Sep 20, 2012

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer #2 debuts

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Trailer #2 has debuted on Apple:

You can also visit the official movie website to make your own trailer with alternate endings.

  1. Possibly even better than the first trailer cant wait for december now!!

    • Excellent! the alternate endings to the various trailers were great fun….can’t wait!

      • The alternate endings is a marketing strategy that spoils jokes. We won’t find these jokes as funny when we finally see these scenes on screen. The priority should be to maximize the enjoyment that audiences get from watching the movie, not to maximize ticket sales.

    • I totally agree that it is better than the first trailer – I think the balancing of the comedy and serious epic, drama was better judged in this trailer compared to the teaser, it all felt more meaningful.

      I’ve done an in-depth analysis and breakdown of the entire trailer and it’s been getting some great feedback. Feel free to check it out over at:

      All and any feedback, particularly from fans, is hugely appreciated!

  2. Awesome!

    Roll on 14/12!!!

  3. Brendan Connell says:

    Salute Pete, Salute. We’re all still waiting for some slight detail about Smaug, but we will be patient. We know that you know what you’re doing.

    P.S. As a student who is currently in-between classes and is learning how to make his own movies someday, thank you. You have set out what you intended to do back at the beginning with the first trilogy and you DID inspire a new generation to become excited about the possibilities. I can only hope you know how much we are supporting you through this and that when our own movies hit the screen that they will make you feel proud.

    – Take Care, Beannacht Dia Duit

  4. enticing – still plenty of surprises to come. How can Cate B look so good!

  5. Absolutely magnificent, thank you Mr Jackson for raising the top again.

  6. Nooooo it won’t play on my android!!! Where’s a computer!?!?

  7. How about using something other than apple so I can see the trailer!

    • It’s on YouTube now if you want to check it out.

    • I second that! It is very frustrating to not be able to watch something or get the required software to watch it when you don’t have a certain kind of OS…. Not well thought out and actually smacks of exclusivity.

  8. He has really kept to the spirit of the book… very well done Peter, the crew and the wonderful cast! See you in Wellington for the Premiere!

  9. Loved the trailer But please get rid of the Apple She_it

  10. so amazing!!! 😀

  11. Grizzilmoss says:

    Thanks, Mr. Jackson.

  12. Home is behind
    the world ahead
    And there are many paths to tread…

  13. I cant wait to see the movie in december! and i really love the fact that it is shot in 48 fps, and to see swedish actor Michael Persbrandt as Beorn 🙂

  14. AWESOME!!!

  15. Anyone else notice when Gandalf said something like “home is now behind you, the world is ahead” (2:08) it was the same thing that Pippin sang to Denethor in Return of the king. Interesting little tidbit. Great trailer, can’t wait!

  16. So exciting – and as someone else already noted, Very enticing!

  17. Quicktime required? You kidding me?!?! I am NOT downloading quicktime just to watch one trailer. That program is evil and always overwrites your system preferences.

  18. i just love this trailer, especially the different endings! they are all so funny! Can’t wait till december!

  19. LOTR nerd :) says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent most of my lunch screaming about LOTR and the hobbit today it was great, myself and two other LOTR nerds are so gonna have a hobbit party on 22nd!!!!!!

  20. Why Apple? very lame in so many ways. Look forward to seeing the trailer.

    • Because it’s streaming from the Apple website, which is where many film studios post their film trailers online. Why is there a problem?

  21. Looks good! Here is the non-quicktime version:

  22. I sped home from work to see this and it was so worth it and totally enthralling! I very much want to see more! Can’t wait for December 14! Thanks to everyone who worked on the trailer 🙂

  23. If you want to see the trailer in full screen on youtube come here!

  24. OK, I maybe should not say this, but I’m horny lol 😀

  25. My eyes lit up and began to laugh then rejoice!

  26. James Stewart says:

    Thanks, Pete, for continuing to explore Middle-earth on screen. You’re the best for the job. And thanks for your blog, keeping fans connected. It’s very meaningful for all of us.

  27. Team Samwise says:

    85 days, 6 hours, and 55 minutes until December 14… 😀

  28. It may well be that JR Tolkien created the world or at least the material for a world. Bringing it to life is a different matter.

  29. IAmTheRager says:

    Get rid of Guillermo Del Toro and the crappy CGI effects on the goblins…disappointed but still pumped!

    • Guillermo Del Toro left the project like a year and a half ago.

    • IAmTheRager says:

      His name is still on the film you retard. He is one of the screen play writers. Why don’t you get your facts straight before you make an ignorant comment you low life sack of shit. Burn in hell for all eternity.

