Apr 14, 2011

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Start of Production Video

We just received this note from Peter Jackson: “As promised, my first video from the set of THE HOBBIT. Enjoy!” Watch it on YouTube here.

  1. withywindle says:

    I have seen about 3 minutes of the video and have come to the conclusion that Hugo Weaving will be back donning the character Elrond.
    As was pointed out,there will be new storylines occuring in Rivendell.

    So must get back to the viewing of this wonderful video.

    • GreyLynx says:

      You think so? I’m concerned that he has started to look too aged for the role of Elrond.
      And i’m saying this even though I’m a BIG fan of Hugo Weaving and think it would be totally weird seeing someone else as Elrond.

      • withywindle says:

        It would be quite emotional to see someone else step into the shoes of Elrond. Hugo Weaving made it his role(I don’t know about you but I do watch the LOTR quite a lot)and this may have some impact on my reasons for hoping that Hugo returns.

        There was a movie out a while ago starring Brad Pitt as ‘Benjamin Button’ I thought the makeup artists did a great job with the process of making one look older and younger.

        Like the techo know how that is in use for the filming of The Hobbit I believe makeup artistry has come a long way.

        • GreyLynx says:

          Yes, Hugo Weaving IS Elrond. So lets keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

          • where is viggo mortensen
            he is one of the best character in the lotr
            does he join this movie

          • Look up Wikipedia. It has all the actors and actresses. Hugo Weaving is playing Elrond, make up will do the trick.

          • Sorry for my miss spelling.

          • HUGO WEAVING IS GOING TO BE ELROND! THEY CAN’T CHANGE IT. It says so on wikipedia. Check it out it has a you need to know or look up Martin Freeman, He is going to be Bilbo Baggins!!!

      • I am more concerned with Ian Mckellen . He doesn’t look like he can handle the pace of this movie shoot. I LOVED his Gandalf but he looks so old and this is supposed to be 50 or so years earlier ?

        • PrincessWilly says:

          Gandalf the Grey is not a mortal. He is an Istari, and one of the Maiar, who are essentially demigods. He does not age, and in fact is not what he appears at all. He simply takes on the appearance of the old man that you see, in order to better interact with middle earth.

          In fact, between the moment he appeared in middle earth (1050 of the Third Age), and the moment he departed from the grey Havens (3019 of the Third Age), he he had been around 1,969 years. This isn’t including the time he spent before and after being in Middle earth.

          Many factors, in my mind, contribute to the possibility of an “older” Gandalf. Firstly, the tone of the Hobbit. It is much more lighthearted, and Gandalf doesn’t have to be all over things.

          Also, in the Trilogy, there is a great deal of fighting that must go on. Gandalf seems much older in the beginning of the Fellowship, but as he progresses he becomes more and more physical. This, to me, is him slowly changing his form to better fit his surroundings (battle)

          Beyond these points (and more) however, there is also the amazing work of today’s makeup artists, ESPECIALLY WETA’s makeup artists. This, combined with Sir Ian McKellen’s amazing acting skills (he could easily reprise his roll in my opinion) mean that there would be no problem, even if they Wanted to play Gandalf as younger.

  2. This is so awesome. Keep em coming Pete!

  3. Simply love it. Keep watching it over and over again. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  4. TMerivale says:

    Magic, just pure magic. It literary had me in tears… Thank you good sir foe being the most awesome filmmaker there ever was.

    • Doogansquest says:

      I totally agree. Watching those clips from the Fellowship, as well as seeing the old sets resurrected gave me goosebumps. I can’t wait to go back to Peter Jackson’s vision for Middle Earth.

      We must remember that these stories are not as dark nor as epic as LotR, so we have to keep our expectations “lighter.”

      We must also remember that books do not translate well to film; especially those written 75 years ago. Plot flow, character development, time frame, climax, capturing a broader audience, linear story arc, etc., are all things that must be carefully minded on film. These books are timeless, but they weren’t made for film and thus changes must be made.

      I wish people understood how film-making worked and stopped crying about the changes. Peter will include only what helps the story for all audiences. Please be open-minded!

      All that said, I’m super EXCITED!!!

      • Given the delicacy and faithfulness given LotR by Mr. Jackson, I have every confidence that whatever creative license he deems necessary to advance the story will no doubt be appropriate and true to the vision of Tolkien.

