Dec 21, 2013

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Production Diary 14: Scoring The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

In his final production diary of 2013, Peter Jackson takes you behind the scenes for the scoring of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug soundtrack is available on Amazon: and iTunes: .

  1. Katie Lilley says:

    Yay! I love these videos!

  2. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

  3. Just wanted to share a music video we made called, If You Hobbit, Flaunt It!

  4. Will Ian M. be playing Gandalf for the third movie?

    • Why wouldn’t he be?

      • I thought Ian wouldnt be in it after reading an article saying he was leaving Hollywood for good.

        But, if they shoot all 3 movies in the same set, then its a different story.

        • These films are not being made in Hollywood. These are New Zealand films. Perhaps Sir Ian IS leaving Hollywood for good. He does most of his work elsewhere anyway.

    • Kinda silly question. Well, take a guess.
      I’ll give you a little hint:
      They’ve shoot all 3 movies at same time.
      When they feel that additional material need to be shot, they do “pickups”.

  5. Now, there’s only one thing left for reaching perfection: Blind Guardian in There and Back Again

  6. You should hear how my siblings and I react when we hear there’s a new production diary! “Oh my gosh, Mom can we watch it right now!” We almost enjoy these more than the actual movie!

  7. I always wonder with this technology and that big brain of yours(PJ)
    can anyone imagine Indian mythological biopic MAHABHARATH or RAMAYAN would be.
    Any i have to wait for one more year for the last of the best series.

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  9. I’ve just saw the movie – PJ, you are cruel! How could you end “The Hobbit..” in this moment?!

  10. Pedro Lopez says:

    The Hobbit is horrible. He destroyed the story with a bunch of changes and all the un-needed side stories extended the movie to unrealistic lengths. The character of Beorn is never developed while we get a Dwarf and Elf falling in love? Give me a break. Jackson is getting as bad as Speilberg.

    • He did good and bad with this film. Making a dwarf and an elf fall in love gives Legolas a reason not to like dwarfs. It also make the film more interesting and intense. You just have to remember they add these things for a reason, not always for the best but for this film, it was good.

      • Whoever is responsible for the murder of The Hobbit should be ashamed of themselves. Who thought it would be a good idea to change a classic work of art written by a genius?

        • you have got to take into consideration Jackson has to cater to all audiences. This was an original childrens story. Therefore he would need to play it safer. Having said that he has definitley pushed the boat out to ensure those who may not have liked the book- love the film. Or perhaps vice versa. I love the book, I also love this film. Peter has gone to town to show how much of a creative director he is.

      • David: Good question on where the film shuold break. I’m thinking after they are rescued by the eagles (“Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire”). That would allow the second film to start off with Beorn and then on into Mirkwood. But then Beorn may get cut because part 2 wouldn’t start with the requisite “bang.” Damn, I’m worrying about Beorn too much.The GM: Thanks man!Eric: That’s probably the danger here, Del Toro wanting to put his stamp on the project and make it “his.” Like bringing any novel to the screen, he’s going to have to do some adapting and modifying. But he shuold take a cue from Jackson’s films, the best parts of which were straight out of Tolkien, undiluted and unedited.Brer: I would not have thought of Colin Firth, but that just might work. I haven’t seen a lot of him, but he seems to have a good sense of humor and English-ness, which is a + for the role.

    • Stop dissing the most amazing film maker of all time!!!

  11. I honestly think people are taking this too seriously. DOS was an awesome movie! I read the book and trusted Peter to do a good job, and he did! My Dad even likes DOS better than AUJ. I love both, Peter is just adding stuff to make it more deep. I think he has done a wonderful job. Tauriel is amazing I respect Peter and team very much for deliberately putting a dominate female charter in the story. It what we needed, don’t hate. Legolas being in the movie makes sense, since Thranduil is his father, and the Elvenking is a dominate charter, why wouldn’t his son be there? I know some of you may think DOS is a total disgrace to Tolkien’s ‘Hobbit’ but keep this in mind: Peter is doing his best. He’s a fan too, this is just his interpretation of the book. So if you want to do your version…go head. 🙂

    • I love Peter’s idea of Middle Earth! I really liked the pat where Legolas insulted Gimli, seeing how they become friends in LOTR.

    • Onward! Makes my head spin just to contemplate all those pages. Wow.Loved the cglaloe of knitting, baking, and a bit of architecture in the last post, too.Hope that you still have time for bread making and a bit of knitting.

