Jul 8, 2011

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Dwarves revealed (updated)

Warner Bros. has posted first-look images of the Dwarves. See Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield at TheOneRing.Net. Click here to view.

See Ken Stott as Balin and Graham McTavish as Dwalin at Time magazine. Click here to view.

See Stephen Hunter as Bombur, James Nesbitt as Bofur and William Kircher as Bifur on IGN. Click here to view.

See Dean O’Gorman as Fili and Aidan Turner as Kili on MSN. Click here to view.

See John Callen as Oin and Peter Hambleton as Gloin on Yahoo Movies. Click here to view.

See Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori and Mark Hadlow as Dori to THE HOBBIT’s Facebook page. Click here to view.

  1. These fellows could use some more beard for dwarves.

    • draugminaion says:

      Some of the dwarves were not ‘longbeard dwarves’ i.e. Durins folk, this must be them, I thought. But no, those were Bifur, Bofur and Bombur, not Ori, Nori and Dori.

      Gloin looks like his son Gimli, and has an axe similar to one Gimli used. Nice touch.

  2. I can already sense a MOAR BEARD joke going around the internet when this movie comes out.

    Just incase- you heard it from me.

  3. so excited for this movie. characters look perfect

  4. Katherine Stewart says:

    I cannot wait to see this movie, it is going to be epic! 😀

  5. diane crawmer says:

    Dwarves and Hobbits and Goblins…OH MY!

  6. Amazing! I don’t know if i can wait a year and a half to see this movie… then another year for the other! This is going to be brilliant! 😀

  7. OMG!!! Me and my sisters have always loved Tolkien, and the Hobbit was one of my favorites!! I cannot wait for the movie to come out, it is going to be AWESOME!!! Peter Jackson always does a superb job on his movies. Go PJ!!!!

  8. Michael says:

    I wish you all would stop saying the dwarves need more beard, J. R. R. Tolken never described all the dwarves, and PJ is doing an awesome job!! besides could you even make a movie?

    • paodster says:

      Peter Jackson is an excellent director and I sencerly hope that the Hobbit will be as good as the Lord of the Rings was however, Tolkein does describe all the Dwarves in the Hobbit as having beards and I do not think that the amount of facial hair Kili has qualifies as a beard. And no, I could not make a movie that is why I am not a director and he is.

  9. Jessica says:

    I’m just so excited to be on this journey again- It takes me back to the early aughts 🙂

    Love it! Thanks for the updates- everyone looks spectacular so far!

  10. werison says:

    Nunca fiquei tão ezcitado vendo anões, meu Deus está impressionante a riqueza de detalhes esta fantastico Masterpiece.

  11. The dwarves I think are perfect, and really fit with the tone of the hobbit – which was more of a fun, characterful adventure story, as compared to LotR.

    And, now correct me if I am wrong because it has been a few years, but does not Tolkien describe some of the Dwarves with blue, green, yellow beards in The Hobbit?

    Anyways, I think what the real problem is, is the fact that a lot of modern takes on dwarves as the archetypical dwarf = beard, gruff, slightly drunkard, etc. and, as already stated, Tolkien did not go into major depth about the Dwarf folk. Most of his work was surrounding the Eldar, Men and Hobbits, with Dwarfs as mere accessories to the greater scheme of events.

    I really enjoy these dwarves and I think they feel very Tolkien. Besides, if you go by the archetypes, there are many forms of beards that are not big flowing pieces of hair. I am excited to get a group shot of all the Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf (Oh and Radagast, I am super eager to see what they do with him!)

  12. Dori reminds me of Frasier.

  13. Crazy hair haha. I do agree they need a bit more beard but maybe having less will help with distinguishing characters and give them more personality. The clothing is excellent, I love the boots especially! The weapons feel like they are from an older age which is nice too.

    I hope Fili and Kili look like true scouts!

  14. Interesting! I would even say a bit surprising … It might be worth more over porobotat Nori hair and make his beard is longer than all of them!

  15. Dori is more looks like warrior than dwarf. He has a neatly trimmed beard. But dwarves have never cut their beards. It is growing as long as they live. They can braid their beards. Like Nori did this.

  16. Glorfindel says:

    Didn’t they have different colored hoods? Nori and Dori had purple and Ori had gray.

  17. Glorfindel says:

    Fili and Kili look too young to be dwarves.

