Feb 16, 2015

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Catching up with Peter Jackson

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings director talks to THE DAILY BEAST about leaving the world of J.R.R. Tolkien behind and his next journey. He also offers this tease… “I will tell you what, you wait for the extended cut of this film. There are a few Orc killings that we actually got knocked back. Because when we submitted this to the MPAA we got an R. So what you’re seeing is the result of heavy editing to even just get the PG-13. But there will be a little bit of Orc killing to be seen in the extended cut.”

Read the entire interview here.

  1. So, the extended cut isn’t gonna be rated R is it? If it is I probably won’t be able to get it. 🙁 please stay rated PG-13. Still love you Peter!

  2. Why would the MPAA rate movies with nudity PG-13 and a movie with people brutally killing orcs R? I don’t get it. Weird!!!

    • I know!!! It honestly sounds weird. I don’t know what’s going on nowadays. I just hope the extended version won’t be rated R.

      • I liked battle of the five armies but the hole thing was fighting and war I like my lord of the rings and hobit with a little violence some adventure and kinda a race to the finish so in a way I was kinda disappointed but at the same time I really in joyed it

        Still love u Toilcan and Peter

        • Because in the US, killing people is fine, but if you see a booby… oh lordy, you’ll go to hell. Basically, it’s a messed up sense of morality in that country.

    • Seth Sterner says:

      I know right?! We can see all but full nudity on a living, breathing man or woman in PG-13, but we can’t see CGI Orcs get slaughtered? I am not a huge fan of MPAA!

  3. Pleaaase mr. Peter .. don’t end the middle earth stories
    make more movies about it such as Silmarillion , pleeeeeeease

    Love you ♡

    • I don’t think Peter has the copyrights and that kinda stuff to make the Silmarillion. He said on multiple occasions that he only got the rights for LOTR and the Hobbit.

  4. You know, I’m just wondering, Bilbo spent 17 years at Rivendell where I believe he became good friends with Aragorn. Dosen’t that open up all kinds of territory within the copyrighted material (Hobbit and LOTR?) Lots of room for speculative script writing. I mean, if Jackson and co wanted to go on with it, my goodness…..

  5. I loved this news! When it comes to Peter’s Middle-Earth we can never have too much of it. The more the better. I hope Peter would do more tie-in movies with what he has. The Lord of the Rings has plenty of material for that, plenty of stories that even Tolkien only hinted at, and Peter left a great one at the end of the Hobbit trilogy with Aragorn and Legolas. I wonder if he has free use of the characters created by Tolkien, it would be great if he has. And I marvel at Peter’s casting talent, always perfect!
    About the extended edition, I hope to see more of Thranduil, an awesome character that was in my opinion poorly used in the movies. I understand the limits of the book, but this complex and interesting character should have a movie of his own. Also, I was sad reading the chronicles book of BOFA, seeing how much they would have done, their awesome ideas, but cut it all in the movie.

  6. Jennifer Collins says:

    Hi, Peter,

    I’m Jennifer Collins and I live in Ajo, Arizona. I love “The Hobbit Trilogy” and “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”. My mother and I watched it all the time. My father is a teacher again. I like Kili. He is so cute. He’s so funny. I have a twin brother. I think “The Hobbit” is so awesome. I really love it. I draws Kili. You are an awesome director. It’s so amazing.

  7. Yep

    Battle of the five armies was just plane violent

    • Jennifer Collins says:

      Yes, I saw that. I’m Jennifer. I watched “The Hobbit Trilogy” every day and every night. I like Kili. I draw Kili.


  8. Christopher says:

    I don’t care what the rating is for ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’ Special Extended Edition… I will want it regardless.

    I’ve got the fancy DVD Extended Editions/Appendices/Digipak/Bonus Discs/Collectible Booklets/Statues/28-soon-to-be-34-DVDs Collector’s Gift Sets…

    …and it’s about time that collection became complete.

