Oct 6, 2012

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NZ Post to issue commemorative Hobbit stamps and coins

NZ Post has announced that it will issue official stamps as well as legal tender commemorative coins from Middle-earth. The stamps and coins go on sale November 1; pre-orders are being accepted through NZ Post’s website.

  1. I have coins from about six years ago. NZ Post issued them during the LOTR films. They are really neat coins. I’ll probably buy some of these new ones when I visit NZ next.

  2. Nice stamps and coins but will there be a buyer for a $NZ 11,000 Coin set? ^^

  3. I really do want some, how cool!

  4. LOTR nerd :) says:


  5. One coin to rule them all, eh?

  6. Any kind and tip of coin will be good for fullfill a hobby

  7. Folco Townsend says:

    Awww, bummer. I live in England and would have loved to get some Hobbit coins to collect. I guess I’ll have to prowl the internet looking for somewhere to buy them…

  8. OMG can they please just sell them in Australia too 🙁

  9. shell spectrum says:

    i would like mr jackson to email in regards to the hairstylist wigs

  10. Joshua Ong says:

    Bought!! 😀 The Ultimate Collection is freaking awesome!!!!!!

  11. bought it, awesome colection

  12. I really do want some, how cool!

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