Jun 12, 2013

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Teaser Trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is now live… Enjoy!

  1. Zlykrysiak says:


    • Outstanding , cannot wait for The Hobbit to come out ,looks brilliant tto this Scotsman anyway ,cheers to the whole cast and Mr.Peter Jackson.

      • Фильм прекрасен!Как жизнь!Советую посмотреть всем,ведь ты окунаешься в приключения!Я вот собираюсь посмотреть в 3D,это будет что-то!Питер Джексон молодец!И большое спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в создании фильма,ведь это неоценимый труд!А также хочу поблагодарить отдельно композитора Говарда Шора!Его музыка придавала и будет придавать изюминку в фильмах,ведь надо вслушиваться в музыку,и тогда поймешь какая прекрасная жизнь!…..И я желаю удачи Питеру в создании фильмов!Жду новую часть “Хоббит: Пустошь Смауга”.

    • Outstanding , cannot wait for The Hobbit to come out ,looks brilliant to this Scotsman anyway ,cheers to the whole cast and Mr.Peter Jackson.Slange. It’s a bro bricht moon licht night tad night.

    • Outstanding , cannot wait for The Hobbit to come out ,looks brilliant to this Scotsman anyway ,cheers to the whole cast and Mr.Peter Jackson.Slange. It’s a bro bricht moon licht nicht tae nicht

  2. Shut up and take my money!

  3. this Music theme aint sound very “middleearthish”

    • A lot of what people think Peter and the team made up, actually isn’t. JRR Tolkien wrote The Simarillion after lotr and it describes a lot of what was going on elsewhere in middle earth at the same time. So its reasonably factual.

      • Actually he wrote the Silmarillion first, he began it during WWI. Then he wrote The Hobbit in the 30’s, and LOTR during and after WWII. He couldn’t get the Silmarillion published during his lifetime, but it is by far the oldest part of his Middle-earth writing.

        But you are right that the background material in the Hobbit movies is not invented out of thin air – it is from Tolkien’s other writings and fills in the bigger picture while the Hobbit story essentially zooms in on Bilbo and the Erebor quest.

  4. sargey26 says:

    Evangeline Lilly with an English accent.

    I’m sold.

  5. LOTRCRAZY! says:


  6. I love peter’s movies just as much as anyone. I was so excited for today, I can’t even express it. Since this is the comment section I guess I’ll comment, and hopefully I don’t make too many enemies in the process. I know its just a teaser trailer, and there will be plenty more to come. All that being said…I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed? It’s just been so long since we’ve heard anything, and I guess if i’m just being honest, it wasn’t really what I expected. The whole situation with Legolas and this new created Elf is already bugging me. I hope it’s not as central to the story as this trailer makes it out to be. A lot of screen time here is spent showing two characters who aren’t supposed to be there (yes, i know.. i know.) I mean, believe me, I don’t want to hate, i want to love! It’s just like… where was Beorn? Couldn’t we have gotten a glimpse of that? We got A LOT of Legolas and Evangeline Lilly’s Character, but kinda a blur of everything else. I don’t know. I guess if your reading this you can imagine i’m still sitting here scratching my chin. I can’t wait to see this movie, and it is just a teaser. It’s just we’ve been waiting so long for something…I guess I was expecting something different. It’s Peter tho, I’m always in your corner man! I’m still with you!

    • Beorn is at 0:36

    • Nightbird says:


    • The Hobbit is a relativly small book to split three ways. It took some creative stretching to say the least. But thank goodness they did!!! Just got to disagree with some of the comments made. To say Legolas wasnt supposed to be there is completely incorrect. There is nothing say he wasn’t present in fact being the son of Thandrial there is good chance he was there. The character just hadnt been invented yet. There was a whole decade and world war between the hobbit and the lord of the rings. Peter Jackson is just adding dept that is lacking due to that, and the length of the original book. I also think that Tolkein would not disagree with a strong female elf charectar being added to that section of the book. The female LOTR fans dont have to much to cheer for in this set of movies! And dont worrie, I am sure Beorn will have his share of the glory. He does after all………

  7. Micah Wade says:

    Well knock me over with a feather. THAT IS AWESOME.

