Jul 9, 2011

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Production Video #2

A new Production Video from the set of THE HOBBIT, just in from Peter Jackson.

  1. Jordan Cook says:

    Looks great! I can’t wait to look for some of these locations in the film!

  2. Steve Andexler says:

    It’s getting very exciting. Keep up the good work and thank you Peter and company for taking the time to include us the fans with your blogs. Appreciate it.

  3. lots of complaining about the work. I know it’s a tough job but come on guys, give me a job. I would die to work on this

    • Thanks Peter, these video blogs are a real treat, looking forward to the next one.
      Make em longer :o)

    • MARK is right I would kill to be a part of something like this… Peter and these films are the reason why i want to make films…i would take a job cleaning hobbit feet to be a part of it, how these filmmakers are able to make a movie that can still be called art at this scope and scale is truly inspiring…i cant wait to see the film and thank you so much for this, i pray everyday i someday get the chance to be a part of something so magnificent.

  4. These videos give me goosebumps! What an amazing job you guys are doing! As a huge fan of Tolkien literature, I trust this crew with my eyes closed!

  5. My pals call me Gloin on the RPG table. It’s exciting too imagine the surprises on this film. 🙂

  6. *-*
    finally, one more video!
    is perfect!
    2012 will come soon!!

  7. Caio César says:

    Thank you for this, P. Jackson! 😀

  8. That was freaking awesome. Can’t wait for the movie to come out now. I love those behind the scenes features. Especially behind the scenes before the movie is even out.

  9. Incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hate to complain, but could you put these videos up as HTML5 video instead of (I’m assuming) Flash? It’s not watchable on my iPhone thanks to Apple… Thanks!

  11. Seems a lot of these videos will be great Extras on the DVD releases. Can’t wait!!!

  12. This was great! These videos are the best thing ever. Keep them coming 😀

  13. bethany says:

    the places that you have chosen to film are magical I am so excited for the films. thank you for showing us these magical places.

  14. so epic.

  15. Very Cool.

  16. Thanks so much again for posting this Peter and crew. It’s awesome to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and to be able to appreciate all your hard work. Cheers!

  17. uLu_MuLu says:

    Beautiful places…i bet they’ll fit perfectly into the movie…

  18. Johnny Chimpo says:

    Thanks a bunch. Any chance we can get this at a higher resolution?

  19. Man, so glad I’m going over there in october… Such a beautiful country.

  20. Gabriel says:

    We watch The Hobbit and then come December 21 of 2012!

  21. Thanks so much for putting this together. The vista’s are incredible. I can’t wait for the movie.

  22. Raul Câmara says:

    Good production!, beautiful places, I think tha will be a great film.

    Congradulations Peter Jackson.

    • Raul Câmara says:

      Good production!, beautiful places, I think that will be a great film.

      Congradulations Peter Jackson.

  23. It’s great that these diaries are maintained and we can watch them while looking forward to the movie. Once these records will form the basis of “a film about the movie,” that was filmed as “The Hobbit”. We will wait for a new video blog!

  24. So excited for you all, can’t wait for the final results!

  25. Richard Kleiner says:

    In Peter we trust. Can’t wait to see some footage from the scoring sessions with Mr. Shore!

  26. Thank you so much for posting this Peter!!! I put it on my Middle Earth website. 🙂

  27. I really can’t wait to see the result of all this !

    And so many beautiful places !

    Thanks for the video !

  28. John Perryman says:

    Man I wish I could go on some of those location scouting adventures with PJ.

  29. Peter, you are a genius… Lord of the Rings became a movie because of you and now we are gonna get “The Hobbit” as a movie, a great movie it will be… And that is all because you are a Tolkien lover just like many of us… New Zealand is far the best place in the world to film a Tolkien stories, because is a wonderful place. Thanks for your master peace of cinema and I’m waiting to see your new movie!!! Hugo, from Brazil… Hope you came here some day!

