Nov 14, 2012

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Character Posters


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  1. These are awesome! I love Thorins! Nice Job!

    • brilliant. Only one I don’t like is Kili who looks more akin to aragorn(a Ranger)than a dwarf

      • LOTRCRAZY! says:

        Yeah I do kinda agree……but he looks more like Faramir to me………..

        • Riddler in the dark says:

          I have recently bought the book for the hobbit and do not know wether to read it before the film can anyone suggest if I should or not???

          • LOTRCRAZY! says:

            You should defiantly read it because then you will understand the movie better.

          • Riddler in the dark says:

            Ok thanks a lot I’ll start tonight I’ve heard its going to be AMAZING

          • LOTRCRAZY! says:

            The book is sooo cool. Have you already read LOTR? It is also really good. If you have any questions on the books on like why something happened then just ask on one of the hobbit posts then I could answer it for you.

          • Riddler in the dark says:

            Okay I’ll start reading it then and no I havnt read the LOTR books but I’ve watched all 3 directors cut (the 4 hour each version-AMAZING)and watched all the commentary for them aswell so should I read the books??

          • Vilya's Bearer says:

            Yes, Riddler in the dark, you should definitely read all the books. The are AMAZING!

          • Drama girl14 says:

            Anyone else think they tried to cram every possible connection to The Lord of the rings. Like the sword, the evil Azogs lair is where frodo was stabbed. I mean come on in the first film take it easy Peter. They better not forget the mithril shirt that’s all I’m saying.

          • Drama girl14 says:

            Kili is the sexy no beard dwarf ok! Omg I love Thorins! Love you Richard !!!!❀

          • Thorin is great ^______^

        • Drama girl14 says:

          The posters are pretty good considering……….. Spoiler alert! Don’t read ahead. Doesn’t Balin turn bad and then go back to moria? Greedy Balin. To bad to. I like the actor mr. Wall of steel

      • folco townsend says:

        I still don’t understand why he doesn’t have a beard. A bit stereotypical, I know but the fact is dwarves have beards. He looks like the odd one out.

        • In The Hobbit, Fili and Kili are young dwarves. So they are portrayed to look younger without the full-on beards.

        • Bombur doesn’t have the stereotypical beard either. He has muttonchops. Someone on TV Tropes says that perhaps Kili isn’t old enough to have the full length beard just yet. Perhaps he’s growing it out now. He looks awfully young to have the full length beard anyway.

          Don’t forget that most of the dwarves in the original book didn’t have much in the way of detailed descriptions so there’s no right or wrong way to portray Kili.

  2. Galadriel’s poster is beyond incredible.

  3. You just have to love the expression in Dori’s face!

  4. Gandalf’s poster is the best I’m sorry! I love the leaves!!! πŸ˜€

    • folco townsend says:

      If you like that, the UK edition of EMPIRE magazine had the covers of Bilbo, Gollum, Gandalf, Thorin and Galadriel. The pictures were the same as above, but they were moving. Not harry potter style, but moved when the magazine was moved side to side. The leaves in Gandalfs picture slowly fall. I happened to buy all five ;).

    • Ian McKellen as Gandalf has made movie history. πŸ˜€ While the Hobbit was in process I prayed hard that Ian wouldn’t break a leg or something else like our “three walking wounded” back then in the Two Towers and that he wouldn’t have been replaced by another actor. Filming LOTR was already hard enough and the Hobbit looks equally tough for such an aged actor. I’m still praying coz I’d like to keep him as Gandalf for the next 1000 years…? He’s a Maia after all. ;P

  5. I love Thorin’s because it looks like a painting. Is it just me or does Kili kinda remind you of Faramir from Lord of the Rings?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. I agree, he does remind me a little of Faramir! πŸ™‚

    • LegolasPippin says:

      Totally. As one of my teachers said, Kili is basically the hot dwarf. They have to do something to catch the attention of this generation of teenage girls! Although personally I think the entire film will basically be pure awesomeness.

  6. Love the posters! I’m getting more excited for the movies each passing day!

  7. middleearth1 says:

    awesome!, Gimli still pwns though

    • lil' bilbo says:

      Yeah, I wish that they had given Gimli a cameo appearance as a little 8 year-old dwarf… That would’ve been cool!

  8. What’s that on Bifur’s head?

    • Milo Boggy-Hillocks says:

      that’s an orc axe from a previous battle that was to difficult,painful and/or fatal to remove, and no, it isn’t in the book, but it’s not going to change the whole story since most of the dwarves are barely described in the book anyways.

  9. Wow, love all of them!! One thing I’m wondering, though: Why does Galadriel have her phial in her hand? Are they putting that in the movie?

  10. folco townsend says:

    Why does Bifur give me a look that says he wants to kill me? The dwarves in the book were supposed to be jolly! And alive! What is with the axe sticking out of his head???

