Mar 2, 2012

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Production Video #6: On Location (Part 2)

Now showing, THE HOBBIT Production Video #6, On Location. Enjoy it below, or for the larger, HD version, click here.

  1. Tajcana says:

    FINALYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I’m so happyyyyyyy. 🙂

    • I hope they readed the book this time ,In lodr 123 they cut out many story lines .the book is fucking sick so good in details. I hope the movie wil to.

      please restore lodr 123 in its origenale story guys

      • hloooooo says:

        They needed to stick to the things that actually mattered, eg. not Tom Bombital

        • Tajcana says:

          Tom Bombadil, by the way :/ but I think they did a pretty good job. On the other hand, I read the LOTR after I saw the movies, so I could be influenced by that, but still, they didn’t change a lot of the critical, most important stuff…

          • This movie rocked

          • Yes, but reading the book is still a lovely and visual experience. the film helped in that,as it gave images I couldn’t invisage myself. Thanks for that. Tom was an important part of the story, but because Frodo did not really change ove rthe whole film – he did a lot of falling over, and struggling, but not much else. had tom been brought in the at least yoy would have seen Frodo trying to save his friends from Old Man Willow, and him striking the Barrow Weight, and it would have been nice to see him battle bravely after being stabbed by the wraith king, and trying to console his worried friends. That was such a missed oppurtunity.
            And, as an aside. Some of Jackson’s scene construction looks very much like that of Ralph Bakshie’s in his version of LoTR. The first encounter with the wraith (in both film versions) where the hobbits hide under a tree, are identical but not derived from the book at all. jackson seems to copy bakshei in this.
            And, the same is true for sauron first losing the ring. the book implies that Sauron was overpowered by Elendil and the elf king AND then isildur strikes the rind from his hand. Not a chance blow by a broken sword as war is about to turn for the worst as happenns in both films. Maybe the ring was influencing isildur to take it hence the blow to an “fallen, unarmed but evil monster – Sauron”.

          • me!!

          • Wayne Reed says:

            Though many movies lack the individual imagery that books give each reader, Peter Jackson did a wonderful job of rendering a monumental set of books into an outstanding visual treat. I will have to admit my favorite part of the book, that was not part of the movie, was when the troop of Hobbits return home to find it not as they left it and have to “raise” and retake the Shire. Thank you Peter for such a wonderful job and can’t wait to see your latest endeavor.

          • PhantomCartoonist says:

            Tinus u shud lern to spel

          • Maybe tinus doesn´t speak English well, we shouldn´t judge if it´s still understandable.

          • maria verde says:

            Gorgeous scenery!
            Looking forward to seeing The Hobbit.

            Thanks for being so faithful to the books.

          • I thought Tom Bombadil was an intriguing character that added a lot to the book.

          • Hey I hope you know that the lord of the rings books are very in depth books and you could not have fit the whole book into a movie unless it was 10 hours long! I completely understand and agree with leaving out Tom Bombadil and other stuff! I also bet that they did read the book and decided NOT to make a 10 hour movie!

        • Sure they could have made a 60 hour movie, but who would have time to watch it?

          • I wold have the time to watch it because i am not slaving away 24/7 maybe you have a low paying worthless without a break job only I dont

          • Just watch the commentary of peter jackson on the LOR Dvds. He explains exactly why things had to be cut. He hated to do it, but he wanted to tell the story as best as possible

          • frogking says:

            ellebell ………………come to the real world

        • It wasnt just tom that they left out it was also aragorns friends coming to help

      • i agree they should have made more but that would have made it like 5 hours long, but it would have made it better.

        • Uncle Fred says:

          My biggest issue in the series was the over-emphasis of the fight scenes. This climaxed with the Battle at Minus Tirth. If I recall, that battle was like 4 pages of the book, not 1/5 of the work.

          They got it mostly right in the first movie. Here’s hoping they focus on story more.

          • Tolkien would probably have loved to make many parts of The Return of the Kingmuch longer. It does read as a lot faster then the first part of the book. So Jackson’s focus on the battle scenes is fine. I just wish he had captured more iconic moments – The Nazgul King demolishing the gates of Minas Tirith, the Ents discovering their strength and anger as they start to demolish saruman’s abode (not catching them half way through wrecking the place), Frodo stabbing the witch king. But he did a great job (well Alan Lee, John Howe, the production team, did a great job and Jackson made great use of them. However, Frodo never came across as that strong – but he does so in the book – that was a weakness.

          • Hey I thought that they did a great job on the LOTR movies. I hope that they will do an equal job on the HOBBIT! I say that Peter Jackson is one of the greatest directors ever. I know that he will include all needed details in the movie that were in the book. Go LOTR and soon to be the Hobbit!

            I can’t wait for the HOBBIT!

          • Ohh by the way it’s not the Nazgul King it’s the Witch King! I’m not mocking you I’m just making sure that you get that right next time. Sorry if this comment annoys you in any way!

            I’m saying this comment to the doc.
            This comment is talking about the one below.