  30. Michael says:

    What a great idea, with production videos. I think its a far better appetizer than a trailer even though I love them,they show a bit to much sometimes. Keep up the great work Peter I Know that the movies will be awesome and I cant w8 to se them
    Be well 🙂

  31. Steve in Brooklyn says:

    Thanx Peter. You are a real friend to the fans.

  32. Glorfindel says:

    Really cool. Can’t wait to see more.

  33. Looking forward to see more. This is very exciting. Peter Jackson, thank you!

  34. I Love the landscape in New Zealand! I am so glad a new blog was posted. Thank you, Peter Jackson! You actually take the time out of your busy day just to make these blogs for your dedicated fans. I Love Tolkien’s work with all my heart, and you are truly the only one I trust to bring this to life!

  35. THANK YOU, for those beautiful pictures and sharing moments. It makes me have patience untill the release date of the part 1. Your work must be exhausting but in the same time you seem so grateful to experience this adventure again (after shooting “The Lord of the Ring”) and have the opportunity to discover new landscapes and locations. It’s a long time journey to achieve this new masterpiece and i wish everything will continue without difficulties for all the cast and crew.
    Enjoy your break!

  36. Thank you for this post! I cant wait for the movie.

  37. Those videos are just awesome. Thanks, Peter Jackson, and I hope to watch more soon.

  38. Steve in Brooklyn says:

    Hey Peter:

    When you produce and direct The Silmarillion, How many movies can we expect? At least a trilogy, right?

    God, can you imagine the final battle when Melkor is expunged into oblivion?

  39. Of course I know the Hobbit will look like LOTR in general, but I still have other pictures in my mind, these the illustrations of the German issue from 1974 by Klaus Ensikat generated:


    Surreal and rudimentary, most inspiring for the inner Cinema of an 8 year old child. I hope the movie will have a little bit of that naive fairy tale touch.

  40. elestrifilus says:

    HOBBIT will outsell Avatar. HOBBIT2 will outsell HOBBIT.

  41. Chris Balster says:

    I’m already itching to see the locations in the movie when it comes out. Excellent work you guys!

  42. This makes me unendingly excited! So glad that all the care is being put in to make this such a great production.

  43. Such beautiful locations. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  44. Coool snif snif!!
    Quiero ver el hobbit!!
    Felicidades a todos los que trabajan en esto!

  45. Awesome! Look forward to the next one.

  46. Roderick Stokes says:

    I’m very happy to have seen this last clip! I’m anxious to watch the entire movie! Way to go Peter! Good luck! 😉 Best regards

  47. Stuart Lawson says:

    I applied for the casting role of Bilbo back in the UK but when I heard Martin got it I was gutted but very happy for him and of what he’ll be a part of. I did however decide to fly over to New Zealand and work as an extra on the Hobbit as you could only be a local (or allowed to work in NZ) to apply. Fingers crossed I get something but if not, it’s great to see this beautiful country first hand. Even in Welly with my wellies on.

  48. Thanks Peter and crew!

  49. Peter Thank You for the Blog!!

    Very happy to know that you are the one making the movie 😀 is gonna be awesome New Zeland it looks Beatiful.

    Cheers from Costa Rica..!!

    You are Awesome Peter.

    • Diego CZ says:

      Come and take some shots here in Costa Rica, do u need forests, mountains and volcanoes, just about the perfect place to do so

  50. proste71 says:

    Thanks for the blog lads
    Keep up the good work

  51. Wow, when I found out The Hobbit was being made I was over the moon! Looks amazing, look foward to see the film and these amazing land scapes

  52. Dumbadil says:

    Y’know Peter, you really are doing things the hard way. You have thousands of fans in NZ alone. Why not put some requirements on this blog (eg an edge of a forest with x hundred meters sq space adjacent to it, and no houses visible) and get us to send you photos of a prospective location? *Then* visit the top three in a chopper. So many of us must have an uncles farm or a skiing trip memory that would be ideal for a scene. Crowdsource us.