  8. SmaugLovers says:

    Smaug looks awesome! Very Cumberbatchy.

  9. NDur2TheEnd says:

    EPIC!!! Peter Jackson you have done it again. Save the date…December 13.

  10. Michael Patchett says:

    this one is deffently going to get an Award for the dragon and effects this time and Art the first movie should have one the Awards it was nominated for what a pitty really life of pie come on

    • Perhaps the dragon…but I still don’t think the white orc is particularly convincing.

      • LegolasPippin says:

        I agree. The white orc is not my favorite of characters… :/

        • Rivendell Elf says:

          I was really disappointed with the inclusion of the white orc in the first film – it just doesn’t seem like Tolkien. There is too much of a modern cliched fantasy feel in The Hobbit and too much CGI to feel like Middle Earth. LOTR was better, at the end of the day – more authentic feel, better script. I still can’t wait to watch this, though! I want to see the full barrel sequence and the elven kingdom. And loads of other parts.

  11. Did anyone see ‘Beorn’ somewhere?? So eagerly waiting to see him in action!
    I hope he is not given a snub…saw him in the casting alright.

  12. I’m in awe. After reading all the stuff I could find and stumbling upon the parts about creating Smaug – I must say his face actually resembles of Benedict Cumberbatch’s shapes, this is brilliant.

  13. Milo Boggy-Hillocks says:


  14. Milo Boggy-Hillocks says:

    white water barreling!,jumping through trees,falling into sword fights! sliding on gold coins!…
    middle earth is awesome!!!

  15. Grizzilmoss says:

    Finally, a good look at Smaug the Terrible!


  17. I read these books while in high school, another lifetime ago and can’t believe they have come to the screen in such detail! Let’s hear it for Peter Jackson!
    Beam me up Scotty- TO MIDDLE EARTH!

  18. Well, It looks awesome! I really can’t wait. I am a little worried about the added fluff (legolas and kate/super orc), I mean isn’t Beorn and Smaug interesting enough!? Legolas is cool, but if he comes and the expense of either of those main/real stories, I’ll be a little disappointed. Either way, I know I’ll love it. Keep dishing out content on this blog!

  19. Raphael says:

    Peter Jackson you are a genious sir! 6 months to go… 🙂

  20. Anyone notice smaug’s eyes are different?!

  21. Marcus Fermo says:

    Just amazing! Greatings from Brazil!

  22. Hey PJ! Do we really have to wait till December 13? Couldn’t you make an early release… hugh?

  23. HOBBIT FAN says:

    This looks awesome, and I am glad Peter Jackson was picked to be the directer.

  24. D. Handlesman says:

    Each time I watch this, I ask myself if I’m going to be okay with the changes Wingnut is making to the story for the movies. Each time, when I get to Smaug looking straight at Bilbo (which did not happen in the book) I resolve that question. Yep. I’m gonna be just fine with it. The book is the book and the movie is the movie. He can put “inspired by” on it or whatever, but I’m still watching this movie. This is our best bet for seeing it realized on the screen. It’s always helpful for teachers to have dead give-aways on movie-watched book reports anyways (“…then Legolas slides in and threatens the dwarves with an arrow…”).

  25. Not expecting anything like the book, so I’m really ready to enjoy it for what it is… a really fantastic movie adaptation of an ageless classic. Can’t wait!

  26. Here comes… Smaug!!!!!!!
    this is awsome, I mean, I’ve seen the Hobbit like 20 times, and every reference to the book, the trolls dialogs, and the general notion of beein inmersed in the middle earth, it’s a fantastic way of going into a beatiful place, and this trailer gets you there, In Peter Jackson we Trust!

  27. Smaug's Foe says:


  28. Very well, but … can I have a little more 🙂 🙂 :)not enought !

  29. hadrielia undomiel says:

    o my god, I just cried!

  30. Smaug looks incredible really some people say he looks like a t-rex What!!???
    He looks terrifying and i think this is The only way to make him to look terrifying beside t-rex and a dragon do look a like….awsome job Peter Jackson smaug couldnt look any better!!!!

    • Victory says:

      Have any of you watched Jurassic Park??
      Well that is the T-Rex from the movie when i first saw the trailer!!
      Well done!!!!!!