          • To Nate – The Nazgul who breaks the Minas Tirith gates is a king of old (hence my use of the term Nazgul King). I don’t need to be told the official terms. He is formally the Witch King; I know this. I am not annoyed by your comments Nate. I have read the book dozens of time over 35 years and still really enjoy it. However, the film has lost its glamour now for me – it tried ever so hard to capture the essence of the book and did a good job but maybe it was an impossible task to fully portray the book and its characters. There are loads of great visual moments I will remember forever but the characters struggle to come through all of the time – many of the actors admit in the appendix DVDs that often they did not know where in the overall story they were and felt it was all rather piece meal – Jackson then stuck it together afterwards (as directors often do)with some great individual scenes but with loads of almost clumsy or missing links (Bill the pony came from where? Where did Aragorn find 4 blades to give to the hobbits at Weathertop? Why did the hobbits accept Aragorn so easily in Bree? That was a major problem in my mind and it just showed that Jackson was rushing the story too much – he had no choice but maybe he should have been braver and let characters build more. As an adventure fantasy it is unsurpassed but it simply is not LoTR in a film form: maybe I am too much of a purest but nuff said. The Hobbit is looking hopeful(I have watched the blogs)but only time will tell (and its only a film for gods sake)

          • sorry again

          • Dr David Bellamy

            How can you possibly remember them forever reading them for 35 years…

            Why did you even make comment like that!

          • Just kidding, its great that your a fan.

            p.s Me to!

      • Michael D says:

        I don’t understand how you managed to read Lord of the Rings when you’re saying things like “readed”…

    • I suppose anyone not happy with the movie could raise $200Million and make their own !

    • JeroenM says:

      My 2 cents
      (And I’m dutch which means that english is a foreign language to me, so please forgive me any mistake I make)
      Dr David Bellamy writes about “the” essence of the book (quotes are mine). The ‘problem’, if you can call it that, with LOTR is that it is so rich in detail that everybody can discover his own layers underlying the story and get something out of it. Tolkien called this ‘applicability’.
      The book as it is with all these (possible) layers and details is unfilmable. You have to make choices when it comes to the storylines, the relationships and such. Peter Jackson chose to focus on the relationship between Frodo and the Ring and the influence the Ring has on Frodo and everybody involved. The Ring had no influence on Tom Bombadil whatsoever and Tom didn’t want to be involved in these events concerning the ring, so the choice to leave him out of the film was easy I guess.
      I’ve been reading the book at least twice a year for the past 30 years or so and since I bought the extended DVD I watch the film at least twice a year as well. Which means I spend about 4 weeks a year in Middle Earth. And for me one of the main layers in the storyline of the book is the growth of the hobbits. Here are 4 hobbits who happily live in their cosy little Shire, unaware of the fact that they are under constant protection against that dreaded outside world that they don’t want to know about, and suddenly they find themselves being a part of mindbogling events in that same world outside. It slowly makes them grow, each within their own character. The most important scene in the entire book for me is when Frodo stops the hobbits from killing Saruman in the chapter ‘The Scouring of the Shire’. And then [Quote from the book] ‘Saruman rose to his feet, and stared at Frodo. There was a strange look in his eyes of mingled wonder and respect and hatred. “You have grown, Halfling” he said. “Yes, you have grown very much. You are wise, and cruel.” [/quote]This for me is the true and real end of Frodo’s journey. He’s grown up.
      I would have made this maturing of the hobbits the main focus if I could make this film. Which means that I would have included the scouring of the Shire in the film, because there you see the result of their growth. They’re able of taking matters in their own hands.
      But I can understand that (and why) Peter Jackson, and everybody else who read(s) the book takes something else out of it. That is part of the genius or the Tolkiens storytelling. And that is why I can appreciate Peter Jacksons adaptation jut as much as the book itself.

      • Tajcana Éowyn says:

        A beautiful comment. I hope that one day I’ll be able to say, just as well as you did, what I took out of these beautiful books. I guess I’ll understand them better, deeper, when I get older, because although I love them now at 16, I think I’ll find out in time that they have many more meanings for me. (Please excuse any mistakes, English isn’t my first language either 😀 )

        • maryschacht says:

          The books compelled us to create the worlds and characters from our own imagination, but using New Zealand as middle earth was genius, and pulling together the designers and craftsmen of WETA and actors, is wonderful. I can’t image how the height difference was achieved, but something’s are best left a mystery.
          Jeroen shares my love of books, and no one can create/re-create what another’s imagination builds. Tolkien had a lock on knowing what the written word can conger up worlds, peoples, lands and even languages to his readers.

          Let’s enjoy both Tolkien and Jackson’s genius, and agree that we should learn (read) like we will live forever, love like we will die tomorrow, and celebrate the marvelous among us, be they author, director or Nobel prize winners. My husband is taking me to New Zealand early next year, and I’ve been looking at getting a map which merges middle earth, and NZ.

          Can anyone recommend one? Can we all agree that movies and books add much beauty to our lives? I’m 60 and am wheel chair bound, but I’m 16 and free, when indulging in either. I still have the maps I drew when reading the books the first time, they make me laugh,comparing them to those on the Encyclopedia of Arda.
          Being a genealogist, I created a family tree so I could see how Arragon and Elrond are related. I’m busy adding the dwarves of the Hobbit movie into the GEDcom.
          Mary in Oregon

          • Tajcana Éowyn says:

            I saw some maps which merge Europe and Middle Earth together, since Tolkien was British and he certainly didn´t have New Zealand in mind when he wrote, but I agree that it was a perfect choice. I hope your trip will be nice 🙂 I also agree that books and movies bring much beauty into our lives, and more people should try looking for this beauty in everything around them. 🙂

  2. This makes me so happy! Just the landscape and the music and the people and everything, I can’t wait!!

    • I’m excited as well. I only have one problem, my hearing. It was bad before [when lotr came out] which made it hard to understand the movie in the theater. So I was in heaven when the DVD came out!!! But now trying to keep up with the trailers and Production Videos without closed captioning I’ve come to realize that again I won’t be understanding what’s going on in the Hobbit until the DVD. This is frustrating!!! I really want to know NOW!!