  53. Really like the video blogs (both of them) and hope there will be many more :-). However, I really wish I could view them also on my iPad, since it’s simply more convenient, so maybe you think about using “normal” video or putting the video on YouTube instead of using Flash?

    Anyway, really looking forward to the first movie!

  54. LOTR was a great hit! I believe The Hobbit will be great as well.

  55. Weehaggis says:

    You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this Movie

  56. So excited for this! Would love to visit NZ someday and see all these beautiful locations. The Hobbit can’t get here soon enough. Well done, Peter and crew.

  57. Hafficci says:

    Wooooo!!!! That sound like music to my ears!!!

    Thank you Peter and rest of the crew!!!

    It’s not easy to wait for the December of 2012, but this this blog makes the waiting easier!! Cheers for that!!

  58. I love the videos and cannot WAIT for the movies to come out! I was too young to watch LOTR in the theaters but trust me, I will be first in line for The Hobbit! I have always dreamt of being part of Peter Jackson’s crew, so thanks for at least letting me see what it’s like to work on these films. I wish there was a way for fans to visit these shootsssss!

    • I’ll add that I have loved Tolkien’s writing style (and the stories he tell of course!) since I first read LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring–before I watched the films, mind you. And although I was terrified of the story getting messed up in the films, Peter Jackson put my fears to rest. He is the only man I trust to bring Tolkien’s world to life–the only one I trust to do justice to my imagination. I am looking forward to these movies so much because of Peter Jackson–I know I won’t come out of the theater disappointed. I take my hats off to you sir 🙂

  59. Eric Paulo says:

    oh my God, it’s amazing. I’m so excited to this movie. One of my dreams is participate the production of the film, and i love the making of. Everybody can see, this movie will be excelent.

  60. I can’t wait till the hobbit comes out! I started to watch The Lord of the Rings when I was 9, And I loved it! I am 13 now and I know that the Hobbit Will be Incredible! Thank You Peter!

    • Also-I was too young to see it in the theater cause I was like 6 years old but now I can see the movie being made and Watch it in the Theater- Me And My Family Can’t Wait!!!

  61. iam from argentina, i just buy the extended edition of lor in bluray, and i am very happy, thanks peter. we love your vision.

  62. Is it the remake of apocalypse now?

  63. Peter really respects the fans of this epic saga. Will without a doubt turn out really well and it’ll for sure be as good as the previous thrillogy. Alot of props to Peter and his crew for their hard work.

  64. Thank you for sharing your journey with us fans and aspiring filmmakers. You are all so inspiring! Thanks Peter and Andy!

  65. Amazing and really inspiring for me.

  66. Luke Stout says:

    You guys have amazing jobs, I have to get one like that when I am older

  67. jeremytodd says:

    wicked guys keep them coming! Tolkein would not have beleived his eyes if he visited central otago/otago!

  68. Yvonne Scicluna says:

    Dear Peter,
    You and your team are one of a kind!! Thank you for taking me on the most fantastic journey of my life with Lord of the Rings! I have been in awe ever since I watched the first preview at a local cinema of The Fellowship!! I just can’t get enough of them and as an actress myself, I can’t but envy (in a good way, mind)all the actors who have the privilege of working with you. The locations are out of this world. I a blown away by the beauty of New Zealand…it is the perfect setting for LOTR and the Hobbit as I don’t believe anyone has seen this enchanting landscape!! Thank you for sharing these blogs with us and a HUGE THANK YOU for the hard work you put yourself into to take us on this adventure of a lifetime! THANK YOU & GOOD LUCK Peter & Co.!! Looking forward for The Hobbit! Yvonne from Malta (Island in the Mediterranean).

  69. thanks 4 the vid. waiting for the next one…. AND BRING LIV TYLER, PLEASE!!!!

