Dec 9, 2014

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The Hobbit Fan Fellowship Says “Thank You”

Is there anything better than a Hobbit-LOTR fan? We don’t think so…

  1. ThorinOakshield says:

    I just sold both my old Hobbit DVDs because I absolutely needed space in my appartment 🙁 I am so sad… Loved thos movies. When I move something bigger I definitely will buy a collectors box or something again 🙂

    • Your apartment is so small that you absolutely can’t fit 2 more DVD’s in it? lol

    • Jennifer Collins says:

      Yes, I know it is very sad. I feel very emotional too. I’m waiting for my new “The Hobbit 3” DVD soon. I’m patient. I don’t know what day it is. I don’t know yet. I’m Jennifer.


  2. Congrats again to the The Hobbit Fan Fellowship!!!

  3. A solemn yet strange day, perpetuating with mixed feelings. Goodbye middle earth. After almost 15 years, a part of me ceases to exist and rests in immortality.

    Thank you Peter Jackson and Team (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) from the bottom of my heart.

    • Yashesh, I feel exactly the same…as I sat in the theatre I felt my eyes mist with tears I will miss Middle Earth – its been an amazing journey!

      • Joyce, from the time when we first watched LOTR 1 in a neighboring uncle’s VCR – I remember our dropped jaws when the film ended with Frodo and Sam looking into Mordor territory. We all exclaimed in Hindi “YEH KYA HUA” (What the…) Of course, those were not the days of frequent sequels for us – to the long wait for LOTR 2 (reading all the books in-between) to this epic moment…

        Can’t quite explain how I felt when the realization of the conclusion of this saga dawned on me. I was somewhat heavyhearted to leave the theater; joyous at the same time. Alas! I was in India, not in New Zealand or some beautiful Hobbiton country where I could have been with the like-minded lovers of middle earth and understood my feelings better.

        Good to know someone else felt the way I did!

  4. I got a late start in getting into the Lord of the Rings. I had been around it my whole life, having an older brother and a few cousins loving the trilogy, but I didn’t really watch the movies until probably middle school. I am a senior in high school now, and I am completely in love with these movies. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies have inspired me as an artist. I loved watching the Appendices in the extended edition movies. I have already planned out my second semester in my art class. These ideas include; sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc. I even plan on constructing life-sized warriors or even a cave troll. (The cave troll, of course, wouldn’t be perfectly life-sized, but close.) I just absolutely love everything about these films. Nothing can compare.

  5. This is really an awesome movie. Every detail has been thought of, even the additional traffic of the construction workers. Great effort guys

    Really,the good one. Everyone will appreciate this. Thanks for this amazing post.

  6. Great movie indeed. *thumbs up*

  7. Jennifer Collins says:

    I think “The Hobbit” casts and crews have a wonderful job on their movie.


  8. Jason Simpson says:

    Just another Hobbit/LOTR fan here wanting to share a short film our family made in honor of the movies we love so much. Hope you enjoy!

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