Mar 19, 2014

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Philippa Boyens On The Hobbit: There And Back Again

Philippa Boyens, co-writer and producer of The Hobbit films, spoke to Empire magazine about the upcoming finale of the trilogy, The Hobbit: There And Back Again. She covers why the second movie ends where it does and why the company of dwarves splits up (“A rift begins to open up. And I can’t say much more without going into spoilers for film three.”). Read the full piece here.

  1. I can’t wait for the final film!!!!!

    • Me Neither!! I would be kinda cool if the movie came out in the summer, but ah well, waiting the whole year is actually more exciting. 🙂 Still waiting for DOS DVD release!! 😀

      • A summer release would finally do Weta Digital in, you know Pj has em workin the dos extended edition too. December will be fine. A couple months for the conclusion of the greatest movie epic of all time. Yeah, I’m good.
        Thank you PJ & LOTR family!!!

        • patrickk says:

          I think you will find it is a summer release where I am; not sure where you are.

          • Oh! There we go! Ha ha, I didn’t think if that. 😀 We get LOTS OF RAIN. Not in the summer, but the rest of the year practically. Ah well though…

  2. Axlbeqvist says:

    i love both hobbit movies, and i know the third will be amazing. And by the way Peter jackson i totally love the LOTR trilogy. And after 12 years as a fan i was able to buy united cutlery sting replica, my favorite sword and it’s so meaningfull to me. I hope that one day i can buy the Weta Workshop sting sword.

  3. Is there by any chance a posisbility that you can give me something to sing in the end of the movie? I would be sooo happy to have a role in it!!! Please!

  4. Antonio says:

    Hello Ms Boyens,

    Will a “true-to-the-book” version of the trilogy be released at sometime in the future?

  5. Robert K says:

    Personally, I love that the current three films are filling-in the gaps of story line from the original Hobbit as written by Tolkien.

    One problem I have with Thorin’s destiny (as written by JRR), is this: Azog the Defiler swore to end the Line of Durin. Having Azog win that wager doesn’t sit well with anyone who loves how Thorin’s character has been expanded into what he rightfully has become (thanks to the films), which is a majestic and fearsome warrior.

    The writers of the trilogy have included Azog (from LOR’s appendices + his declaration), so it stands to reason that Thorin’s outcome must also be shifted. This is doable without becoming formulaic or eye-rolling. I only wish I could actually convey my idea to Ms. Boyens or PJ, because it would have audiences cheering.

  6. i am so exited that i am actually marking off everyday until the movie comes out on my calander!

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