Jun 13, 2013

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Happy Hobbits respond to Elves watching their response to Hobbit trailer

And so it goes… (See prior post if you’re joining this adventure late.)

  1. This is so funny!! Now we just need to watch the awesome elves watch this video and then post it up as their reaction of the reaction of them reacting to the elves reacting to their video….wow so complicated hahaha

  2. it has to be said: it’s happy hobbits all the way down.

  3. I managed to sync up the three videos so can watch the actors reacting to the girls reacting to the trailer. Actually makes it more entertaining to watch.


  4. Peter, you have to bring these girls to the set as a prize.

  5. LOTRCRAZY! says:

    I think that we all would go this crazy it PJ has seen the video of us go crazy!!! We should all be able to go to the studio and meet the whole cast for free as a reward for being such loyal fans… πŸ™‚ people that agree please respond!!!!

  6. Just a thought... says:

    Oh my frikin gosh, they are too much. Honestly, we need to start a petition to have these girls meet the cast. Now THAT would be classic.

  7. I agree with IPAway it would be awsesome for them!

  8. Victory says:

    LOVED IT!!!!!!
    couldnΒ΄t stop laughing!!! =)

  9. Wow, these girls are San Jose Earthquakes fans! (Judging by the Quakes banner in the background.) Maybe we should change the Quakes’ “Smurfs” nickname to “Hobbits”!

    (ps: For the uninitiated, the San Jose Earthquakes are one fine soccer club whose fans tend to be fanatical.)

  10. LOTRCRAZY! says:

    just realized what was different about Legolas in the trailer. His eye color. In LOTR he has brown eyes and in the Hobbit he has blue eyes. Check. Its true!!!!! Kind of scary!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  11. MirkwoodElfCiarrai says:

    This is so great! I’d love to see another cast reaction!! πŸ˜€

  12. Warren Thomas says:

    These two need to be flown to the set to meet their heroes! that would be an amazing thing to see happen!

  13. Rivendell Elf says:

    These girls are so sweet – they represent all of us crazy fans. They should definitely go and meet the cast so we can see the video of the meeting. As a finale! Or maybe a web chat.

  14. biggest lotr fan in the world says:

    Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t wait till it comes out!

  15. Is there anyway to get this other Hobbit fan video into the director’s cut of the last hobbit film?


    It might be cool to have Leonard Nimoy dressed as a Rivendale Elf doing a best-of video on the Rivendale set, a good going home song.

  16. This is absolutely precious, I enjoyed watching this.

  17. Happy Hobbits are the absolute best. (Especially Kili!)

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