      • Some people think the references to dragons throughout history is really a reference to dinosaurs. They’re both big, reptillian and scary!

  31. incredible fantastic i watched 10 times today its great and wil ther be a trailer 2 ?? my question for the hobbit team

  32. If anyone has seen How to Train Your Dragon….Is it just me, or did smaug’s head look a little like a monstrous nightmare head?

  33. Victory says:

    Do not think i won´t kill you dwarf!!!
    hahaha =)
    had such a laugh watching this, wonder how the whole movie must be =)

  34. Just a thought... says:

    So, when I went to see the Hobbit: AUJ in theaters, I had so many thoughts about it that I swore I’d write it all down before I forgot. I never did. And I’ve been kicking myself since.

    So I watched the trailer last night, then layed awake for 2 hours.
    But these are my thoughts:

    0:06 They’re crossing over an icy river? So, I assume they somehow managed to get down the huge bear cliff? :p
    0:12 Very nice statue, and I like the zig-zag steps leading into it. (On the bottom right hand corner)
    0:15 Thorin has his sword down in reverseance (?) on the descrution of Dale. It’s very snowy, it wasn’t that way in the prolouge.
    0:18 the Elves leading the Company to Thranduil? Very nice background, although it looks like an oil painting.
    0:20 Thranduil has leaves and berries in his crown, :p Had no dea it was him narrating.
    0:23 Thorin is covered in spider webs (?)
    0:27 Lots of blue birds (?) Why? Trees are nice, but the shot reminds me of Bilbo when he’s in the burning pine tree, about to see Thorin decapitated.
    0:29 (LOVED this shot) The Elves are closing in on their prey, jumping and aiming from limb to limb. They looks like a lot of Tauriel/Robin Hood clones. :p
    0:32 Mirkwood…spooky…
    0:35 Very nice slide in there, Legolas, much like your adventure with the shield in Two Towers. Impressed that he actually draws a bow, there have been times in the past were it looks incredibly fake, he just pulls the string back and lets it fly. Very clean draw of the bow, nice battle armor, although no other Elf is wearing it. Is it in Mirkwood? Lots of spider webs. Ori had his sling shot drawn.
    0:38 I think Legolas has more eye makeup than Tauriel. :p And blue lips (?) The line reminded me of “I will kill you if you touch him!” Not sure why…
    0:40 Thorin and Kili, I think the only shot we see of him, fighting off the bear, who is HUGE by the way! Is that in the home with all the really big props? Bilbo draws sword, ready to kill again, he’s gettin the hang of it!
    0:43 Tauriel, looking rather haughtiliy into a jail cell (?) At Thorin maybe? Maybe they’ll have a converstaion?
    0:45 Didn’t our lovely Susan have a similar draw in PC? I think at the raid on Miraz.
    0:47 “Not our fight?” Sounds like he has a descion to make, and Tauriels nudging him along. He looks particularly older there.
    0:50 Looks like the scene we see in the first released image if Tauriel, wonder what she was shooting at? She looks alot better in motion, not so harsh as the image. She’s got a hood, and VERY pointing ears. Legolas has hardly a dent.
    0:51 What is Bilbo sliding into?
    0:57 A trap by whom? The same person who knew to send the warg scouts int AUJ? What in the name of Durin is going on? :p
    1:05 Eyebrows? Serioulsy?
    1:09 Elves kicking butt, in armour
    1:10 Azogs imporved, he looks more real.
    1:12 Little hobbit, with sword, covered in web, BIG spider.Not good.
    1:16 Who just opened what?
    1:19 Bard looks and sound just like O. Bloom. That’s weird.
    1:23 Thorins key was just about the go off the edge, he stepped on it just in time.
    1:24 Legolas in casual gard, another clean draw.
    1:26 LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot of Tauriel, and whats with the hermit about to asassinate Gandalf?
    1:29 and WHO is that freaky looking thing jumping off the cliff?
    1:29 Thorin decapitates the camera, while a smiling Kili looks on, bow in hand.
    1:38 “…was a dragon.” Best line in the trailer. Fabulous deliverey
    1:56 Yeah, I can kind see Cumberbatch in the face. Little eyes, long face. :p . Smaug looks okay, but it’s a little dark in that shot, you can’t see too much of him. The eye looks smaller than I thought it would be, and he sounds like a raptor from Jurassic Park. Although in JP, I think th T Rex was a bit scaryier than Smaug, inmho. And it’s supposed to be a dragon, not a dinosaur. But he looks pretty deadly, liking his chops. Now, just …speak. Please.

