Jul 26, 2013

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Peter Jackson Blogs from the set of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Today is the last day of principal photography for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. If you want to follow the action head over to Peter Jackson’s Facebook Page and follow his real-time posts from set. He started at 7:00am New Zealand time with this photo of the view from his bedroom in Wellington.

  1. David stothers says:

    After lord of the rings i never thought id see such heart put in to a film,thanks 4 the hobbit,u brought my fantasy world to life

  2. LegolasPippin says:

    Awww wish I could…but I don’t have a facebook 🙁 google plus maybe??

  3. Jonathan Reck says:

    Thank you, Mr. Jackson, for bringing Tolkien’s vision to life. I’m sure that he would be proud of the work that you have done. Ever since I first encountered “Fellowship” in 2001, your Middle Earth films have become my favorites. It is an honor to write to you, and I thank you for the great journey that you have lead us in these past 12 years.

  4. KiliFili says:

    All I keep saying, is ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’ ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’ ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’
    ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’ ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’ ‘I can’t believe it’s over.’

  5. The trailer for the Desolation of Smaug looks promising – I’m hoping Jackson can reflect more of the magic that I always feel when I read the Hobbit. It is one of the things about the Hobbit that holds up to multiple re-readings and never fails to enchant me. Peter Jackson – if you are listening out there — don’t forget all the small MAGIC touches that are littered throughout the Hobbit! They are part of what weaves Tolkien’s wonderful spell.

  6. Can’t wait! Saw the hobbit 1 in IMAX epic! But I can’t believe it’s over.

    ” I never thought it would end this way” ” end? It’s not over yet!”

    Pippin and Gandalf in the return of the king

  7. I can’t believe the 1st phase (principal photography) is history! Same goes for “Unexpected Journey”! Thankfully we have two more films to look forward to:-) THANK YOU, Mr. Tolkien! THANK YOU, Mr. Jackson:-)

  8. yesterday there was official announcement of the The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition and even a video clip of the extendend edition why does this blog keep up.

  9. Lord of the rings then the Hobbit. Old fans of the Lord of the ring will bring more income to this coming movie of the Hobbit again. Nice

  10. OK, first the Lord of the Rings, and now The Hobbit. That covers everything in the books except the “attack on the Shire” after the battle of Middle Earth. Is there yet another video not due Mr. Jackson? Just asking, but there were evil survivors from the Battle of Middle Earth, and in the book, the Shire was attacked, long after both Bilbo and Frodo left with the Elves. Could you please advise?
    These motion pictures just expand the imagination even more than the books already have. Awesome work. Magnificent acting. Incredible special effects. Great escape from Chronic Migraine pain – trust me. I get an opportunity to live in a world of total magic and fun, injected with the moral values of right and wrong, and the addition of such beautiful and magical horses and dragons. It’s just like living in Euphoria with the Elves. The unimaginable craftwork underground of the Elves is simply awe-inspiring too. Each individual creature brings with it its own personality/abilities/and colorful all-round character. It’s a great world to be in when you are in constant pain from CMD and DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease). You forget all about your pain as you become entrenched in the Shire, its people, and all of their adventures through life. Wonderful medicine for sure. Thanks so much, to date, Mr. Jackson. Val and Bubbles, my 165-lb NEWFOUNDLAND Service Dog – Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

  11. It was an amazing day, watching the posts and pics come in, experiencing your day live. You work incredibly hard to bring joy, entertainment and art to the people of earth. For going on twenty-five years now you’ve breathed life into the NZ film industry, put NZ on the map for many people and showed us all that things can be done regardless of obstacles, including Hollywood! Besides being one of the best filmmakers of your generation you are an inspiring man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Sincerely, Colin

  12. ShivaGanga says:


    I am fan of peter Jackson sir,…I saw LOTR -1,2,3 and The Hobbit …I made one observation i.e. castumes of Hobbit in LOTR 1 and The Hobbit are not matching while he is picking The Ring From Gollum ,eventhough the situations are linked in both parts…

    Thankyou sir,

  13. Christina says:

    Where is Beorn???

  14. Amazing people with crew,actor,director and all people who are involve making the movie.I would like to give a lot of thanks for all because the film just alive,and it was like a magic to done all this work.”Well done and good work”,that is what I want to say.Although I am 15,I had watched all the trilogy and read all the Tolkien books.Once again,thanks very much because making this movie alive,I really enjoyed it.

  15. Any new features coming out with this one?

    Will it be in HFR?

  16. Ooooo i love it i have a blog of the hobbit (elhobbit4ever.blogspot)

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