Jun 20, 2013

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Latest Stills from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug







  1. Appears why Legolas in the film? what role will it play?

    • Legolas is Thranduil’s son, per The Lord Of The Rings, so it wouldn’t make sense for him not to appear, even though Tolkein hadn’t come up with his character at the time he wrote The Hobbit.

  2. Wheres smaug?

  3. Thranduil please!

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that Bard looks a bit like Will from Pirates of the Caribbean?

  5. Yes ur The only one

  6. What is that image of an Avitar character doing at the top of the stills?

    • That is Azog the Defiler. Also known as the Pale Orc. Don’t know why you’d think he was from Avatar when there was nothing in that film that remotely resembles him.

    • Victory says:

      What the heck are you talking about??? Avitar character????

  7. If you notice in the trailer around 0:46 and 0:47 Legolas doesn’t have the elf ears….it’s not right and I don’t know why it’s really sad to…ELFS NEED THE POINTY EARS!!

    • Victory says:

      He does have the pointy ears, but because of the light it is very difficult to see.
      And i love the music!!! Great job!!!

  8. I just enjoy the fact that, despite the high expectations that everyone has of these films, they in this trailers, all be fulfilled. I would say keep up the good work, and I can’t wait for the next unveiling

    Lots of luck from Holland

    Nico D

  9. These trailers keep us exited all the while. Inclusion of Legolas is surprising but cool to see.

  10. Reece love says:

    Looking at the pics I see so much, and different emotions and on the trailer. I think we are going to fool in to peters hands. 🙂

  11. 3 of the 6 people in these images weren’t in the book. Why are they in the movie!?

    Oh right, The Pale whats-it is in there because Tolkien doesn’t write interesting enough all by himself. (!?)

    Tauriel is in there because without Arwen there isn’t enough female presence (!?)

    And Legolas is in there for no reason at all. (!?)


    • No azog was killed at the battle of nanduhirion by the young dain after azog killed his father nain in the war of the orcs and dwarves it was written in the story of the dwarves in the appendices, so azog shouldn’t be in the movie because he should already be dead. I think they put him in there because I think the directors thought it would be boring without some action scenes, also thror was killed by azog 9 year before that battle even happened and he shouldn’t appear in the battle at all

    • You are sooo right!!! Lets take out the Pale Orc, Tauriel, and Legolas. That movie would be way better! Who needs a ruthless vilian, a strong female hero, and Legolas…. These charectars add dept to the movie and 100% enmjoyable filler. Here is a movie that might be more at your level!!


  12. Great Amazing movie the Hobbit. I like these movies and i am waiting for this. by watching its pictures i am so excited to watch this. Nice post written and decorate..

  13. People commenting about “this is not in the book” haven’t understood in the least what an amazing work it is that Boyens/Walsh/Jackson are doing with these movies. There are endless references in these scripts to Tolkien’s work, not only the stories concerning Middle earth but also about his academic work and his biography. Developping the story further is serving it and it is IMHO done with the highest respect to where Tolkien is coming from (and not what this might be in your personal narrow-minded opinion). Tolkien’s work is inspired by a vast knowledge of ancient legends and myths which in themselves were constantly re-told, developped and adapted to new audiences. It is only fitting that the movies do the same with his mythology. Do your homework or STFU.
    Oh and btw: Pointy elf ears are not in the book, either.

    • I agree!!! the comparison of book to movie and movie to book has got to stop. Tolkein is a giant! Boyens/Walsh/Jackson are held to that same level in my mind. We all know the travisties that can happen when book goes to movie!! Lets appreciate the ocean of experties and experiance that goes into the making of these epic films. And be grateful its not in the hands of lesser men!

    • Victory says:

      I do agree with that people should stop compare the book with the movie, i mean hello??? The movie is Peters reflection or visiualisation of the book!!!! And if you didn´t like the movie, go on and turn your own movie, but i tell you that what the cast has done and is doing is amazing!!!

  14. I cannot wait till December!!!

  15. The images looks good, but please give us a video blog update soon! Can’t wait to see what is going on at the set.

  16. Zinctron says:

    I don’t care about the difference between the book and the movie.. Any way movie is much interest than the book.. I’m exited finally the trailer is here and can’t wait till see the movie.. love LEGGY <3<3<3 :*

  17. Nice screens! We waiting for next production!

  18. I don’t know if i am rigth but there is a video on the internet about the extended version of the hobbit an unexpected journey and some things that are going to be in that extended vesion so why don’t this BLOG doen’t keep up with the news??

  19. When you read the Hobbit and the LOTR there is a distinct difference in the TONE of the books. The Hobbit is more enchanting and full of delight and wonderousness — more of a fairy-tale type story. The LOTR – in comparison – is at once grander, but also more serious — Good vs. Evil with infinitely higher stakes ( either Sauron is defeated, or the world is plunged into darkness under him). I had hoped that Peter Jackson would attempt to reflect this different TONE in the Hobbit movies, rather than simply make a “prequel” ( although that IS what the Hobbit is). I was sadly dissappointed by the first movie. Where were Gandalf and Thorin blowing smoke rings in Bilbo’s parlor — with Thorin telling his where to go , and Gandalf’s smaller ones going through them only to return and hover about his head whilst turning green? ( would have made a beautiful scene). Where was Gandalf’s sword “glowing bright blue in glee over killing the master of the cave”? Where was Bilbo’s “Tookishness” getting the better of him? Where were the Elves in Rivendell singing silly songs about the dwarfs and Bilbo as they decend into the valley?? — All of these and many other magical moments were lost in the headlong rush of the movie. I wished Jackson had been able to explore these more and had simply left the Pale Orc on the cutting room floor. The Great Goblin was ( too me) utterly disappointing- the Jar-Jar Binks of the Hobbit. More comical than frightening….anyway, the trailer for the Desolation of Smaug looks promising – I’m hoping Jackson can redeem himself and reflect more of the magic that I always feel when I read the Hobbit. It is one of the things about the Hobbit that holds up to multiple re-readings and never fails to enchant me. Peter Jackson – if you are listening out there — don’t forget all the small MAGIC touches that are littered throughout the Hobbit! They are part of what weaves Tolkien’s wonderful spell.

  20. I do like to watch again legolas shooting arrow skills to enemy’s hehehe it is epic but it is really cool watching this kind of movie again.

  21. the flim hobbit I like becuse is interesting. the cracters like legolas and thranduil.

  22. All I know is I am 100% addicted to the Hobbit movies, they are so much better than The Lord of The Rings movies. I seriously would love for Peter Jackson to do a movie trilogy on the Oakensheild family. That would be amazing.


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