Jul 27, 2014

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The Hobbit Fan Fellowship Contest

From Peter Jackson, via his Facebook page: As a big ‘thank you’ for your amazing support over the years, all of us who have worked on The Hobbit and The Lord Rings trilogies want to give you the chance to come and see the place they were made for yourself. We invite you to enter for the chance to visit my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand and to watch the first official screening of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with me. You can find out more, and register for updates, at TheHobbitFanContest.com. Hope to see you here! Cheers!

  1. Earthalovesthehobbit says:


  2. How can you enter? 🙁 I hope I will get this chance, it would be the first actual HOBBIT thing i went to. I have not been able to win or attend anything else. Please don’t pity me though. Seriously. Don’t. I will have my chance someday.

  3. Siris Darkstone says:

    I have been wanting to go for the last two years I am entering the first day I can

  4. I have the same problem 🙁 hope we all can 🙁

  5. Can people all around the world enter?!

  6. Ever since I was eight years.old I’ve wanted to live in New Zealand . That was 52 years ago. it broke my heart to hear of this contest because i know I would never win even if I entered …life goes on. for the ones that win have a great time!

    • You shouldn’t think of it that way.You don’t even know yet what you have to do to win. Everyone has a chance so you should enter! Hope to see u in New Zealand!

    • Same here! Be Hopeful. You never know if your name will be picked or not. I honestly just wish more of these opportunities were available so that more of us could live our dream. Good luck to you and all who enter! Blessings!

  7. Correction 48 years ago not 52 …hate math

  8. Heartfelt says:

    So excited about the final Hobbit movie. Hoping that the theaters will do all three extended versions together like they did for the LotR trilogy (I still cherish the film clip they gave me… I got Treebeard! So amazingly appropriate). It should be an annual event in New Zealand like the Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Germany… All three Hobbit movies followed by all three LotR movies with breaks between for food. I would definitely do it!

  9. i really hope i win i have been a fan of peter jackson since i was about 6 years old this means so much to me how do u register and enter i will do enything for one chance to win eny

  10. who know s how to register plzz tell me or how to enter this is the most pressus thing to me i am gunna do all i can to win if i dont i will literal feel crushed inside me

  11. Scrapbasket says:

    Would be awesome to win this, and experience the world first hand. would be so awesome

  12. Does anyone know what date this premiere will take place?

  13. Okay, just summing it all up for everyone: the contest opens on August 25th. Can’t wait till then? No worries, you can check up on it by visiting The Hobbit Facebook page or The Hobbit Fan Contest.com. Good luck to everyone!!! I sure know I’m excited about it.

  14. Just want to wish the best of luck to all those who will be applying on the 25th aswell as myself. May the best dwarf win.

  15. Heather says:

    Hello I love The Hobbit, ever since I watched the first movie it has made my life more exciting and adventurous. All I ever want to do is go to New Zealand to make my life a adventure!

    -Good Luck to all who wants to win as well as myself


  16. How do you enter The Hobbit competition?????? And When do you enter? Please reply!

    BTW I LOVE The Hobbit!!!

  17. I am coming home to Wellington after being away for 4 years. I can still remember the world premier of The Two Towers. It was OSUM!!! I hope i can be a part of the first private screen of the last Hobbit movie during my short trip back to Wellington.

    Can’t wait for it!!

  18. Is it for 2 people or 1? My mom and i are going to enter but want t bring each other if we win.

  19. I am all set and ready……and excited ……and thrilled …….and just can’t wait for 17 dec to come…..Be it there in New Zealand… or here at home.I will go and watch the movie….And by the way awesome trailer……………

  20. Legolas And Tauriel says:

    OMG I SO WANT TO GO i love the hobbit and its my whole life i watched the films when i was 5 years old i read the trilogy when i was 8 and the hobbit also i so love the movies and i know all the actors i have posters pictures all books and art illustrations and tauriels daggers and omgosh i will do anything you ask me i will pay how much you ask please i so want to :'( </3 <3 Im so wating for August 25th!!!!!!!!

  21. My bday is coming up (15th) what a WONDERFUL gift it would be!

  22. Dear Mr Jackson
    LOR And the Hobbits have a lot of fans in Iran but there was no sign of Iran in the list of the countries.
    I am so disappointed. I hope It would be an honest mistake because I Extremely want to participate and take my chances.

  23. OMG …I m waiting for hobbit…My birthday on 25 august what a wonderful gift for me hope i will win the contest …Waiting for Hobbit …:-)

  24. My birthday is in November 😀 Getting to be in NZ watching the Hobbit with Peter Jackson…Would be the all time BEST PRESENT EVER!!!! That is my birthday wish and hope with all my might it comes true!!!!

