Aug 22, 2013

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THE HOBBIT on Tumblr

We’re seeing a lot of great fan Tumblrs featuring THE HOBBIT. Check them out, here:

The Hobbit on Tumblr

  1. This is kinda cool, I don’t have Tumblr though

  2. OMFG guys our whole fandom just got a shoutout

  3. Peter Jackson, can you make The Lightning Thief movie about Percy Jackson? I know that there is already a movie on that, but I hated it because they went totally off the book and after seeing the Lord of the Rngs and The Hobbit, I know that you would follow the books. Would you please make this movie?

    • Claracaboodle says:

      That would be awesome!

    • I defiantly would trust Peter to do more justice to the books than the other people that made the Percy Jackson film.

      • I know, I don’t like it at all. I have only seen Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, though they have made the sea of monsters, and I only read the summary of the sea of monsters and I hate it already. Don’t get me wrong, the actors are great. It’s just the script is not so great.

  4. It would be amazing if you do that peter jackson

  5. Peter Jackson,
    I am not posting this about any specific thing on this website, but just for future reference, I would like to inform you of your mistake. In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, you may or may not have noticed what you did with the sign Gandalf carved into Bilbo’s door. I can read and write in dwarf runes, and I would like you to know that that was actually the letter F, which is not a very appealing letter to find grafittied on your front door. Just FYI.

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  8. Mr. Jackson, your work is awesome! Keep up with just the way you are doing it, no matter what the critics say. If possible, it would really be nice to see Viggo Mortenson, Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom make some appearances in the movies. After all, being the characters they are (Aragorn, Arwen and Legalos) and having the life spans they would have, wouldn’t that be possible? Anyway, it’s worth a thought. They were my favorite characters, along with Frodo and Gandalf, and probably most of the others. ;-))

  9. Its been a really long time since any updates have shown up on this blog. I REALLY HOPE that something new shows up soon!!!!! I know you guys are busy, but all us fans would love to see a new production video or something.

  10. You know what I think would be awesome in the films? if at one point, Bilbo says: “It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off too.”

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  15. Please do another update. I am so excited about the second part of the Hobbit coming out. Please update the blog and the IOS app.

    • YES! Please post something. You have not posted anything for over a month!

      • Steve McQueen says:

        Theres a brand new trailer coming out 1st October 9am ET/ 1pm GMT. So hopefully they might release a new video blog not too long after the trailer is released.
        Fingers crossed they release a new blog very soon.

  16. There hasn’t been a production blog in like FOREVER, I think I’m suffering from withdrawal… And Mr. Jackson, why doesn’t this movie have a Google+? Just wondering

  17. Dear Mr Jackson,
    Could you add this song as a bonus track on the next audio album for the desolation of smaug.

    THE HOBBIT Soundtrack – Eagle Rescue Theme


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