Mar 4, 2015

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The Battle of the Five Armies on Digital HD today

  1. I know and I want it but I’m gonna wait another few weeks! Oh the torture!!! 😀 Cannot wait to watch it a billion zillion times!!!

  2. Only a week left you guys!!! A week until the DVD and Blu-ray are out for purchase! I’m gonna try my best to get it on the day. 🙂 Cannot wait for this! I shall memorize it within the first three days of owning a copy. 😀 No doubt about that!! Thanks so much Peter and Co., I owe a lot to you guys for making these films! Lots of love from Rosie <3

  3. Morwenn says:

    Honestly, sorry, but it wasn’t so great… As I am sure it could be so WHEN DO WE GET THE EE?

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