Aug 4, 2015

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Montreal Now Has A Hobbit Themed Public Garden

MTL Blog writes:

Every year, municipal workers add a touch of color to the cities streets and parks by planting flowers. And sometimes, those workers get a little carried away. But as you’ll see, that’s a good thing. Municipal workers in Dorval (on the city’s West Island) decided to transform Windsor Park into a hobbit themed garden.

The garden features a hobbit cross walk, a hobbit house of course and a giant statue of Smaug the dragon.

It took 12 workers months of planting, welding and electrical work to put together and the result is absolutely perfect. The entire installation light up at night and people are encourage to come explore the display. You can even use the little stone walkway to walk right up to the dragon.

  1. *Adds visit to here to bucket list* xxx

  2. I want one!!!!! O.O

  3. Darn! Why does it have to be so bloomin far away from the UK? This looks awesome!

  4. Seth Sterner says:

    If I may be so bold as to say…”Smaug in the Shire??!!!! Good heavens! Abomination! There hasn’t been a dragon in those parts for 1,000 years!”

    Of course all that I am saying is rubbish! They just need one of these things in the US of A!!!! And yes, it is on my visit list!

  5. I just found out that the extended edition of the Battle of the Five Armies is rated R. Why? I heard Peter had cut some ‘orc killings’ from the theatrical because it would have been rated R because of them. What is going on with the film industry? I’m SURE the orc killings that have been put back in are near as gruesome enough for such a rating as R. I’ve seen some pretty ugly stuff in PG-13 movies. What I’m guessing is that the film industry has become more squeamish about violence. But they sure haven’t become near as squeamish with other such R-rated things that are in PG-13 movies. I sure hope I’ll still get to purchase the 3rd hobbit film.

  6. But as you ll see, that s a good thing. Municipal workers in Dorval decided to transform Windsor Park into a hobbit themed garden.

  7. I want to go there right now! Wonderful place!

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