Dec 24, 2011

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Production Video #5: On Location

Now showing, THE HOBBIT Production Video #5, On Location. Enjoy it below, or for the larger, HD version, click here.

  1. Fantastic. Not enough words.

    • Thank you very much for this.
      It will be a long time to next december.
      I have grown up with the Hobbit. My doughter now is growing up with the Hobbit. And Hobbiton is exactly what I expected to be. So my doughter thinks too.

      Thomas and Vivian.

      • Thanks for this, i love the Hobbit and in the next jear 2013 i go the new zealand.
        Wish you a happy new jear.


        • I can’t wait for The Hobbit to come out! 🙂 Every day I get excited that it’s another day closer to release date… 337 days left 🙂 Throughout the years Lord of The Rings books and movies have kept me going… I’m feuled on the fantasies. Without them, my world would be soo boring. Thanks for all the work you’re doing! 😀

        • I would love to take my four children on a tour of the set locations! It may be a while before we do through but one can dream!

    • It is because of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit that people go to the cinema and because of Tolkien that they read books. It’s just amazing what Peter&Crew are doing, there are simply no words for it. We, as fans, hope you read these comments sometimes so you just know that we truly appreciate and love everything you are doing!
      Watching these vids made me realise what I want to with my life. You are just so inspiring! Thanks to you I know what I’m going to study after I finished my secondary school.
      Damn just love it

      (I’m sorry if my English isn’t correct, I’m from Holland=P)

    • Philip May says:

      when I haerd of the production of the hobbit I wanted to write an appplication right away,
      but unfortunately I live in Germany, nit that near…

      and I am only 16 and I didnt know if you would even take me..
      but as I want to be actor and director I can just thank you for giving us all the information. It is so useful and inspiring! Thank you!

      ~Philip May

  2. Thank you so much for this!!! I loved it. Hobbiton is absolutely beautiful and seeing all the hard work that goes behind these amazing movies makes you appreciate them all the more.

  3. Wonderful! Peter is a master.

  4. Wow! Looks great.
    Must be fun to be back in New Zealand.
    Are you reusing any sets or is it ALL rebuilt?

    • It is all rebuilt because The Lord of the Ring Sets were just foam, it has now been rebuilt in real materials that we would use now.

  5. So, now I’m sitting here simultanously laughing and crying… for the *second* time this week!

    What are you DOING to me?!?!?!?!

  6. Brilliant! I’m curious, Peter, as to what your favorite location for shooting was – aside from Hobbiton of course 🙂 This was a fantastic surprise for the holidays. A very, very merry Christmas to you as well!!

  7. Merry Christmas everyone !

    But Christmas 2012 will be a better one, thanks to the beautiful movie you’re making !

  8. I LOVE Hobbits and Hobbiton, thank you so much for sharing that with us. It’s good to see the people behind the scenes, as they tend to get forgotten, but now, remembered and appreciated 🙂

  9. You’ve done it again Peter; I thought getting the trailer was enough but you go and give us another treat too. Again it shows how much love and care goes into these films and Pete is gracious is allowing us to go along the journey with him/them. It’s certainly a pleasure to be back in Hobbiton and also super that the structures are permanent so that sad people like me can save up, pay to go and visit and contentedly give something back to New Zeland! Surely everyone would want to retire to a hobbit hole?

  10. caulfieldryecatcher says:

    Love the faux-Life Aquatic soundtrack.

    Hobbitland. Move over bra fence.

  11. What a Christmas-Surprise!
    Tears of joy flow over my cheeks…

  12. Amazing!
    Elijah Wood has 30 but he looks like 19 still. He’s never get old 😀 and always be one of the favourite for me 🙂 I can’t wait for this film ! I appreciate work all of us and wish You all Merry Christmas 😀

  13. Fantastic.

  14. I loved this! Mt first time on the blog, I followed a link from Ian McKellan’s Twitter.

    Thanks for posting, cant wait for the film. Merry Christmas Hobbiton!

  15. Awesome, and Merry Christmas to all of you…Thanks Peter.

  16. Oh my god! I didn’t expect another video so soon after the trailer debut but this is so great 🙂 Thank you Peter Jackson 🙂 I check this website everyday, luckily.

  17. I’d like to go to Hobbiton some day! 🙂

  18. I’m really loving this, a dream is definitely coming true for me being able to follow this progression. I remember back when LOTRs first came out I didn’t even have the internet! How times have changed. I’m so happy, thank you everyone for your hard work in getting this movie ready for us all, we are grateful!

  19. A very Merry Christmas, indeed! Thanks for sharing this… Hobbiton looks just perfect!
    -Looking forward to next December!

