Nov 8, 2014

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Visit the “Real Middle-earth” via the Fan Fellowship Video Diaries

The winners of the Hobbit Fan Contest have made their way to New Zealand, and documented their epic journey through the Real Middle-earth in a series of video diaries. Find them (and eat your hearts out) here.

  1. Not fair! xxx

  2. Hello New Zealand….form FAAAAARR AAWAAAAYYY…. :O

  3. BOOO!!! Wish I could have entered! Congrats to the winners.

  4. Figured that maybe you would like to share this fan fiction story as well

  5. I realize that there are in excess of 3,000,000,000 reasons why the Silmarillion will eventually be produced. A decade or two of legal wrangling, rest( for Mr. Jackson) and building frustration by the multi generationally fans of Middle Earth will transpire first. But, I have no doubt that we will see more Elves, Orcs, Dragons, Balrogs etc. by early 2030 or so. And the technology that will be available will blow us away.

  6. jeremydemange says:

    Hi everybody, this is my cover with Arnaud of “The last goodbye”.

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