Jun 5, 2014

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New video: The making of the Bombur Bouncing Barrel shot

Weta Digital presents a peek inside the world of the animation team as they work out how to solve one of the most complicated shots in Peter Jackson’s film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. As part of an epic seven-minute action sequence, Bombur’s bouncing barrel shot required an elaborate approach. See how Weta’s animators suited up and used their own performances as part of the animation process.

  1. Awesome!!!

  2. Erdil Deniz says:



    • I think now would be a good time to release the trailer…just sayin’. please?

      • well we actually can’t be sure if Peter has the control of the trailer release. I’m hinting he may not. Just a thought. So we better star nagging Warner Bros. not Peter.

    • I read on another site that Peter Jackson will be at Comicom with some kind of announcement. The trailers will not be released until October.

  3. schocoman says:

    The question remains: where does the extra barrel come from that Bombur jumps in??

    • It’s been awhile since I read the book, but I think there were probably more than 13 barrels that went down the shoot. Or I could just be grasping…..

      • There was more than 13 barrels when Bilbo released them into the lake. And besides there magic elvish middle-earth barrels. πŸ™‚

        • schocoman says:

          Still, what a wonderful if not to say forced coincidence, like a lot of other things and additions to the orginally wonderful story … the original story actually did not and does not need this “embellishment”.

  4. That looks so fun!

  5. Erdil Deniz says:

    You don’t have to accept this comment but i know you’ll see it. Please share the trailer.. Since december i’m waiting for anything but even a photo haven’t come out yet.. if trailer is ready, please release it.. i cannot wait anymore.. loves from Turkey..

  6. One of the best sequences in the Movie!!! Wonderful work! MORE BOMBUR yea!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Traaaaaiiiiiiilllllleeeeerrr………..O.o Peeeettterrr…..Traaaaaaaiiiiilllleerrrr

  8. Erdil Deniz says:

    Everybody waiting for trailer!!! PETER HEAR US!! RELEASE THE TRAILER..

  9. This was a another masterstroke! Open barrel ride was a great modification in the film; the low-key and secretive barrel-escape of the novel, wouldn’t have worked with the audience not familiar with Tolkien’s work.
    Really good to see its making. Thanks for sharing! Now, give us the trailer fast too πŸ™‚

    My take on the film too: http://worldcinema-yashesh.blogspot.in/2013/12/the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-2013.html

  10. Erdil Deniz says:


  11. I’m not sure if i want to see the trailer, but i’ll be so frustrated at waiting for it longer without seeing any clips from it, wat should i do!?!?!?!?!

    • I love how 90% of the comments is mnonuirg Zev. I have thankfully never had to kill him, but he is an assassin after all. Backstabbing’s in his blood. You can’t blame him. You need to defrost the cold, broken heart of the enemy, Mark. Haven’t you learned anything from James Bond? Really though, everyone’s missing the real travesty. Rosilin and Shale are separated because of bigotry. Nooooooo my OTP! It’s some Romeo and Juliet thing there. Golems can totes be guards! That’s like, 49% of their purpose. The others being 49% squishing of heads and 2% pigeon killing.

  12. Erdil Deniz says:

    I’m sure i want to see trailer. Waiting since December! Its ready and release this fucking trailer!!!

  13. I predict the trailer will be out within the week!!!!!! You will see, my predictions never fail…mostly… TRAAAAAIIIIILLLLLEEEEERRRR O.o

  14. I am so sorry. Barrels battle on river – the worst movie sequence (but technically perfect).
    Unfortunately, in the movie are two scenes that will harm the experience of the movie, that you pull out of the story, you feel very embarrassed, extremely unbelievable unrealistic and strange physics and fighting. Unfortunately you are out of the story and you thinking, that this scene was due to subsequent computer game.
    By the way, the elves transporting supplies down and UP the river – HOW????? (through the steep rocky cascades and meanders?)

    The second is the second case is unrealistic incredible molten gold. It’s a shame, the film is otherwise fantastic.

    • schocoman says:

      Sad to say, but you are right indeed. But logic does not come into this when the CGI department is set loose … Seems like this all was done to enhance the story whch is great, so I’d rather turn to the book instead and create my own barrel ride in my mind.

  15. Bilbo has a One Ring. And what about the other rings? Gandalf, Galadriel, Erlond have the rings (One of Three?). Has Thranduil ring too? Dwarfs had rings too (One of Seven?). They tried to use the ring on the dragon, but in vain? The dragon ring does not apply, dragon eating rings…. one idea for a dramatic flashback? πŸ˜‰

    The last Ring of Seven had Thrain the king!

  16. Lonely Mountain is old extinct volcano (with ore veins and minerals)… on plains.. no folds dolomite peak!

    • schocoman says:

      You forget they tried to make it look dramatic and mighty and such …;-) Yet another deviation from the book …

  17. WE NEEEEEEEEEDDDD A TRAILER PETER!!! THE FIRST DOS TRAILER CAME OUT OVER A YEAR AGO! Please can we have it? Pleeeeaaasee? I don’t men to rush you but can we see it please? πŸ™

  18. Erdil Deniz says:

    If it’s not released today, i will really think that Peter Jackson cares about only money. Because second film’s trailer came out 11 June last year but this year we have nothing. And trailer is ready for more than 15days as Adam Brown tweeted.

