Nov 5, 2011

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Production Video #4

The new production video from Peter Jackson focuses on 3D. You can view the embed, below, or the HD version on YouTube by clicking here.

  1. Just amazing, Peter is really an inspiration for all movie makers. I wish I could be there.

    • Whiskycorner says:

      Oh Please NO! Not 3D! It hurts our eyeses! Why on Earth (or on Middle-Earth) should we have to put up with 3D glasses and the extra (bogus) prices the cinemas will charge us, for the privalege of looking like ultra-uncool, specky-four-eyes film-geeks (and I say that as a perenially myopic uncool geek)! Perhaps on a more reasoned level – why? LOTRs were not in 3D; given a choise of 3D or not, why go for the extra effort? I truly thought 3D had begun to die out (thank the Eldar); why oh why cling to this triksy and daft format???

      • Don’t fret. As far as I know, all the recent 3D movies were also made available in 2D, if that is your preference. They often run them side-by-side in multiplexes. I would presume the same option will be available here.

        • Did talkies go away? Did TV? Embrace the Brave New World. It will continue to evolve.

        • Around here in this part of the US of A most films had no 2D version. Harry Potter was the only film that did.

          There may have been 2D versions but the theaters here didn’t pick it up.

          Oh and for Harry Potter the non 3D version did better at our local theater.

    • You realize… you don’t have to watch it in 3D, right? You can see the 2D version in-stores.

  2. Very generous as always, more than one might expect for a film that hasn’t been released, and greatly appreciated. It’s not easy to wait, but getting these production videos has made the waiting easier. Hope all continues to go well.

  3. Eric Hodge says:

    Amazing! I thought Avatar was the best movie I’ve seen visually! But this will be insane!!!!!! Can’t wait!

  4. Holey Moley! That was exiting, seeing how they are doing it in 3D. Normally I’m not a fan of 3d because the quality always seems a bit fuzzy and desaturated. But after watching this, I am amazed. This makes me exited for the 3D now. If you had any doubts as to 3D or not watch this and be amazed. Not to mention 5k recording and 48 frames per second. Wow. The tension is rising for this movie!

  5. Galen Meacham says:

    This is a fabulous example of passion for one’s work. Some enterprising marketer should be suggesting Hobbit 3D glasses we can purchase before we go into the theatre, a step above the paper ones.

  6. tom bomadil says:

    Just yesterday I was asking when the next blog would be…and here it is! Thankyou! I already want to see the next- when is the next anyway?…

  7. Glorfindel says:

    I suggested to my friend (who only reads realistic fiction) that we go The Hobbit. I was so right! This will be fantastic!

  8. Scott Lindsey says:

    I can’t wait to see this film, I am a huge fan on so many levels here. Mr. Peter Jackson, and Mr. Andy Serkis are two of the many professional inspirations for why I am currently in school for 3D Animation and VFX. The worlds that he visualizes through the mind of Tolkien for a previz this time around. Jackson is truly gifted not only with his vision, but for being a leader and bringing all his talented followers and wizards,artists, magicians together to create this epic journey of storytelling for us in the most pristine and infinite palettes available um, not to mention in 3D….which will be almost like it’s 6D with the new REDs
    Wow hurry 2012- there is a reason to live other than the end of the world…3.2.1

  9. Not to sound biased, but this makes feel very confident that The Hobbit will be every bit as good as The Lord of the Rings. Also, I’ve never seen production videos giving so much detail to 3D technology, and judging by this, it may just be the best 3D movie of 2012. Can’t wait!

  10. It would be nice if you would caption your videos for the deaf and hard of hearing.

  11. Mirkwood looks amazing!


  13. jdelamancha says:

    Simply breathtaking…I”m sooo excited for this movie and Mr. Jackson really knows how to give us some great details about the production without being too technical. Fantastic. Thank you Mr. Jackson for this (and of course all the other hard working people that bring us these).

  14. TheFlyingCorpse says:

    Greetings from Norway! Thank you so much for this update, this looks like a Serious 3D production unlike 2D shot films that were converted to 3D post-production. Cant wait for the next video!

  15. I never seen it of 48 frames on movies plus 3D wow!! ..really !!I cant wait

  16. Awesome! I can’t wait to see the hobbit!! I know what I want for Christmas next year,(I want to see The Hobbit!)

  17. These blogs are great! Thanks so much, and don’t stop. 🙂

  18. Jonathonkeeler says:

    Will we need a 3d TV to be able to watch it at home?

  19. Will we need a 3d tv to watch it at home??

  20. Also, when will a trailer be coming out. Im dying from excitment I need a little trailer to tide me over till opening night!! lol 🙂

  21. Northern Star says:

    These video blogs are simply wonderful and are a tremendous window into the filmmaking process, so well done Peter Jackson and all concerned… why didn’t the makers of the upcoming 3-D Judge Dredd movie do something like this, it is 24-carat-gold publicity for the movie that money simply can’t buy!?