  12. Why,why why!!!
    did you rewrite the the hobbit…what is wrong with you!
    I will never watch your work again.

  13. I don’t understand for leaving the book so completely, but it was good watching. I think, however, that after the brilliant job you did with horses (even CG horses) in “The Lord of the Rings” you were absolutely dismal in your horses for “The Hobbit”. Either they were sad CG failures or they were really poorly shot miniature horses blown up to full horse size. You shouldn’t do that it looks DREADFUL!!

    • future filmmaker says:

      Ponies tend to look a bit dismal, I’m afraid.

      • SteveMalysz says:

        I read The Hobbit in middle school a long time ago. I was disappointed with “The Desolation of Smaug.” I enjoyed the extra scenes relevant to The Hobbit. However, the movie was not The Hobbit I read.

  14. Who was the ork army going to attack when Gandolf was in the cage at the old fort.

  15. Chris Lustig says:

    3D hfr movie making is going to require a new way of doing movies. One issue is that the realistic 3d presentation reveals the true size of the set. i.e. the town at the lonely mountain was quite apparently much smaller than would be realistic for humans to live it. The hfr 3d reveals the size perspective that 2D does not. It made the whole set look like something from disney land. At the very least, this is going to require everything to be as realistic as the medium. One cannot depend on the illusions provided by the limitations of 2D medium. Creating hfr 3d movies is going to require an entirely different way of doing. Hyper realistic film is going to require truly realistic sets.

  16. Great making of. The music in “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug” sounds googd.

    Trailer / Film News:

  17. future filmmaker says:

    There is nothing better for a 16 year old future filmmaker than watching the production of a movie in semi-real time. Thank you so much for the video blogs Peter Jakson! You’re inspiring a whole new generation!

    • I second that! 🙂 Its because of YOU Peter and your amazing movies that you and your team have worked so hard to produce. Thank you so much! I hope we’ll be able to work together someday! 😉

  18. Beneath all the brilliany of making this films (the brilliancy of all participiants) The Hobbit – beside all the very good music, special effects, masks, art, heroic, pathetic, humouros and romantic moments; the creation of new fantastic worlds – has creeped over to a senseless butchery parttimes. How many people – by jingly cash boxes – ask today, what such films are doing with the souls of 12 year old childs?

    How many slaughtery is sensefull for the growth of todays young recipients of media?

    Also i – at the age of over 40 – feel overcharged by so much violence. What does our societies will need in ten years to get their “kicks”? And what results will we have, going on with that? So – a little bit lesser of that in films for a wide audience, Mr. Jackson, please.

    I think, a lesser amount and sort of abusiveness would have been better for telling an originally myth-like story for kids.

    Also too much removals from the original and too much film for an originally short story…

    • future filmmaker says:

      In the words of C.S. Lewis, the renowned Christian children’s author, “Since it is so likely that (children) will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.”

      The violence in the hobbit is a battle between pure good and evil and is anything but senseless. Now 16, I grew up on the Lord of the Rings, which if anything is more violent than the hobbit, and I think it’s safe to say my soul is doing well.

      Also, I agree with making an originally short story into 3 movies. The original book was very condensed and merits that much film when fleshed out 🙂

      • Ditto Future filmmaker,
        I would agree that violence in some circumstances (and most)is unnecessary.
        But sometimes it helps communicate a story. Like future filmmaker, I was raise on these beautiful stories and films. I think the violence is necessary to telling the story(and man am I all about the story). I’m sorry that you (V. Hoppe) feel that it’s too violent; close your eyes. There’s something called agency, you don’t have to watch it, or better yet close your children’s eyes. As soon as you start worrying about other children’s souls in the world, you will become very depressed, and frankly discouraged. Parents are the ones to blame.
        I did not see the Lord of the Rings films until I was twelve (NOT because we didn’t have them, I have TWO older brothers). And when the glorious time came, still my big brothers told me when to close my eyes. It’s not out of your hands to protect your children. Show the world YOU care, and how YOU feel, in the way YOU treat your children, and the media you expose them too. But you cannot control what others watch, I know it makes me sad too. I prize innocents.
        Though I would agree, the violence of this film doesn’t match the same age recommendation for the books. So edit it, because MAN is it a wonderful story!
        And what beautiful music, I believe that what you hear effects your spirit more than anything, and I think that this music defiantly helps communicate this BEAUTIFUL story and thrilling film. Thank you Mr. Jackson, MRS. Walsh, and all who were involved in the making of these films. And for these wonderful little blogs. (They keep me on the edge of my sheet, just waiting for the next one).