      • Some cinemas have special hearing implements for people with hearing problems. You should definitely inquire about these at a range of cinemas, you never know one might support such needs! Try it!

  3. Please don’t think i’m complaining when i say that it seems like years since the last update! I think that i speak on behalf of all of the fan-base by saying that i really appreciate the updates and that they take the sting out of the seemingly endless wait for the movies release! 😀

    • No of coarse that’s not your motive! You know that when you say that you are implying that very concept.
      No one is fooled by what your real motives are in posting that comment.

      lol jk I don’t really mean that!

  4. JamesCameron says:

    I f@*%ing love this sh!t!!

    Keep ’em coming!! PLZ

  5. Por Fin… thanks!!

  6. Tajcana says:

    I wonder when the next one is coming out… he said very very soon 😀 let’s just hope it’s sooner than “very early in the new year” 😀 I love these videos so much!

  7. Gerald Aquila says:

    Again, amazing video – wants me to visit NZ again right away 🙂

    Looking already forward to the next one, great job!

  8. DaviDian says:


  9. That was so much fun to watch! Thank You!

  10. Tim Hatch says:

    Every time a new video is added, I get more and more excited! Thank you!

    • lotrluvr says:

      i know!!!! im always checking till each vid goes up…they are so exciting!!! all im asking for for christmas r tickets to go see this lol i hav read all the lotr books a million times over and same with the movies and love them all!!! i totally wish i could go to new zealand and ive dreamed of being in the hobbit as an extra or something…(like thats ever going to happen…im in high school still)

      go pj!!!!!!

  11. Brimrahil says:


  12. Amazing. I love it!

  13. I don’t think we can thank you enough for these video blogs Mr. Jackson.

  14. Hugo Navarre says:

    I’m really so Happy !!!
    It’s very fantastic the recap of days production video 🙂
    fast the 12.12.12!!!!

  15. I haven’t even watched the clip yet, but just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Now. On to the video!

  16. Glorfindel says:

    Epic! I can’t wait for it to come out. Please post a new video soon, even though this one was posted tomorrow (for Wisconsin anyway).

  17. Nice scenery. Some of these places reminded me on Iceland, where I live, being an Icelander. Specially the location with the small waterfall and sensitive vegetation. Saw some Icelandic horse there as well, if I am not mistaken. Never call them ponies by the way. Its insulting.

  18. Awesome stuff!
    Been dying for a new video, so cheers!

  19. just wow, wow and more wow

  20. So excited to see another video! Thanks so much!

  21. Lord of Moria says:

    When will release the second trailer?

  22. These vlogs just make me more and more excited than ever!!! Woah! That’s like white water rafting with the barrels! 😀

  23. wanderingwolf says:

    I am not the only one to say this, but thank you so much for posting these video blogs, Mr. Jackson. They keep me so excited for December!

  24. Bomdi, Son of Slopi says:

    I dont think i can wait any longer for it 😀

  25. “Second unit, GET TO DA CHOPPA!”

  26. Juliette says:

    Wow this was so amazing! Thank you so much <333333 ( : I had tears in my eyes by the end because I'm just so excited for the movies, you have no idea!! 😀

  27. Patrick Sellers says:

    Wow, felt like I was watching the extra stuff on the LOTR extended addition. Can’t wait to see Smaug!

    • Skywalker says:

      I suspect the first movie (“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”) will end when Bilbo finds the Ring. It would be so climactic this way! Sorry to disappoint you, but this would mean that we may not see Smaug till 2013.

  28. When I saw the location for the scene of the barrels I was like “it’s exactly as I imagined it!!” You’re doing such a great work!

  29. Tumeke, another awesome tale filmed brilliantly in the best possible location, in our wonderful country.Roll on the release.

  30. I love reading the hobbit again and being able to put faces to names and imagining what places look like from these production videos, they look set to be brillant films! Proud to see a fellow northern Irelander in such huge films. Go on Nesbitt!!! :L

  31. Nathaniel says:

    This video is so great. I cannot wait till December. Keep posting videos!

  32. Always enjoy these videos, The Hobbit will be the best thing about 2012… and 2013.

  33. Please do such a video every day.

  34. Tim Hatch says:

    Suprises me how there’s only 36 comments on here? I thought there would be hundreds? 😛

  35. Have watched all of these video plogs hunreds of times <3<3<3<3<3<3

  36. Wow, my net connection had to go down the very day this was posted…. two days later…..yay what a great welcome back to the net!

    Keep em comming, I live for these.

  37. This is just wonderful! Feels like home.

  38. Wish Hobbit could know about Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest. People rarely know what Nepal has to offer in terms of great beautiful locations.