  22. best….video….yet…..hhhamazing! So excited about the Hobbit.

  23. Olaf Payne says:

    I love 3D but so far in my cinema experience It still hasn’t been seamless. I’ve noticed especially that during fast movement, the background tends to split into its two separate images. Also while the centre of the image is in 3D around the periphery you get some ghosting and doubling. If any one can get it right, PJ can. (although I did just see tintin which suffered from these problems)I hope the 48FPS will combat the movement issues.

  24. Sir Peter,
    Please don’t put WILHELM SCREAM in Hobbit movies. We’ve heard it in Two Towers, Return Of The King, TinTin and I am asking You not to put it in Hobbit because it’s the only thing in LOTR trilogy that I found annoying. Thank You 🙂

    • Terry Dactyl says:

      Now that I know what a ‘wilhelm scream’ is, I hope that PJ puts it in at the beginning. Otherwise I’m going to spend the entire film looking for it. This is why I don’t watch Hitchcock films. Thanks Alex – you’ve destroyed my life!

    • LOL
      You lost.
      It was in the battle scene inside the goblin mountain.

      • I was really hoping we wouldn’t hear the Wilhelm scream. It’s such a meme now that it’s distracting and makes me chuckle every time in “Two Towers” and “Return of the King.” Aaaand it stuck out like a sore thumb in “An Unexpected Journey.”

        While it’s a hilarious meme, it should either be nixed or our wonderful Director Jackson should comment on it so we can at least know if it’s there as a tribute to a meme (he did bring us “Meet the Feebles”, “Bad Taste” and “Dead Alive!” after all) or laziness. If it’s the former, more power to him…

      • Hahaha, I have heard it even before I went to the premiere because it was in one of the clips previously released on their FB page (the scene you mentioned) 🙂

        Now we know we will probably hear it in Desolation of Smaug and There and back again, but it’s ok, it definitely didn’t ruined the movie for me which is, of course, a masterpiece as I expected it to be.

  25. J.D. Per Slikkenberg says:

    An art department sitting next to each other and drawing one in red and one in blue?! Peter, I see you laughing up your sleeve…

    • It is hilarious. It even got me thinking for a sec. This is the extra dimension I like the most. lets call it the joke dimension or JD.

      If you got a pair of red and blue 3D glasses and you look from the far left you can look behind the 1st character on the foreground an you will see what surprise the 3rd character in the back is holding in his hand !!! Just wonderful how they did that…

  26. Pretty cool how they film 3d with the mirror, and I cannot believe how high the resolution is that they film with!
    This technology + cinematography in New Zealand = Best looking film ever.

  27. Philip May says:

    This just looks amazing! I never knew about all those different sorts of cameras before! Pure beauy!
    As I saw from earlier videos Peter is really watching everything carefully and also planning everything through incredibly detailed. Peter if you read this I would be so honored to be able to contact you, because I want to become an actor and director. when I heard that the hobbit was having a casting or somehing similar I wanted to go there right away but unfortunately, New Zealand is sooo far away.. Anyways I am sure I will be able to learn from you even through emails and I am thanking you in advance for reading this comment until this point and I am very much looking forward to hearing from you soon [hopefully]

    P.S.: In case you cannot get my email address from my comment just post a quick comment. I would like to avoid writing my email address here so everyone can see.

    well good luck with this amazing movie, he set-up and equipment looks great! I dont know all the actors but I am sure Ian McKellen (I suppose he is still Gandalf?) and Andy Serkis will do a GREAT job!

    • I have a feeling he is a bit busy at the moment haha.

      • Philip May says:

        I am well aware of that. I was just hoping that Mr. Jackson would have some little tiny time to look at one or two movies that Ive made. Even though they cant be compared to the work of any decent director 🙂
        Dear Mr Jackson, would you mind me sending you some of my recent projects? But I must warn you, those arent too good

    • hey for you New Zealand might far away, may be even for most people but for me i live in New Zealand.the pictures are cool. i would like to cast but its alot of money to get there. you guys are doing great making this movie cant wait to see it.

      peace out.

  28. JC Desormeaux says:

    A wonderful insight into the nuts and bolts of such an amazing endevour; THANK YOU Mr. Jackson !!! Your generosity brings joy to us who applaud your creative spirit. Best wishes to you and your crew and cast !

  29. What? No RSS feed on a blog?

  30. Thanks Mr Jackson. Your blogs remain interesting and thought provoking and I look forward to each one.

    Keep up the good work.

    • I serosly cant wait to see the trailer and movie i bet its gonna be cool. like what Rupenink said your blog is interisting and keep up the good work. i just wanted to add on to that.

      peace out.

