Mar 20, 2011

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Production begins in New Zealand!

Warner Bros. has officially announced the beginning of production on The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s two film epic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless classic.

The Hobbit is set in Middle-earth 60 years before Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in the blockbuster trilogy that culminated with the Oscar-winning The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

The Hobbit follows the journey of title character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior, Thorin Oakensheild. Their journey will take them into the Wild; through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins and Orcs, deadly Wargs and Giant Spiders, Shapeshifters and Sorcerers.

Read the full press release here.

  1. Sensational news. Can’t begin to describe how excited I am about this. Can’t wait for the flood of production news to come. I’m hoping there’ll be plenty to fill up the appendices on the extended DVD release 🙂

    • OH FINALLY!!! This is soo cool. Has anyone heard when they are going to have a fan club magazine like they did for the LOTR movies?

  2. Adam Heath says:

    This is a day that has long been anticipated.

    I am convinced I am not alone in saying I am part of a generation of Young Filmmakers who were inspired to be part of the film industry owing to the incredible artistic achievement of the Rings Trilogy. So, to be able to watch this process unfold from way before even being a green-lit project RIGHT through production and post production is an incredibly exciting time for us all.

    This is an inspirational day. Good luck and best wishes to every single person involved, we are all watching with awe and fascination for what you are achieving.

  3. Splendid and long overdue news!!

    Now if someone can get the rights to some Silmarillion stuff (Turin is decently stand-alone) or maybe something like Farmer Giles of Ham…;-)

  4. geonick91 says:

    YES! That is all I can think of saying … I have nothing clever to add. Just….YESssss!

    Will be reading daily.

    I do have one question: Elrond is not yet cast; where in the world is Hugo Weaving? His bit in shooting Avenger is done now, so shouldn’t he be ready to put the pointy ears on again?

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for post here!
    We, Hobbit’s fans, need this news!

    Good vibrations and excelent work for the next months, guys!

  6. Chaz Harris says:

    Hooray, at long last it’s finally happening! Go kick some dragon butt and have a great time doing it! 😀

  7. My kids are thrilled and waiting in breathless anticipation for the Hobbit movie! Having just finished reading aloud the Hobbit and the LOTR to my kids, then watching the movies, we are so happy to know that the Hobbit movie is finally under way!

  8. I have been waiting for this day for longer than I can even remember that I don’t even remember the year I heard about this. But its finally happening! This movie is gonna be so good!

  9. plejaaden says:

    “The Hobbit” will be my highlight in 2012. Now we have to be patient and wait for the day in December 2012 when “The Hobbit” is ready for the audience.

    I will support the “The Hobbit” by posting every friend on facebook that production on “The Hobbit” has begun today.

    • Glad it’s underway but I always thought this should have been the first movie made so it would make more sense in the folling movies. Please let it be done before Dec 23, 2012 just in case the myan calander is right! I want to see this movie…lol

  10. Is there an article out there somewhere that covers (or even guesses) at how they are going to split the story into two movies? Or if they are adding content to bridge the gap between the Hobbit and the LoTR?

    • I don’t think anyone wants to give too much away but the council, the necromancer… These events are only touched on in the book. Im very excited to hear we will see this added to the movies. There is more than enough space to tell the complete story with two films, without needing to leave bits out!

  11. leonardo says:

    this is the best movie news in this year
    The world may ends in 12/1012 but I’ll have watched The Hobbit part 1 at least XD

  12. Are you filming at Hobbiton again? We were planning to stop in there while visiting New Zealand next month, but will skip it if it’s closed for filming!

  13. Hi!
    I have traveled from America and am in New Zealand simply to bask in the glory of MIddle Earth. I am willing and able to do anything that it takes to be a part of the Hobbit. Since I was 9, it has been my goal to come to New Zealand and LIVE in middle earth. Now, here I am at age 19 living my dream. Lord of the rings means so much to me and I am so happy to be here during the production. PLEASE let me know of any casting calls- anything- so I can be a part of the hobbit.