  39. Dolnimgalad says:

    I know films can not always be a verbatim translation of the book but I am so glad PJ, et al. know how to include little nods to true fans of The Lord of the Rings. I am sure this will be the case with the Hobbit and will be interested to see how Gandalf’s side trip to Dol Goldur will be fleshed out, or how the finding of Sting, Glamdring, and Orcist will be handled. Also, time constraints may have caused Tom Bombadil to be left out of LOTR but I am happy to see Beorn remains in the Hobbit!

  40. i can’t wait i’m so excited for the movie!!!!

  41. PETER, if your reading this. could you please consider making a movie inspired by the legend of zelda game series. have been waiting for so long. don’t have to be zelda cause ninendo probably won’t sell rights to you but yh. legend of zelda inspired with the mix of LOTR. fantastic.

    seriously cannot wait for the hobbit though

  42. yayyyyyyyy cant wait for the film!!

  43. Will the first movie cover the whole content of The Hobbit and the second movie be the story of what happened to Middle Earth in the years between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

    • Tajcana says:

      No, the story of THE HOBBIT will be seperated into two films, but there will also be scenes with Gandalf going into the dungeons of Necromancer, that’s also why they seperated it. If there is going to be a film about what hapened between The Hobbit and LOTR, it is going to be another movie.

  44. So great !! It’s amazing ! I can’t wait more ! Thank you Pete !! You’re the only director who can do this !! When we see this video we understand why we love Cinema .

  45. ElevesRock says:

    So, when’s the next video gonna be here??? 🙂

  46. megan myers says:

    The fact that this is even happening makes me so happy I only wish I were as special as any one of those people helping out to be able to be there making all this happen. Bravo to all of you, and I so cannot wait to see this in theaters.

  47. New Zealand is definitively one of the most beautiful country on the Earth…
    After France… of course!

    Thanks for this video, it’s always a great pleasure to see some news from the movie!

    Salutations de France! 😉

    • hahahaha typic un francai de dire sa XD rofl

      • Plutôt content d’être français et content que ça se voit! 😉
        Et encore plus de l’écrire convenablement. 😉
        (pour mémoire: Typique -et pas typic-, français -et pas francai-, ça (démonstratif) et pas “sa”, C’est trop drôle -et pas “rofl”-…
        allez: XD, Lol, MDR, PTDR, etc. 😉

  48. I love these video blogs. Great work Mr. Jackson. When you see all of the work that goes into making a movie(s) like this the behind the scene workers can’t get enough credit (cooks, drivers, general laborers,etc.).

  49. hogwar9999 says:

    cant wait to see the movies

  50. Aaron Fisher says:

    i really cant wait for the hobbit to come out really looking forward to it been waiting for a long time read the book so many times and its my favourite book of all time and cant wait for the charaters to come to life plz keep the blogs coming im counting down to the release really excited 🙂

  51. excellent blog. but aren’t they all getting a lot greyer. was it really over 10 years ago when this began?

  52. Hobbit is going to be amazing!

  53. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the Movie!

  54. Thank you, Hobbit Team.

    I appreciate all of your hard work putting these production videos together for us! It really makes me feel as if I’m along for the journey with you. I especially liked seeing the scaffolding you set up in the national park. It was quite an amazing feat and shows how much your team cares about the hidden landscapes you are bringing to us. Can’t wait for the next update, keep up the great work!

  55. Barrels to Freedom! Do you think they will end the first part here? That would be a good place. But can’t wait to see what they do…weeehooo

  56. Glad to see that Peter Jackson has not dropped the bermuda short !

  57. I’m surprised they made it to any of those locations driving on the wrong side of the road like that. I think we all would appreciate it if you were more careful Mr. Jackson

  58. Thorin Oakenshield: *Hair flip*
    Horse: *Hair flip*

    This was great!

  59. Amazing and i really think you all should read the book before you run of to the movies because then you might find that books are infact much better than films, after watching LOTR and then reading the books i found that reading the books was like watching another 5 hours of extra footage, unfortunetly becsuse i had already seen the films i could not use my imagination to picture the amazing sceans and charicaters, so i read the hobbit. and everything came to life in my mind, as if toliken had planed it to happen that way, but i love the films and am a massive fan :)))))

    • I felt exactly the same, when I read the books after I saw the movie…. but now I’m a little afraid, because I already read the hobbit and almost all of Tolkien’s other books, that I won’t like the movies that much… that’s when I think> LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRODUCTION VIDEOS! They’re doing such a great job. TRUST PETER JACKSON!!!!!! 😀 🙂

  60. I think you should all read the books before you run out to see the movie, as after watching LOTR i found that reading the books was harder to do as my imagination could not take hold of the charictars and sceans in middle-earth, so i read the hobbit afterwards and everthing came to life in my mind as if tolkine had planed it that way, althow i am a massive fan of movies and books i find reading much more forfilling, plus the smell of a new book is something you can not beat!, i love the lord of the rings, and am please peter jackson is directing the hobbit as he did a great job with the LOTR thank you all at weta and everyone for being such amazing people bringing these books to life but read the books first!!!! 🙂

  61. Was that a KAKAPO?? (at 7:17) Where’s Stephen Fry when you need him!!

    • Deborah says:

      That looked more like the Kea we saw at the tunnel. They were tromping around on the glacier & trying to get bits off the vehicle as we were waiting to go through Homers Tunnel to Milford Sound.

