucky. HAVE FUN FOR ME!!!!

  10. Great poster, excellent setting! Have been checking for the battle of the five armies teaser trailer daily, when will you publish it in here?

    Thanks for maintaining a great blog, a regular reader of thehobbitblog.com

  11. L. Moye says:

    Where can I buy a copy??

  12. My only quibble is having Smaug as centrepiece for a movie called ‘The Battle of Five Armies’.

  13. Nice poster with an error included…

    Why is it that he is making such a huge mistake when going to battle and must have a high readiness ?
    The archer who I presume is Bard, is presumably right handed or could perhaps be ambidextrous. He is holding the longbow in his right hand which will make it almost impossible to reach for an arrow from the quiver on his back which is tilted to his right shoulder. Of course he could perhaps have his mind on something else and just before he saw Smaug was using his left hand for something else. He might not be so proficient handling his longbow as we are made to believe from the result in the book, after all… We also have to take in account that he is (merely) a human and not an elf. 🙂

  14. Can we just all appreciate how they quoted their own movie in the title? Lord of the Rings Two Towers battle of Helms Deep.

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