    Last thoughts: There’s alot of Elves, and a LOT of focus on Tauriel. Azog looks good, Smaug is okay. Thorin and Bilbo didn’t utter and peep, save Bilbos laugh. And we’ve got the Legolasses in one corner of the ring with the Armitage Army in another while still the Fili&Killi groupies are one with the Cumberpeople in another. Who will win the battle of the fangirls? It looks good. Real good. Better than the first. And we’ve only got 6 months left!Bravo.

    • Rivendell Elf says:

      I like your detail, I noticed Leggy’s make-up, but what about his freaky blue eyes? And Thranduil’s killer eyebrows? Love Gandalf’s delivery of “It’s undoubtedly a trap”, Sir Ian McKellen is still awesome. Beautiful tableau just before Legolas says, it’s not our fight – is that Lake Town? Love the dwarf scene when they hear the dragon, looking forward to seeing more of the dwarfs. – from a Fili groupie.

    • Reread “The Hobbit” for clues to 1:26 & 1:29, there is mention of the “hermit” and the freaky jumping thing hanging out with the Necromancer. If you freeze frame you’ll note the freaky hermit is one-eyed and likes to dress in red.

  35. LegolasPippin says:

    OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS ALREADY TIME TO START PREPARING FOR THE HOBBIT AGAIN!!! me and my cousins had so much fun dressing up as elves and hobbits for the premiere, I can’t wait to do it all over again!!! OH and is anyone else besides me really happy with how Tauriel turned out? When I first heard they were adding in a female elf I was like “oh no…..this is bad….” but I think Peter Jackson and Evangeline Lily have been able to make her a successful character! I can’t wait to see how she turns out in the movie!

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      I think that It is good add but…….really? It was unnecessary! I like Legolas wayyyyyyyy better!!!! 😀

  36. Love itt! It’s so exciting! &beautiful of course! Just 1 word: FANTASTIC! :DD

  37. alanathehobbit says:

    It’s gonna be a great movie! I’m so excited!! 😀 Beautiful!

  38. mixedfiction says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this yesterday! What was I doing to have missed it? Oh yes, I was in the cinemas watching Man Of Steel. 😛

    We finally get to see Smaug! Ooh, I’m so excited. What a teaser!
    So… Tauriel and Legolas? 😐

  39. Swith Thomas says:

    Grammatical error: 0:48… ‘When did we allow Evil to become stronger than us’ is said rather than, ‘When did we allow Evil to become stronger than we are’ or just ‘we’.

    As a loyal Tolkien philological fan, I just thought I would point that out…

    Still, waiting for the movie like crazy!!!

  40. ❤Thorin❤ says:

    I was blown out of the water by the first movie, and this is looking like a good follow-up. How long it it going to be? The first one was near three hours so…? I didn’t like the lack of thorin and bilbo speaking in the trailer, and even though I love Legolas I think he was over emphasized. And a female elf? I’m not liking that all to much, but I’m sure the movie will turn out to be amazing. Oh and, two Orlando Blooms?

    • LOL. My first thought was the dude (from Dale?) was Orlando!!! Tossing another potential heart-throb into the mix.

  41. austrian says:

    Fantastic Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see the movie in December! Until then I will watch the trailer in infinite loop!

  42. Hello from the beautiful island of Cyprus.

    Absolutely fantastic!!

    However…it reminds me Matrix films (fake battles and sceneries), and it escapes from the magic and romance of Middle Earth. Definetely its not LOTR but I am sure I will love it :). I trust Peter Jackson. Can’t wait!!

