Jul 21, 2011

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Production Video #3

This just in from Peter Jackson, with the following note:

“Good news and bad news today. Bad news is that we won’t be doing any Hobbit presentation at Comic Con in San Diego this year. New Line and Warner Bros were very happy to support a presentation, but I declined, simply because I felt it was too early. There’s so much more of the films still to shoot. I just wanted to get that out there, because I’ve seen various references to the possibility of something Hobbity at Comic Con. Hate to disappoint anyone. But something tells me we will be there in force next year.

Now for the good news… We’ve just finished a new video blog, covering a little more of the first block of shooting. So please enjoy this—at least you don’t have to travel to San Deigo to see it! [HD version here.]”

  1. Haha! Best one yet! The table at Bilbo’s with all the dwarwes looks just like I imagined it. Peter Jackson is the director… BUT WHY is this man not one of the actors…? He would be the perfect dwarf. Haha just kidding, but a great director (and actor, haha) none the less.

    • i bet he will have little cameo’s like in the lotr trilogy.

      • I agree with set he should be one he has the a beard and every thing but the emotional part of the movie I think for me would be when Frodo and Bilbo are in it

        • As a Hungarian fan I do agree with those ones who expect something great.Sometimes the filmmmakers simply don’t know how much their films mean for us poor souls.That magic keeps us alive:-)So keep on entertaining us.Peter’s gaining one some weight makes him look much better:-)

          • LOL, yeah i agree he does look abit dwarvish and i have no doubt he will make a cameo appearance, and if he is going to be a dwarf i’am guessing it will be when they show the fall of erebor and when smaug takes over.

          • Well put, my fellings are the same.

          • Paul Liverpool says:

            I think PJ will have at least 2 cameos since there are going to be 2 movies. Fans of the trilogy have often referred to him as “The original Hobbit” or something along those lines given his style of wearing long shorts and not wearing shoes so perhaps for film 1 we’ll see him brewing ale and smoking pipe-weed. As for film 2 its kind of a coin toss between a man of laketown or one of Dains dwarves, he has the profile for either IMO.

            Cant wait for these films and I know their going to be terrific… I just hope that all the fans aren’t setting there sights too high with it. It will kind of ruin it for me if I have to read a thousand fan reviews that just do nothing except compare it to LOTR, remember the books themselves are very different in theme to The Hobbit so expect to have some things put in or taken out that you wont neccesarily approve of.

          • Peter should be a hobbit. It’d be really cool, plus he looks like a hobbit.

          • Can’t wait for the movies…I haven’t a doubt they will be amazing…it’s all in great hands…the best hands!!!

            PJ. Do you need a 52 year old LOTR nut who can act and play/make harps???


      • Peter Jackson is soo awesome!

    • Jackson always cameos in these films.. I guess we’ll have to be surprised when we see him

  2. I got chills when I saw Christopher Lee as Sauruman at the end.

    • Elizabeth says:

      How exciting!!!!! Does that mean they’re expanding the location of filming?

      • nah im pretty sure its because christopher lee could not travel because he’s getting on abit nearly 90 i believe.

        • He said a couple years ago that if the Hobbit was made into a film that required him in the ‘Council of the White Wizard” he wouldn’t go to New Zealand.

  3. Best part is when Jonathan Rhys-Davies shows up to pay a set visit and looks like he could just sit right at the table with the dwarves and fit right in.

  4. Saruman trolling again! I just finished reading the Hobbit today. Can’t wait for the movie

    • Was Saruman mentioned in the Hobbit? I don’t recall him.

    • Yes to Everything says:

      Sauron IS NOT the necro, the witch king of “angmar”(SP?) was wasnt he? Saurons main dude, but I could be mistaken been years since ive read the books. But I did read alll of tolkiens books, even the ones that arent related to these.

  5. Superb

  6. Only death would stop me from seeing these movies!

    • Well lets hope the world doesn’t end earlier than scheduled… But either way we wouldn’t be able to see the second movie…

      Just Kidding 🙂

  7. The whole crew behind these films has the best job ever.

    I envy them a lot :o)

  8. By the way: Does anyone know which movie editing software is used to make the films? Avid? Final Cut Pro?

  9. ann scholten says:

    I smiled all through that. And with a bit of a lump in my throat. Never thought 13 dwarves would have that effect on me. And the Elves, Galadriel looked absolutely stunning, as usual. Finally, more Rivendel. Can’t wait. Thank you Peter Jackson for these blogs!