  20. Another great instalment. Can’t wait for the next.

    Have a good holiay!

  21. It’s very fantastic video blog

  22. You have an unbelievable number of fans around the world. I apologize for my English

  23. Merry Christmas!!! Thank you, so much for posting this!!! I want to live in a Hobbit Hole so bad! I cannot wait to see your next production video! Wish I could have worked on the set!!!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing. That was just lovely. Merry Christmas to you all and can’t wait to see more.

  25. That’s awesome that they’re building Hobbiton to stay … how much are tickets to NZ? Oh well. Maybe someday.

  26. It looks like its going to be the best of the series. I’m so excited for this. I did not like the trailer as much as this video, you get a really good sense of all that goes into making a blockbuster.

  27. Crazyness!

  28. Holsather Family says:

    Simply magical! Thank you so much for sharing a peek into the creation of Hobbiton, it makes the wait for the movie even more exciting for this family of Hobbit fans. We’re all dreaming of a trip to NZ tonight!

  29. can’t wait 2 see all those dwarves floating around in all those barrels

  30. How wonderful! Keep up tHE good work and make the story come to life as only you can! Please make a poster of those 42 different Hobbit doorways!

  31. I may be in 7th grade, but when I retire I’m buying one of those hobbit holes. I hope that Jackson shows us an overview of the Misty Mountains. The River Running is going to be a great scene. But Mirkwood is going to be a great part of the movie. Jackson shoots night scenes terrifically. And Mirkwood is night just about all the time. Hobbiton is going to be spectacular. They should really make it possible to buy those hobbit holes once filming is done. Only they should create more of them, and make it kind of like a city. He was right. Without the great scenery and effects in the LOTR movies, they wouldn’t live up to expectations. Some better camera angles would be nice though. But maybe the simpleness of the angles is what makes you pay attention.

  32. What I wouldn’t give for my own Hobbiton. These videos are fantastic, I usually avoid all the special releases that lead up to a film (production blogs, released stills, ect.) so that I don’t have an idea what to expect when I see the movie but I just can’t stop watching these!

  33. Alexandre Nunes says:

    This really is art! I look forward to watching the Hobbit!!! Peter Jackson rocks!

  34. Sinoos turambar says:

    That’s amazing!
    It’s my dream to be in hobbiton & bilbo’s house !!
    And talk with dwarves!
    Merry christmas to u all

  35. Excellent Watson! Whoops – wrong yarn. Excellent Jackson!
    Now for a spot of tea, nice countryside and some good pipe weed.
    BTW Peter, I have that song I was writing for you if you still want it. The title is “Where They Go Now.”

  36. AMAZING!!!
    Cant wait for THE HOBBIT!!!

  37. I am ready to move to the Shire! Can’t wait for the movie….Woo Hoo! Thank goodness Peter Jackson is directing. No one gets Tolkien like he does.

  38. Thank you for an another video!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  39. It looks great! The locations, as usual, look just fantastic! I am very much looking forward to it’s release next December.

  40. Yeaaaaaah so great ! i’m a totaly fan of Lord Of The Rings, the movie, i have enjoy the wonderfuls pics of the film it makes me cry of melancoly <3 But where's viggo ?! Is he in the movie ? my hero Aragorn ! have to be in the movie ! :)))

    • If he’s 87 in The Two Towers he’d be 17 at the time of The Hobbit (and be called Estel?) Viggo’s son may still be young enough but not Viggo.

  41. Mary Ann Rogers says:

    I wish I could stay in hobbiton too. If I ever visit New Zealand, I would love to visit this set. Should I retire there?
    It feels like home sometimes …

    Thank you cast and crew for a wonderful film so far; I love the trailer.

  42. Claudia Marrapodi says:

    This is just astonishingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing – I can’t wait to see this remarkable masterpiece on DVD!!!

  43. I love lord of the rings and i can’t wait a year. Its will be epic.

  44. Steve Andexler says:

    I can not say enough. Your post make even us as fans feel like we are a part of the production. Thank you Peter and crew. Looking forward to 2012 and the Hobbit.

  45. just can’t wait to see this epic movies of all times just like LOTRs.

    thanks Peter and the crews for making the most notable epic fantasy journey possible !

  46. What a great Christmas treat! Thanks Peter! Loved seeing the Hobbiton location coming together beautifully. Wouldn’t we all just love to live there. Loved seeing some extra glimpses of behind the scenes action. Especially from the dwarves. Was really nice to see Elijah getting nostalgic in hobbiton. Can’t wait to see more! So excited for December!!!