  31. Hey Allan Lee work for the prod! thats great!

  32. another great update – thanks!

    with the 3 D i bet the movies make 3 times as more $$$ than LOTR

    best wishes 🙂

    • Elistariel says:

      With the cost of a 3D movie being a few dollar higher than a 2D, that should be a given. Especially if (as I hope) they also offer a 2D version. Some people can’t watch 3D without getting headaches.


    Sorry. I’m just a little excited I guess. 🙂

  34. Oscar for Best Cinematography? In the bag.

  35. Thankyou,So so so very Much for updating such beautiful video blogs…
    Those are so inspiring…!!!

    Glory Glory…… TLOTR!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  36. Seeing Mirkwood, I was thinking, “It looks a lot more colorful than I would have pictured.” But then, it was explained that it wouldn’t look that way on film. My mind was put at ease. Thank you for once again keeping us in the loop and letting us feel like we’re there! I can’t wait to see the spiders!

  37. Frederick D says:

    Incredible tech… But why not go all the way and build a high rez plenoptic camera, and capture the whole lightfield.

    He would have done lord of the rings in 3d… Within 10 years, Jackson will say, if i could have done it plenoptic i would have…

    by that time we might have a projection tech that displays 3d with variable focus, and glasses that track what we look at.

    And what about hdr?

    Anyway, he advances film and storytelling yet again… beautifull stuff!

  38. I can only say AWESOME !!! I can’t wait to watch this movie . Thank you Peter and CREW 😉
    greetz from IRE

  39. Amazing! Peter Jackson is a great film maker and I am so excited that he took over the helm as Director from GDT (though he is good too) but PJ has the vision to continue with these movies. We have to wait a whole year but something tells me it will be well worth it! OBTW The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition) is by far the best trilogy in movie history!

  40. Is this being shot in DCi color space? Will there be any theatres showing 5K at 48fps 2-D? 5K@48fps 3-D? DCi projectors are maxed at 4K in theaters, with most only being 2K panels. I know of a few Barco 4K projectors locally. Who is manufacturing for 5K? Also, how are you monitoring 5K on location? Small monitors aren’t designed with that high of resolution. Just curious and want to know!

  41. Awesome is the only word to describe it all…. I’m reading the Hobbit again for the 5th time (unabridged audio book) and I’m afraid I have Hobbit fever…!

  42. lovin the 3D i cant wait until th 14th of december 2012

  43. All i have to say is, give us 5k computerscreens and videocards that suports it. NOW!

    Also it’s looking good:D can’t wait till it’s done

  44. Holy s***! 48 red epic cameras! Thats about 2640000$

  45. My favourite book now made into film by my favourite director. When did I die and go to heaven?

  46. Waiting for this film…

  47. Great! A very interesting video! Shooting of this film – it is a very complicated process. I admire the talent and professionalism of the creators!

  48. I dislike 3D, i hope this film change my mind:)

  49. I juste love The Hobbit, and I love Peter Jackson’s movies, Its amazing to see how it work and others things ! ! !

    (I’m French so sorry for my english, I have just 12 years !)

    The director, the casting, and many others thing make me sad until I see the movie ! ! !

    Every people who work in this movie can be very glad ! ! !


  50. Whenever I see these vlogs I know that once again, Tolkien’s great work is in good hands!

  51. ♥♥♥

  52. Gandalf the Fool says:

    Martin Freeman is going to be great as Bilbo. As others have stated, he sounds remarkably like Ian Holm.

  53. Peteeeeeeeeeeeer!!!Where was Legolas???why he wasn’t in the video??

  54. Krahazan Julie says:

    Peter Jackson: you must put in film “The Never Ending Story’s Michael Ende” you are the right director to make justice to this amazing book.Thank you.

  55. Hans-Christian says:

    3D…3D…everything has to be done in 3D at the great pictures these days it seems.
    While I can understand why the medium evolves into a new experience, I wonder if directors and producers ever think about what 3D means for the average movie goer:
    Ill cleaned and grimy 3D glasses that have been worn by 1000 people before you which sometimes are so dirty that it is disgusting! Plus, 3D glasses are at times very uncomfortable fits for people who are already wearing visual aids like glasses.

    Please Peter, let go of 3D until technology has reached a stage where the audience doesn’t need to wear special gear anymore.

    • I Wish that the vidiows would be audio described for thos of us who are blind like my self. I also am looking forwerd to watching this movie but do to beaing blind I will miss out on the 3d eliment. I how ever hope that it will have a audio discription track when it comes out on dvd blue ray or at the movies.

