Dec 26, 2014

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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!

    • I’m a realt big fan in my opinion the unexpected jouney was the best then the five armys carnt make it any better please make more about legolas and the person who he is seeking nourth and again thank best film ever.

  2. First time ever looking at/or responding to a blog. However, well done darlings. Thank you all for thinking to take the time to do just a lovely gesture for your fans; this is why you are so truly cared about..

  3. Happy Christmas back!! Love all of you guys so much! Big dwarf hug!!! 😀

  4. PETER JACKSON!i hope u are reading this because i am OUTRAGED!!! first u take him from being human there for causing the entire series to just go STRAIGHT DOWNHILL AFTER THAT! THEN u kill him off!!! FOR WHAT!!!! u ruined an entire series an a little boy life and i am here to give u a piece of m mind because i have had it with people coming into my life coming and going and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I WANT U TO MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE AND BRING KILLI BACK TO LIFE BECAUSE U KILLED HIM OFF ONCE AND U CANNOT KILL HIM OFF AGAIN IT IS BECAUSE OF U THAT BEING HUMAN WAS RUINED AFTER U FORCED HIS DEATH ON BEING HUMAN JUST TO FORCE HIS DEATH IN THE HOBBIT!! like yea sure i like your work and all BUT STILL WHAT N THE WORLD MADE U THINK TO KILL HIM OFF DID U JUST WAKE UP ONE MORNING WITH A THOUGHT IN YOUR HEAD AND SAY!’hey i have a brilliant idea why dont we kill off killi IM SURE NOBODY WILL HAVE A FREAKING PROBLEM WITH THAT” WHY WOULD U HONESTLY DO THAT ME AND MY DYING AUNTIE LOVED TO WATCH BEING HUMAN BUT THEN U TOOK THE MAIN CHARACTER AWAY AND KILLED HIM OFF SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE HIM BE APART OF YOUR MOVIE AND THEN U KILL HIM OFF!!! AND FOR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! so peter jackson if u are reading this which i hope you are i beg of u please oh please oh please make just one more hobbit movie and please just please find some kind of mystic way to bring him back from the dead its the hobbit anything can happen.

  5. Thank you very much…. I love Hobbit movies. !!!!!!!!!

  6. I love all of you, Thank you very much.

  7. Jennifer Collins says:

    I love this movie. I think it is awesome. Kili is my favorite character. I draw Kili. This movie makes me depressed. I’m emotional. Thank you very much. (Sobbing)

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