  47. Excellent work! Following you since braindead haha 😀 Cant wait to see it.

  48. The next closest thing to reading this series starting with The Hobbit is watching at the Theatre. But next to that is actually getting to work with Peter Jackson on these movies. But next to that is actually being an actor in the movie. I wish my wife and I could be apart.

  49. Stunning !

    Thank you very much again for this video.
    Happy New Year from Canada,
    to your team and you Peter !

  50. Looks awesome! I am really excited for these films. I’ve read the Hobbit many times, and it’s my favorite book.

    One concern, however: the Wargs.

    As I recall, wargs are sinister, talking wolves. They are not hyena cat monsters, as they appeared to be in the Two Towers film. Please make them look more wolflike, and I’m sure the Hobbit movies will be my favorite movies, just as the Hobbit is my favorite book.

    Imagine a giant, sinister, grey and white direwolf being ridden into battle by a Goblin lord! So much cooler than a brown hyena monster.

    Also, please make Gollum more froglike to boot. I have a hunch that, in your heart, you agree with me.

    Thanks man. You’re awesome. Keep up the great work, and, on behalf of humankind, may Iluvatar bless you for your services to literature and art.

  51. I got chills when I heard the music at the beginning of the trailer. If I have to wait a whole year for the movie, thanks for this little taste. I’m looking forward to future installments.

  52. Looks like its going to be lots of warmth and kinship in this film. Even more then in the Lord Of The Rings. At least that is my feeling.

  53. woooooooooooooow!!! this is awesome. I knew LOTR was huge production but I didn’t know in this much of details, which take to make a movie. LOTR is my all time favorite and cant wait to see HOBBIT. Peter and the crew doing an awesome job to show us a MASTERPIECE (well let’s hope it would be so). I wish you all to make this a dream come true.

  54. Awesome! Thanks Peter and Crew!

  55. Pete! Please, please, please consider involving Loreena McKennitt to contribute on the soundtrack the same way as Enya did on the first LOTR movie. She and Enya are The best world music artists who can perfectly represent the feelings, the atmosphere you embody in the movies.
    Please, please, please!

  56. I thought the lord of the rings trilogy was end, and finally the hobbit came out, Im so very happy Thacks Peter Jackson, I will watch out this incredible movie (^_^)

  57. من عاشق gandalfهستم

  58. Great work Peter Jackson!! Can´t wait for the movie!!
    And when will be production video #6

  59. Thank you very much for our work, ilussions and dreams.

  60. Does anyone know if they are shooting diaries regularly like on Kong? I know we’ve only gotten 5 as of now, but are they documenting the filming process as detailed as Kong and LOTR

  61. It’s just amazing, thank you Peter & the crew!!! I’ve been waiting for this since the first announcement in 2009 or so, I can’t believe it is actually happening now=D=D.
    Wish I could go to new Zealand because I’m a huge fan of Peter and Tolkien.
    I hope The Hobbit Crew checks these replies sometimes, because we really appreciate everything you guys do! Your awesome!!!
    (I’m sorry if my English isn’t correct, but I’m from Holland=P)

    • I really hope they look at these comments. I think they would really appreciate comments like this from fans.

      PS. I’m from Holland too!!!

  62. Michal Kwidzinski says:

    Hello Mr. Peter
    Recently I found that project making a movie “Hobbit” has started. It is very great information for me and I can’t wait premier of that movie.
    Right now together with my girlfriend we decided to fulfil one of our dream – to visit New Zealand. And here we are. One of our plan here is to visit some of sites where Lord of the Ring was “shoot”.
    I watched Lord of the Rings several times and always with great excitement. I was and still I am under big impression of how good the climate of the book was moved to the big screen. However there is one better material or movie or documentary. How the movie was made – documents from plan.
    I was managing companies – a small one. Sometimes I was watching materials of how the movie was done from extended version of LOTR. And always after watching this I felt motivated to work further. I am under big impression of great leadership of Mr. Peter to make this movie happen.
    What I found from my experience is that leading the people and convince them to do what you want is the most difficult things in management. And here we have great leading skills, and the way of motivating people to create something so big. Especially I’m under big impression that before that movie, you made much more smaller projects than Lord of the Ring. And then you get chance to be a director of something so big and vast and you did great job – especially that you was making three films in the same time.
    There were so many people involved in that project, so many companies and to manage all of this to create something so beautiful – it require great involvement, great skills, great leadership, and devotion.
    I hope that there will be extended version of Hobbit with addition materials of how the movie was done.
    It would be great that in the future would be created material of how the movie was produced with relationship to different management subjects – like project management, human resources management, finance of such big projects – it would be great material.
    After watching materials of how the movie was done it became my new dream to meet with you.
    It would be great to meet with you and talk about where you found such hudge amount of motivation to give everything from yourself into the project. Or see you in action during producing Hobbit. Well but how we saying in Poland – “Marzenie scietej glowy – Dreams of cutted head”
    I wish you all the best and all successes with your new project.
    I can’t wait to December 2012
    Best regards

  63. when does the next one come out!!!!!! Visit my facebook page for the same updates.