  56. Katherine Balanza says:

    EXCITED….ANTICIPATING….EAGER….CAN’T WAIT (but obviously will have too)….AMAZED AT THE VISUAL GENIUS that is evident in this film making AND the number of ARTISTS (and I mean that in ALL aspects) that are in involved in the process… (Having read the all of the books) I am feeling the same EXCITEMENT I felt when waiting for the FIRST of the Lord of the Rings movie to open…. I WONDERED though…WHY … and … WHEN the HOBBIT would be made… now I know!

  57. How often do these videos come out? I can´t wait until the next one!!!

    It´s terrible when you realize there´s still one than one year, until the Hobbit is released… 🙁

  58. karl Meyer says:

    i don’t care what its shot in, I’m seeing it! (altho the 3D is bonus)

  59. Arwen was alive at the time of the Hobbit. Mr. Jackson, I don’t understand why you’re not putting Liv Tyler as Arwen in the Hobbit. Even if it’s just an aside or small role or mention – If you are going to the trouble to put in a created character (E. Lilly) to have a female in the film of a story that has no females written in (I don’t believe JRRT would mind), then it seems to me at least that you really should put in a character who was alive at the time of the Hobbit and who we have seen before. I don’t know Liv by the way, no ulterior motive here other than my strong desire to love the result – which, for me and all true fans – means being as true to the story as possible. I am so grateful to see these books come to such wonderful life in my lifetime, please also do justice to the Hobbit in this regard. Most people don’t know that Arwen was hundreds of years old when she fell in love with Aragorn. It would be an education as well as linking the Hobbit to the LOTR.

  60. Dear Mr. Jackson and all the hundreds of people that make movies like this possible,
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I have read the hobbit many times, and I appreciate how true you try to stay to Tolkein’s original works. Your work has made a difference in my life. I love how serious you treat this art. The fact that you’re a decent human being is also revealed on the screen, I believe. I’m in law school right now and one of the ways I have gotten through the past few months is by watching Lord of the Rings, many, many times. I find something new in them each time I watch, and it lifts my spirit enough to keep trudging towards my goal. Your hard work inspires me to keep going. Thank you for never giving up, and this Christmas may not be all that great when I know what I have to look forward to in 2012.

    Best Regards,

  61. Portuguese popcorn says:

    I love you J.R.R.Tolkien your book are beautiful, and the film also (I hope).


  63. I love the production of it all just as much as I love the movies. I can feel your passion and excitement through the screen. This is so inspiring in every way. There is so many talented people working with this! I admire you all. Thank you so much for sharing this material with us!
    I’m so excited for the 3D, I’m so excited for the beautiful sets and costumes, I’m so excited for the actors, I’m so excited for all extra material that I won’t see until 2013, I’m so excited!
    I’ll even say it again, I’m so excited over the 3D, so that we can see the details of everything. I know I’m going to fall in love again with the middle earth.

  64. THE most EXPECTDE film EVER great job PJ and the team.

  65. IT will be the best film of the decade!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. The best run upto a movie!! ppl r gonna b hooked until next yr n continue being hooked for another next. not fretting but really hope d 3-d’s great coz my oly dream as an LOTR fan was to watch it again in 3-d. Peter Jackson sure knows wat he’s doin. Cheers n thanks Pete 🙂

  67. Like most here, I’m looking forward to this film. However, a good movie doesn’t need the gimmickry of “3D”. I cannot imagine “The Grapes of Wrath” or “African Queen” being made better because it was shot in 3D. It’s just a fad like it was in the 1950s.

  68. Cant decide whether I want to go an watch the Hobbit in 3D or 2D, hell I’ll probably do both.
    Not the greatest fan of 3D, but it can look amazing, Avatar, for example wasn’t a great film, but it looked amazing in 3D because of the the amazing world it was set in. I challenge anyone to find a more amazing world when made into a movie than Middle Earth from LOTR.
    Cant wait, literally just watched The Fellowship again, and now about to start once again to read the books.

  69. Jesse Saunders says:

    How do you embed or download these videos? I’m a huge fan of Middle Earth. Also, these videos would be of immense use to the video production classes I teach.

  70. hobbits in 3d …. why not ?? let’s give it a go !

  71. No update since November?

    I hope this blog is updated soon – one of the most anticipated films in production.

  72. This is a great video production blog, but needs more updates…

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    That one is good.

  74. I suppose the 3D will be an experience in itself, but what I really look forward to is the increased frame rate, avoiding the strobe feeling I get at cinemas.

    Frame interpolation helps a lot on TVs, but of course that is a compromise. And until the very latest generation TVs, there were no frame interpolation when showing 3D. Thinking of upgrading my TV for that reason alone…

  75. This is one of the best video production blog. Awesome !!!!

  76. Great video!

    It’s true, Avatar was great in 3D.

  77. Great work, an inspiration to all of us

  78. amazing movie. i like it very much.

  79. Interesting to see some of the behind the scenes elements to filming such a complicated movie like The Hobbit.


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