Nov 6, 2014

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There will be Eagles…

The final trailer will be revealed tomorrow at 10am PT / 1pm ET!

  1. Of course who else will save the day!….

  2. Come on the movie would not be perfect if the eagle’s don’t come that’s how it is in the Book 😉

  3. Zechariah says:

    The eagles are coming!!!

  4. For every convocation of Eagles… There is always a butterfly!!

  5. Smaug The Great says:

    You can joke about it, but Tolkien DID use eagles a lot. In every of his great books they save the day.

  6. Anonymous Dude Who's Cool and Stuff says:

    Everyone blasts eagles, but didn’t anyone realize they are symbols for Jupiter/God? It’s no surprise they are the only things to save the day.

  7. The Hobbit Soul says:

    i love that moment when the eagles arrives

  8. isaac hobbit lord moodie says:

    i love it

  9. “Eagles…The Eagles are coming!” -Pippin LOTR-Return of the King
    Oh, yeah. Pippin isn’t even born yet. But still–will Bofur say something like that? Just seems like he would.

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