  64. octavio leon says:

    I can’t wait to see this incredible movie
    look great. congratulations
    I wan to see beorn

  65. SsskyWalker says:

    -What about filming Silmarilion after this one? -Tolkiens Greatest book should not be forgotten…

    Good luck on getting the Hobbit finished.

    M.T.F.B.W.U -Always!

    • Necromancer says:

      YES! OMG a Silmarillion film would be the best! Peter, if you happen to read any of these comments make SURE you cast me as Fingolfin if you do the Silmarillion, I want to be the one who takes on Morgoth! lol 😛

  66. Joseph Troy Henmann says:

    We are anxious waiting the Production video number 6.

  67. Any room for an Indian in that wonderful crew!! Of course, I’ll work for free ;p
    Who am I kidding people would pay to be involved in it…

    Badly need Dr. Emmett Brown’s time machine, so that I can get to December 2012 immediately!!

  68. Wonderful to see the set of Hobbiton once again, especially with Elijah giving us a tour. It gave me that nostalgia factor of what it’s like to come back home after so many years. I’ll definitely visit New Zealand one day and this will be one of my stops.

  69. These Vlogs are amazing! any chance that we could see some behind the scenes of the actual video editing and specifically the SFX?

  70. this could not possible make more than it cost

    • Each movie is going to cost 270.000.000 dollar. I think they will both earn back about 1.500.000.000 dollar. Considering Avatar made 2.800.000.000 and HP part 8 did 1.300.000.000 and LOTR The Return of the King earned dollar. If you keep in mind how populair the LOTR movies have become this might be the higgest grossing movie ever. xD

  71. I have checked every day for the new video……. where is it?

  72. Anthony Israel says:

    Wow I’m in awe as to how complex the whole process is. Well done to all the cast and crew but especially to Peter Jackson.

  73. I know there´s a next to none chance of this, BUT
    would you please post some side by side 3D images from the production?
    Anything from the movie or just behind the set would be amazing!

  74. I’ve got to visit New Zealand somedays.. Traveling across the whole country and searching for all the familiar site for LotR would be amazing!!

  75. I want to thank Peter and all those who have worked so hard on these films. I’m not much of a Hollywood fan….but I love how you have brought story telling back into movies. How these stories are portrayed on the screen couldn’t have been better. I look forward to seeing The Hobbit and letting the kid in me simply enjoy a great adventure.

  76. That one guy said half-asleep”Hobbiton,crikey”. Hilarious!!!!!!

  77. ooooh! it’s hard to wait for this film. by the way, where is the sixth production video?

  78. Dear sir!
    I’m comedy actress; I’m really girl-hobbit: funny, fat, 153cm!!! I do want to be in The Hobbit movie!!! With best wishes from Russia!!!

  79. Tears in my eyes. Feels like coming home again, after so long!
    Muchas Gracias Peter & Co.!!!!

  80. i love the lord of the rings and i can’t wait for the hobbit to come out and sometimes i think, what if there wasn’t peter jackson.

  81. aww come on, how early is early in the new year? i can’t wait for blog #6!!!

  82. Can t wait to wacht prod video 6 !!!!

  83. BobbyBoelhouwer says:

    What do you mean ‘very early in the new year’? It’s February! Allright, listen. Don’t take this personally, ’cause I know you will do a great job, but we want to see Production Video #6. Please, please…

  84. Radagast's Staff says:

    “Very early in the new year”….I thought that’s what he said? Oh well.

  85. Please tell us when we can expect more production videos! They keep us all going, while we eagerly wait for December. (This from a woman who was so ready to not like the LOTR films when Fellowship came out for the first time – I had read all the books so many times, I just thought they were un-film-able–boy did you guys all prove me wrong!)

  86. It’s quite a shame that they didn’t take the Chronicles of Narnia films as seriously as they took Lord of the Rings. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were such close friends

  87. I cried when they showed Hobbiton. I got a bit homesick. Reminds me of my childhood in the countryside.
    Thank you Peter.

  88. Super!!!! can wait for the release in europe
    i will count the days till December !!!
    i,m a create Tolkien and Jackson Fan.