  10. uLu_MuLu says:

    Awesome Blogs, I love em…

    Bombur is my favourite…he is hilarious…

  11. Bombur’s rock solo had me laughing hysterically!

  12. I’m probably not going to watch the movie. No matter how good the director and the actors are, it’s impossible to meet the quality of the book and to transfer its soul. Movies typically destroy the images you see when reading the book. Your own imagination is so much better. Besides I don`t like how they altered some parts again.

    • Too bad. You will miss out on an incredible artistic achievement. Read the books first.

      • well that’s a pity, but I do understand

        • Tate Muses says:

          Well I don’t understand…You are here looking at the website too aren’t you???? so you are interested….why put other peoples art down…if watching a film takes away your ability to imagine great things for yourself…you didn’t have much of one to start with….these kinds of projects just encourage me to think BIGGER!!!!! thank you PJ!!

          • WiseWizard3017 says:

            Definetly second that “someone”, Tate did say the exact thing that should have been said..Your on the website right???
            My prediction will be that PJ’s version will be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I pity you.

    • paodster says:

      Normally I would agree with you but come on this is Peter Jackson we’re talking about is it even possible for him to destroy a movie?

    • Glorfindel says:

      No one can make it as good as the book, unless it was directed by the same person, so like Star Wars. But Peter Jackson has come close, very close with LotR. He will come close aagain with The Hobbit.

    • i would agree with you if it wasn’t PJ directing.
      have you even read LOTR? the movie is soooo much better. let’s face it – Tolkien get’s a little boring with all his landscape descriptions when there is even a map in the book.
      can’t wait to see The Hobbit!!!

      • Sorry I’m going to watch the film as a fantasy adventure not the Hobbit. It is again going to be nothing like the book. The LOTR films were visually stunning but as a telling of LOTR they were awful I expect the same with the Hobbit.

      • The movie is supposed to be an director’s interpretation of the book, not the book acted out by people word for word, scene for scene. I have pretty much always preferred the book version over the movie version of any adaptation I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the movie for what it is. I bet the Hobbit will be visually stunning, touching, compelling and charming–all of which can only enrich my experience of Tolkien’s books. Also, Martin Freeman is the added bonus 🙂

        • Exactly. It’s just that i like PJ’s interpretation better 🙂

          • The only thing that might make me mad, and this is just a really small thing,it’ll only bug me a little. Is if they don’t have the part where Bilbo falls down and picks up the ring exactly the way he does at the beginning of Lord of the Rings, I’m just a perfectionist.

          • WiseWizard3017 says:

            I hear ya ….. you know, they should stay with what they said… but who cares at least it’ll be good

    • I feel that way too about the book versus movie discussion but I will certainly see the movie. PJ’s vision of LOTR seems very close to my own so I guess I’m extra lucky that way. Also, given the magical, and at the time, entirely unique nature of Tolkien’s vision, I’m pretty excited to have another telling of the stories to fill my head. Vanman

  13. Be still my heart!!

    I loved watching the dwarves around the table with Bilbo! The film is going to rock! Thanks Peter for sharing this video with us. =D

  14. The best 13 minutes of the day (and I squealed like a 13 year old at the end)

  15. “Tingles up my spine” – exactly!

    This is mouth-watering and endearing and exciting and funny such an enormously generous gesture towards the fans.

    PJ, you are simply the best.

  16. I think this will be perfect. I love these dwarfs already.

  17. This Movie is going to be so AWESOME!!!
    Peter Jackson, you are a hero showing these videos, you truely know what the fans of Tolkien want to see.
    I can’t wait for the movie to come out

    P.S. If you need a pair of hard working hands in NZ, you know where to find me 😛

  18. Brittany says:

    These videos make my day. They keep me sane till the movies release. It’s my second time watching this vlog and I’m just as excited to watch it the 2nd time as I was the 1st! XD

  19. PJ – thank you so much for another exciting sneak peek. These little blog posts are like a whole bunch of early Christmas presents. Watching these is going to be a dream come true.