  14. Nothing like this epic Magical tale growing in the hands of Sir Peter Jackson
    Later after the Hobbit has completely blown us all away
    Maybe just maybe
    Guillermo Del Toro will get another chance at the The Silmarillion universe
    Wow. I want in Sir Peter …You are looking for Me , wx

  15. In college in the early 70’s, I went to a very small college where we could place unsealed notes” in the mailbox to be put in another student’s mailbox so a group of friends and myself wrote our notes in Tengwar… I am so looking forward to The Hobbit and seeing Ian McKellen again as Gandalf!

  16. Bhaskar C says:

    Cannot believe it has been 10 years since Fellowship of the Ring. It still feels like yesterday..

    Which reminds me, I’ve got to round up my high school friends to relive all the hype – this will be the event of the decade!

  17. Jaymcmurry says:

    So excited. I am glad there will be a blog to keep us up to date!

  18. Hobbit Baggins says:

    The first movie inspired me to build a Hobbit House. I am 4’8″, a little tall for a hobbit, but still… Of course, I can’t wait for the next two movies. I do call myself the Hobbit and my cat’s name is Frodo.

  19. I can’t wait for the first teaser to be unveiled! It’s been a long wait but with Peter Jackson at the helm, I have high hopes these movies aren’t going to simply milk the LOTR franchise.

  20. Congratulations Mr.Jackson!I’m very happy to hear that!
    Oh!I can’t wait!!!!I’m sure that The Hobbit would be as fantastic as Lotr!But some actors are not announced like Thranduil and Bard… and what about Orlando Bloom???Will he be back as Legolas again?I hope he returns…

  21. Lianne Richards says:

    Can not believe that this is happening! For ages I didnt think it would happen. I am extremely excited about this film, it’s going to be amazing. Particularly excited to hear the new soundtrack. Howard Shore and his teams music sends me shivers each time I listen to it (pretty much daily), such moving music. Can not wait to get back to Middle Earth!

  22. A two part film! All consern will gladly cash in twice. How very transparent. Jackson and co. come across as pickpockets and opprotunists. Endangering the movies from becoming drawn out and boring.

  23. Angelos Loukatos says:

    Thank you for this blog!I can’t wait to see the first photos taken from filming …I need to see what the dwarves and Bilbo will look like!!

  24. Jaxfoodiefreak says:

    *dancing around the room* Thanks so much for this blog! Good luck to the entire cast and crew as you all film, and I will continue to pray for the Christchurch people!

    CANNOT wait for these films, Tolkien is such a genius, and so is this cast and crew. Just know your fans support you all the way in breathless anticipation.

  25. A 2-part The Hobbit: Part (1) The Hobbit; Part (2) The Fall of Gondolin / Beren&Luthien.


  26. hipydeus says:

    Great news! I cant wait

  27. Margaret Bailey says:

    Looking forward to seeing a 6′ 2″ Richard Armitage as a dwarf. Hope that he has a good time filming and rememebers to come back to Blighty.

  28. I am so excited about this film. Can’t believe how thin Peter Jackson looks compared to 1999. Well done, son!!

  29. Jaxfoodiefreak says:

    As the saying goes in the Hobbit, “Never laugh at live dragons.”

  30. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this for years.

  31. Now this is some great news. After the whole preceding ordeal, it finally came to this. I wish PJ good recovery and good luck on this project.

  32. ShyGaladriel says:

    Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!

  33. This is such great news. I cannot wait!

  34. Shadowbender says:

    And so it begins…

    Let new memories of Tolkien’s wondrous world be realized and brought to our imagination with the mastery of Peter and the team.


    Here we go.

  35. I’m doing a happy dance right now that I’m very glad you all can’t see. Hooray actual filming!

  36. I am so exited, I think it’s time the local theater do another directors cut, The Lord of the Rings – Trilogy.


  37. Aeraniel says:

    This is such a good news !!! It just makes me so happy !!!
    Hope everything will be fine 🙂
    I can’t wait to see it

  38. Good news! We have long been waiting for! I am glad that it happened! I am confident that Peter will succeed! We will wait for release and an extended DVD with material about the shooting!

