Oct 21, 2011

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One Dish to Rule them All

The Road To The Shire team

The Hobbits of Road to the Shire send this report…

It has always been a dream of mine (Beri Willowbottom) to win an oversized check. Let’s be honest though, that is probably on everyone’s bucket list. Well this past month that dream became a reality for those of us here at Road to the Shire.

A new TV series, Dining with the Dean, came to our hometown of Provo, Utah and visited us at Brigham Young University. We were selected to participate in a cook-off against the BYU Brazilian jujitsu club and given instructions on how everything would go down, $30, and a 3-hour time limit. Then it was full-speed ahead in order to prepare a three course meal for one of the deans at our university in hopes of winning the grand prize of $3,000. To make it more interesting we were able to choose a charity to donate $2000 of the winnings to.

Needless to say, we decided to make the dean something dear to our hobbit culture…
Fellowship Scramble

Part of the instructions stated that each course had to contain one “house ingredient,” meaning something already in our apartment, excluding seasonings and condiments. Luckily, I already had blueberries (first breakfast), eggs (second breakfast), and granola (elevenses). The menu would read:
1) Mirkwood Melon Smoothie
2) Fellowship of the Dean Scramble
3) Bilbo’s Breakfast Baked Apples

Now, this was no ordinary egg scramble. Not only did we make it with 9 ingredients, one for each member of the Fellowship, we also included a side of lembas biscuits and Jimmy Dean sausage. However, the name of the game is that the Dean was not supposed to know who made which dish—in the end, our menu item names probably gave it away.

The Dean

It was a gamble going with an all-breakfast line-up, but it worked out in the end. The Dean loves breakfast. He obviously has Hobbit leanings when it comes to cuisine. Everything seemed to come together in our favor. We won the cash! And when the time came to choose our charity to donate to, we were delighted to contribute $2000 to the New Zealand Red Cross Earth Quake relief. That’s something that everyone here at Road to the Shire and all the people supporting us can be proud of.

Big thanks go to everyone at Dining with the Dean for the amazing opportunity. Also we would like to thank anyone and everyone who is supporting our journey. We are doing this for all the amazing LOTR fans out there as well as anybody who has ever followed their dreams. The LOTR community is quite a phenomenon and it’s truly amazing what we can do when we all come together.

And Peter Jackson, if you read this, thanks for all you do. You, your crew, your colleagues, your friends, your characters, the magical masters at Weta Workshops—everyone associated with your productions, have inspired us to follow our dreams. Thanks can’t be said enough.

Beri, Toad and Olo



  1. Chris "Bromber" Schmick says:

    nice idea. also sounds deliciouscallyly.

  2. Amazing! I’m jealous. I live in Salt Lake. How do I become friends with these amazing people??!

  3. CougarFan says:

    GO COUGARS! I came to this site hoping for an update because I love Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit so much… come to find out the new post is about my Alma Mater! Win Win… win. 🙂 Great job guys.

  4. Cool!

  5. Gabbering-Gamgee says:

    Want to upload some of those recipes, they do sound pretty wholesome.

  6. Wonderful! You should provide the recipes…

  7. how many hobbit wives are you allowed!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Please post more content soon!!!! its been to long

  9. I love these hobbits!

  10. Heck ya Road To The Shire! This is so awesome!

  11. We are always looking for friends who love all things ‘hobbit’. You can watch the episode if you go to byutv and search Dining with the Dean. It was pretty epic.
    Or you could visit us at our road to the shire website!

  12. Visit our blog to find the award winning recipes we used. Much thanks to Cook’s Illustrated.


  13. I love cook offs. Its like BYU Chopped!

  14. Damian Parente says:

    Will always love everything J.R.R. Tolkien! Good to hear that Provo’s got somethin big to do with it. Used to live there. I served as a missionary in the LDS church which is big there. Much love for the church and, ofcourse, J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. 🙂

  15. YES!!! Represent, BYU!!! WHOO HOOO!

  16. Hm…well, I’m quite short, am very good at cooking (particularly sweets), gardening, and my mother is legally considered a dwarf due to the diminutive size that runs in our family…could I qualify as a hobbit, perchance? And mayhap join up with you fine fellows? I have my own dagger, and I’m fairly good with an axe in a pinch. Plus, as aforementioned, I’m quite the dynamo in the kitchen.

  17. Oh, that looks so yummy! I want some…

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