  5. oh I’m so happy… I love it and Martin Freeman IS so Bilbo

  6. Thank You! That was simply wonderful! I got the chills and am so excited that this is finally happening! Good Luck to all of you and thank again for sharing this with us. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  7. Eagerly waiting for the Hobbit, ever since Lord of the Rings 3. Hate 3D so Would watch it in 2D. Good luck to your team Peter. Please keep the updates coming.

  8. Wonderful to see you back on set and filming. Pete knows his fans and he knows what we like.

  9. I’m so thrilled to see this video !
    Can’t wait to see the other ones !

  10. Squeeing like a school girl!! so excited to see finally this video! Thank you Peter Jackson!! keep them coming!!

  11. woo-hoo!

    i’m one happy hobbit fan

  12. Quel plaisir de retrouver enfin cette ambiance si magique et si amicale qu’on a eu le plaisir de partager par le biais des bonus du “Seigneur des Anneaux”

    Plein de bonnes choses à toute l’équipe et un grand merci d’avance pour toute cette magie que vous allez à nouveau nous apporter !


  13. so excited its finally filming after so many years of delays. hope there are going to be more vlogs as the production goes on.


  15. Emrah INCE says:

    Hi From Turkey.video was great.Thanks PETER JACKSON !

  16. Henry Slawniak says:

    It would be great if Peter or someone else could talk about the RED Epics they are using.

  17. David~NL says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this behind the scene look!

  18. wow… it’s amazing to see all the sets from the original films and how they look exactly the same. no offense to Del Torro, but I’m beyond happy that PJ has taken back over The Hobbit!

  19. ltgalloway says:

    Seeing them all bunched up around the table gave me goose bumps. I’m really excited that it’s finally happening!

  20. I love this video so much. All the waiting and frustration of wanting to see this story as a movie so very badly has finally payed off in this video. 🙂

  21. amazing video! so existing! will be following this blog closely!
    thank you 🙂

  22. I am so excited! I LOVED all of the LOTR movies and books when I was in high school but I sort of lost touch with them for the last several years, this video just brought all that love crashing back! Thank you some much Peter Jackson, you truly are Tolkien’s greatest fan! I’m honored that you and your team put in so much effort to share your imagination and talents with me (and I’m sure all the other ringers out there feel the same)!

  23. Deb Westeinde says:

    Wow, what an amazing journey you are all on. I loved The Lord of The Ring trilogy. It makes me wish that I had some film set experience just so I could be able to be a part of this amazing experience. What a privledge that would be!Will just have to be content with following the blog. Thankyou for sharing!

  24. Adorei essas imagens esse diario parace o diario de produção do King Kong, eu amo os filmes de Peter Jackson, espero ver a segunda parte em breve ADOREI.

  25. Thiago Souza Costa says:

    2012 – Esperando com ansiedade para mais videos sobre a filmagem de O Hobbit

  26. booksrwondrful says:

    So glad to see the things that are being carried over from LOTR and the new things that are being added. These movies changed my life. Can’t wait to see what is in store! Let the magic begin! 🙂

  27. Luke Schuyler says:

    OMG , This is going to be epic! I cant beleive Peter made this vid!!!! OMG OMG OMG! I cannot wait , I am gonna visit this site 24/7!!!!

  28. That video made me very happy. Its truly good to be back among old friends.

  29. I completely immersed myself in the world of the LOTR movies. I’ve watched both them and the attendant special features so many times that it all became very familiar. Watching this video, seeing so many familiar faces and hearing so many familiar voices, well… it felt like coming home. The Hobbit is in good hands. I can’t wait to see it.

  30. It’s soooo amazing. I think LOTR – is the best movie of all time.

    Please do not rush. Use all available time to make THE HOBBIT true modern masterpiece. And good luck!

  31. I freaked out when I saw Rivendell and Bag End rebuilt…and then nearly had a heart attack when I saw Bilbo finding the ring at the end. Wow. They really ARE making this movie, aren’t they?

  32. Gods, I have waited for this since I heard they were making the LotR.

    I am crying just seeing this. After spending days for premier tickets and following the work for years online for the other movies.

    Thank you guys for making these films. Thank you, Thank you, thank you all.

  33. How very fitting that the vlog ends with JRRT’s starting words on a blank piece of assignment paper: “In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit”.

    Good luck with the film!!!


  35. Tino Di Pietro says:

    The Hobbit Journey starts now! The Middle Earth Family all over the world is with you for the next years! All the best for you, guys! Tino from Germany

  36. Chuck Sherwood says:

    *says the following like Napoleon Dynamite*

    SWEET! This is just friggin’ AWESOME! It’s..INCREDIBLE.

    Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more of these things…we fans love ’em.

  37. I realise that this was not the main point of the video, but I just spent ten minutes weeping after watching the welcoming ceremony and blessing of the space/sound stage. To me, this is about basic respect and right-relationship with the land and all those that dwell within, upon and around it. I wanted to thank you for observing this custom and for sharing it with us. I have no doubt that it lends power to your work individually and collectively. I follow the beliefs of my far ancestors, but live in a place where it is unsafe to do so openly. There is a certain healing to seeing others do so. Thank you for that.

  38. Penny (Netherlands) says:

    Tears in my eyes and goose bumps all over while I was watching… the magic of LotR is back! The story of The Hobbit is in the best hands possible…

    I’m sure it will be a magical experience making the film, good luck to everyone who is making it possible the Hobbit will be on screen!

    • Doogansquest says:

      I totally agree. Watching those clips from the Fellowship, as well as seeing the old sets resurrected gave me goosebumps. I can’t wait to go back to Peter Jackson’s vision for Middle Earth.

      I’m excited to fall in love with Middle Earth all over again!!!!

  39. I am he as I am me and I am all together:
    Relax, Peter knows what he is doing. All will be well. In fact, all will be fantastic!

  40. I don’t have facebook. I am disappointed Peter Jackson.

  41. So , the epic adventure begins…maybe the movie will be epic too lol jk , we know it will , just cant wait for the next vlog.

  42. Chaz Harris says:

    this sums this video up for me this week:

    a light for me in dark places when all other lights had gone out.

  43. Halldór Áskell Stefánsson says:

    This will surely shorten the wait for us while we sit at home and wonder how well you guys are doing!

    Fantastic Idea!

  44. Very interesting to see how the film is being made and look forward to seeing how the film progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Maori ceremony and RA’s response in Maori. Hope that all enjoy filming as much as we are enjoying seeing the video and look forward to the next one. What happened to the beard RA?

  45. Rex Hudson says:

    This is a story of long ago in the quiet of the world when one could enjoy some really good pipe weed and a story about Gandalf. Gandalf! If you had heard a thing or two about him, and I’ve only heard a little, then you would be prepared for any sort of remarkable tale on this Midsummer’s Eve.

    Sorry! But an adventure of this sort is exactly what we want, thank you.

  46. GillGalad says:

    How often will these videos be released?

  47. Barb Powell says:

    Did I really just read that somebody thinks Hugo Weaving is old???? Hugo Weaving is not old! Goodness!! He may not be 25, but he’s not old, and he certainly is not too old to play Elrond! I can’t imagine that he’s not in talks to reprise Elrond Half-Elven.

  48. I certainly can’t wait to meet Beorn! (Though many many years ago I couldn’t wait to meet Tom Bombadil – ack!)

    The video was really exciting to see – I even watched all three of the LOTR movies again just to be amongst everyone. Something about the Shire scenes and “Concerning Hobbits” playing tugs something in me so very deeply 🙂 I’m sure a lot of you feel the same.

    Not a fan of many 3d films though – you know, they actually seem LESS realistic and more comic-book to me even though they are “three-dimensional” – a funny contradiction I suppose! :p

  49. I’m so anxious to watch this new film! Thanks Peter for keeping us informed!

  50. Shoshanna says:

    Beautiful video, beautiful ceremony!!! Thank you, Peter Jackson & everyone for investing your lives in this…it will be a treasure forever!!! I must agree with some though, I wish it were not being made in 3D. Long live The Hobbit!!!

  51. The Fascinated says:

    Dear Mr. Jackson, Cast & Crew,

    Your way and your work are a bright inspiration to us all; creative intelligence such are yours is a rare gift, seeing it in action all over again, well, “precious” doesn’t cover it. 😉

    We *hope* this little diddy of ours might reach your ears, pointed or not, and that it will give you a slight smile in return.


    The Fascinated

  52. Laith Shanshal says:

    i wonder if Beorn will be in the movie or will he be removed from the story i hope he stays

  53. I think the last movie, that was that big since LOTR was LOTR ;o)

    I was watching the Making Of of LOTR this time and heard about the first Video Blog – and freaked out!
    I’m am very happy and I wish you all the best, there could be. I don’t know, if the responsebles are reading this (including that this is awfull english from germany *g*), but seeing the Making Of again and family atmosphere, was so beautiful!
    And NOW this will happen again! No, it HAPPENS!
    I think this movie will be another pearl among all movies of history. And not, because the people, who are working on this picture are well disciplinated. No, because, they will do it with love and passion – and that ist, what we saw in Lord of the Rings – and this will return in The little Hobbit!