  19. Hello, I was hoping to get in touch with the moderator of this blog. We are Hobbit fans and our family just made a short film called “To School & Back Again” and would like to share it with other fans out there.

    Thanks for any help.

  20. Please do a trailer!

  21. Erdil Deniz says:

    I don’t give a shit anymore. I will not watch trailer nor will go to film. I’m sure now, Peter Jackson is all thinking about money; so probably 3. film will all be CGI.

  22. How will travel Gandalf from Dol Guldur to Erebor? I hope, not wit eagle taxi, again. :-/ (frequent repetition reduces the effect).

    • Erdil Deniz says:

      Probably he will go with Radagast. Because in production videos Sylvester McCoy is seen in the ruins of Dale.

  23. Who thinks Fili and Kili will survive? Just curious. I hope they will. πŸ™‚

    • I hope not so iw will have a dramatic sense as it is required in these movies. There must be some tears in the end otherwise its not worth really..

  24. Antonio says:


    Will a “true-to-the-book” version of the trilogy be released at sometime in the future?

  25. For me its better not to watch these making shots, because I get dissapointed how fake they are and at the end the shota with real actors are very few in the movies. I am not against the technology. Its just I remain a bit romantic…

  26. Siris Darkstone says:

    The movie association of America has published new rules required of movies for example a movie trailer can not debute unless it is at least 150 days before the movie release date and two any posters or other merchandise can’t be released until at least 120 days before the release date so unfortunately for us we have to wait to July 20 but the maa might make an exception for the most popular movie coming out this year. So keep yours eyes peeled around the twentieth.

    • Why? That makes not sense…poor Peter…sorry we’ve been bugging you…forgive us we were wrong to rush you. πŸ™ But at least we have a date…sort of.

  27. We want traileeeeer πŸ˜€


  28. When will be a new production blog and trailer? πŸ™

  29. When will be a new trailer and production video?

  30. Trailer, PLEASEEEEE With a Cherry on top!!!!!

    • Hey, read this post!!! THE TRAILER WILL BE SOON! Very excited! :Dhttp://www.theonering.net/torwp/2014/07/03/90785-peter-jackson-first-hobbit-3-trailer-will-be-a-teaser-trailer/

  31. Shamaeva says:

    Please Trailer!

  32. Well, one can’t say the site is very active, isn’t it? Less than a post a month, I almost forgot it existed…

  33. I almost cannot believe how silent the Hobbit blog has been…its sad…But the most likely reason is that the whole team is so busy…putting together the movie/trailer and such, approving things and so on. I hope that it the case and now that I think about it it probably is. I wish you the BEST Peter and team! You guys are doing so well and working so hard! Many MANY blessings! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
    -Erlina <3 <3 Warm hugs!

  34. Mr. Hoppe says:

    Mr. Peter Jackson, my opinion is, that you, with the Hobbit I and II, have lost, what once a nice fairy tail was. DoesnΒ΄t it trills enough, to make a good story so that the Hobbit-Films must be senseless splatter and butchery particularly against creatures, insects, animails? With, in my eyes, no possible analogy to the Lord of the Rings?

    ItΒ΄s one of the really rarely moments, that i switch off a film after 20 Minutes. The Hobbit II is one of them and it should had been the same with the Hobbit I.

    For me, you have lost the story, you have lost a huge fan and you have lost, what films should be for, especially, when they – after law – are viewable by kids and youngsters.

    • Please hear me out Mr. Hoppe, I have done a little research and from what I have heard and read there is more to Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ Story than their is in the novel. Tolkien went deeper with that stories, including Sauron I do think, Forgive me if I am wrong though. I know the stories may seem not quite to lead up to LOTR but I am SURE it will all be explained in the third movie. As For turning the movie off within the first 20 minutes, I don’t see that as giving Peter justice. Honestly. You did not give the film a chance. I you ask you to try and watch it all the way through THEN and only THEN put your judgments upon it. You practically barely saw the movie at all. This is just coming from me, and please, don’t condemn Peter. He and his team have worked just as hard on these Movies as they did on “Rings”. Don’t let it all go. Please. As for viewing for younger viewers, that should not be one of the concerns. No offense but Peter is making the movies he thinks they should be. He is a fan too and we should trust him. I know LOTR, and especially the Two Towers got a big ‘why did you do this?’ and ‘why did you do that?’ from many fans who knew the book. But now (I’m pretty sure) they love the films! And hey, how often do we get a door like THIS into Middle-earth? Thanks for hearing me out.

      • Siris Darkstone says:

        If you want to learn what happened during the hobbit in more deph read the unfinished tales by JRR Tolkien

  35. Trailer Plz……..

    checking hobbit trailer in internet became my daily….

    • Same. But I DO think the trailer will be with us within the next 5 or so days. Keep patient…we all have to remind ourselves of that. I find myself doing that very often….*sigh*

  36. Any time now…..O.O

  37. These films are like a quality wine. They are getting better and better in time.

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