Nov 21, 2013

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Journey through Middle-earth in a new Google Chrome Experiment

Not all those who wander are lost… Journey through Middle-earth in a new Google Chrome Experiment available here:

The online experience takes fans through an adventure that unfolds across an interactive map of Middle-earth. Users can zoom in to explore Trollshaw Forest, Rivendell and Dol Guldur, with new locations set to be added in the weeks ahead. Each destination on the map gives the visitor access to its history and the characters who inhabit it, or presents unique survival challenges in which fans can test their wits.

“Journey Through Middle-earth” is the first Chrome Experiment designed to bring a full 3D experience to mobile, with technology support for WebGL in Chrome for Android on devices with high-end graphics cards. Although WebGL isn’t supported on iOS, Chrome users can still experience most of “Journey Through Middle-earth” on their iPhones and iPads.

  1. :O asdfghjkl!!!!!!

  2. That was so much fun , but i found it really hard to escape dol guldur.. my mouse kept messing up, but it was really enjoyable! looking forward to experiencing thranduil’s hall and lake town !!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun!!!

  4. Awesome! 🙂
    I hope you guys haven’t missed that Gandalf is now available i crystal. Check it out and like 😀

  5. faithgirl8611 says:

    I have a Mac OS X and it will not load fully for ANY of the locations – Trollshaw Forest, Rivendell, and Dol Guldur. I especially wanted to see Rivendell, so this was a huge disappointment. Does anybody else have this problem, and do they have any suggestions as to how to fix it?

  6. My contact @ cinema couldn’t tell me yet what time I could be joining the premiere, he told me that yet is not clear how long the movie will be???? That seems strange to me…

  7. This sounds so cool! But I have a question (and I cant find a general forum to put it on) why is the Hobbit an unexpected journey(extended edition) rated for fleeting nudity??

    • Gandalf the Fool says:

      Like Shawn said, the dwarves bathe in a fountain at Rivendell. The good news is, they are completely CGI and are at a distance. The whole scene is only about three seconds long and no “private parts” are actually shown (except for the gludius maximus). 😛

      It’s just a silly scene that can be awkward depending on who your watching it with and may not be suitable for small children.

  8. That’s because there’s a extended scene in the movie where the dwarfs are bathing in a fountain in rivendell and they are naked, but it’s a distance away from the camera and you mostly see them from the back covered by the fountain water.

  9. great video.. i love it! this chrome experiment is very nice

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  11. MarineJane says:

    This was super fun to interact with! Using Google Maps as an interaction was a genius plan for all the nerds. Best idea yet!

  12. So beautiful, and a wonderful idea.

  13. If you double-click to zoom in a little it shows all the names. That is pretty cool but I noticed it says Grey Heavens instead of what should be Grey Havens!

  14. Sooooo cool!!!

  15. Matthew Mensforth says:



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