  70. I wish Peter Jackson’s success and comfort

  71. I like such videos. Thanks for enjoyment. And will be Saoirse Ronan playing in yours film?

  72. i’m glad i won’t be seeing any portaloos in “The Hobbit” 🙂

  73. Jennsen says:


    I can’t wait till the Hobbit part 1 comes out. I’ve seen the LOTR extended versions over and over again and I must say, they are all classics. Keep up the good work and above all, keep feeding us more production vids.

  74. Very excited to see everyone hard at work. Enjoy the time off.

  75. Luke Stout says:


    I was watching special features from the special features disc of the Fellowship and you said that you would never want to do another undertaking like that of the trilogy, you went on to say it was your first time and your only.

    But I wanted to ask you; Are the Hobbit movies as long, difficult, fun, and similar in overall experience as the original trilogy? (In respect to making them of course).

    Thanks Peter,
    Luke Stout

  76. Wow. That is a lot of work. I mean, I guess that’s why you can’t just make a movie like this on a whim, right? One question: Has anyone looked at the Kauri forests of the North Country of NZ? That place is more Mirkwood than any place on earth. Not sure how you’d film in such a jungle, but still…

  77. Keep up the good work! wish I could be apart of the movie 🙂
    I can not wait to see The Hobbit!

    Its me Favorite Book…

  78. thx for the insights you provide with these videos 🙂

  79. Jörg (Lord of the Hordes) says:

    The german fan-communites and -crowds are very looking forward to watching the next upcoming fantasy masterpiece!
    (I admit, I’ve read Tokien’s “Hobbit” three times at least!)
    ‘Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Deutschland.’

  80. Mohammad sajadian says:

    Hi Peter
    Love, cause you’re interested in cinema and film to create five years ago.
    Mtmyynm all hope and you reap an Oscar with this film

    Always be successful.

  81. denis TIPAIN says:

    hummm,tout cela donne vraiment l’eau a la bouche,tout ces extérieur nous rappel de bon souvenirs,la magie du cinéma et surtout de ces techniciens se met efficacement en marche,viva,viva…

  82. Mount Cook for the Lonely Mountain!!!!!

  83. I am very glad, that will be released this film. And I’m sure it will be wonderful!!! =)

  84. Emma Peara says:

    I cannot wait! I’ve read the Hobbit 37 times and LotR 19 times. I saw the LotR movies when they came out (loved them), but I’ve always wanted there to be a movie of the Hobbit because it’s my all time favorite and now Peter’s finally making one!!!!!!!

  85. The hobbit, can not wait to see the movie ….
    Hugo – Brazil.

  86. Sannimiauu says:

    Omg! Im a big fan of Tolkien, so peter.. I cant thank you enough.

    Cant wait!


  87. Peter and Company, thanks so much for these videos! I sure do enjoy them and everything looks incredible. I can’t wait to go back to Middle Earth and away from all this harsh reality in the world. You all are so good to us fans!Take care and keep up the good well may I say- great work, all of you!

  88. Dear Peter,
    U r using T-shirts showing the days to go for completion of shooting, giving u a lot of stress, remove it, put up for us fans of ur LOTR the days to go before release. Cant wait now rewatching the extended trilogy to get the middle-earth feel again
    Thanks Peter & the whole crew for giving us so much joy
    P.S:- Andrew Serkis rocks in his recent planet of Apes performance great scene!!!! Ape says NO NO NO

  89. Chris "Bromber" Schmick says:

    The World is waiting for this movie. The World is waiting for another one of J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic stories which so many people around the world love, brought to us by some of the most brilliant movie makers of our time.

  90. docbullfrog says:

    thank you for making these films i love the book.and im even a fan of the cartoon movie.songs are great my 3 year old loves them.and having the songs in the upcoming films is great.my kids will be singing right along.

  91. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Im so freaking excited, hurry up! be quicker! but not too quickly that it flys by in an instant. Just the right amount of quickly. I love hobits.

  92. goldberry says:

    Did he say Doctor Who fans from Spain???

  93. Michael mph says:

    I just discover this video and thank for the momment share with the cast.
    I can’t wait to see the movies !


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