  9. It doesn’t really matter to me if its rated R, so many PG-13 movies, (like the other commenters said above) have all this other stuff that’s really inappropriate. I’m not sure if this was mentioned anywhere but how much more time will be on the extended DVD’s? would love to see more scenes with Beorn and our Hobbit, Bilbo. The Battle of the Five Armies was an amazing movie, I’m just sad that I can’t see a Middle Earth movie for my birthday in the theater anymore. (My birthday is the 22nd of December so it worked well to have me and my friends go see the hobbit when it came out.) 🙂

  10. PeterbiggestFan says:

    Hey Peter: I just want to congratulate you on the awesome job you’ve done with the Hobbit Trilogy movies, the actors were great and I totally love what you’ve done with Lee page’s Thranduil character. I wish to see more of him on the screens. My Goodness he’s the reason I enjoyed watching the battle of the five armies.

    But I have one question for you… Can you please make a movie about the last alliance battle. Elrond and isildur looked awesome in the opening of the fellowship of the ring Lotr movie, I just wished you could have expanded the scene a little bit more so we can see the Sauron and Gil-galad’s duel and the full battle ^_^) please do something about it.

    I don’t know, I’m just thirsty for the battle of the last alliance movie. You already started it in the first part of Lotr so you might as well finish it lol…anyway. Nice work PJ, I’m forever your biggest fan.

  11. Sue Rees says:

    Just want to thank everybody involved in all these movies for giving me hours of enjoyment. I understand the difficulty for getting film rights to “Silmarillion” but if you like the fantasy genre perhaps Terry Brooks’ “Sword of Shannara” trilogy may be worth looking at. Just a thought – but I know what ever you do I will look forward to seeing the end product.

  12. Mahendra JMJ says:

    we love you peter jackson and love your movies, you inspire my life every day, you are amazing human being. in whole world every time truth win but in real life truth requires much sacrifice. you saved my mother’s life because my mother loves me lot. please come to india and keep on it. love you.

  13. Renê Ayslan says:

    Thank you Peter Jackson to produce so magnificently the great work of JRR Tolkien have not really words to thank that I’m amazed by such production … Thanks again for making me able to watch the most beautiful and the best movie I saw in my life !!!

  14. Glorfindel says:

    Who casts steven tyler daughter to play an Elven princess (Elves in an elevator. The Dwarves are going up while the Elves are going down. Elves in an elevator) I kept expecting alicia silverstone to just walk in to some seen with Arewn and have the two of them pull off Gandulf’s beard and run around the scene breaking things like in some Areosmith video. That must have been one of the worst all time casting decisions ever. If you are turning a iconic work of literature into a movie you need to select actors that don’t already have a set image in the minds of the contemporary audience that is going to be watching the movie.

  15. A Guardian says:

    Peter, I think that Game of Thrones has become such a sensation. But whoever can make a series like The Silmarillion will rule. You are one person I think of that can make such a series. It will be epic, and it will become a mainstay of the cultural fabric of this planet.

    It is time!!!

  16. Univern says:

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  17. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if the hobbit BOTFA EE was R (MA) in Australia. I know it’s not what it’s supposed to be like with Tolkien and all but it will contain really awesome material that appeals to teens and adults. Sounds kinda stupid but I kinda get pissed when I hear and see little kids the age of 10 watching LOTR/The Hobbit so it will be goo to have a change.

  18. HOW THE HELL CAN THIS MOVIE BE RATED R!!!!?? The fight scenes were embarrassingly unrealistic and lacking in showing any sort of blood or graphic violence! Even with an extended edition, I fail to see how this movie could score an R on the MPAA scale. I could understand it if it were to show violence along the lines of ‘300’, a bit unrealistic, but bloody and graphic as hell.

  19. Dear Peter Jackson and all the Battle of Five Armies cast and crew,
    Please remove the R content from the extended edition. Children and families love watching the Hobbit movies and it is not fair to them to make the extended edition be more violent. Now some people will not get to see a movie they have been waiting for ever since the theatrical version was released.
    Adding more blood and violence to a story does not make it great. Isn’t that a major message in the Middle Earth saga? As Gandalf says to Bilbo; ” true courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.” One thing I love about these movies is that they do not glorify violence. We have too much violence already in this world, we don’t need to see it in the Hobbit.

    • Bob narly says:

      Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!!!!! MAKE THIS PG-13! It’s not cool. Me and my dad have waited 4 years for all extended editions to come out then buy em all, but apparently thats not a choice anymore. We dont buy r rated movies and making one of my favorte movies r? COME ON!

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