Nov 1, 2011

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Report from the set

Eric Vespe, aka Quint from aintitcoolnews, is reporting live from the set of THE HOBBIT. Here’s a peek at his first dispatch, followed by a link to the full piece, with more photos.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? As amazing as it looks in those pictures or in the movies there’s something incredibly surreal and humbling to stand ON TOP of Bag End and overlook The Shire. I love (good) CGI, I have a lot of respect for the digital artists that toil away for hours and days and weeks and months in a dark room so we can go to Ancient Greece or Pandora or spend some time with Jurassic Park dinosaurs or Gollum or Caesar or those fookin’ prawns, but if there was ever a shred of doubt that real wins it was obliterated as the sheep bayed, horses neighed, wind blew and smoke started pouring out of hobbit hole chimneys dotting the lush green landscape in the valley below me.

Follow this link to read the rest of “An Unexpected Journey: Quint on the set of The Hobbit! Part 1-Concerning Hobbiton” at

  1. MinuteMen Productions says:

    This is amazing! I hope to see more of those video blogs in the future? I hope Mr. Jackson wasn’t serious about not doing anymore :-).

    • Yeah, I hope they do make the production diaries. I loved the King Kong ones.

      • MinuteMen Productions says:

        Did you watch the appendices from The Lord of the Rings. I’m proud of myself for watching all 26 hours!

        • the fourteenth dwarf says:

          i love watching the blogs!!! they are amazing!!! Forget the olympics 2012 i want to watch the hobit an unexpected journey!!!! i also watched the appendixes and i am driving my parents mad!!!! I am watching the extended lord of the rings for the fourth time!! I love the films so much, i am even making my own!!!

          • the fourteenth dwarf says:

            i can t spell i meant appendicies!!!!!! HELP i am so embarrisingly bad at spelling!!!!! I need to slow my typing down but i am so exited I am typing on the OFFICIAL site of the hobbit!!!

  2. Pretty Sweet. More hype to hype me up for the movie. Only another year to go… sigh.

    • the fourteenth dwarf says:

      5 days, and 13 months to go!!!! i can’t wait, my only consolidation is that they are filming it.

  3. I can’t wait for the movies to come out!!!!!!!

  4. Wow! The Anticipation is killing me!

    Just found out that Christopher Lee is coming to give a talk at my university next week. (UCD, Ireland.) I’m so excited to meet him!

  5. Linked your to the Fellowship’s

    This group’s been around forever.

    Thanks for the cool report and the photos!

  6. He we go again! Another productive work day flushed down the toilet as I get all hyped up and lose myself in the blogs of Middle Earth. Thanks for posting the pics! I would love to make it to New Zealand one of these days to see your fantastic landscapes in person.

  7. Glorfindel says:

    During school, it’s so hard not to tell everyone about The Hobbit. I can’t wait another year for it to come out! Could you just release it now?

    • the fourteenth dwarf says:

      OMG i feel the same, it’s like im the only ringer in school!!!
      there is one other girl but she’s no where near as obsessed as me!!!

  8. How soon can we expect a teaser trailer for The Hobbit?

  9. It is simply amazing that they’ve built and populated Hobbiton a second time. Wish I could be there!

  10. the fourteenth dwarf says:

    I wish they didn’t block facebook and youtube as i really want to see the blogs at school!!!

  11. Dear Mr. Jackson, Please consider putting Liv Tyler in the Hobbit. As Tolkien wrote, Arwen was alive then, when Frodo was a small boy and Bilbo went on his adventure. She was hundreds of years old when she found Aragorn and loved him. I’m pleased to have Evangeline Lilly in the Hobbit, she is very elven and a good actress – but since there is a dearth of women in the Hobbit and Arwen was around then, why not find a way to let us see her – it would make the point for the stories that there are other characters that link LOTR and The Hobbit, not only Bilbo and Frodo and Gandalf. I hope this finds its way to you…

  12. I juste love The Hobbit, and I love Peter Jackson’s movies, Its amazing to see how it work and others things ! ! !

    (I’m French so sorry for my english, I have just 12 years !)

    The director, the casting, and many others thing make me sad until I see the movie ! ! !

    Every people who work in this movie can be very glad ! ! !


  13. Krahazan Julie says:

    Peter Jackson: you must put in film “The Never Ending Story’s Michael Ende” you are the right director to make justice to this amazing book.Thank you.

  14. I love these stories and the movies and cant wait to see the Hobbit but I do wish that there was more diversity in the casting.

  15. Gah, I belong in Middle Earth, not here…


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