  20. Lammen Gorthaur says:

    Really lovely clip. It looks very good. But i’m still afraid; you so much want it to be good, but what if the film is going to disappoint, like Star Wars Ep. I, Indiana Jones 4 or Star Trek X?

  21. Raul Câmara says:

    Saruman, I can’t believe, lol, this film will be great!

  22. Shoshanna says:

    Thanks again, Peter!!!

  23. This is coming together quite nicely.

  24. the Hobbit is my Favorite Book of all time to read..
    Who Knows?
    may be my favorite movie of all time 🙂

    you guys are doing a good job as far as I can see

  25. Super! Very interesting video! It is a pity that there is no embedded subtitles in different languages ​​…

  26. Oh dear oh dear, Peter you are one of the greatest actor and the greates regiesseur, but a human god too!

  27. paodster says:

    I literally cannot wait a year and a half for this.

  28. Awesome!! Very Funny!! Loved it! One of the Best videos!! Thanks Peter And everyone who help with it!! Can’t wait to see the Hobbit!!

  29. I think this is going to be the best movie ever I cant wait till they reissue the Lord of the Rings on Regular dvd.

  30. I live 14 miles from Pinewood Studios, Peter, you should have popped in for a nice cup of tea ;o)

  31. Thanks for the vid ! Really happy to see the “old” actors and the new ones !

    I truly can’t wait !

  32. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz says:

    Hi, Mr. Jackson, I’d very much like to share one thought with you. I feel, that it would gain the film very much on realism, if you applied some more realistic death scense, like in Braindead or Bad Taste, etc. I know the Hobbit was originally meant to be a fairy tale for kids, but hey, Sir Tolkien abandoned this idea after he’d realized that the storyline got way too brutal. So?

  33. Oh I love these! I can really feel the films coming together perfectly! I laughed so hard at Christopher Lee as Saruman at the end 🙂 Love you Peter! Keep up the good work! (Hope you find New Zealand soon…)

  34. Fantastic, love these snippets of information. Makes one feel a part of the whole movie making process. Thanks Peter! You’re THE BEST!

  35. Thank you, Peter, for doing this. It connects the fans with the films in such an intimate way. I love bathing in Middle-Earth, not to mention filmmaking. So it’s a thrill to be on the set with you guys. Thank you so very much.

  36. As a Hungarian fan living on the other side of the world I do agree with the ones who expect something great.The filmmakers sometimes don’t know how much their films mean for us in our everyday life.That magic makes us happy.Keep on entertaining us folks:-)

  37. I can hardly wait!!! Two Hobbit Movies, what a treat!

  38. Xepthrichros says:

    Peter Jackson should direct a remake Harry Potter 1 to 7 one day.

  39. omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! omg! its Saruman! Right now I’m watching the LoTR blu-ray, and watching this its just really great, I’m just really exited with the hobbit. Please send a big hello to all the production staff and actors in New Zealand.

  40. I think Bombur might be related to Auric Goldfinger 🙂

  41. I’m so glad Saruman’s back. It was chilling seeing Christopher Lee at the end.

    The movie looks so amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching the video, it was like meeting old friends again.

  42. Woo hooi, look forward to the next instalment!

  43. The Hobbit is my favorite book out of the series, I can’t wait for the movie to come out! Watching all these videos is making me even more excited.

  44. The Hobbit> LotR says:

    Christopher fucking Lee!!!!!

  45. Jasmine says:

    I’ve missed John Rhys Davis sooooooooooo much!
    Wish he was in the Hobbit!
    And was that really Christopher Lee at the end of the video???
    I thought that he must be in London… :/

  46. Was Saruman mentioned in The Hobbit? I do not recall him.

    • If I’m not mistaken… Gandalf went away on ‘business’ leaving the dwarves and bilbo… He and saruman went on killing a wizard of the forest… but im not entirely sure here… Its been a while since I read the books 😛 ima look into this 😀

  47. Lindsay says:

    It is my dream to work on set with this film.