  39. SolenmSerpent says:

    My already great day + this news = SUPER!AWESOME!SPECIAL day of Epic proportions. Now, excuse me while I sob from all of the happiness.

  40. Patience finally paying off..

    Amazing to see how many battles were fought to get to this point.

    Congratulations to everyone making it happen!

  41. chellearia says:

    Ah, at last! I’ve been teaching The Hobbit for years and am sooo looking forward to having a version that I can enjoy sharing with my students after we read the book.
    Such a rich universe and such a wonderful crew to bring it to life! Waiting with bated breath!

  42. Lord of the rings was one of the best movies done in the last decade! And I’m sure that with the The Hobbit will be the same!
    Thanks Peter Jackson, for accept this job. You have no ideia how important Lord of the Rings was important for me and for so many others! Good luck!!!

  43. Cool, cant wait for plenty of updates on this!

  44. This girl dancing around her room!!..just smashed my Mickey Mouse collection…dontt care !!!

  45. I can’t wait for this movie!!! I’ve seen the cartoon movie and I am also reading the book right now. The Hobbit will be epic, scary,misty,funny and sad.

  46. Evan Pollock says:

    I know that there are a lot of people, just like me out there, but it’s not going to stop me from trying. Here is a small video of my journey. View it and PASS IT ON. Thank you, fellow LOTR fans.


  47. Yeh!!!!!! What took so long??????? ………to Peter Jackson we are expecting big things from you …..possibly outdoing yourself yet again?????? and to Richard Armitage…..why so serious dude!!!! youre in the Southern Hemisphere now and time to chill and loosen up!!!

    bye for now


  48. Nick Emerson Abalos says:

    At Last!!!! Cannot wait for these 2 movies!!!!
    I hope Orlando Bloom reprises his role as Legolas!!!!!

  49. I really hope you make BIG extras, like LOTR appendixes. They have been extremely inspiring to watch, as you can see on my crafts-blog “Valkoinen Käsi” (~The White Hand[referring to my family crest, not Saruman ;]).

    Wishing I’d be a part of your team!

    Yours from Finland,

  50. Black Breathalizer says:

    The world is changed: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air…Much that once was is lost, for few now live who remember it.

    It began with the forging of the Great Movies. For within these films was told the greatest fantasy story of all time.

    But moviegoers wanted more. But hearts of Men are easily corrupted. Greed and power have a will of their own. So in the courtrooms of the world they battled for control of The Hobbit rights.

    And in the darkness of the time, some upcoming film productions that should not have been forgotten by fans were lost.

    History became legend…legend became myth and for over three thousand and a half days The Hobbit movies passed out of all knowledge.

    Then excitement crept back into the forests of the world. Rumor grew of a knight in New Zealand…whispers of the return of the King. And the Hobbit movies perceived…its time had now come.

  51. serious chills

  52. Luthien Ivey says:

    Yes, that is my real name. 🙂

    I’ve been a Tolkien fan since my wild-oats flower-child days, and have even read Christopher Tolkien’s manuscripts on the development of the final books. I can’t wait to see “The Hobbit” on film!

  53. Well I just found my new favorite website for the next couple of years 🙂

  54. Lets have a big cheer that goes right round the world, for Peter Jackson…HIP, HIP…!!

  55. There and back again – this is so amazing!
    Thanks god for finally leading the project into the right hands in every aspect. With this cast and crew it feels warm and comfortable in the waiting 🙂
    Meanwhile it is time to clear a space in the glass cabinet for all the upcoming little dwarf and hobbit action figures. A big space. I’m addicted!

  56. We’re so excited.

  57. Ikaro (Brazil) says:

    It’s a dream realized!

    Good luck to all people envolved in this great project!
    All the love in make this movie will honor the JRRT memory!

  58. Quelle bonne nouvelle! j’ai vraiment hâte de voir des photos du tournage et d’avoir quelques informations de la part de l’équipe de Peter Jackson!! après la trilogie Lord of the Rings, je suis sûre que ce Bilbo The Hobbit va être magnifique, majestueux et enchanteur!!! vive Tolkien et Peter Jacskon!!! vive la Nouvelle Zélande!!

    une fan française

  59. Sooo great to hear!

  60. Like Lord of the Rings, New Zealand IS the perfect location for The Hobbit movie.
    A lot of people visited the filming area after the making of LotR.
    Case you wonder where the name New Zealand comes from?

