Aug 22, 2013

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Evangeline Lilly says “being and Elf is outrageously great”

Evangeline Lilly speaks to What’s Trending about her dreams of playing an elf and the cast’s response to Happy Hobbit’s trailer reaction.

  1. I want to be an elf and I want to be in a Peter Jackson film, so not fair!!!

  2. Thats one hot elf

  3. TheGandalf says:

    “And Elf”?? Seriously?

  4. hadrielia undomiel says:

    although i love all peter’s work, i find it some sort of a pitty that they invented her, legolas wasn’t in the book, ok, but he did exist in tolkiens work, and he’s even the prins of , mirkwood. i don’t like her. she looks a bit stereotype. but maybe in the movies she isn’t.. lets wait and see.
    but peter, and fran, and howard and ian and alan and … you’ve made the greatest off all movies, and i’ve fate in you!

    greats from belgium!! xxx

  5. i wnt to be nacromancer in the hobbit

  6. Being _and_ grammar nazi I had to comment here. Hopefully they’re just too busy working on the film to correct such a mistake.

  7. Love the effects of the movies and the acting-but don’t like the deviations from the story. For example, don’t like how Gollum is portrayed as such the evil monster when he was going to actually help Bilbo in the story using the ring. He was a pathetic creature but in the film, he’s portrayed as evil from the start.

  8. Also, Bilbo is a thief in the movie for sure. In the book, his acquisition of the ring was a bit more innocent.

  9. also, the eagle king doesn’t talk!

  10. I really think adding Tauriel to the films was a good idea. For many reasons, (She’s practically the only female major role in the movies, besides tidbits of Galadriel, we need more ladies in these movies!!!)


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