  48. denis TIPAIN says:

    merde,je veux mon nom a la fin du générique pour ceux la !!!!!

  49. okay it isnt helpy, what i have to say! But its amazing and nice too see things are going on with the right mass of “soul”! Greetings from Germany!

  50. From the looks of it the casting crew must have the time of their lives. Yet another great video, thank you and keep them coming.

  51. Oh, that was so cool! I was baking my daughter’s birthday cake as I watched, and the timer went off to take the cake out of the oven. I actually had the thought, “Oh it doesn’t matter if the cake is a little brown”. I didn’t want to take my eyes of the blog for 30 seconds! (But my maternal instincts then won over.) The point is, roll on The Hobbit! It is going to be FANTASTIC!

  52. I love the Hobbit and love to see all the dwarfs, i think u should give Thorin a long beard although Peter. I also loved seeing John Rhys Davis again, even tho he was just visiting. And the ending was great, Christopher Lee looks in amazing shape for his age, he is a true legend. I cant wait to see this!!

  53. I find the worrying amongst some of you to be, well, worrisome. Do you not trust Peter? Because I do. He will not let us down. He is making a movie and yes it will not be a book.

  54. Joseph Ramos says:

    This blog was really awesome to watch and can’t wait for the film to come out.

  55. Was just poking around wingnutwings.com and thought I’d do a bit of searching to check on the status of filming. Finished The Hobbit a couple of weeks ago (forgotten hoe many times I’ve read it). so looking forward to the movie. Thanks Peter and crew.

  56. Madre mia… se me ha puesto la piel de gallina al ver a Saruman… Va a ser una autentica maravilla!! :)Ni la muerte podrá evitar que la vea… 😛

  57. proste71 says:

    awesome 😉

  58. Do know that their is a website called theonering.net where u can see the dwarves and other characters

  59. My favorite hobbit scene is with the spiders

  60. Thanks to Peter Jackson for the video!

  61. Richard Kleiner says:

    Sounds like awesome! All of this just makes me want to wait less.

  62. NinielValinor says:

    Oh I love these production videos!! They’re fantastic! I am so happy with how different the dwarves looks. I never really had a great mental image of them when reading the book because in the end they kinda looked the same in my head heh. And I think Kili looks a lot more dwarfy in the videos. Love them all =)

  63. Alice Soulsby says:

    Hey, I grow up with The Lord of the Rings! and am looking follward to The Hobbit, I have read all the books and am confident Peter and Fran will make this the best film it can be, Post more vids!!!

  64. Thanks to Peter Jackson, all cast and crew. That’s all. I can’t describe how happy I am for all of the Lord of the Rings movies and now The Hobbit. Thank you so much!

  65. i think its very perfect
    good luck mr jackson

  66. I have just finished reading The Hobbit to my six year old…Bombur was his runaway favourite dwarf ! Thank you Steve Jackson…this film already looks tremendous….

    • Funny. I also read my daughter the Hobbit and then the LOTR series when she was rather young. She loved it. She used to hold my plain gold wedding band in her hand while I read it to her. Vanman

      • Mom marched into my room when I was in 3rd grade and I was sick at home. She placed a gold 50th anniversary edition in my hands and said “It is time. Read this. You will like it.” and then swept out dramatically. And that was my introduction to J.R.R. Tolkien!

  67. the book will be filmed in 2 parts? or not

  68. I understand Peter being lost in England. You made a set for Christopher Lee so he wouldn’t have to leave. Yes?

  69. SilverGreenleaf says:

    I LOVED the lotr trilogy, I CAN’T WAIT for the hobbit to come out!^^

  70. Peter Jackson is amazing. Every time I see him he makes me smile. Keep doing what you do, Pete. You are awesome!

  71. Glorfindel appears or its mentioned in The Hobbit?

  72. Fredrikkk says:


  73. This movie is going to be a fantasy come true, or wait, a nightmare resolved, or wait, a whole new unexpected journey? Go for the jewels Peter.

  74. So glad to see Sir Christopher as Saruman. What a joy these movies will be.

  75. Frankly I don’t care if the book gets a bit mangled, if these movies come out as good as or better than LOTR!!! Once again there’s a PHENOMENAL cast and those performances will be what makes them great for me.