      • Nerd Student says:

        Wow…. Rage quit. I think I’ll stick with looking forward to the movies and leave it to the experts. I don’t know who you are but judging by your “mature” comments, you sound a little bit too young to be an expert. Leave it to the big boys okay?

  30. Loved the trailer! Hate the fact that it was so much trouble to get quicktime to do what I needed it to do so that I could check it out! Still, so excited!

  31. Thanks,so amazing!

  32. Calling all Tolkien fans! Newest full length HD Trailer of The Hobbit is now out. Hope you’ll enjoy this one. 🙂

  33. the video wont play for me ?

  34. Nice try, but I liked the trailer with the dwarves singing the misty mountains song much better. It showed, in quick snapshots, the essence of the main characters, especially Bilbo’s. This one is trying to get the story across rather than show who’s really who. For me, it’s too cookie-cutter. And long.

    But, there’s also the pun. That I like.

    Freeman and Cumberbatch play Watson and Holmes. Everyone is waiting for the January episode.
    In the trailer, Gandalf in a sweeping grand manner to rally Bilbo proclaims–” Home’s now behind you, the world is ahead!”

    So much for Season 3.

    • thank you, Amy

      the previous trailer with the dwarves singing the Misty mountain song was MUCH better

      it had real heart and soul

      this latest trailer was definitely targeted for a younger, more action-oriented audience

      • Thank you, too.

        I totally agree–the latest trailer was targeted for a younger, more action-oriented audience. Exactly.

        The irony is that the trailer actually has little of substance in terms of real action(!)

        Not one shot of a ferocious goblin? No quick

        shot of one nasty spider leg?–let alone a

        glimpse of Smaug’s sinister streaming red

        smoke as Bilbo makes his way down the cavern.

        Or for that matter, a sneak peek at the scaley

        Evil Fiend himself.

        This seems very odd to me.

        As a matter of fact, I’ve thought about writing–and here I am writing–to IMPLORE JACKSON et al. to:




        PARENTS CANNOT TELL from watching this trailer

        HOW FRIGHTENING a lot of the situations in the

        plot are.

        Some children were so scared when the wicked

        witch and her flying monkeys descended on

        Dorothy that they were traumatized.


  35. Best yet but Bilbo’s voice sounded a bit electronic when he’s looking out his window but still awesome!!!!!

  36. Ankil Lorsax says:

    I…am in trouble with the trailers…
    There are Five trailers which named Gandalf, Bilbo, Sting, Gollum and Dwarves.
    In the Trailer Gandalf, Bilbo and Sting, I do not know what they are talking about…speaking too fast that I can not catch it
    Is there someone would like to help me?Thank you

    They took XXXXXXXXXXX
    What do you think
    My dear fella XXXXXXXXXXXX

    Give him the contract
    You alright?Laddy?

    This is Glamdring
    The Foe-hammer
    Sword of the king of Gondolin

    • Ankil Lorsax says:

      Em…I don’t know whether there is someone has readed my message what I left.
      But whatever,after a whole day working,I have done it!
      So I haven’t any problem now,thank you

  37. Really cant wait!!!
    about the recent trailer, who is that old man, that appears with a hedgehog? Radagast?!?!?

  38. Hi all,

    Loved the second trailer! I’ve put together an in-depth breakdown and analysis of it over on a blog I run – it can be found over at

    I’d really appreciate all and any feedback, particularly from fans of the book and movie!


  39. We’re waitin’ for third trailer!

  40. Thanks for sharing this trailer! Pretty cool!

  41. Hei, cool trailer, but I was hopeing for a video blog update soon from the “post”. So hope to see it up soon. I know many do not like that process and think it is boring, but as a guy how loves, film production and think post is the greates place and part of a story telling in motion picture I would love se a bit more of the workflow on this films.

    How you work with the stereoscopic in post, how dose the workflow change from traditional 2D production.

    How much more time or work it to do FX shot in 3D rather then 2D.

    Hope to soon se a video blog soon.

    Best regards
    Odin M. Ekstrøm

  42. I love this new trailer! It gives better scope and story to the Hobbit. I found the other ones a bit confusing…

  43. I am so much looking forward to seeing this movie in December. I really liked that some of the key characters are back. This second trailer is very good because it keeps audiences hooked. I hope the movie becomes a big hit just like the LOTR.

  44. GALADRIELCRAZY:) says:

    😀 THIS IS THE BEST TRALER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  45. I can’t wait no longer until this movie will finally be available in theaters already!! It looks so cool and as a LOTR fan this is almost like a dream come true.

  46. hey man like the video but u should have showed the?
    target close up cuz u could have shot the target
    before u shot the video them pretended that u was shooting at it.

    … good try if so but if not nice shootin man!!!

  47. What a movie incredible


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