Jun 6, 2012

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Production Video #7

A tour of Stone Street Studios… enjoy!

  1. AlexMott says:

    You know, nothing makes me happier than randomly checking this blog to find that a video was added seconds ago.

    • Same here….
      Soooooo excited for this!!!!

      • Would love to have seen more blogs over the course of Principle Photography,though i clearly understand your busy. Hope they continue non the less in post production. Hope the Hobbit Blu-ray will be in keeping with the LOTR, and have 2 discs on the making of the movie, and extra footage added in the extended editions. Though i am not a fan of double dipping who can say no to these movies.

        I thank You peter and all in the making of these movies, i tip my hat to you all.

    • that’s too funny.. i do the same thing here in Boston USA.. good job cracking it first.. hehe..

      • Tajcana Éowyn says:

        I got the 6th production video first 🙂 🙂 This time we spent the weekend in a cabin with no internet, and when I got back this was such a nice surprise 🙂

  2. This is just great. I loved to see some of the other characters like Bard and Dain at the studios. You’re doing a great job over there. Thanks for the opportunity to follow your work!


  3. Obviously you’re all working hard as well as enjoying the time together! We fans appreciate the effort and the opportunity to become familiar with the actors (and the characters they play) prior to seeing the movie! Kudos to you all!

  4. darion smith says:

    nuff said

  5. Amazing! This video has got me really excited, it was great to get a glimpse of all the different departments. Also great to see some new and old faces, particularly a cameo with Legolas. Great work guys, can’t wait for the next video. Check out a more detailed analysis on Tolkien Talk’s podcast: An Unexpected Podcast!

  6. I can not wait for this movie!!!!!

  7. Mahdiyah says:

    A real treat to see Legolas at the end. I cannot wait for December!!!!!!

  8. what a pleasent surprise… I was reading a phone interview with Mr. Jackson about Novak’s Temeraire Series when I heard mention of The Hobit and had to check it out. I can’t wait… It’s going to be awesome!

  9. Even if I wasn’t a Tolkienian I go and see these films just for Luke Evans.

  10. My eyes water every time I watch one of these. There are zero words to express my insane excitement!

  11. Been looking every week for months now for video 7! Can’t believe I randomly checked it literally an hour or 2 after it was uploaded.

  12. Amazing!!!Amazing!!!Amazing!!!Aaaaamazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing this great experience.

  13. LOL out loud at the end. Is that what you get when Legolas marries a she-hobbit? FANTASTIC VLOG! The Hobbit to rule them all 🙂

  14. Hey! If you’re a fan of Martin Freeman and a keen tweeter please join us in trending #WeLoveMartinFreeman tonight at 5:30pm GMT

  15. Great!! I can not wait for this movie!!!! 🙂

  16. Belinda Thompson says:

    It is wonderful to see the set “in action,” this time, after seeing it in person on an “off,” day. Everything comes to life…and it looks like the movie will be breaking new ground in the technology department, among other areas, as well! Way to go!!

  17. FanFromThePhilippines says:

    Thank you for taking the time to actually do this, Sir Peter! And to all involved with this movie, you guys are awesome!

  18. Diego CZ says:

    “F*** this s***! I’m Legolas” — tribute to the last moment of the video, nice work, guys!

  19. Excellent video. Very professional.

  20. Gandalf the Fool says:

    You can tell that they’re ready to finally wrap it all up. Congratulations to PJ and the team for almost being done with the production.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing these videos with us! These things make me feel like the giddy 12 year old I was when FotR was released!

  22. Long live Kiran! It’s great to see familiar faces from the LotR special features!

    • Tajcana Éowyn says:

      totally agree 🙂

    • Margaret says:

      Having a geeky side, I watched a lot of the production stuff on my LOTR CD set. I also love seeing so many of the great people who brought me my favorite movie back at work again!

  23. SO friggin cool. I can’t wait.

    And good job Alex being the first to see the update drop. I check occasionally, here in Boston USA I never know when the updates might happen..

  24. Danielle says:

    I’M SO EXCITED!! This blog movie did exactly what it set out to do, make fans even MORE excited for the movie! I can’t wait!!

