Nov 22, 2014

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See the exclusive music video for ‘The Hobbit’s Last Goodbye’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has the exclusive music video for the franchise-capping song, and it includes BILLY Boyd’s performance, mixed with classic scenes from the series and touching behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite characters. EW SAYS: “This is the moment when you suddenly panic that the amazing journey is really coming to an end.”

Click here to view The Hobbit’s Last Goodbye on EW…

  1. Benita Goldman says:

    Say it ain’t so, Peter Jackson! I would dearly love to see the Silmarillion filmed! My gosh, and you are the man to do it! I don’t think it would be silly for this to be your life’s work…to translate to film the works of Tolkien. I mean, you are totally the man for the job! And, gosh, the Silmarillion has some stunning cinematic stories…Morgoth and the Trees! The the singing of the Ainur the world into being….the exodus of the elven folk…the story of Hurin’s children…and of course Luthien and Beren!

  2. Yes, please, I second that; please film the Silmarillion!!!!!

  3. Beautiful song and performance. Congratulations.

  4. George Locke says:

    Many thanks to Peter and all who have helped make this such a wonderful ‘ride’ I am on the edge of my seat waiting for December.

    As for those folks who keep calling for the Silmarillion, What *I’d* like to see is for Peter and company to establish some kind of mentoring studio where up and coming directors might take on individual stories from the Sil and film them, receiving advice and aid from Peter and Co. as they hone their directing and production skills. There are too many complex story lines in the Sil to be made into a single movie series. But treated individually the franchise could produce wonderful cinema experiences for decades to come. What do you say Peter? Is that a useful suggestion? -geo in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

  5. This is a very emotion-wrecking song! If I was an easy crier I would have done it watching this song. I hope the rights to the other Middle Earth books get released soon!

    • I wish I was an easy crier…But I KNOW I will cry when..*sniff* people die…whoever they may be. I am SO putting tissues in my pocket when I go to see it. 🙁

  6. Um…WOW!!!! That song was just beautiful!!! I almost cried! And I’m not usually a crying type of person, yet still there were tears in my eyes. Wonderful job, Billy Boyd! You did an EPIC singing job! 🙂 Now I REALLY can’t wait for the movie! 😉

  7. I will not listen…I will not listen…it’s not that I don’t want to hear it…I just want to hear it for the first time at the end of the movie. Defenetly going to cry now…people…dying…middle-earth movies….ENDING. *SIIIIGGGH* What am I going to live for next year? I dunno…I’ll just hug Legolas 🙂

  8. The song is beautiful! Thank you Peter for the journey there and back again through middle earth.

  9. Mike Lyons says:

    A wonderful tribute to an epic series.If “Into the West” didn’t evoke a tear, this will.

  10. Please release this music video for sale in some way – I want to treasure it along with the rest of the film series. Blessings on you all for all your wonderful work!

  11. This is beautiful, goosebumps 😉 cant wait for the final chapter of The Hobbit x

  12. Mike Lyons says:

    Now this MUST be played between the end of the Battle of the Five Armies film and when the credits roll.

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