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      Well you have to remember that the Dwarves aren’t like the ones in snow white. they mine, fight in battles and when you think about it it makes sense the way that they look. I mean that they have been throughout many a battle and they are rough dudes.

  11. LOTR nerd :) says:

    SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Is it just me that loves that font? Or is that a common interest?

  12. Gandalf’s poster is soooooo awesome! I love the way the leaves are swirling around him!

  13. Excuse-me to leave the message here. I just want to know that if the other bloggers have the right to use the pictures of “The lord of the rings” in their personal blogs without indication of the source? I found that one famouse blogger in Pixnet used the picture of this film and she added her own blog site in the picture (of course, she didn’t mark the source). I am very angry cause I like this film and I think that everyone should respect the author’s right. Here is her blog site and you can find the picture that I talked about:

  14. GALADRIELCRAZY:) says:

    Galadriel’s is the best of them all.

  15. good job with the posters all of them are magnificent
    i am a newly fantasy autor i hope my novels are just as good as these lol
    one can hope.

    • folco townsend says:

      Yes, yes you can. But I would seriously like to know details of your upcoming book. What is the title and where can I find info? Is it good? Don’t be biased…

  16. Gloin,Oin look like psychopaths.. But this is cool and nice :>

  17. gotta go with Gollum perfect to scare 5 year olds! My precious….

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      Ok……..but I don’t quite agree with you. Gollum from LOTR is MUCH scarier then him in the Hobbit………I think that he looks a TON cuter then in LOTR……Does anyone agree or am I going crazy………

      • folco townsend says:

        Totally agree. They seem to have softened him up for the hobbit, though I have no idea why. Maybe it is because he was being portrayed as evil in LOTR, but in the hobbit he is yet innocent and unknown.

        • LOTRCRAZY! says:

          I think that the reason he looks younger and nicer was that no one tried to take his ring and so he has no reason to be mean.

        • LegolasPippin says:

          Exactly. He’s been sitting in a dark wet cave for who knows how long, he doesn’t really have anyone to be angry with. And I also agree that he is much scarier in Lord of the Rings. Especially Return of the King…..great movie πŸ™‚

          • I think they made him softer because The Hobbit was originally a children’s book, and a lot of kids went to see it. Not sure, though…

  18. Ohhh, Thorin’s is so good!

  19. I was excited (okay, fangirling like mad) when I saw Richard Armitage was going to do the role of Thorin. I first saw him in The Vicar of Dibley and I was like “Who’s this gorgeous guy?”

    Now I get to see him in The Hobbit, along with Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug and the Necromancer. Then my inner Whovian rejoiced when I learned that Radagast the Brown was being played by Sylvester McCoy, aka the Seventh Doctor.

    Gah, this is made of absolute win to heap onto the other absolute win that was the LOTR trilogy. I want The Hobbit trilogy to win all the Oscars it’s nominated for.

    • Orcristawesome says:

      I totally agree. It needs to win everything it’s going to be nominated for and it’s going to be nominated for something. That’s a fact.

  20. Thorin…the only things I can say is …omgoodness..

  21. Middle Earth Activist says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Galadriel and Gandalf posters!!

  22. Riddler in the dark says:

    Could thorim look any smoother,gollum has scared me since I first watched lotr at the age of 9 hope the hobbit keeps him that way….. Anyone agree?

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      i think that gollum looks cuter in the hobbit. I mean look at how big and blue his eyes are. AWWWWWW! he is sooooo cute!!!! Great job Andy!

      • Riddler in the dark says:

        Yeah I thought he looks a lot ‘CUTER’ is he suppose to be less evil in the hobbit and if I do read the book is there a point of the book I should stop at because the film is splitting the book up which I think they shouldn’t of done???

        • LOTRCRAZY! says:

          Umm. you don’t have to stop at a certain time in the book if you don’t want to I mean it is hard to know where they are going to stop in the movie and so I say go ahead and read the book and finish it. πŸ™‚ So that, if you see the movie, and you have only read the first part and it goes into what happens next then you might not want to see what happens next because you don’t want to have spoilers. But if you are fine about having spoilers then I say read as much as you want and just see where the movie ends. And don’t blame me if you didn’t want to see what happens next. πŸ™‚

          • Riddler in the dark says:

            Okay yeah I’ll read the bookkkk and I suppose I will probs forget what happens in the next part because it will be another year or so before the second one comes out thanks for all your help where you from???

          • LOTRCRAZY! says:

            You might want to finish the whole book because I just read that the movie might end almost at the end of the book so yeah. I’m from the U.S.A. What bout you?

          • Riddler in the dark says:

            I’m from the u.k and how are they going to make another two films if they are ending it near the end of the book? Do you have a blackberry by any chance???? And have yoou read the simirilean(or whatever its called)

          • LOTRCRAZY! says:

            No I haven’t read the silmerilian (sorry bout my spelling!) It is to long…….. πŸ™

          • Riddler in the dark says:

            Are you watching The Hobbit in imax 3D I’m not sure if the 3D will cheapen it???