  25. Someone tell Peter he’s driving on the wrong side of the car! hehe

    • MarieLou says:

      Well, in New Zealand and UK (and few more countries like India), they are driving on the right side of the car, so no, it’s not the wrong side. 🙂

  26. YAY another video!
    a real treat to see orlando back again!

  27. L.J. Kiosq says:

    Sir Peter Jackson certainly knows how to tease and treat the fans, doesn’t he? Giving us a look and both actors playing Bard and Dain, orc armor costumes, possible wolf animatronics, more Mirkwood forest shots, barrel riding scenes, Legolas at the end and a very, very cute fight scene. Not to mention that this vlog is so long!

    Now if I can just finish my time machine and skip the next few months so I can see this movie now!!!

  28. OMG! Thank you!

  29. kattyjaxx says:

    i absolutely love and appreciate that you share “behind the scenes” with all of us. thanks 🙂

  30. Everyone is so happy, enjoying and enthusiastic – absolute pleasure to watch! Could not help smiling while watching 🙂 Sure, the film should be great with such a team!

  31. Such a long wait for that video…but worth all 3 months and 4 days.

  32. best part of the latest blog is karin as legolas .. now thats a movie id see

  33. Christoph says:

    yet again gave me a smile on a bad day

    • Zidders Roofurry says:

      @Christoph Hey friend…hope you’re having a better day today 🙂 Same offer below goes for you, too. We Tolkien/Jackson fans gotta stick together.

      @PJ Thanks for all the wonderfull films, from Bad Taste, Feebles and onwards. Many bad days made better by your work. If you’re ever in Bertram Texas, lunch is on me.


    (Oh My Elf)

  35. frodosfan says:

    Thanks to all the staff who took time out of their busy work day to make this video. It was wonderful to watch and to know more about some of the people behind the scenes, that do as much of the work on the movie as the main actors do. All the best for the last block of filming and beyond.

  36. Luke D.C says:

    Ill be one of the happiest people in the world when the Hobbit movie comes out!!!! im sooooooooooo excited

  37. Nori dori says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome

  38. Bombadil says:

    Honestly, Peter Jackson is a saint. I don’t think there are any saints yet in Tolkienism, but Peter Jackson must be the first.

    Words cannot express how much we appreciate how hard you work to put this all together…it’s mind-blowing!


  39. Mattysinger99 says:

    AWSOME! It’s great to see good ‘ol Peter’s working hard to please the fans. Can’t wait to see it in Imax 3D as they seem to be putting lots of care and attention towards the 3D(I love 3D! Basically every movie since I saw Avatar has been in 3D apart from War horse which was the only 2d film i’d seen in 2/3 years!!)

    Check out my youtube channel Mattysinger99! I sing songs as i’m apparently “really good”!!!! No videos at the moment but i’ll upload some soon!

    Go peter Jackson!!!

  40. These videos get me even more excited for the movie! So cool.Good to see Orlando again. 🙂

  41. is my birthday. and i want it.

  42. Juliette says:

    Nice vlog! Thank you PJ and team! 😀

  43. Thank you, thank you PJ and crew for throwing us another lifeline!
    If only there were many more of these Production Videos to sustain us through to December 14. What a joy it would be to be a member of the team working at Stone Street or Weta!

  44. I’ve loved all the production videos, but this has got to be my favourite so far. Thanks so much for taking the time to make these for us! If I had the $$ I’d join you in NZ for the premiere in a heartbeat!

  45. SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!!!!!!


  46. that was awesome!

  47. NORI dori says:

    Sweet only a month or so untill the next one!!!!

    • gary watson says:

      would be good to see something about the music for the film – I’m sure that’s going to be fantastic.

  48. Wait… Legolas???? What’s Legolas doing there? He’s not even mentioned in the book as far as I can remember! Please, correct me if I’m wrong; it’s been a while since I’ve read the book.