  62. Minyaelda says:

    N Z is soooo beautiful! If I ever move away from my country, it will be to the land of the Kiwi. AND I want a CD of the dwarf song.

  63. anon e moose says:

    Thanks for these. I wish every film created something similar

  64. The boy who cried warg!! XD
    This is great! Keep em coming, regularly! BTW Anyone know who that dwarf at the end is? Do you think it’s Dain (Thorin’s father) or even Thrain (his Grandad??) That excited me!

    • sorry got all my facts wrong! Thrain is Thorin’s dad, and Thror is his grandad! How embarassing. But yeah, do you think it’s either of them??

  65. lindo eu amo o peter jackson ele é uma inspiraçao pra mim!!!

  66. I know another movie idea that a lot of people would like: Gone by Michael Grant, I’ve read the book and I think that it would be awesome!

  67. I am seriously concerned about this film. The dwarves look way too fair skinned and like something you would see walking around a disney theme park taking pictures with little kids. Other aspects look good. I am very concerned about the dwarves though. We shall see.

  68. Hi, soy fan de tolkien y de peter jakson
    Tengo dos hijos (9 y 5 años) con los que quiero compartir la película!!
    Abrazos desde El Talar en Argentina

  69. My teacher is always talking about this movie were even reading the book

  70. I see a financial flop in the making here! There is no way it can meet the success of the Lord of the Rings movies.

  71. LegolasPippin says:

    I can’t wait for the next video! And I think the Hobbit will be a big success, most Lord of the Rings fans will be watching this movie! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER 14!!!

  72. I can’t wait for the hobbit movie. I am quite certain that we can expect another fabulous movie experience

  73. Mohammad says:


    Great video ! newzealand is beautiful. i have maked a 3D Photo than trailer ! for watching it use 3D Anaglyph Glasses

  74. Im quite sure the film music will overwhelme many people out there!

  75. I read the Hobbit when I was 10, and immediatly fell in love with Lord of the Rings. However, it wasn’t until I watched the movies that I REALLY understood the book. Peter Jackson, it looks like you have done it again!

  76. Oh my God, I wait this movie so much! After “The Lord of The Rings’, I think, It will be awesome! Now I read “The Hobbit” again, watch videoblogs… It’s a pity, but some people ask: “When will be “The Lord of The Rings 4” premiere?”… Ohh… The don’t know…
    I wish a lot of patience for all people, who work with this movie… And for us, who wait this wery much!

  77. An unassuming dwarf says:

    Thank you Mr. Jackson for making this movie, as I wouldn’t trust anyone except you and your awesome crew to do it correctly. And yes, I certainly think beards will make a huge comeback after this movie comes out.

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but if you could make a good movie version of the Silmarillion, maybe divided into 2 or 3 parts because its so long…I don’t know. It’s so hard to catch the magic of Tolkiens writing in a movie…and especially with a book like the Silmarillion. And there’s also the author’s intent to think about- I wonder if Tolkien would like to have his life’s work made into a movie.

    But anyway, good luck with Block 3, stay dry, and best of luck!

  78. LegolasPippin says:

    I am so excited for this movie! I first heard in December that they were making a movie, and I had just finished the book a few days before, so I was very excited. Then I watched the LOTR movies for the first time and I was extremely excited. Legolas and Pippin were my fave characters, and when i heard that Orlando Bloom was coming back in the Hobbit I screamed for like 5 minutes nonstop. Call me crazy. I will definitely be going at midnight on Dec 14 to see the Hobbit in theaters; thanks so much to all who are making this movie, it couldn’t be done without you. CAN’T WAIT! PLEASE LEAVE ANOTHER UPDATE OR PRODUCTION VIDEO SOON, I CHECK THE BLOG EVERY DAY AND HOPE FOR A NEW ONE!

  79. Aurimas K. L. says:

    omg, PJ be šortų!!!

  80. Mr. Jackson wanted to say that The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fan, you just do not
    We’re also in our country Iran waiting for this epic

  81. Ethelien says:

    i think ,if Peter Jackson will make a Children of Hurin (i hope so):) , i will come to New Zealand.. 🙂