    In LOTR was a time jump, when Bilbo left Hobbiton (Hobbingen) of a couple of years, before Frodo went on his journy. I was wondering, why Elijah is in the cast … some sort of future-flash or backflash? So I hope the older Bilbo Ian Holm also will have a little cameo…

    Anyway – I wish you all the best – you will di it right, if there is this love and passion again.

    Thank you, that it begins … not to say … “And so it begins …” ;o)

    Greetings from old germany from a region, that looks like the Shire ;o)

  54. Hey,
    Being a non-facebook-user, is there some non-facebook-y way I can follow these blogs?

  55. Ontario Jake says:

    …would be really great if you could use the reconstituted Hobbiton sets to film ‘the scouring of the shire’. Might not ever get another chance to capture LOTR most satisfying moment. Probably make for a great wrap party too..

  56. Greetings from Russia, we are very wait the hobbit and glad that the shooting started, good luck with the film.

  57. Emily L. says:

    This was amazing, and like so many others have said, I was in tears as well. Thanks, Peter, for making this film for us- and thank you for casting Richard Armitage as Thorin. One of my very favorite actors and seeing him associated with my favorite films of all time is a pure joy.

    All the best!

  58. Now I am exited again.

    This universe never leaves me.

    It’s another visit to best side of myself, my imagination.

    The old ones, hope you dont try to replicate the experience, and the new ones, hope you will do your own thing.

    Good luck to Peter and all others.

  59. At the end of the video there, was the Martin would did the voice over line? Because that was a brilliant read.

  60. Jonathon says:

    I have been watching this video over and over and over agian!
    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!
    Peter you are one of my all time favorite people in the movie buisness. You are so AWESOME! I have been dreaming about this movie for YEARS! I can’t believe you’ve started working on it!!

  61. Can`t wait to see it ! 🙂

  62. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to watch more of these. Great to see a bunch of class English actors in the cast. Really Rate both Martin Freeman, and Richard Armitage.

    Having had the oportunity to Visit New Zealand, and experience some of the awesome filming locations. Its going to be magical!

  63. Gustavo says:

    This is amazing!!! I can´t wait!!! Im Brazilian and here everybody like this wonderfull history!!!
    My dream is be on the set!!!!!!
    Tranks Peter Jackson,and sorry my english!!!

  64. kurdistan says:

    great video and great film

  65. anyone know a way to get a job in the movie?
    Camera PA?
    Assistant Director?…hahaha…that last one was a joke. and probably Camera PA is a joke too to some of you reading this (=

  66. All the Best to Peter Jackson and Team To give wonderful adventure Lord of the Rings

  67. All the Best to Peter Jackson and Team To give wonderful adventure like Lord of the Rings

  68. Great video, visited Hobbiton set at Matamata a couple of months ago, it’s great, really looking forward to Hobbit and as an extra bonus who’d have thought Aidan Turner would still be completely gorgeous even with short hair and a beard !!! Go Kili !!!

  69. It’s like a real time Blue Ray extra! AWESOME!

    Less than a decade and all of this tugs at my nostalgic heart strings. Thank you WingNut and Weta for coming back to the franchise and I am sure doing it it wonderfully!!

  70. Hey!

    I’m really excited for the Hobbit but I was wondering if you guys could subtitle the blog videos because I am deaf and I’d love to know what is actually being talked about. Thank you 🙂


    • One quick thing you can try is use YouTube’s transcription capability… look for the CC symbol in the bottom right corner of videos where available. The translation is not perfect, but it’s not bad. (If you’ve not seeing the symbol, you may need to go into your YouTube account settings and check “always show automatic captions.”)

      • Thanks for the suggestion. They are pretty horrible but I appreciate the reply regardless.

        • Yea I just tried the CC for the youtube version of the video and for the majority of the subtitles, it’s complete crap. Hopefully they consider doing their own for next time.

  71. Awesome!

    More videos please!

  72. i love it when my brothers talk about it. it sounds really cool.

  73. Martinchom says:

    Awesome!!!!! I’m from Venezuela and I can’t wait for the Films…
    thanks for make the begining of the most fantastic history ever made.

