Dec 20, 2011

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Trailer debut

The Hobbit Trailer debuts Tuesday

Return to Middle-earth with the worldwide debut of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” announcement trailer:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Trailer 1

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY will be released in theaters in December of 2012.

Photo by James Fisher.

  1. Oh my god, I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Can’t wait, I’m so excited! Look out for my trailer review on my podcast: An Unexpected Podcast on our website as soon as it’s released online.

      • What ?! Hobbit ???!!! He looks like a member of THE WHO to me….

        • Por dios Peter adelantalo que al dia siguiente se acba el mundo……..

          • Steve Laing says:

            It’s not even out and having seen the tailer and I know it’s not going to be true to book. I mean they have Galadriel in it stroking Gandalfs hair!!!! Peter jackson made a ballsup of LOTR by changing the story and I didn’t expect anything less of this one either.Can’t wait ’til someone does it true to form one day.We (true LOTRs Fans)wait in hope.

          • Jess Lafrenaye says:

            I guess thats why brats are never satisfied, but then again neither are the orcs. Go Peter Jackson, there are few with special brilliance to bring such a magical world to life!

          • It’s going to be a long time before anybody touches LOTR. Nobody could do it better than Peter Jackson has done!

          • they did speak of the white council in the hobbit, that is why you see scenes of galadriel and saruman. also in the days of bliss while morgoth was imprisoned(3 ages to be exact)gandalf was known as olorin a spirit of the maiar, who was a student of nienna as was galadriel. they have known each other for nearly 10,000 years. that is probaly the reason for that scene….maybe.

          • Steve Laing, if you were a true LOTR fan, you would know that the Galadriel and Gandalf scene is perfectly acceptable. It fits entirely well with the whole Middle Earth history. And chances are, it isn’t a love scene. It is more of a brother-sister relationship. They are very close. Galadriel cares for Gandalf. Maybe Gandalf was worried about something and he sought for help from Galadriel.

          • Celebeion says:

            Yeah I agree 🙂 She is married after all, and I’m pretty sure that Elves aren’t adulterers. 😛

          • I’m with Steve. This isn’t a story about Middle Earth. It’s a story set in Middle Earth. It is Tolkien’s story, not Jackson’s.
            Why do so many directors, producers, etc…always think they can do it better? Why do they think that they have to?
            The changes made to LOTR were not necessary and caused the story at hand to lose something.
            Leave it alone. There is a reason it is great. If all you’re after is alot of over-produced CGI, go see the new Schwarzenager movie. Maybe next time, Jackson can repaint the Mona Lisa.

      • LOTR Nerd says:

        You sound like a bitter fool. Enjoy the movie for what it is.
        Besides, did you read the annotated versions of the Hobbit?
        You DO know then, that there is MORE to the story than the original published book, right?

        • Discerning says:

          Very broad minded.
          It is not, in any case, about there being more to the story than was in the published book. It is that Jackson made a hash of filimg The Lord of the Rings; it was obviously beyond his comprehension. Let’s just hope that the rather simpler structure and meaning of The Hobbit is not also.

    • Where is it?

  2. David Banner says:

    Think I’m gunna cry when I see this 😉

  3. Yeah, can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I can’t wait 😀

  5. Wow! Finally, we have waited for him!

  6. What does this mean? will it stream from this site? Will it only be in theaters?

    Just tell me what to do, please, please, please…

    In other news, I am giving away 8 lbs of gold at 7pm tomorrow evening (pst). Just meet me at the park in springfield to claim it.

  7. Please let there be Glenn Yarbrough in the trailer

  8. can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

  9. ****Goosebumps!******

  10. Wait, which website!?!

  11. ahy siiiiiii esto es grande pondre un dispositivo en marchaaaa

  12. Lord of the Rings Fan says:

    The hobbit!!! It will be great!!!