    • The Children Of Hurin/ Silmarillion stories are hauntingly tragic and yet up-lifting. I am nor sure if Jackson could do the stories real justice – incest, murder, cruelty, suicide, genocide, hate, revenge, lust, sacrifice, tragic and heroic love: all huge themes but central to the these stories. I reckon he could do the production but maybe not the directing. I have read the Silmarillion numerous times and admire its depth. The creation of the world, and how we were made(along with elves, dwarves, ents, hobbits)and the tragic stories all of which lead to LoTR, are all amazing. The linguistic style is intentionally archaic and it is not as easy to read as LoTR, but it gives insights that are worth having – e.g. Arwen is not really an elf, nor is Elrond – Both are from the union of elf, man and Maiar (spirits who joined the more powerful Valar to fulfill their own vision of creating the earth which god – Iluvatar – had showed them. The Maiar and Valar may be seen as angels/powerful spirits that have chosen to abandon their right to be in the heavens and instead are forced to stay on the earth they formed until its end. Sauron (also a Maiar and a servant of a more powerful but evil Valar called Morgoth)being one of the many the fallen ones – along with Balrogs. Gandalf is also a Maiar, but one who had to relinquish many of his powers so that he could inspire those left in middle earth to overpower Sauron. A sign that god (Iluvatar) had not given up on man completely, but that he would not directly interfere. And, Aragorn is actually related to Arwen and Elrond because Elrond’s brother (Elros) is Aragorns very distant blood relative and the first king of the Numenorians). Aragorn and Arwen wedding and having a child again allows for the perfect fusing of man, elf and “angels”. Also, Iluvatar made elves and men on his own, but Valar were presumptuous enough to make dwarves (by Aule) and then ents (by Yavanna)- dwarves love for metal would mean that trees would be at risk so ents were made to protect them. Iluvatar allowed these creations and gave them true life but the dwarves were forced to sleep until the elves awoke. Iluvatar predicted there would be a struggle and no lost friendship between elves and dwarves but this was part of the song sung at the beginning of time and was so destined – as were all actions. This was hinted to even in the film when Gandalf says that Bilbo was meant to find the ring as was Frodo – some forces of good are in action – no matter how subtly. Tolkien son Christopher was the editor and published it some 4 years after the depth of his father.

      • Tajcana says:

        I also read the Silamrillion and I agree with you in everything, but after you explained what Maiar and Valar are, you don’t have to speak of them as angels anymore – they have their right names, and I also think they aren’t like angels from the Bible, because they in fact created Middle Earth themselves after Illuvatar revealed to them the Melody, and each one of them created something else, when in the Bible God created everything himself. (I am not Christian so tell me if I am mistaken in this). But otherwise you’re right, and I think everyone should read the Silmarillion, and also the Unfinished Tales, where they can find out more about the Wizards too, like why Gandalf and Saruman and the other went, who chose them to go, what their real names are. 🙂

        • Glorfindel says:

          Yes, you are mostly right. But Tolkien was Christian, so he might of incorporated some of the themes from the Bible. I am trying to read The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, but it’s kind of hard for a 7th grader.

          • I know how hard it is, I read it two years ago in 8th grade 😀 It gets kind of confusing when Finwe has 3 sons – Feanor, Finarfin and Fingolfin, Then Feanor has seven sons, Fingolfin has some other F-named sons, Then they all start dying and are replaced by their brothers´sons and they by their cousins and the sons of the daughters of their brothers………. I actually tried writing notes when I started reading the Silmarillion, but I had to stop when I got to this F-people-part 😀 I always admired Tolkien for devising such complicated family-relationships 😀 😀 Good luck with reading those books 😀

          • Tinúviel says:

            I am a 7th grade girl and i am readIng Unfinished Tales at the moment great book really admire it i absolutly love anything and everything to do with Lord of the Rings

          • That´s good 🙂 It´s the same with me, but I´m said to see that most people my age don´t even know who Tolkien was… One of my friends actually thought that he´s just one of the many living authors who write fantasy today, and she compared LOTR with Eragon and so on… She was terribly surprised when I told her that Tolkien fought in World War I., and that he was one of the first to write anything in the Fantasy-genre. That´s sad 🙁 Keep on reading and spread the good name of J.R.R. Tolkien around the world! 🙂

  82. That space cam is amazing, I’m sure you’re gonna get amazing takes with that beauty. Loving New Zealand, beautiful place.

  83. So happy! I can’t stop smiling while watching. You are doing an amazing job! Vivement Décembre ! ^^

  84. Gustavo says:

    This is really amazing!!!! I wanna a job in this set Peter…please!!

  85. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!! I’ve watched this over a dozen times already! Jackson is truely amazing! I’m so happy they brought Elijah Woods back even though he’s not in the book. I just wish they could have added Sean Astin and the two others in it somehow. I sooo hope there will be a midnight premier! I WILL be one of the first to buy tickets!

  86. Alistair Lee says:

    I am a small teenager from Scotland! please can i be a hobbit!! this looks amazing but i’m going to be in Malaysia when it’s realesed!!! 🙁 the videos make feel feel part of it! please keep them coming!! 🙂

  87. JamesUchrin says:


  88. Alembert says:

    oh man I CANT WAIT

  89. Michael Emond says:

    Amazing job Hobbit Team! You’re doing an amazing job turning my favorite childhood memories into unbelievable movies. You’re updates get me so pumped every time one is released I have to grab my Andúril just to keep my hands from shaking!

  90. darion smith says:

    Man i wish i could be a part of this. Even if i were just a a water boy for Peter. It would be such an honor to help in any way. I love the movies and the books got me through bad times. If any of the cast and crew read this, even though i dont know you, thank you. Thank you for all you’ve done and sacrificed.

  91. Justin Leijdekker says:

    I can’t wait!! I already watched this episode like a 100 times. I watched the entire trilogy again this night.