  76. The trilogy The Lord of the Rings is an incredible work. I look forward to watching The Hobbit. I hope one day to see the movie The Silmarillion. Thank you, Peter Jackson!

    A trilogia O Senhor dos Anéis é uma obra incrível. Estou ansioso para assistir O Hobbit. Tenho esperança de um dia poder ver no cinema O Silmarillion. Obrigado, Peter Jackson!!!

  77. I am so pumped for this movie. So pumped in fact that I want to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthdays. My friends and I at roadtotheshire.com are making a video collage of how everyone celebrates Hobbit day around the world that we will be putting on our youtube channel. If you want to be highlighted and want to show the world how you celebrate, watch this link for details and send us you video or photos. 🙂


  78. I have been a fan of The Hobbit and LOTR since I was 10 years old, and am now 52, and I cannot wait to see the Hobbit. I am confident that Peter Jackson, cast and crew will do an incredible job, as they did with LOTR. As one person commented earlier, the movies are new visions in my head to go along with the wonders of the books that I have adored all these years. For those diehard fans who refuse to view the movies, you are missing something very, very special!

  79. I absolutely felt like crying through the whole thing. Feels like the fulfillment of so many people’s hopes, to be able to see just one more LOTR movie. This is going to be MAGNIFIQUE!!

  80. love this, cant wait for the film. xx

  81. vodkaOpoivre says:

    Thank you all the team !
    kisses from France

  82. Dreorin Hammershield says:

    There are many adventures to take within Middle Earth. Adventures that formed Middle Earth into the realm that you see before you. There was a time in Middle Earth when Men and Women and the Gods and Goddesses of Middle Earth molded the land before them into empires that would stand for thousands of years….until the arrival of Sauron.

  83. Excellent! More, more! :))))

  84. I was just talking with my husband yesterday about how much I hope the songs are in the Hobbit, because I loved the snatches of song we heard in the LOTR films. And lo, the songs are in! Hurrah!

  85. I am a huge fan of the movie LOTR trilogy since was 14. I felt like all my fantasies comes to life in a very vivid form and I must say , it really turned me on ,inspired me so much in the Art Industry ,enriched all my visualizations ,made me a 3d artist which I always dreamed of since my childhood. Many many thanks to Peter Jackson and all the Crews to give us such a Precious gift. Hope the Upcoming Movie ‘THE HOBBIT’ will definitely drive us to an Unexpected Journey towards our Fantasies.

  86. Cheesychu says:

    Yay more footage of Gollum/Smeagol!
    He was awesome in The two towers and Return of the king!

  87. Man does not live by bread alone … we need more video blog entries!!!???!!!

  88. I demand MORE video blogs! NOW!

    Now now now now now!

  89. I just wanna see a movie trailer:( :(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  90. How about Beorn? Will we see him in the movies?

    I’m looking forward to seeing another video blog!

  91. tom bombadil says:

    yes, very good, any ideas when the next blog is to be??

  92. Thorin…Kili……Peter I’m not used to being attracted to dwarves help me this is weird!!!! LOL

  93. Diana Miranda says:

    This is so exciting! The dwarves look great! Better than my imagination.

  94. Why do the videos never seem to work?

  95. When is the Hobbit released? i heard about this movie years ago after watching Lord of the Rings, Im actually excited and looking forward to this movies now

  96. Evelian13 says:

    Hello:)I’m from romaniaand i am big fan I know you work hard for shooting but deserve…..the lord of the rings is best directed film…is my favorite movie … I watched 17 times…….I cried and I laughed … I sat anxiously………I do not know … you impressed me ….. very much ….you’re not a team but you are a family i waiting for the Hobbit ..sorry for my English(Am only 13 years) bye:)

  97. Aravyn says:

    You should check out this girl, singing the Misty Mountains (Cold) on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME5urFBf0kk&feature=related

    Good things come to those who wait! Finally 2012!

  98. Was that George Lucas fiddling with Kate’s crown?!

  99. i love these production video’s. Very nice of mr Jackson to do this for the fans!!!!! and must i say he isn”t a bad actor himself….


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