  13. So excited!

  14. The Hobbit will be GREAT!!!

  15. I’m Bilbo! And i like my movie!

  16. Anything that gets me closer to watching something involving both Tolkien and Richard Armitage is a very good thing 🙂

  17. So excited! Can’t wait to see it!

  18. New Line Cinema or Peter = Please tell me it’s more than 1:30 min! Can’t wait to see Middle Earth again

  19. My class at school will be so excited, I read them the Hobbit last year especially so that I could take them to watch it! We have a Hobbit countdown calendar in class; they’re only 7 bless ’em

    • Officially heartbroken that I never had a teacher as excellent as you.

      Grew up on these books and the Rankin-Bass cartoon of Hobbit; so indescribably thrilled to see it come to life!

      Martin Freeman, you are so tiny and British and perfect as Bilbo. 😀

      • Oh, loved the film too. It was the class’ treat as we read the book to watch extracts of the cartoon after we’d read that particular scene. We also devote one lunchtime a week to read this Hobbit-blog and talk about what we think may or may not be in the film. Thanks for the lovely message; yes, the Tolkien books are superb and we had such fun reading them that it shows how accessible Tolkien is to all generations! I wonder if I can somehow build up enough money to take the class over to Wellington…:)

    • I had a teacher just like you in 5th grade. She’s from New Zealand. Teachers like you and my 5th grade teacher are awesome!

    • Curufinwë says:

      We had a teacher like you in p6 – at school, we read the book, played the Melbourne House game (on the old ZX Spectrum) and done a school play all based on the Hobbit.

      Good times, good times.

    • It’s great to hear that other people have managed to have inspiring teachers who opened the world of literature to them. Not only is The Hobbit a superb book, it has gradually become a beacon of high fantasy for all ages. I do like the fact that it drives literary buffs crazy that Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is consistently found at the tip of polls for ‘best literature’ rather than more critically acclaimed works. It shows that in each of its readers there is a need for adventure and a desire to go on a journey and return better and wiser. It would be ace if all parents/teachers could consider reading The Hobbit to their pupils/children before seeing the movie.

    • The Hobbit was required reading in my primary school for Class 4 (10-11 yr olds) Hope it still is…

  20. EvaLoverOfElves says:

    Finally back to Ennorath. Have been waiting for this for quite some years now. Thank you guys!

  21. Hope to see Cristopher Lee in the trailer, but however, this is goiong to be fantastic!

  22. What about the Hobbit/Tolkien fans living outside the US? Most of us will miss it because of the time zones. : (

  23. ah omgomgomg im so happy their making another movie!!!!!! soooooo excited:D

  24. Can’t wait to see it. I miss Middle Earth!

  25. I’m so ***ing excited about it, can’t wait to see it

  26. goosebumps for sure..whats the time for it in eastern us?

  27. I think I ain’t gonna sleep until I saw the trailer xD

  28. It’s going to blow, I already so the screener.

  29. Ok… i noticed day and times with posts so its 3:00 am dec.20th est….better set alarm!

  30. Man… Thats very early in the morning for me D:
    But it will be worth it! This really got me excited!

  31. I hope these movies are going to be as amazing as the Lord of the Rings trilogy…The music made them especially sensational…Bring on tomorrow! 😀

    • Lotr fan says:

      I agree with you that the music was epic! You should go to YouTube and listen some music of lotr again!

  32. I’m so excited for the trailer! I’ve been waiting forever, we all have! This movie will be amazing, just like Jackson’s other brilliant movies. I CAN’T EVEN BREATHE! WHOO.

  33. Bilbo Baggins was a hobbit who wanted to be left alone in quite comfort. But the wizard Gandalf came along with a band of homeless Dwarves,Soon Bilbo was drawn into their quest, on facing evil orcs, savage wolves, giant spiders and worse unknown dangers, Finally it was Bilbo alone and unaided who had to confront the great dragon Smaug, the terror of an entire Country side.