    • NORI dori says:

      No he is not in the book, but it’s cool that he is in the movie. I bet Peter has made a great reason for Legolas being in it. It’s going to be cool finding out about where he came from and stuff 🙂 Anyone know where I can get tickets for the premiere? Stone Street is awesome, 9 square looks just a bit complicated 🙂 Thnks Peter cant wait untill the next, and sadly last vlog. They all help the time untill the movie go that little bit faster. (ONLY 186 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      • Tajcana Éowyn says:

        Legolas is the son of Thranduil, the king of the elves in Mirkwood, so he does have a reason to be there. A very good reason, compared to some mysterious new characters like Tauriel, which have absolutely no business being in this movie, but I’ll just go along with PJ this time 😀

        • Tajcana Éowyn is absolutely right. Legolas, while not mentioned by name, would have, as a matter of course, been there, being the son of Thranduil (who wasn’t mentioned by name either, only referred to as the Elvenking) and would have been a part of what Thranduil and the rest of the elves of Mirkwood did.

  49. i’m soo glad to be a part of the making of the hobbit because i was just born when the lotr was being made!

  50. I love it. How to find tickets for the premiere?

  51. well done!

    With foes ahead, behind us dread,
    Beneath the sky shall be our bed,
    Until at last our toil be passed,
    Our journey done, our errand sped.

  52. God I wish I could be in this movie. They truly look like they are having the time of their lives.

  53. Mr. Speed says:

    These movies can go two ways. Either they’re fenomenal, (just as the three first), or they’ll be a let down. I mean… some of the dwarf outfits just look horrendous. Hopefully it’s because we get to see them off set, but still not good looking. Anyway… love the production vids, great work.

    PS. Being negative serves me just fine. If the movies suck I won’t be too dissapointed, but if they turn out to be anywhere near the first three… I’ll be above heaven.

  54. I love the production videos. Seems like a lot of fun to make the film! Wish I was an actor in The Hobbit. What a life! 😀

  55. Tajcana says:

    This was sooo funny 😀 😀 😀 😀 I love them all, can’t wait to see the hobbit and everything… It was soooo good to see the Weta workshop again, the sets, and especially the people! It’s a pity they have to hide some things for the second movie… And the new Legolas – Coming soon !!!!!! I laughed soooo hard 😀

  56. Seis meses de espera todavia……que pasen YA

  57. Gracewins says:

    Loving all the behind the scenes blog posts! It’s like getting the easter eggs scattered throughout the year! Means I have been in a state of high excitement for more than a year now and it’s still building til I get to see this awesome movie 😀 Thanks!

  58. Sarah M says:

    Watched the latest trailer and thrilled to catch the latest blog. Wishing everyone at Stone Street, Weta and indeed everyone who has been working on and off screen all the best. You guys work hard for us and we really appreciate the updates and the sneak preview into your exceptional work. Looking forward to the start of the journey when it hits the big screens. SO EXCITED :>)

  59. RoyBaggins says:

    same as I am
    I was very happy if the ew video was Uplouded ^_^

  60. RoyBaggins says:

    same as I am
    I was very happy if the new video was Uploaded ^_^

  61. Tonight I finished reading “The Hobbit” aloud to my seven- and 10-year old children. They have declared that it is one of their favorite stories ever. I love showing them the new footage on this blog because they have begun to see images of the characters in their minds as we read. We are so excited that this movie is being filmed. And there is no place on earth as breath-taking as New Zealand to film it. Thank you to everyone making this movie possible.

  62. The Ancient says:

    Juste Génial

  63. Can’t wait till the movie is out in December, these little blogs are fantastic keeping us updated about the movie. I think both movies will be fantastic.

  64. Billy Connolly will be an asset to this movie, he is a good actor and can’t wait till the DVD’s are with the makings of the hobbit, as Mr Connolly will be a great laughkeeping the production crew laughing.

  65. Dundonian says:

    Legolas, wow!

  66. I know this movie will be good! Only 5 months left now 😀

  67. I did some very early Costume Work on the Hobbit when there was the threat of the Production going overseas. Peter JAckson, you look so much healthier now. Keep it up! Wish I was there!

  68. Can we get the rules to 9 square posted? It looks amazing!

    I have been following Production since 2008 and can’t wait for the Hobbit! I have faith in everyone working! It will be great 🙂

  69. hey love this


  70. SarahAshley says:

    I cannot wait any longer for the two Hobbit movies. . . All I need now is tickets to the premiere :(… if only dreams came true

  71. Noddy12Gauge says:

    Like yer movie ‘Lord Of The Rings’, 1, 2 and 3, the lack of the whole story is bad enough, but all talking in that funny accent – and the attitude of the locals – really puts me right off. Yeuchhhhh!