  61. bluedahlia says:

    Is it wrong that I’m tingling already? Have the best time ever ever ever infinity!

  62. Tirednemotional says:

    Woohoo! I’m so chuffed it’s been a long time coming! Wonderful cast and in safe hands….. can’t wait!

  63. This is going to be so great. My favourite book will now become my favourite film. 🙂

  64. a long expected announcement 🙂 Thank odin they finally got it started. I was afraid that it’d never even reach production

  65. Underdog says:

    I cant wait, Just seeing “THE HOBBIT” in the proper middle-earthy font makes me happy. I hope that there is constant updates, even if they don’t have any new information. Just want something to read as an outlet for my excitement. I hope there will be soon be some exclusive videos/images released on here, even if it is just a picture of Ian McKellen looking full of wisdom by a tree. BRING IT!!! 🙂

  66. Too cool. I cant tell you guys how exciting this actually is! When is the movie expected to be out? The end of this year?

    Anyway, this is wicked I am sooooo excited now!!!!!

  67. Great news!

  68. I am a huge lotr fan! cant wait till this awesome movie unleashes itself upon theaters! Anyway do any of you have lotr bfme II ? Its a great game with lots of lotr stuff. Well that is y its called lotr haha! Anyways great game, so Peter Jackson if youre reading these then I say great job with filming and keep up the great work cant wait til the Hobbit comes out!

  69. You fools, my apprentice Agandar is awaiting you in the North, you may think you have defeated me Morwen, but no, I still live and the goblins of the North are awaiting the battle to make Middle-Earth defeated and we will rise again Sarumaun, you may have thinked he died in his tower but no, he awaits my command to hack and burn the Ents of Fangorn and make a whole new army of Uruks. The Orcs and Nazgul await my command to aid the goblins and Isenguard in the attack of Middle-Earth. Aragorn may be king of Gondor now but he will se what wrath awaits him from the North. He will see… So await the War in the North! Beginning on the 26th of September! Await the wrath of the 3 armys!

  70. Underdog says:

    Unfortunately, this blog does not seem “Live” yet…Its been a week with no new posts 🙁

  71. Excellent – I hope it comes out near Christmas again – fam loved going to the Rings Trilogy round then. Looking forward to it.

  72. withywindle says:

    After so many hiccups along the way, The precious has finally begun

  73. LJ Knight says:

    I’m sooo excited to hear this wonderful news!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting and it’s finally here!!:) congrats Mr. Jackson and team! I look forward to seeing the world of Middle Earth come to life once again!!:)

  74. Gillgalad says:

    A new journey has begun! It was getting so boring after all this time not hearing anything from NZ. Time to roll!

  75. Ithilien79 says:

    I will be highly impressed and inconsolably ecstatic if they start the story with Gandalf meeting Thorin on the East-West road just outside Bree… (detailed in the Unfinished Tales)

    There’s so much explanation of character and plot in these few short passages, I think they would be mad not to have included at least some of it.

    Fingers crossed!!

    • Oh yes…it must start there….the fact that the dwavres believe theEast-wsest Road is their’s…and think the hobbits are just just farmers who happen to work the land on either side…and “this dwarvish conceit that only the dwarves can make anything of value”…and Thorin telling Gandalf he must come too and look after his little “darling” (Bilbo…)… I wont go on, Ill give the whole plot away…(yeah, like everybody didnt already know it….!!)

    • Underdog says:

      I dont think they have the rights to the unfinished tales, therefore they could not include that in the movie….cool as it would be

  76. Hello Team Hobbit

    I am very excited and am a huge fan of Tolkien, Peter Jackson and everything in this field 🙂 This is very good news and I can’t wait for the movie!

    Is it possible to get some information if one wants to be an extra on the film? it would be a huge dream even to be Orc #454598, just to be on the set and see the shooting.. If you can give some information it would be wonderful! thank you!!