  34. Will it be in 3d for tintin

  35. This will be more exiting then the movie next year.

  36. Its gonna be legen….wait for it….DARY

  37. So excited about the trailer.

  38. Hello! I´ve found The Hobbit cast in Nelson You can find some pictures on my blog

  39. Does anyone Know on what web can i watch it?

  40. Can’t wait!

  41. Where is my trailer?

  42. I cannot wait. this waiting is torture!

  43. This isn’t really peter jackson. Just curious if the above post can be trusted.

  44. The entire world is waiting for this trailer, a lot of people will cry when they’ll see his dream made reality, finally we have a film about our loved Hobbit , thanks in name of all the Tolkien fans , we’re so exited.

    I hope to see Cristopher and Ian on trailer, and all of our loved dwarves. ¿What time is 7:00 PM on west europe? we’re thinking to travel USA to see the trailer earlier jajaja, i can’t wait!

  45. Luke Baggins says:

    OMG!!! I Literally started to spas out when I read the title of this post!! I’ve never been this excited…FOR A TRAILER!!

  46. Joseph Stalin says:

    Peter Jackson Russia with you)))

    • Northumberland says:

      Perhaps your sentiment is real — and I do hope that it is; but I also sincerely hope that Joseph Stalin is not your real name. The Russian dictator with that nefarious name mass murdered between 65 to 70 million of his own people, and could absolutely, positively identify with Sauron and his Orcs.

      If that is not your real name, then please choose another username. Thank you.

  47. Cmmon cmmon cmmon!

  48. FrauSchmidt says:

    Deutschland wartet auf den Hobbit! Ich kann es kaum erwarten, nach Mittelerde zurückzukehren und endlich die Zwerge und Smaug, den Drachen zu sehen! Danke, Peter!

  49. Tore Kjelbergnes says:

    This will be the best X-mas present of them all….I hope :)But please Mr.Jackson, let there be som footage inn the trailer. Not only; “NEXT YEAR! WHAT STARTED IT ALL” kind of trailer. 🙂

  50. Tore Kjelbergnes says:

    Im just staring on the picture of Bilbo and the dwarf on the top of the article. Its abselutly brilliant and beautyfull. I picked up the Hobbit book for a few days ago, and Im reading it now for the 4th time. The trailer tomorrow will be precious 🙂
    Just cant wait 🙂

  51. This series is the last thing from my child hood turning 18 and becoming an adult sucks. So if there is one last thing to bring me back to the days when i would pretend to be in middle earth and imagine the adventures that could lie ahead for me. Then it would be The Hobbit. I am happy to leave my child hood behind me with the one series that sparked my imagination and aspired me to become a director like the amazingly talented Peter Jackson.

  52. I hope it’s a lot like ‘Lord of the Rings’. This trailer will either get me really excited or really disappointed. I hope that Jackson will create a wonderful movie. Tolkien deserves it. I read all the ‘Lord of the Rings’ books and found them terrific, and the movies reflected that greatness. I then became disappointed because there is nothing that could equal the ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I researched books by Tolkien and found ‘The Hobbit’. I checked it out in the school library (I’m in 7th grade) and read it. It was so much better than the ‘Lord of the Rings’. I wondered why they didn’t make ‘The Hobbit’ a movie first. It turns out that they did, the 1977 animated version. I watched it on an online movies site that I won’t name. Not very good, plus it was animated. I thought that they should make a movie like the ‘Lord of the Rings’. A movie that was with the same feel, a movie that was related to the ‘Lord of the Rings’. But than I thought, of course they would create a movie for ‘The Hobbit’. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ was only half the movie. I searched for ‘The Hobbit’ movie. I found some things about Del Torro and Jackson and delays. When I got into 5th grade, my teacher from New Zealand was hooked on Tolkien’s books. She was interesting to talk to. A year went by, and I was hooked on ‘The Hobbit.’ I read the book several times and did several book projects on it, in which I replicated ‘Hobbiton’. A couple times, I looked up the movie for the book. More delays. This year I found a video blog, and ‘’, which gave me much information. The movie was finally being created. I have no idea if it is going to be good. I saw the budget of the movie, and I saw Mirkwood forest in one of the video blogs. It looked great. But the movie needs to have the same independent feel of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies. This trailer that is coming out in under 24 hours will give me an insight for a movie I have been waiting for, for a long time. Please be good. I have a positive attitude towards the movie. Please be good!