  25. Hey Lord of the Rings fans! Check out “Gollum’s Song” the new video from one-man a cappella vocalist Peter Hollens.


  26. Beverley McAdam says:

    Wow what a chance this would be! I first read the hobbit at Junior school and I am 50 in September. I’ve always had a healthy imagination but Peter Jackson has exceeded my imagination and expectations with his films. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that I’ll get lucky when I enter.

  27. hey guyz this gonna be..big opprtunity for hobbit fans…………and i salute ur imagination, thinking, ideas peter sir that makes a viewer totally mad about movie… and personally when i saw ur movie …i want to enter in the movie thewre…………………its gr8888888888888888888….imagination….i alsogoing to write a gr8 storyyy….lyk thisssssss

  28. owww Thats what i am Tolkien about! I am so excited for this!!! Good luck t you all and maybe see you in New Zealand!

  29. Wait, so it said the contest would open on the 25th of August, but from a post on the One Ring it sounded like they already awarded the winners…I don’t quite understand…so we were steered wrong? 🙁 The fans were awarded at Comic Con? Well I’ll check on the website about entering the contest and seeing if its over. I honestly hope i didn’t just miss out on my one chance to go to middle-earth.

  30. i love the hobbit movies so very very much i love all of the actors and my brothers name is peter

  31. i want to see the last movie of the hobbit movies it would be my greatest dream ever i also have a disability so i hope i can still win and get to be with peter Jackson

  32. I hope to win! I have lawys been a fan since the beginning. Reading the books and watching the movies will make this awesome a,

  33. Oh my god! I’m hoping so much that i can be a part of this! I love peter Jacksons work
    I watch the hobbit almost every day in the evening beacause it just makes me happy.
    I haven’t got enough money to go to new Zealand and my only Chance to go there is this contest.
    I really hope win and i wish all the best luck to the other big fans out there!

  34. I have read the hobbit and The Lord of the rings many yes and watched the film’s millions of times and to see the final film with the creator would be a dream

  35. It is already 25/8,but how do you register for the contest?????! Onmy computer, the page does not give me any instructions on how to enter the competition?? Help!

  36. So today’s the 25th, but i still can’t enter. Does the competition open at a specific time??

  37. I think todays the day of The HobbiT Fan Contest!
    although I cant seem to enter as on Thehobbitfancontest.com it doesn’t say anything about entering.

    Can someone please help me out? I will be very thankful!


  38. Yeah nothing happened yet.I registered, but i didn’t get an e-mail or something.and there’s also nothing new on the Facebook page.I’d really like to enter but I don’t know how

  39. I can’t register! I don’t have any idea about how to enter the contest, but there’s an empty space on top of the page, maybe it means something cause it wasn’t there before

  40. I can’t register! I don’t have any idea about how to enter the contest, but there’s an empty space on top of the page, maybe it means something cause it wasn’t there before..

  41. I can’t even register yet, i click on the register now button but nothing happens, i just get redirected to the exact same page but i can’t scroll down… -_-

    • exactly and I really so badly want to win this as i’m sure all fans of the hobbit do! I’ve clicked on the register button and nothing happens so I don’t think I’m registered. It’s so frustrating because I would like at least the chance to enter 🙁 I waited for august 25 hoping this would be my chance

    • Mirkwoodlady says:

      Same here.. Hope soon we’ll know something!

  42. Dear Jackson and the whole crew of LOTR and The Hobbit

    First of, I want to thank you guys for creating such a wonderful book into a much more wonderful movie. All my respect goes to you dear sirs and ma’ams. The trilogies gave me inspiration to join and hope of winning the contest though I know, like every other fan here has only .99% chance of winning. But can I just ask, when will the notifications through email come? In my country here in the Philippines it is already the 25th, I’m not rushing you guys cuz I know you’re al too busy, I was just eondering. Anyway, thanks again for everything 🙂

    From a Die hard fan, Jessica

    P.S. Do you hage any battle of the five armies poster featuring Thranduil? :3 I love him. Thanks again.

  43. AnironEndor says:

    ;( So upsetting it’s only open to over 18s… I would surrender my left arm to go on this trip… I’m sure that there’s some amazing and perfectly justified legal reason as to why this is, but it’s annoying all the same… If they would consider bending the rules a little, that would make me the happiest person alive…

    • Can’t believe it is for over 18s only!!! Everyone should have an equal chance of winning no matter what age. They are also looking for the biggest fans, but how would they know who the biggest fans are if such a huge section of fans don’t have the opportunity to show just how much they love Tolkien’s Middle Earth 🙁

    • I’m not 18 too.i’m so sad.i thought that if i bring my father with me it’s okay.threre are so many hobbit fans who aren’t 18.i thought that my chance to win is pretty small, but i didn’t think that i can’t even enter 🙁

  44. I am so upset! as i am not able to enter the contest:( as i am not over 18 and i dont want to lie about my age…

    Good Luck to all who are 18 or over who can enter:/


  45. Guys, what’s wrong with the link??? Have been trying to enter the comp for days and all I see is the web address and a blank page.