    Just hope somebody else makes the Tolkien sagas with WORLD cast and crew! Might be easier on the ear as well.

    BTW Long after the defeat of Isengard, Sauroman met his end when Wormtongue cut his throat. Wormy was then offed by a Hobbit archer.

    That is the real end of ‘The Return Of The King’ not the silly weepies that you published, which I must add is not the way Tolkien told it.

  72. Felipe13 says:

    De verdad ellos tiene 7 años de estar filmando estas películas?

    Do they really have been filming this two movies for over 7 years now?

  73. gary watson says:

    It’s really great to see these blogs so thankyou to everyone who have taken the time & effort to do this for the fans.
    I’ve “read” the hobbit lots of times (actually listen to the book in my car), so can’t wait for the first film.

    Can anyone say what the second film will cover?

  74. gary watson says:

    What happens to all the wonderful drawings and artwork that is produced. Any chance of some of these being offered as competition prizes or raffled for charity?

  75. rollandin says:


    Je vous envoi ce dessin pour vous remercier

    Merci pour tout


  76. I was in the theaters and me and my sister were going to watch Brave, and while sitting in the room (btw there were a lot of people) up came The Hobbit commercial. And this girl (around 16) jumped out of her seat literally and was saying things like, “WHAT?! THEY’RE MAKING A HOBBIT MOVIE?” And throughout the trailer she stood up and her jaw was dropped open. She obviously hadn’t known about the movie before. It was hilarious. Everyone was grinning.

  77. DallasT says:

    This is simply awesome. Thanks PJ and crew for this!

  78. MarieLou says:

    That’s just awesome to see videos like that about this movie. Thanks to everybody to share a bit of your amazing adventure!

  79. Legolas! 🙂 That was a cool surprise.

    I can’t wait for The Hobbit! I didn’t realize they were making it in 3D, which makes it like, 50 million times more exciting!! 😉

  80. you guys are AWSOME!! thanks for you dedication, whatching the videos makes me feel that i am really in middle earth! J.R.R.Tolkien would be proud!
    Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie trilogy, i can’t wait for The Hobbit to come out!!!!

  81. Akseli Kallio says:

    Hey Peter!!

    You are the best director in the whole world! i mean that, i haven’t seen anyone else doing blogs like these! you really want us to know what’s going on in the studio and what are you guys up to 🙂 i REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! Your movies are amazing… Lord of the rings triology is best triology in the whole world!! and Hobbit is going to be amazing too! but like Mr. Gibbs said in the Pirates of the Caribbean… I heard a rumor Peter Jackson is going to make another triology.. about hobbit. But those are only rumors 🙂 but anyway i was thinking that if Peter Jackson could come to finland when it is the world premier of the Hobbit. Bechause i know that everyone else are excited about the hobbit but there are small counties which also want to meet director of the hobbit and other actors of that movie.. but ye i know i’m just a fan who is asking too big service but please think about it if anyone from the Hobbit is going to read this. 🙂 and tell Andy Serkis that his work in Hobbit was Amazing and also as 2nd unit director!! i really hope i could work with andy or peter or matrin freeman someday… i really wanna be an actor too when i grow up… that’s dream job…


  82. connor lotr says:

    i love every moment u guys r doin plz us the fans i love everyy single second and just cant waitt o watch the hobbit u are the greatest director of all time peter and every actor on set are just great especially olando bloom sir ian mekelen who came to my school (the hundred of hoo school in england kent i was the person who got ur auto graph with 3 of my friends plz tell him thi) i want to ask that when u make the 3rd film can i audition to be in the film because i want to be an actor plz i would love to have a reply

  83. connor lotr says:

    and can you plz come over o london and do some comic cons and and red carpet stuff i love u guys

  84. Can’t wait for the movie to come out :O.

  85. Really?! 7 years they’ve lived in there? Do they get time off to spend with their families? Do their families come live around there temporarily or something? How do they fandangle their real lives? The tininess of the living space is deal-able I mean it’s like the size of a military barracks room, but the being away from your family like that for such a long period is what I don’t get how they do it.

  86. Thank you for making the greatest books I have ever read even more special, and thank you for letting us experience just a little of your world with great special features and these blog videos. Dreaming is alive and well thanks in part to you guys.


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