Nov 28, 2014

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Relive your fave Hobbit-LOTR moments

  1. Thatgeekchick says:

    I’m crying now. Peter Jackson, you are truly an insanly talented person, and you have done an amazing job of bringing the works of Tolkien to life. Thank you, mellon nin, from all of us fans, thank you.

  2. highlandirish says:

    There’s so many to choose from…but one that always provokes such deep emotion is when Eomer finds Eowyn on the Peleanor Battle field. That wonderful brother/sister relationship, trust and love acted out so deeply. From the new trailer….I’m dreading that scene when Gandalf gets thrown to the ground by Azog! Looks brutal!!

  3. Ooooo, shivers. GREAT trailer! It makes me want to have a Lord of the Rings marathon. Too bad the weekend is almost over… :p

  4. I have a hope that Peter Jackson will come back with Silmarillion..

  5. Hadrielia Undomiel says:

    That trailer is the most epic thing ever!!
    I just can’t wait.. But I don’t need to wait a hole bunch of wrecking seconds longer.. for here in Belgium, we can go and see the Hobbit as soon as the 14th!! 😀 and I’m going to see the marathon of the first, the second and than.. the third. Ow I almost start crying when I think of it! my heart starts beating faster!

    we all already know how kick-ass awesome the story is in the book.. now let’s wait ’till we see it, and experience it!

  6. This is beyond doubt the best trailer yet!!!

  7. SteveMayers says:

    Hey, Bilbo is writing down these events in the book. And he still are writing them in Rivendel. So what if P.Jackson shows him while the fellowship are still there? Like, he wrote the end – closes the book, goes to see Frodo and give him his sword. That way we all could see our good friends…even Boromir – I like that dude.

    That way the audience will cry like babies, the fans too, specially them and P.Jackson will earn a ring of power upon all the filthy hobbitses that exist and will be born to discover the wonders of this fantastic world. Not that he doesn’t have that ring already 🙂

  8. What’s the name of the music played from 00:12 to 01:13?

  9. A solemn yet strange day, perpetuating with mixed feelings. Goodbye middle earth. After almost 15 years, a part of me ceases to exist and rests in immortality.

    Thank you Peter Jackson and Team (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Big Fan! Though I started out as a bit of a purist, Jackson really helped me buy into his vision. I still do not think Tolkien needed any help with his story line, but the way Jackson presented it was good stuff.

    I’ll be like many others now clamoring for the Simarillion, or a part of it, on the Silver Screen. Perhaps the Children of Hurin, the Lost Tales, or Beren and Luthien. Time will tell (or copyright laws).

  11. Caleb Womack says:

    This movie was good but I thought that the dwarfs should have had a army like the elfs did. Truly the dwarfs are the strongest ones of them all with huge hammers and axes. they should have had hog riders, axe throwers, and many more. The battle was so not far, a real battle is thousand and thousand battling it out till one army still stands. They had dwarf rebuilding the fort. This was to happen this movie would have got a ten out of ten. Then fans could think witch army are you on. The strong brave dwarfs or the smart quick elf or even the smelly agly you know what.

    Imagine the battle horn from the dwarfs standing broud and like men not hiding behind walls
    I hope that the creators read this post so they can think about make more dwarfs.
    Please do so.

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