  43. Someone :o says:

    Something makes me think Tauriel will be kill o_o Just saying

  44. Can’t Wait!!!! 🙂

  45. Summer Paulus says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. Clearly Peter Jackson has made The Hobbit trilogy “film-friendly,” and some scenes, characters have been added or slightly changed for a more dramatic affect (the female elf who wasn’t originally in the books, the dwarfs/Bilbo going down the river in the barrels and being attacked by both elves/goblins). But, this film still looks awesome and I’m glad that Mr. Jackson changed it up. Otherwise, the movie would be a little bit lackluster for action and it would had taken only 1 film to tell the entire story. I can’t wait to see this movie again and Smaug looks so kickass!

  46. Orcristawesome says:

    Ok, Seriously??? Why are you all hating on Legolas and Tauriel??? Tolkien only mentions like… three or four elves by name or title in the book, so it’s kind of obvious that they needed to add someone with a name in there. Plus, Legolas is Thranduil’s son, so it’s very logical to have him in there as well. Sure, some things are a bit different than in the book(the barrels being attacked and Bilbo being visible to Smaug) but that stuff is kind of needed for it to be an action/adventure awesome film! I personally loved the changes Peter Jackson made for the first film. Adding Azog in there was a huge plus for me, as well as the white council. Legolas is going to be epic in this and don’t anyone hate on that. This movie is going to be so epic and I can’t even contain my excitement!!!

  47. Vaibhav Dhakad says:

    Sir, a request to you… The voice of Gandalf was barely audible in the theater in An Unexpected Journey. I hope you realzied it and made it louder in next movies… Eagerly waiting for the next movies. 😀 😀

  48. Cheryl32 says:

    Brillant……. as allways Mr. Jackson…….Cant wait!!!

  49. Shoni brown says:


  50. Bradley says:

    The film is fine, how life I advise everyone to see, because you plunge into the adventure, I’m going to see here in 3D, it would be something! Peter Jackson’s well done and thank you to all who participated in making the film, it’s invaluable work! I also want to thank separately composer Howard Shore! His music gave and will give zest to the movies, you ought to listen to the music, and then you will understand what a wonderful life! ….. and I wish good luck to Peter in making films Waiting for a new part of “The Hobbit: Heath Smaug.

  51. WOW!! Looks amazing cannot wait!!!!

  52. frenchbread says:

    i was disappointed in the CG used on Smaug.

  53. Scott Patterson says:

    I can’t believe that the exact same day the desolation of smaug trailer was released was the same day I was walking around hobbiton!!! The set is amazing and the attention to detail is breathtaking! My wife says I have hobbit feet without any prosthetics. So off went my shoes while standing at the hobbit hole doorways. The Green Dragon Inn is now open and sitting inside while drinking ale in front of a warm fire – unforgettable! Go and see it in Matamata. By the way go and see the iSite in Matamata it looks strangely familiar 😀

  54. awesome cant wait to see it

  55. Hobb Dozer says:

    yes awesome my dad takes me to the premiere each time im the biggest middle earth movie/book fan on eart and middle earth

  56. Hobb Dozer says:

    sorry typo EARTH not eart

  57. Taja Eowyn says:

    Many of the people I know think that Orlando Bloom plays two characters 😀 Legoas AND Bard 😀 they do look alike you know…

  58. Can’t wait for this to be out, this movie is great, well done Jackson.

  59. Christina says:

    Peter??? Where is Beojorn??

  60. Ron Walter says:

    Fantastic movies so far, cant wait for the this one!! I think the story choices are excellent, even the addons like legolas. Because its still a movie and movie exec’s only truly care about the numbers.So i can deal with a few LOTR bleed over characters to boost movie goers, in fact Peter’s use of those characters is brilliant, as posted before, it’s entirely possible if not probable for Legolas to be present. Besides, once you start tearing it down to scrutinize everything you stop enjoying the movie for what it is. A LONG awaited cinematic telling of the best fictional story ever created, and thank god this dream team of movie makers were the ones to do it, or it may have ended up like every other P.O.S. fantasy film that movie companies throw a low budget to. The Middle Earth movies are and will remain my favorite movies of all time !! so thank you to everyone from the top movie exec down to the last crew member for taking the time and money to do these films the way they were meant to be……EPIC.

  61. He looks nothing like a dinosaur lo, but does anybody know when the second trailer comes out?

  62. New trailer for TBOTFA!!!!!! 3rd Hobbit

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