    Peter Jackson, I’m your biggest fan!
    JRR Tolkien, I’m your biggest fan!
    ‘The Hobbit’ cast and crew, I’m your biggest fan!
    Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Oin, Gloin, Fili, Kili, Dwalin, Balin, Ori, Dori, Nori, and Thorin, I’m your biggest fan!
    Bilbo, I’m your biggest fan!
    GANDALF, I’m your biggest fan!
    Beorn, I’m your biggest fan!
    Bard, I’m your biggest fan!
    Dain, I’m your biggest fan!
    Frodo, I’m your biggest fan!
    Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas, Boramere, Fairamere, Arwin, Sam, Mary, Pippin, I’m your biggest fan!
    Elrond, I’m your biggest fan!
    And everyone else that was on the side of the Fellowship and the Company of Thorin! (i.e. Treebeard, Eagles, etc.)
    Smaug, Sauron, Saruman, Goblins, Orcs, Wargs, I am not your biggest fan!
    And everyone else that wasn’t on the side of the Fellowship and the Company of Thorin! (i.e. Easterlings, etc.)

    Go HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Make ‘The Silmarillion’ into a movie!

    • Some may say that “It’s only a movie!” but every now and then the public is rewarded with a masterpiece that befits the Mind’s Eye of both the author and the director. “The Lord of the Rings” accomplished that nearly unobtainable feat and I have no doubt that Jackson and Team WETA will do the same for “The Hobbit”.

    • Tolkein Nerd says:

      The Lord of the Rings isn’t better than the Hobbit…. The Hobbit’s just an easier read. The Lord of the Rings is so much more detailed.

  53. This film will be THE event in 2012!!! God I can’t wait!!

  54. Kann nicht warten, kann nicht warten, kann nicht warten!!!!!!!!
    (Sorry for no english, I’m Swiss)

  55. This is the beginning of a great epic 🙂

  56. That’s cool! the trailer is at 7pm but what country (in New Zealand, America, Englan….)there was the time difference.

    I love the lord of the rings (in movie, I didn’t read books)but the time of shooting and that there is two unit, so I fear that the movies’s time are just 1 hour and 45.

    • It’s 7PM PST (pacific time), and PST is UTC(GMT)-8
      So if you’re in France it will be at 4am tomorrow.

      • There are two movies, but one of them is based on the book and the other one is a bridge to the lord of the rings 😉

        • Tony Barks says:

          nope. that was guillelmo del toros vision, which got abandoned. 😉 Both films together form the book. Look it up on Wikipedia 🙂 Hope I could help.

        • Tony Barks says:

          Quoting Del Toro (2008):When you lay out […] the story beats contained within the book (before even considering any appendix material) the work is enormous and encompasses more than one film. That’s why we are thinking of the two installments as parts of a single narrative. That’s why I keep putting down the use of a “bridge” film (posited initially). I think the concept as such is not relevant anymore. I believe that the narrative and characters are rich enough to fit in two films.

  57. Not sure if I can cope with the excitement of watching the trailer knowing I will have to wait a whole year to see the movie!

  58. What time will it be in europe???

  59. OMG!!!! Such a great new!!! I can’t wait to see the final work!!! This is gonna be EPIC!!!


  61. Can’t wait for Hobbit release, hopefully December 2012. Am determined to make it down to the premier in the UK, somehow! Wonderful work from Mr Jackson and company xxx

  62. I saw the Fellowship teaser in a cinema packed with kids before the premier of the first Harry Potter film. It stunned them into silence and was probably a little too violent for the average age in the cinema. When it finished you could hear a pin drop… then a kid of about five in front of us says at the top of his voice “I want to see THAT!” and everyone cracked up.

