May 10, 2013

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New Zealand, Home of Middle-earth

This in from Peter Jackson (via Facebook: “We had a fantastic time filming The Hobbit throughout New Zealand – check out the cast’s favourite locations in this exclusive feature we produced for the DVD release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”


  1. My dream is travel to New zealand

    • Oh same! I can’t wait to go. The music from this video is beautiful, the landscapes are beautiful… that country is my childhood……

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      To to true!!!!!!!!!

    • hadrielia undomiel says:

      my dream is to visit new-zealand right when I leave school…
      and do the middle-earth tour!
      I will only need a bit of money… but I’m sure I’ll get there once in my life! i’m already dreaming of hobbiton! <3

  2. Its my dream to visit Hobbiton – I wonder if there is a tour guide that will take people on all the sites used for the first trilogy. That would be worth every penny

  3. So beautifull !!! Happy you are to live here !

  4. That is why I filmed my first ever music video/project in Queenstown, New Zealand of actress/artist Cole Phoenix single ‘Love or Loathe’
    Once instep out of the aircarft onto New Zealand I knew why dire tor love it there- specially you Peter. I am sure Andy sends his regards as I saw him in Vancouver filming next Planet of the Apes.

  5. Milo Boggy-Hillocks says:

    I thought it was CG stuff! incredible!
    Thanks Peter for showing!

  6. May New Zealand remain as it is for all time. That place is too gorgeous to spoil.


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