          • Riddler in the dark says:

            I have just read the first chapter of the book and I’m even more excited about the film now I just want to see all the dwarves in action singing and drinking I’m going to read a chapter every night????

          • I think the third movie’s going to be about the appendixes of the lord of the rings

          • It’s Silmarillion!

  23. LegolasPippin says:

    Love these posters!!!! Me and my friends are dressing up as elves to go to the premiere (already have our tickets), so the Galadriel poster will be very helpful since my sister is going as Galadriel. Might I just add, way to go LOTRCRAZY for putting a response on nearly every post on this page…what a true Hobbit fan πŸ™‚

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      OK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA! you don’t know how many times I check this blog very day!!!! And I don’t know if this crazy but my friend and I are dressing up to go to the premier also and I am going to be Frodo and my friend is going to be Legolas and MY sister is going to be Galadriel 2!!!! thats crazy!!!!

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      I’m just doing my job as Peter Jackson’s BIGGEST fan!

    • LegolasPippin says:

      Thats awesome!!! Besides my sister going as Galadriel, my cousin is going as Arwen and I’m going as an elf I made up…named Sylvenn. There’s a great big long story as to how I came up with the name and who she is and so on…but basically I’m just an awesome elf…..and as you can tell from my name I’m quite the Legolas fan πŸ™‚ Oh and my brother is going as a ringwraith….kinda out of place but he liked the costume hahaha

  24. I’m confused! Is IMAX 3D also HFR? I called my local movie theater and they said that Imax 3D is also HFR but on their website they said nothing about it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I really want 2 see it in HFR but i want to be sure it’s HFR!

  26. Sorry that was probably confusing

  27. Oh wow, could we have a wallpaper-size versions please? I want to have this pic of Ori as my desktop!

  28. Where is Legolas? Even if he has a small part, it would be smart to advertise that character.

  29. Han shot first! Oops, wrong universe says:

    Found myself thinking, “What the heck?! The sword that Thorin is holding looks way more elvish than dwarvish.” Then I remembered their encounter with the ogres. Nice!

    As an aside, I always wondered why Thorin, a real dwarf’s dwarf, would opt to use a dodgy elvish blade he found in some cave over a trusty dwarvish axe. It’s an unimportant detail, except that dwarf identity is central to Thorin’s character. Still, I wouldn’t be suprised if Sir Pete and co. thought of this and address it somehow. We’ll see.

  30. Riddler in the dark says:

    14 days 2 hours and 1 minute until I have a new fav film urgh can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Cynthia Medina says:

    OMG Kili is so HOT!

  32. Jim Hardy says:

    Almost Fellini-esque characters to my way of thinking. Kudos for what looks to be another superlative production.

  33. Cary Jeffery says:

    All of the posters look amazing…
    I wondered why Ori was carrying a book. Then I did some research. He was the last dwarf in moria, who wrote in the book of mazarbul. I will not spoil the plot for those of you who haven’t seen LOTR, but those of you who have know what I am talking about.
    I looked at the few dwarves who were in moria, and in the hobbit, and they seemed a bit out of place, especially Balin. Gloin, or Dwalin would seem to fit the role better for ‘retaking moria.’ I found it interesting…

  34. Riddler in the dark says:

    1 more day

  35. Jennifer C. says:

    The only good-looking character! I haven’t read the books, so I kinda feel confused. Would I even be able to follow the movie?

  36. I can’t believe how awesome they interpreted Thorin’s character! One of the hottest dwarfs I’ve ever seen on screen *___* What would I give to have his awesome leather coat!

    You should definitly read the book. then you’d have more fun recognizing literal quotes and can see that the script is well written. “… the battle was won and the game of Golf invented at the same moment.” LOL.
    I’m reading the book now a second time after 12 years and it’s a lot of fun seeing how the literal dialogues of the book have been interpreted by the actors. Though I love all the dwarfs and Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf’s still my one and only! πŸ˜€

    I can see Peter Jackson being (and staying) the milestone as Tolkien movie maker of our time, like John Howe, Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith being milestones as Tolkien artist.

    Dammed the movie critics about him being out of ideas because he returned to filming Tolkien’s books. Being an artist doesn’t mean to be good in all genres, but exploring one kind of genre and become known as the best in that particular area.

  37. Why do these posters have some of the dwarves, specifically Ori, with odd eye lighting? It makes it look like the other eye is bigger or distorted and discoloured.. Is that just me?

  38. I think that the leaves floating around Gandalf should have been oak instead of maple, I don’t know why I’m thinking this…

  39. Hobbitloverforever says:

    Balin is mine favorite! She is so cute and sweet. :3 Can’t wait to see more about him. Ken Stott you do great job! Keep going.

  40. Love the posters. Great movie of all time after LOTR.


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