Dec 26, 2014

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Merry Christmas!

  1. Timothy murphy says:

    I wish you all a merry Christmas! You have all brought a film serious to life that has
    Made dream of being far away from home in lands not so real. Since the beginning
    I have dreamed of being able to see new Zealand in person but that day will never come.
    Thank you all for a wonderful experience. Merry Christmas

  2. Hello,

    Such an awesome post. When Christmas time start all people are very happy.

    Happy Christmas day!

    Thanks to share this post:)


    Sonam Gupta

  3. George Locke says:

    To Peter and everyone who made all these films possible, Thank you for the greatest Christmas gift ever. I have read and dreamed of Middle earth since I first picked up a copy of “The Hobbit” in 1972. You all have done such a wonderful job of interpreting Tolkien’s world for viewing on the big screen.

    Peter, given your experience with these movies, I would like to ask you to consider creating a foundation for young directors and film/CGI specialists, to mentor them and perhaps someday guide them as they take on some of the stories from the Silmarillion. The book itself is too large to tackle by itself, but broken down, there are some very good stories that could be adapted for the big screen. You and your team have such a good grasp on Middle earth that it would be a shame to not pass this knowledge on to the next generation of film makers. Please do consider to at least think about it.

    Thank you all once more and I wish you all the very best this Christmas season. Take your rest now. You all deserve it.

    George F. Locke
    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

    • mariusgtv says:

      Good idea George but I don’t think it will come down to Peter Jackson to assist with the making of any more movies based on JRRT’s work. The Tolkien Foundation are pretty reluctant to release any further rights for JRRT’s work as far as I am aware.

  4. Back at you dudes!!!

    • Jennifer Collins says:


      I’m Jennifer and I live in Ajo, Arizona. I’m new here. I still love “The Hobbit Trilogy”. I think I like Kili. He’s my favorite character. Who are you?

  5. December 13 was a solemn yet strange day, that perpetuated with mixed feelings throughout. Goodbye middle earth is what I said to myself. After almost 15 years, a part of me ceased to exist to rest in immortality.

    From the time when we first watched LOTR 1 in a neighboring uncle’s VCR – I remember our dropped jaws when the film ended with Frodo and Sam looking into Mordor territory. We all exclaimed in Hindi “YEH KYA HUA” (What the…) Of course, those were not the days of frequent sequels for us – to the long wait for LOTR 2 (reading all the books in-between) to this epic moment…

    THANK YOU Peter Jackson and Team (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) from the bottom of my heart.

    Can’t quite explain how I felt when the realization of the conclusion of this saga dawned on me. I was somewhat heavyhearted to leave the theater; joyous at the same time. Alas! I was in India, not in New Zealand or some beautiful Hobbiton country where I could have been with the like-minded lovers of middle earth and understood my feelings better.

    So, thought to write you this message/tribute to acknowledge everything you did for me/us.

    • Aaww! I love the fact that you loved this and was able to see it!!! A lot of us fans wish we were in Hobbiton, and someday, we’ll all make it there! I felt similar when I went into the theater to end my Middle-earth journey. Honestly, I can’t put into words how I feel after seeing the lest movie. Like you said, it was both happy and sad. When I went to go see the movie i hear Billy Boyd’s song; The Last Goodbye for the first time. *sigh* It was all too much. Peter, you have ended on a wonderful note. and honestly, I cannot thank you and your wonderful team and the cast enough! Happy Holidays and New year to you guys! Take a rest, you’ve been working for five years on this Hobbit trilogy. I am sad there will not be anymore Middle-earth films…(except of someone with great courage dares to try and remake LOTR and the Hobbit) But I love that I will be able to forever enjoy the films on DVD at my home. Cannot wait for BotFA to come out so I can watch it too! Middle-earth MARATHON!!!! Yea! I love you all so much from the bottom of my heart!

      • Yes Erlina, we will all make it there one day. Till than, we will add Hobbit 1, 2, and 3 to the usual LOTR 1, 2, and 3 marathon 🙂 And, I am humming The Last Goodbye already!

        BTW, beautiful website and drawings. I’ll surely visit your middle earth at leisure.

        • Oh, I love how Billy sings that song!!! All of the Middle-earth credit songs are the best! And thank you ever so much for visiting my site! means a lot to me, you don’t even know…

  6. I wish you all a merry Christmas with my own tribute song to The Hobbit!
    Hope you enjoy it!
    I did with all my heart! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    recently took our family to see the Hobbit. We all loved it. We ended up watching all of the Lord of the Rings movies again. We all like the Hobbit the best.
    Check out our blog about it;

  8. OMG…….. Just came back from watching The Hobbit Battle of the five armies…… FILIIIIIIIII……KILLLLLIIIIIIII!!!! NOOOOOOOO :’-( i will never get over this….. BEST MOVIE(S) EVER!!!! Thank you Peter Jackson!!!

    • This Trilogy was Awesome … The Battle of The five armies was sooo tragic … and The dear dwarf king was Dead … :'(
      Thorin was the best Dwarf king ever.

