Jul 23, 2011

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Comic Con Surprise

Entertainment Weekly put it this way: “Six thousand people packed into Comic-Con’s Hall H broke out in a simultaneous nerdgasm as Peter Jackson made a surprise appearance alongside Steven Spielberg at this morning’s panel for Dec. 23′s The Adventures of Tintin.

Spielberg, making his own first-ever appearance at Comic-Con, was greeted with a raucous standing ovation as the panel began. He introduced what was supposed to be a clip of an animation test of the CGI dog in Tintin and was instead a clip of Jackson, wearing a sailor’s cap and holding a bottle of booze, purportedly doing his own screen test for the role of Captain Haddock. Then Jackson himself took the stage. ‘Working with Steven has been amazing,’ Jackson said. ‘I think he shows real promise. If he decides to stick with filmmaking, I think he could really go places.’”

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  1. Haha! That’s hilarious.

  2. Hahaha! Nerdgasm… brilliant!

  3. Cool!

  4. That’s really fun, especially to have the “real” Captain Haddock ask the first question!


  5. This is like a flashback 10years. Very exciting, particular for those of us who saw behind the scenes on the LOTR production!

  6. Funny, yeah.

  7. Cynthia Fluharty says:

    I really wish you’d post the “test” film here– it was brilliant, funny, and very very wonderful! You should also put up the video of Andy S. asking you guys a question from the audience– then explain why his comment got you covering your face like that!! I want to know the inside story about Daniel Craig meeting Clint Eastwood… >.>

    • Laurence Winter says:

      please, how or where I can enjoy the testfilm?
      I wish all the cast, crew and Hobbits lots of succes, health, strenght and power with the production. Loves from the Netherlands. Laurence

  8. Yep, I will go to see it for sure. Being around forty I look forward to this movie. The Tintin books were one of my favorites as a kid. The characters are brilliant and create an interesting story dynamic.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Loved it…

  10. Dude, a legend is being born. We fans should consider ourselves lucky to be alive in this, the Era of the Rising of the Geek, to witness our great triumph.

  11. Tintin looks pretty awesome, and I will echo my desire to see the test footage. I really wish I was in the audience to see these two men together.

  12. As I’ve written elsewhere, I can’t thank you enough, Peter Jackson, for The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. When I started reading The Hobbit, at age 13, I began wishing one day a movie would be made of this book. When I continued on with the next three books, I hoped against hope that someone would put a face to Bilbo, Gandalf, Sam, Aragorn, Merry, Pippin, Arwen, Elrond, and the rest. And when you made those three fantastic movies I again hoped against hope you’d then do a prequel, namely, The Hobbit. My gratitude and thanks to you and to all the fans of J. R. R. Tolkien who have made my dreams come true.

  13. Hi,

    Great great humor 🙂

  14. i gotta give you all a heads up …derek 77 and bumla foom may be heading towards this blog, these guys are some act!

  15. Woohoo. Still waiting avidly for your next update 😀

  16. For lack of a better place to contact you (hoping this will reach you)… Your work is phenomenal, and I would love to see your next project to be “The Ring of the Nibelung” from the viewpoint of the 3 Norns in correct chronological order minus the operatic music. Too many people do not know the story because as soon as they hear it is an opera they close up their minds; and by doing so they miss one of the most incredible stories ever written! Beyond that project, I would love to see the story of Gilgamesh… Only you, PETER JACKSON, can give these stories the flourish that they deserve.

  17. haha that’s what i would’v done!

  18. Kick off Comic Con in NYC with an epic Lord of the Rings LARP battle outside of Stephen Colbert’s studio today at 3:00. It should be an amazing event.

  19. If only I could have been there…

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