May 8, 2012

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Cast News

Cast member Benedict Cumberbatch is getting some fun attention online of late… The Hollywood Reporter notes: “The ascending star had a busy Sunday, on both sides of the Atlantic. In the United States, there was the premiere of the second season of Sherlock, the critically-acclaimed, modern-day retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mystery stories, in which he plays the central sleuth; and over in the UK, he was voted The Sun’s Sexiest Man by the tabloid’s readers.”

The New York Times reports: “Deeper still within his head were numerous vital details that Mr. Cumberbatch’s work required him to keep locked away. There was not much he could say about his dual roles as a necromancer and a talking dragon in Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of The Hobbit, and even less about the part he was shooting in J. J. Abrams’s sequel to Star Trek. (‘I’ve got to be a complete and utter tease,’ he said, more gleeful than apologetic.)”

Oh, and then there’s this blog piece, which Cumberbatch describes as “brilliant” and “fantastic.”

  1. Mack Wimbush says:

    Man, this guy is a boss! He was so good in Sherlock, watch the first season on Netflix, made me super happy that he was doing The Hobbit.

  2. I finally started watching Sherlock, and I love it! The show is brilliantly written. But the other pieces are there too—acting, cinematography, etc. (even the text messages floating next to the characters are cool, quirky, but cool).

    And can I just say that this blog is awesome?

  3. News about Benedict on thehobbitblog, including a link to tumblr? My life is perfect. *Fangirling*

  4. Tajcana Éowyn says:

    Otters 😀

  5. Haha, loving the otters!

  6. Tinúviel says:

    He is pretty good looking but, I personally think Orlando Bloom is hotter is anyone else with me on that.

    • hadrielia undomiel says:

      yes, totally agree with that!

      • lotrluvr says:

        I completely agree!!!!!!!

        • Lotr Fan says:

          Nope, sorry to disagree, Orlando Bloom is hot, but Benedict is HOT! He wins every time! imo

          He’s sure to be amazing in the hobbit, and even more amazing in the Star Trek sequel(he’s playing the villian), but he will be his best in the upcoming season of Sherlock!

          • I thought no one could replace Basil Rathbone, then along came Jeremy Brett, then along came Benedict Cumberbatch…Benedict, along with Martin Freeman make one terrific pairing for the modern-day retelling of the Sherlock Holmes classic. (Oh yeh, Avery Scott scared the wits out of me as Moriarty). As a long time Hobbit/LOTR fan, the inclusion of Cumberbatch and Freeman (he does look like a Hobbit, yes?) is exciting news and the release of Hobbit #1 is too far into the future. Hope that Mayan calendar doesn’t get in the way. Cumberbatch’s voice will work as beautifully for Smaug as did John Rhys-Davies’ for Treebeard.

          • I love both of them…augh conflict!!! 😉

    • Orlando can’t win against Benedict, and I’ll tell you why: I never had a Orlando addiction.

  7. DLMackie says:

    Did you see that freaky looking otter? It’s almost as freaky as Benedict. Almost. Actually he was more believeable as a freaky otter than the freaky otter. Good stuff. Look forward to his work.

  8. Juliette says:

    Congrats to Mr.Cumberbatch! 😀 that otter comparison picture is fantastic

  9. Less talking, more adding of a new production-diary!

  10. Benedict Cumberbatch will be a great actor for the hobbit.

  11. RuthAnn says:

    Don’t forget to add a post about the raves Martin Freeman’s performance in Sherlock is getting in the US! Watson rules!

  12. i’m not to much into the sherlock but i’m sure he’ll be a great actor for the movie. I can’t wait for the next production video! (please come soon)

  13. Whats with all the Otters???

    • Gandalf the Green says:

      I’m not sure but I heard that he once played some kind of character in a movie, and that character was an otter.

      Anyways, I haven’t seen any of his performances I believe, but I’m sure he (and the other actors) will do a great job on their roles.

      Btw, any chance we’ll be seeing Hobbit trailer number #2 anytime soon, Peter? (Or anyone else who
      knows more about this matter)

      • He’s never played an otter. He does star in a fantastic BBC radio comedy called Cabin Pressure which had an episode that heavily featured otters (well, hypothetical otters, that is) which may have been where the person got the idea.

        He’s a wonderful actor though, I highly recommend watching something he’s been in.

      • The otter comparison – very clever and an absolute hoot. Hope Cumberbatch sees it. I think he’ll LOL.

  14. Donald Vanderstein says:

    AWSOME!!!!! me and my cousin LOVE sherlock and j.r.r tolkiens books! (i actually studyd him. ask me anything about him!) I just can’t wait.

  15. DaviDian says:

    I love Sherlock!!!
    Great news!!

  16. I can’t wait to see Smaug !

  17. Excellent cast! Can’t wait for this movie!

  18. abigale says:

    I like Martin . Freeman 潮爷 in chinese (chaoye) mean’s Fashion man

  19. Colm Taylor says:

    It’s funny all you guys with the otters but in all seriousness who is this guy they’re talking about?:L 🙂

  20. Brimrahil says:

    So does anyone know when the official web page will be up and running/ When the second teaser trailer comes out? I think that early June sounds good for at least one of those things, yes?

  21. If Benedict would comment on one of my posts as ‘brilliant’ and ‘fantastic”, my life would be fulfilled.

  22. Oh my gosh I love Sherlock! It’s one of the best shows ever! I’m so excited, I love Benedict Cumberbatch…the Hobbit is going to be so, so amazing…

  23. Masshuu il Malacandra says:

    You folks do know Benedict Cumberbatch has 2 roles in the Hobbit right? Smaug the Dragon (voice) and The Necromancer (voice of Sauron).
    Voices on;t, not his pretty face up on the screen, sorry………….!

  24. Masshuu il Malacandra says:

    Isn’t it time for another video? I want to see Tauriel!

  25. AWESOME!! I love Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch is an excellent actor. I can’t wait to see him in the Hobbit!


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