  9. My name is Denis, and I write from Russia again. Earlier I was writing about the first film “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. I was very impressed of that movie, it was different comparing with “The Lord of The Rings”, and I liked the way it was made. “The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies”, from my point of view, is on the level higher than the first movie and is the best movie in trilogy. Of course I’m not a critic, and maybe I can’t express my attitude to the film in right way and actually I don’t pretend to do this, but I want to say that for me it was extremely beautiful, strong and touching story! Some people compare films with the books on which they are based and criticize movies for incompliance with the original. I am a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and his Middle-earth and my thought is that new storylines and all new characters were entered perfectly and harmonically into that fairy world (for which many thanks to all production designers team, Mr. Andrew Lesnie, Mr. Jabez Olssen and of course Mr. Howard Shore for his beautiful music which sunk into my heart since “The Lord of The Rings” story). “The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies” deeply impressed me with actor play. Everything was so convincing that I didn’t have any chance to doubt in reality of emotions and filings – suffering, friendship, love… My thanks to: Richard Armitage – for me your Thorin was exactly the same as he could be in real life, real king of gnomes, real friend; Lee Pace – for best elven king, during reading the book I could not get imagine him, you gave me his image; Evangeline Lilly – when I learned about your role in the films, my first thoughts was about your role of Kate from the serial “Lost”, in this movie I saw completely new character, touching love story and the most realistic and beautiful elven woman in my life; Orlando Bloom – for one of my favorite characters since “The Lord of The Rings”, young (if we can say so), strong, brave and proud elf and a little bit different with Legolas from the story about Frodo and his friends, I was waiting for you in this role again; Luke Evans – again I got the image of character, like it was with Thranduil, Bard – the loving father, the brave warrior and very kind person, great acting; Martin Freeman – in my imagination Bilbo Baggins was different, but I need to say that I completely accepted your Bilbo, and actually I can’t imagine that somebody else could play the role of young Bilbo instead of you; Manu Bennett – Azog wasn’t just CG character, he was alive, terrifying, charismatic, in something attractive and totally self-sufficient leader of orcs and the worst enemy of all light forces in the Middle-earth, very memorable person; Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) – thank you for letting to film you at work, you are most kind, insightful and wise wizard, a reliable friend and an outstanding politician; and my special thanks and respect to Sir Christopher Lee – this way I always imagined the head of the White Council, I was extremely happy to see you again in this role, I wish you good health and interesting roles in movies! Many thanks to all of the actors for such a wonderful job and of course, as always, many thanks to Peter Jackson – best storyteller in the Middle-earth! Thank you for the opportunity to visit this fairy tale, not to be an observer, but a participant in all events, to fight alongside with the characters, to grieve and rejoice with them, thank you for deep emotions that I have ever experienced. You could tell two stories about Middle-earth as no one could tell. And many thanks to Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema for the opportunity to make a fairy tale come true.
    With great respect, Denis A., Russia.

  10. Hi im Eoin.I loved the hobbit and lord of the rings for a long time and ill miss it now when middle earth goes but it will always be there and Peter Jackson if your reading this your the best proucder ever and ill like to talk to you if you are ever free.Im your biggest fan. The hobbit and LotR will always be in my heart.

    • Jennifer Collins says:

      Hi, I’m Jennifer and I live in Ajo, Arizona. I love “The Hobbit Trilogy” and “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”. I watched it all the time and every day. I draw Kili.


  11. Peter- I’m a huge fan of all six Middle Earth movies!!, So any chance that all six films will be updated, edited, added to and digitally and graphically improved to give all six films a seamless flow and consistent quality for a complete box set?? This would be amazing and would go over huge I’m sure. Tom

  12. mariusgtv says:

    Well. Finally managed to see the last instalment of the Hobbit and if I am honest (and I like to be honest) it left me cold. In fact, the whole Hobbit trilogy left me cold. Why? Simply because it wasn’t, nor was it ever going to be, as good as LOTR. What Peter Jackson and all those involved in LOTR did was to raise the bar of cinematic story telling so high that it was always going to be difficult to reach it again.
    The characters, story, design, depictions and skill they gave us in LOTR was stunning. The Hobbit was always going to fall short and ultimately it did.
    My main issue however was the three movie format. This was never, ever in a million years a three movie story. The book was never going to make a three movie format work and it should not have become a three movie deal. In trying (desperately at some points) to tie these movies into the LOTR movies, the story of the Hobbit was lost. Making it into three movies stretched the story so thinly that a lot of filling was needing and this was the undoing of the trilogy in my opinion. Granted there were threads there that were explored but it just got too much and left me at times wishing the movies had not been made at all.
    Sorry if this upsets some but I for one think that LOTR is far and away a much better cinematic achievement than The Hobbit will ever be despite (or maybe because of) its state of the art CGI and clever 3D, Hi-Res technology.

  13. And what next? Some new film? I have a tip: The Loom! Legendary epic fantasy (a bit horror; dragon and treasure too,
    but not the main) adventure! Little hero must save the world, The whole universe (fabric of spacetime) from Chaos and Nothingness!

  14. This is a group of “people” I love the most. Normally I love this movie. 🙂

  15. Thanks for this post

  16. Jennifer Collins says:

    I got my “The Hobbit 3” 2015 calendar for christmas last year. My parents gave me that last year. Oh, by a way, I’m Jennifer and I live in Ajo, Arizona. I have a twin brother. I love “The Hobbit Trilogy” and “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”. My mother and I watched it all the time. My father is a teacher again. Yes, next christmas. I like Kili.


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