  74. Hehehehehe!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait! Keep the video coming! Sheesh, I’m such a geek!

  75. we look forward to… your labor health

  76. WillVan says:

    The voice of the dragon should be done by someone that has an evil sounding voice. I recomend James Earl Jones.

  77. I’m SO EXITING!! It is like a dream come true. I would give anything to be part of it. Maybe someday I will be a part of some amazing project like this one. Good luck Peter and everyone! Hope the journey will be fast and easy

  78. small and curious says:

    I started my love of ‘all things tolkien’ aged about 8, i had a shitty childhood and the hobbit was the 1 place i could lose myself in a imaginary phantasy world, i kept reading it over n over, not even aware of the lotr’s…imagine the feeling of discovering a whole new series of middle earth but More ‘grown up’ so to speak-like i was….then as most tolKien lovers i moved on to the silmarlion and so on..il stop rambling/boring you all and get to my point =P
    dont get me wrong P.J and team done an excellent job recreating tolkiens world but, i find there were 2 many dicrepencies* and things (important parts) just missing-i wont go into them all as you all probablly know, but the 1 part which to me was….unforgivable almost was leaving saruman in orthanc and ending the film with the destruction of the ring,totally dismissing tolkiens ending..-the hobbits returning home 2 their land ruled by saruman and grima and grima losing it cutting his masters throut-oh as for Hugo, i thought he was a great Elrond but i cant get the thought of him as Agent Smith (the matrix)out of my head..he even speaks in the same monotone,you could imagine him saying ‘the ring…..mr anderson'(in agent smiths voice)heheh makes me chuckle thinkin about it..anyhooo on the whole i still love them,i still have the cartoon vsn but that finishes at the end of the 2 towers, and put the return of the king into a 1min narrative to finish, (apparently they ran out of funds)hahah….BRING ON THE HOBBIT I CANT WAIT

  79. Svartmetall says:

    *rant on*
    It would be nice if future video blogs like this were hosted here, not on bloody Facebook. FB fans seem unable to realise that a lot of people don’t like, and have no intention of being forced to sign up for, such a security nightmare of a site. Keep the videos autonomously hosted here, and keep Failbook out of the equation!
    *rant off*

    That said, the vid itself (watched on YouTube) is great, and leaves me itching for the film itself 🙂

  80. Good luck, Peter Jackson. With this video, I feel a lot more confident about The Hobbit hitting the big screen. Hoepfully, the movie will be as awesome and stunningly amazingsome as was the book.

  81. BIG FAN says:

    i can’t wait for this movie….i’ve watched lotr so many times that i know every single thing they say

    the film is the best!!!!

    i can’t wait for hobbit…go go go !!!!!!

    • BIG FAN says:

      btw …what are we going to do when both hobbit are out

      no more epic movies?

      no more PJ perfect production?


      • They are analyzing the Silmarilion and figuring out how to do it. (3 films, 5 films, etc.) Not Jackson but the studio.

        • BIG FAN says:

          lol …that’s going to be ENORMOUS !

          thanks for the info

          but what do you mean…new line cinema is going to make this without Jackson?

        • There are so many stories in the Silmarillion – plenty of separate films. There are also plenty of good stories in the Unfinished Tales.

  82. Oh I loved this video. I’m so excited. I wanna see the movie! <3

  83. Can’t wait !!

  84. old man now says:

    first read it when i was 17..55 now…i am excited

  85. Tinytacohead says:

    Woohoo, I just heard about these two movies after hopping around random sites & topics.. I can’t wait! They also means I’ll have awesome “Christmas movies” to see with the family while visiting the next two years. 🙂

  86. William Sommerwerck says:

    I hear that these films are being shot at 48fps, and will be projected at that speed.

    Is Mr Jackson aware that increasing the frame rate causes film to start looking like video? This has been known for quite some time, and not much of an increase is needed — 30fps is enough.

    • I am sure Peter Jackson IS aware of your percieved problems – but hey – he has only been making films since he was a teenager!

  87. Somewhere says:

    I can’t wait for the film. So excited.

  88. I watch this video (already 10th times) and think….. It will be great! Я верю в это!( on Russian)=)))

  89. i love hobbit & GANDALF THE GERAY

  90. oh my god !

    i can’t wait to watch this monvie
    i am 21 years old now , i think i’ve been watching the lord of the rings thousands of times again and again during the past 5 years
    i am dying for this one
    thank u peter u have lots of fans all around iran


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