    • In all likelihood you would have to get in touch with the production manager or assistant producers to find out which company was being used to do casting for extras and then contact that company directly and register your details with them to inquire about the project. Unless you live in the area where the filming is taking place, I very sincerely doubt that you will be able to get a position as an extra on set unless you win some kind of contest or something…which isn’t a bad idea, by the way. Make sure to credit me for it if you use it, website people! 😛

  77. To be an extra in this movie or part 2 would be a dream come true. Is there a way to apply?

  78. Awesome! I want to live in a hobbit house, too! Check out the best way to build a hobbit house at Enjoy!

  79. What about next news? Is there any update about Hobbit film? Is the stuff working or there is next obstacle.

  80. I will sell my house and go to New Zealand, and I will trail after the film crew like a Camp Follower…and i will eat grass…anything to get a part as an extre…and..and, I will sell my dog…and….ok, my friend has just dunked my head in a bucket of water…I have come to my senses now…Seriously, though..can’t wait…!!!

  81. David~NL says:

    WAAUUWWW, I am very excited! 😛

  82. Whether it is known to you that in Russia there is a so-called Goblin’s translation of the Lord of the Rings (film of PJ). The half-countrie laughs.

  83. Should have started with this 1st then the others.
    Just like star wars DUMB! going back with movies

    • hollymina says:

      The Hobbit is not a prequel to the Lord of the Rings. It is a different tale in tone and style and stands out from the LOTR story and the rest of Tolkiens writings about Middle Earth (The Silmarillion, Histories etc).

      If anything it is less connected to LOTR that the Silmarillion is. However it is much more readily adapted to film because of the style and length of the book and because the charcaters are already familiar.

      The film-makers made the natural and obvious choice in starting with Tolkiens major work and moving on to the Hobbit afterwards.

      • Yes. But PJ removes the hobbit as prequel LOTR. In style and tone of the previous film. I will not be surprised, if it removes also sequel LOTR (using fan fiction).

  84. Shelly says:

    For three amazing years, I had movies to dream about, avidly discuss with my friends, actually stand in line for the local premier, celebrate the opening credits, be transported to Middle Earth for more than two hours, wait through the closing credits for the Easter egg, then start the whole process again for the next wonderful film.

    Three amazing years followed by darkness for eight years.

    Now, again … finally, I have something to anticipate. December 2012.

  85. i love ireland and New Zeland is pretty close to it so i love New Zeland too. i loved the Lord of the Rings when i first saw it so i know i’m going to love the hobbit too.

  86. I loved the Lord of the Rings films and love Tolkien, but…I found that the LOTR films were too serious and heavy in tone. Yes, the books are serious but they have a lot of lightness and merriment in them as well, particularly as regards to the elves. The elves laughed a lot and sang constantly in the books, and in the films they were these strangely grave creatures who frankly took themselves way too seriously. They weren’t anything like what Tolkien described; the main thing about elves is how light and merry they are, not how heavy and deep and ponderous they are. Frankly Jackson got the elves wrong and that changed a lot of the tone in the films. The Hobbit is even lighter than the The Trilogy in tone and I have noticed that even though Galadriel does NOT appear in the book, she has been slated to be in the Hobbit movie. I very sincerely hope that this does not mean that heavy-handed approach to the elves and to the light heart of the book will happen again with The Hobbit. Don’t get me wrong, the LOTR films are absolutely beautiful, but that merry feeling and bright, clever wit that kept the books from being too depressing is absolutely crucial in the Hobbit, which was a story that was written more for children than the adult-oriented LOTR books.

  87. Esplendida noticia!!!
    Estamos felices de que se hayan superado tantos obstaculos y al fin se inicie el rodaje.

    Aún falta mucho para Dic-2012 y mas para el Dic-2013, pero ahí estaremos para ambos estrenos. ¡Otra razón mas para que no se acabe el mundo!.

    Espero que el DVD venga con una versión súper extendida :).

    Un abrazo desde Chile.

  88. Increible!!! solo esperando para verla!!!


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