  18. I know Fili and Kili are the young ones so they would look a bit different, but I have to say I’m disappointing with there look. Kili’s hair is straight and basically makes him look nothing like a dwarf. Another thing is that while I understand the use of shorter beards, having almost no beard on any of them is not “unique” or “a new take on dwarves”. I don’t see any reason to change things up to this extent.

    I hope the next 6 pictures will change my thoughts on the matter.

  19. Where’s the make up to make Fili and Kili to look like dwarves? They look like humans! Kili looks like Aragon!

  20. Glorfindel says:

    I was just on theonering.net and I saw this article:


    I agree with them.

  21. Shoshanna says:

    Supremely satisfying!!!

  22. paodster says:

    Oin and Gloin look awesome. Ori, Nori and Dori are ok but Bifur and Bofur are brothers! They should atleast be a little similar. And as for Kili and Fili… “and yellow beards”. That is quote from the book. Please note the words “beards” and “yellow”. For a start when I look at Kili and Fili I see a huge lack of beards and when I look at Kili I see a distinct lack of yellow. I really hope that Balin and Dwalin will be proper Dwarves like Oin and Gloin because they are my favourite two characters in all of Tolkein’s work. Despite all my complaints the costume design was very good.

    • I can see what you mean about Fili’s lack of yellow, but you have to remember that Kili and Fili are very young. They appear to still have full beards from what I can tell, but they’re not going to be super long like the the typical mental image of a dwarf would suggest.

    • Bofur and Bombur are the brothers, while Bifur is just their cousin.

      Concerning the rest, I totally agree:)

      • paodster says:

        No Bofur and Bifur are brothers and Bombur is their cousin

        • Roused by these words they were just about to creep inside the tunnel when Bifur gave a cry: “My cousins! Bombur and Bofur – we have forgotten them, they are down in the valley!”

          Page 156, chapter 12: Inside Information.

          • paodster says:

            My apoligies. I was sure that they were cousins.

          • You’re welcome! And I was a litle too quick when I said that Thorin truly has a black beard; actually I can’t find any info that says that it’s black, nor either grey:/

  23. I’ve made a simple photo montage with all the dwarves revelead…until this morning (in my location). I have to update it! http://farm7.static.flickr​.com/6003/5939939704_b06d4​30de6_b.jpg
    What about Thorin!?! 😀

  24. WOW – Aidan Turner (Kili) can’t be made ugly EVEN as a dwarf !!!!!

  25. paodster says:

    Why is Radagast in the story?

  26. paodster says:

    Balin and Dwalin looked extremly cool…I ,in my ignorance, thought that Thorin would be too. How wrong I was…Oh how wrong I was. First of all he is older than all of the Dwarves except Balin and should look so. Second the book clearly states he has a grey beard. And third IT’S THORIN, KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN!!! GIVE HIM A PROPER BEARD!!!

  27. I absolutely love Bifur, Bofur and Bombur they look perfect. But I have to say, Thorin is way, WAY too young. He looks more like a man than a dwarf.

  28. Ok, almost everybody said that, but I have to do the same: I can’t wait to watch it!!

  29. A nice close-up of Orcrist as well!

  30. they all look like rejected Star Trek extras. Where’s all the color and stature of Tolkien dwarves?

  31. Don’t like Balin.


  33. Outstanding. 🙂

  34. Dwalin and Bombur look so awesome!!!!!

  35. Terrible, horrible, junk, some dwarfs like a dragqueen.
    Peter jackson enough.

  36. Katharine says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Dori appears to be MISSING a HAND? What on earth has that badass fellow been getting up to?

  37. I say appearance isn’t going to matter all that much when your attention is going to be totally absorbed by the performance these actors turn in!!! The most ribald company of dwarfs to ever hit the big screen!!! Gimli was just a taste haha

    • True! And I really look forward to se the host of dwarves from the Iron Hills. 500 dwarves armed for battle must be a mighty view…

  38. thebitterlady says:

    Its ironic that I just pulled my old Lord of the Rings dvd off the shelf to watch yesterday.Well I got a new T.V.& wanted to watch something that would show me a great picture.Then I run across this web-site.Looks like it will be a good movie.

  39. Haha, in the book, they all had odd-colored beards. But I suppose that would just look weird in the movie.


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