  19. Mr. Jackson, please please please make movies on the Wheel of time series from Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson!

    • I completely agree that PJ should make more movies. I think he should make the Chronicles of Narnia. Another company has made 3 of the seven movies but they need more epicness in them. PJ could do it perfectly.

  20. Annie Ram says:

    It is a great work! Amazing people! Everything in this movies is incredibly masterful and done with so much love!
    Your videos are precious!

  21. When will we see the first There and Back again material.

    Soo curious about the rest of the story

  22. I loved the scene “I belong with my brother”. There is nothing wrong adding material in a movie. Besides, the movies are BASED on the novel. They are not the novel. It is written clearly at the end of the movies. So all of us should forget the book for a while and enjoy the trilogy.

    • Thank you for that comment Marios. You don’t know how much it means to me 🙂 Thank you. And I feel exactly the same way.

    • I could not agree more with you Marios. Especially the scenes in Dol Guldur, though they are not in the hobbit, they are mentioned in other books by Tolkien where he explains the mysterious disappearence of Gandalf.
      So PJ is really trying to tigh the lose ends together.

  23. Joe Kieth Saufley says:

    Pleas read this.

    Dear Peter Jackson, I love the way your imagination creates a hole knew world for other’s to see. If, I may suggest a ridicules idea. For your knew book.

    The Dark Elves. From the north, Skin as dark as the hard mud they walk upon, Eye’s as bright as the artic blue sky, with a glare that will freeze you in place. Ruled by the one they call the dark king, with a sole as cold as the place he rules upon an the lounge awaited vengeance his forefather filed to achieve. The death of the,” Ainur” .

  24. Qahir shah says:

    Like my page books of J R R Tolkien and read the story and listen the hobbit story

  25. I listen to soundtrack fo hobbit it,s cool.

  26. gratefully thank you..
    this amazing and deeply symbolic(for every human soul)masterpiece by J R Tolkien,the inner mystic of the scriptures,is now expressed for all eyes,through the explorer/outer mystic of today filming,you Peter Jackson…thank you from billions of hearts!!!!…

  27. the elvishes and dwarves(and not only..) hearts are waiting for a new rapsody of union…!!!keep inspiring and inspired!!!….

  28. very important contribution on the succes of the hobbit films,is the absolutely brilliant casting ,for thorin,(richard)that melted the half planet’s hearts(mostly female ones)by expressing the best male role of all the 5 movies,including this so deeply lovely and majestic misty mountains song…this was the key of difference,entering the heart from many levels,with the proper quallity that he carries and you all created!bravo for all seen and hear!fantastic creative expression and manifestation!!we all thank all of you…

  29. not for misunderstandings,boromir and aragorn have grate male roles,very succesed ones as well.i dont want to compaire,individuals cant be.just aragorn was different in my fantasy when i was reading the book much younger,not that viggo isnt enough.all 5 movies and casting is grate.the very best to all

  30. the best movie its my favorit all movies of this direct is the best
    great work

  31. Sina Bayat says:

    Thank you mr jackson about these films ( the lord of the rings.the hobbit) I love them very lot .in my life I dont see one film is better than your film I wish you secced in your life all time.

  32. Hi everybody!
    I’m new on this blog, I’s so good indeed.
    Just one question: are still available Desolation’s diares from 1 to 10?
    Thank you!

  33. ^^ I don’t know are they available or not, but they’re in youtube.

  34. CameronTucker says:

    I implore Peter Jackson to use Hayley Westenra in the final installment of The Hobbit Trilogy, There and Back Again.

    Her voice is perfect for the tone of the series. And she’s a kiwi!

  35. Please more of misty mountains in “there and back again”, it missed me in the desolation of smaug. That song is so awesome!

  36. Was hoping there would be one more of these production videos…

    Anyways, thought I would post my take on the last film here, while we build some excitement toward the grand finale!

  37. limemil2001 says:

    more videos plz!!!

  38. Carolyn says:

    I’m not happy with the name of the third Hobbit movie. Please change it to: The Hobbit : There & Back Again. I believe it fits with the naming of the prequels and that it’s the other name of the book. Thanks for listening.

  39. Will there be any more of these videos? I love watching them!

  40. hi im a very huge fan of the lord of the rings and the hobbit i just want to ask if there would be any movie about the elves since the lord of the rings features the men and the hobbit features the dwarves how about the elves since i really love their character

  41. will you ever make another movie? Because i am writing a book


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