  89. This is very exciting! I love seeing the work behind a movie. Can’t wait to see the next video blog!:) It’s been tooooo long!

  90. Oh my god, Elijah Wood got so old o.o
    That must mean I’m getting old too…

  91. I love the movies and I can’t wait longer for the next production video! The Hobbit will win a lot of prices, u already can see that in those video’s!

    I’m such a big fan!

  92. Great video series! Looking forward to episode 6!

  93. tom bombadil says:

    ahh the pain of waiting nearly two months for the next video…bet it’ll be great!!

  94. Good friends, I’m a fan of these stories and I wonder if the credits will launch the fan club of the hobbit as they did with The Lord of the Rings.
    Where you have to register?

  95. I’m looking forward to the next production video. The movies will be grate!

  96. Just wait, I alittle confused, did you need to take up 2 football fields for LotR, if not why do you so many now?

  97. Denis Velcani says:

    I am a fan of Peter Jackson, I like all of his movies.. I wanted to let peter know that when he finishes the the HOBBITS, should take a look on creating another epic movie about a real warrior during the ottoman conquest in 15th century… There is already a movie made in 1953 by the soviets, I think peter could make it better than ever.

    Please watch the full documentary, because it talks about the same time as Vlad Dracula of Romania.. The world knows Vlad Dracula as a vampire, but the world knows Scanderbeg as a true warrior. His real name is George Kastriot, but Sulltan Mehmed The First named him Scanderbeg meaning ” Alexander The Great ” George was the strongest amongst the Ottoman Empire !!

  98. Really enjoyed watching this video. You guys doing some epic stuff. If you ever need animated videos (or explainer video) services, do not hesitate to contact us 😉

  99. Durin The Deathless says:

    Thanks for these videos, I can’t wait. My only demand is that Beorn doesn’t get the Tom Bombadil treatment from Peter & crew. I think every character in Tolkiens’ works has more importance than might be acknowledged by people on an expensive but timely project. The same is true about Haldir And Gildor Inglorion.

    • mr jackson i love all the lord of the rings films but i can not wait for the hobbit it sounds amazing i have watch all the trailers thanks to you and your crew my chirstmas is going to be good i hope you and your crew have a wicked year of makeing a masterpice of a film lord of the rings are all my favourote films am your biggest fan of all time my favourie person out of the films is the person who died in the fellowship of the ring saved the hobbits i guess you think who it is


  101. Si requieren mi opinion sobre el Hobitt,me parece muy bueno,al igual que El Señor de los Anillos…J.R.R.Tolquien es muy buen escritor,y yo,al tener 11 años,doy muy buena recomendacion para los que quieran leer sus libros…Muy cultos.A mi me gustan mucho.
    Arwen Undomiel.

  102. Si requieren mi opinion sobre el Hobitt,me parece muy bueno,al igual que El Señor de los Anillos…J.R.R.Tolquien es un escritor muy bueno,y yo,que tengo 11 años,lo recomiendo.Muy culto.
    Arwen Undomiel.

  103. Winstonious says:

    Does Anyone know what the song in this video is from? it sounds really familiar. Maybe from an Edgar Wright movie?

  104. Raymond Noble jr. says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie. Since the end of the Lord of the Rings I thought I’d never see these characters again. The set looked totally awesome, To many great movies end to soon, just like Harry potter and the lord of the rings I never wanted to see them end and this a chance to relive those movies again! Great work and keep the tale growing!

    Ray Noble Jr.

  105. Sky Howe says:

    lol frodo u look older 😉 but i don’t care
    and i can’t wait for this! this is the awesomeness 😀

  106. You know, there are actors throughout cinematic history that have played roles so well that you can’t possibly picture someone else playing, that you wouldn’t accept someone else playing. This is true of Mr. Jackson. There isn’t another person on the planet who is more perfectly suited to doing these films. Not only has he done the most fantastic of jobs with these films, I believe he has done the Tolkien family a great, great honor. He has preserved and enriched the story and experience as a whole to such heights. He is a true gift to the industry and brought nothing short of pure joy to millions of all ages. Mr. Jackson,I don’t know if you read these or not, but thank you for a most wonderful and sincere effort. You are truly and clearly a cut above sir, thank you.

  107. Bouncing Souls T-shirt!

  108. The true filmaholic hears a song from the soundtrack and knows exactly where it comes in during the film.
    with this special “Twiathlon” ticket, you are sure to
    be one of the first to see this epic saga continue unfolding.

    Hence, the people are well educated and highly concerned about the development of the region and keenly look forward to make their lives always easy.


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