  46. All you LOTR fans NEED to see this amazing tshirt design! https://www.threadless.com/designs/lord-of-the-ring-2

  47. Man I so want to be apart of this. I LOVE all of the books/movies,but I’m only 16 so I don’t think I can enter. It just makes me sad that this is the end and I will never have an opportunity to do something like this ever again.

  48. At first, when I heard of this contest, I knew that there would be no chance that I could ever win BUT then I thought I don’t want to find myself at 60 watching “The Hobbit” and thinking “I had a chance to see Hobbiton and all of my other mythical dreams come to life and I didn’t even try.” So I entered and am giving it my all. I can say that at least. Thank you for the opportunity to let me grab at a chance to visit a place (Middle Earth) that highly molded my life as well as all the other fans who hold “The Hobbit” near and dear. Good luck to all who enter. Everyone wins at the end because we get the awesome finale to a saga over a decade old.

  49. I submitted my video 2 days ago. Now I’m sitting on pins and needles! What a great idea this was! http://youtu.be/jaAsxz4K3W4

  50. Check out the You Tube entry on for Cam and Rachel Hardy – it’s awesome! There is also a recording of Rachel singing “I See Fire” on their You Tube Channel.

  51. schon wo ich denn ersten herr dre ringe alss kind mir ungefär 100 mall angescheut habe da wuste ich schon das das mein traum war die pesonen die an diesen film arbeiten mall in mein leben zu sehen und zu sagen das ich mich für diese guten filme nur bedanken kann wiel ihr habt mein leben verändet, von den punkt an wolte ich schonn
    immer mit filmen arbeiten
    Andre Bohm

  52. schon aleine wegen peter jackson mein vorbild ist das schon uber eine ehre

  53. Hey Hobbit fans from all over the world… Check out my video for the contest (in French as required… )
    I had so much fun doing this. I would love to be one of the fans selected to go to NZ and visit the movie sets!!!


  54. am i still eligible to take part in the contest ? i have a passport and i am 18 and i am from india.

  55. GiuliaFlower says:

    Dear Mr. Peter Jackson,
    I know it’s Christmas Eve and you’ll probably not read this message, but I don’t care. It’s Christmas and I need to thank two people: my dad and YOU. 
My dad used to read me Lord of the Rings when I was little, I remember that I waited eagerly all day the moment of going to bed, because my dad continued to told me the story of the hobbits and the fellowship. Then I grew up, and once in a while, often when Christmas came, I read (again) the book of my childhood. Then you came, well, your movies did. They came out. Me and my dad, at Christmas, we usually went to the theatre to see every chapter of the story, every year. We didn’t have a lot of money, but your movies became our Christmas tradition. It was my gift from my father, going to see at the cinema, and I didn’t want anything else. Every Christmas Eve we used to see LOTR at the cinema. It was special, it was our special moment, It was like returning a child and share a special bond with my father. 
Then Life came and, at the decisive question: “ What you want to do when you grow up?”, I knew exactly how to reply, because I saw all the special edition, behind the scene of LOTR and It changed my life. From that moment I knew what I wanted to be, I wanted to work in the movie industry. At first my father and my mother gasped! They wanted her daughter to be a doctor or a lawyer, then I looked in my father’s eyes and he wasn’t surprised at all. He told me to believe in my dreams, to never let go my imagination, which is a very precious gift. And I did, I graduated and now I’m studying far away from home to take my Master in Television, Cinema and New Media. I know what I want to be, even if It’s hard and It’ll take time, but I’m ready to give it go. I want to be a filmaker. So I own you a big, capital letters, Thank You! LOTR changed my life. Now I’m coming home for Christmas, because me and my father have a special appointment… we are going to see the last Hobbit movie on Christmas Eve. And It’s sad that is going to be out last time, but It was an incredible journey, as it was my life so far. Thank you for giving me the strength to pursue my dreams. Thank you for an incredible job you and all your crew did in these years. Thank you for showing how beautiful it is creating magic, and let the audience forget about their lives for a couple of hours. 
Again, Thank you.

    In Italy it’s almost Christmas so I wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones.

    Best regards,

    Giulia F.

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