    • Tinúviel says:

      Totally agree its the 25 of april its been a month im so excited for the movie and rifht now these vlogs are all ive got so pretty please id love a new one

      • consider that the press got their 10 minute preview it would be nice that we get our 10 minute vlog, if not preview 🙂

  93. i think it is the time for PJ to make a film about the first and

    second age of the middle earth

    have any of you guys read the book”””” sirmarilion”””?

    that is great idea , i think

    • I have, but I think it would be a little too hard to film, because everything that happens there is stretched out over the ages, and all of those people who have similar names would get mixed up and they would have to leave out at least half of whats there… maybe if they made it as a series, that would be great, but I dont think PJ is up to it 🙁

    • Tinúviel says:

      That’d be great but it’d be kind of hard to do so many stories
      I think it’d be great if they made “the children of húrin” a movie now that id go see but of course i’d see anything having to do with LOTR

      • There´s just the problem with Children of Hurin that it ends so tragicaly. It would be a VERY sad movie, we would cry the whole time and in the end we would come out of the cinema totally depressed 😀 But of course I´d go see it anyway. 🙂

    • I’ve worked it out. For a good Silmarillion series you’d need five films. The first would be about Feanor and the flight of the Noldor. The second would be Beren and Luthien. The third would be the Children of Hurin. The fourth would be the Fall of Gondolin. The fith would be the War of Wrath. Now then Peter – GET ON IT! (and cast me as Fingolfin)

      • Tajcana says:

        😀 That’s nice 😀 But I’m afraid PJ would be too old to finish them, LOTR took him 7(???) years to film, and that was only three films 😀 I still think it’s a little too complicated for five monumental movies, but at least a TV Series would be fine. But you got a great idea! 😀

  94. Keith Redhead says:

    Thank you so much for this – I don’t care what eveyone else thinks-writes-scorns-sarcasm-stupid comments, it’s just bril to see whats going on and the film will be what the real fans fanatics will want. No one could / has done it better!

  95. RoyBaggins says:

    this movie was still made on this day?
    so the release is 14 December 2012 right?
    can I download it ? where ?
    I’m a biggest fans from Indonesia. and now I was very influenced with Hobbit. my hair looks like hobbit now
    come visit my facebook. hahaha.
    I want become a hobbit in a movie..
    It was my dream . I really want join with you Peter jackson

  96. Cant wait for the Hobbit, will defiantly be going to the cinema to see it with a few mates, just like to say Thankyou Peter Jackson for inspiring me to be a film director will be going to film school and am currently applying to ideas tap for money to make a short and will hopefully have a career in film. Thanks Pete

  97. Tinúviel says:

    I was looking at the cast list on IMDB and it looks like going to put Elros in these movies
    Now how are they going to do that?

    • Elros? What would he be doing there? He´s long dead at the time of the Hobbit.

      • it is most likely some random elf…elros died at the time of numenor so pj would have to be quite stupid to make such a bizzar mistake…

  98. fais nous rever peter !!

  99. I’m disappointed the characters from LOTR can come back into a story they have no business being in. Adding other major characters NOT in the Hobbitt sounds silly too. But they didn’t ask me before filming. Anybody else feel the same? Let me know.

    • Which ones do you mean for example? Because I don´t think there are so many who have absolutely no business being in the hobbit. But I am against adding some weird new female elf characters like Tauriel. Otherwise I am pretty happy to see for example Galadriel again.

  100. Thomas Nordlöf says:

    All i can say is that you are amazing and what you are doing is something i would dream to be a part of! I really want to se more behind the scenes and ofc the movies them self!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  101. SmilingWithYou says:

    Great Video Blog!! Two thumbs up for the team!! Thank you!! 😀

  102. Steve Glover says:

    Awesome previews! Looking forward to the long awaited “prequel” to Lord of the Rings. Thank you,Peter Jackson. Me & daughters Melanie & Melissa long to return to Middle Earth & will be there in Dec.!

  103. Dear HobbitTeam!
    Thank you very much for the site and for the videos! Loved it!
    I do not know, if the music has been chosen for the film already. Could you please have a look at the following records. This is a Russian folk rock singer and harp player. She has a nice and recognizable voice and style which seem to fit with the film.

    The videos are not official. Apologies if you find my comment inappropriate, i am not doing an advertising job (and I am not related to the singer), just a fan 🙂

    • Tajcana says:

      Howard Shore is doing the music,like before, and as for the singers I´m afraid they probably choose somebody from the area where they record the music… But I guess if she´s really good maybe they wouldn´t care where she comes from, but they would only let her sing the music Howard Shore composes…

      I don´t know, this is just a guess… but they might be recording the music already…

      • This sounds right, but I still hope there is a chance for somethng else (not necessarly what I offered)… I think the Howard Shore music is good, but… it is too hollywood pathetic music, not at all specific to the story: one could conquer space or save the world from the natural calamaty…. or whatwever with this music. I like, for example, the song from the old cartoon “Frodo of the nine fingers and the ring of doom”…. Its probably too simple for the film, but I would expect something like this in terms of style…

        • Just to add, I think something like british folk would be more suitable, and played with the old musical instruments, like harp.

          • Tajcana Éowyn says:

            I think Howard Shore’s music is brilliant, I guess everybody thinks differently, but I personally fell in love with that music so much that I made arrangements for various instruments which we then played in our music school at performances and now on Wednesday we’re actually going to Czech Republic to play it. I can’t imagine any music which would be more suitable, and if it was up to me, I COULD save the whole universe with this music.

            But that’s just my personal view on things, I guess you like the other kind better, that’s alright with me 🙂

            And by the way, the harp is used very often in HS’s music, also some very traditional instruments, like the Norwegean Fiddle, many flutes and pipes, or some middle eastern instruments, but also the normal kind…

          • I think HS music is wonderful! But i would like something else in addition for the films of such length… I tried to explain, but it did not work. Agree, it is just a matter of feeling and taste 🙂

  104. brooklet says:

    Ok, Peter…. We’re all ready for Production Video #7! 🙂

  105. NORI dori says:

    Wow all these production vids are so awesome I have watched them too many times to count. I’m sooooooooo ready for No.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NORI ROX!)XD

  106. I’m sorry for my poor English. I haven’t written on forums or blogs and I don’t know where i would must write it.
    I want to animate and communicate your good work on this film. The world of Tolkien represented a fantasy world, but experience’s Tolkien in his real life too, the World War II. I think that you will achieve sucess as in the film ‘Lord of Rings’, despite ‘The hobbit’ is other Tolkien’s book film. I think that you make an impression so good to everyone.

    • Tajcana Éowyn says:

      Tolkien faught in World War I. Not II.

      • NORI dori says:

        Realy, I thought it was WWII but mabe not. Man Andy Serkis’s “Gollum” voice is amazing for it to not be eddited or anything is awesome. Thanks Peter for The Lord Of The Rings, All these productoin vids and now The Hobbit! I cant wait for number 7, (hopefully soon)Mabe the next one could be about prosthetics, motion capture, CGI and stuff like that!

        From Nori

        • Tajcana Éowyn says:

          It was WWI. I really admire Tolkien to be able to fight in a war and then come back and become a professor and get married and have four children and live up to 82 years old… it´s amazing.

          • NORI dori says:

            Sad he didn’t get to see his books being made into movies

          • Tajcana says:

            I don’t know if it’s so sad – maybe he wouldn’t like them… I heard that when he was still alive he said that if his books were ever made into movies, he wanted Christopher Lee to play Gandalf. Even the filmmakers think that maybe he would protest against a YOUNG Frodo and so on…

          • If Tolkien saw Christopher Lee play Saruman I am sure he will agree that he is perfect for that role.

          • Tajcana says:

            He is. 🙂 I cannot imagine a better Saruman than him, and I can´t imagine a better Gandalf than Ian McKellen either. They are perfect… 🙂

  107. Great! I love The Hobbit Film since I know Peter Jackson is making it! And this site is very cool, contains news and this informative production videos. I will use some information for my own site concerning Lord of the Rings, New Zealand and The Hobbit Keep on doing this great guys!

  108. BJ Hobbit says:

    Hey Peter!

    When’s video #7 coming out? COME ON YOU HOBBITS!!!

  109. NORI dori says:

    Only 192 days, 12 hours, 71minutes and 20 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. NORI dori says:

    Ops I mean 17 Minutes

  111. gandelf1967 says:

    I read the all the LOTR books at least once every year like my hero christoper Lee I should have been in all the lotr films and the hobbit, even though ive only acted on stage once and that was at school when i was about five. I would have acted my heart out and killed to have been in these films. pete if your reading this im up for any job offers, ill even be your bitch, and fetch you tea and whatever else you want all the best for the movie can’t wait….Peace……

  112. Amazing . Wish Aragorn was included though .

  113. Fletch on Maui says:

    I loved LOTR and I can’t wait to see the Hobbit. NZ looks so good I’m moving there from Maui. Poo on all who would nay say the great PJ. If you think you could do a better job, do it!

    Film making is always a challenge governed by a plethora of constraint. I think it’s an awesome achievement.


  114. Youchan says:


  115. Kenda;; says:

    Okay, I would KILL to be in this movie. Not even kidding, always wanted to be in them since I was a little girl!

  116. Kendall says:

    I would KILL to be in this movie! I’ve always wanted to be in them since I was a little girl!

  117. YAAAY!!

    Absolutely cannot wait!

    Now for the Silmarillion!?

    • lol i dont think that the silmarillion is a suitable story for a film. the range of the plot would be too much. but maybe they could go for “The Children Of Húrin” haha

  118. hey! my family and i are lilke spazzing out on the hobbit coming out! we are all such fans of lotr! we are al so excited on what it will turn out to be!
    Jesus luvs you!

    • hey fans of lotr!
      what is your fav character? and y? cuz ppl ask me and i juct cant choose out of legolas, aragorn,and– aw man forgot his name! the horserider leader! the guy with long hair with the sister! cant believe it escaped me! but plz tell me! cuz when i descide on someone… someone tells me something bad about the real actor.. which is really sad. id whish that they would all come to Jesus!

  119. Deborah says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR ‘THE HOBBIT’! Just seeing this blog makes me so happy. My husband & I were in NZ a couple of years ago & were lucky enough to visit so many of the locations from LOTR. The only partial “set” still standing was Hobbiton. But seeing the other locations & visualizing the movie scenes was awesome. Actually going into the Bag End house & seeing the beam where IM/Gandalf knocked his head was surreal. We were like kids in an amusement park. Everytime I see a picture of the Party Tree I get a shiver, it’s so icon to me now. New Zealand is glorious & I can’t wait to go back! Hurray for “The Hobbit”, bring it on!

  120. Mountain seeker says:

    Please tell what iść the name of the mountain in 3:25 in this video blog im looking All the internet to Find it and i cant Find Please helo me

  121. Hello, I would like to invite you all to our website hope, you will enjoy. It is living fantasy and living history eShop.


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