    It is a fond memory and the Fellowship teaser remains my favourite trailer of all time. Even a decade later watching it gives me goosebumps.

    Needless to say I’m really looking forward to this one as well!

  63. Wooooo!!!!

  64. OK, it’s Tuesday almost everywhere in the world. Anyone know what time today it gets released?

    Yeah, just a bit anxious, why? 😉

  65. WHERE?? WHERE???!!!! OMG!!

  66. Julien Baggins says:

    I really want to see this trailer. The Hobbit it such a perfect story, that I couldn’t wait anymore!
    I just wanna say to Peter Jackson, that I’m realy big fan of thoses films.You’re just amazing man!

    Sorry for my english ( I’m French so ^^)

    PS: In France, we’re the Tuesday 20th 6.08PM (that make 18h08min en français)

    See you soon,
    Au revoir.

  67. Can’t wait too. I will get up at 4am (in Germany) to watch this. 🙂

  68. IntempestaNox says:

    Just found out about this today (12/20 in the southeastern US). Talk about a nice holiday gift! Like so many others here, I’m eagerly awaiting the trailer’s debut. Thanks Peter, cast and crew! *happy dance*

  69. Teaser it be . .

  70. I did my maths, and if I’m correct, there is still 8 hours 50 minutes to go… Argh! I’m dyi..iiiiiiIIIIIiiing….

  71. You’ll have next time to specify what time, and then wait for your movie in the world!))

  72. Between the trailer and Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Lego announcement this is a fantastic week for LOTR fans!

  73. Am I able to watch it in Sweden when it’s first released?

  74. I somehow can not figure out what time and on debut to take place? Greenwich? NW? Already, it seems, in all time zones a new day has come almost … : (

  75. Where is the trailer?

  76. i dont have fingers

  77. i havent got fingers its better

  78. Finally, another movie I can look forward to.

  79. LOL You guys are all so funny. ALl this panic over time zones. You can’t wait a few hours? YOU have to see it RIGHT NOW? Have some meaningless pointless distinction of being “first”? We’ve waited years already fro this film, surely a few hours more just for the first teaser (not even a proper trailer, just a teaser) is not too much to handle?

    I’m a great fan of Tolkien and am really excited about the making of the The Hobbit and will be chomping to see it when it comes out, but come on guys, it’s just the teaser, it’s going to be readily available all over the net from now until forever. And Those of us who have been following the blog (and have read the book) – so likely most of the posters here – already know more than the teaser is likely to tell you.

    So take a breath eh?

  80. I think that it’s 7pm un L.A. and now in L.A. it’s exacly 12:21 am

  81. RubenTurtle says:

    mother of god, can’t wait for It, every 3 minutes I am actualizing every TLOTR website xD

  82. y el trailer?…..donde está?

  83. I live in Dubai, so umm, it’s 1 AM and I’m having trouble sleeping cuz I’m so excited, and I have to keep posting and replying on this blog. I’m guessing that I’ll see the trailer by mid-day, so 11 hours left!
    Go Peter Jackson!
    I want to see this movie so bad. All my 7th grade friends think that it’s geeky, but the Hobbit is so good, I don’t care!

    PS. They think it’s geeky , because I spent my birthday money on the Lord of the Rings books.

  84. i live in germany.
    and iam happy to seen the trailer soon.

  85. I want my trailer says:


  86. The best, epic movie of ALL movies ever gets two more parts!
    I am very excited, this is almost like Christmas. (Oh wait, it IS almost Christmas 🙂 Just too bad we have to wait another year to see this.
    Can anyone even imagine a movie which comes close or is better than LOTR?

  87. Colm Taylor says:

    cant wait to see the complete trailer & i cant wait for the film to come out on cinema <3

  88. danielmuratore says:

    thank you peter jackson !!

  89. The trailer is out! Apple trailers!!!! It’s epic wow

  90. So excited!!!

  91. So has anyone seen it yet?

  92. It is 00:15 in the UK, I’m awake and waiting for the 03:00 am teaser debut!

  93. why in Iluvatar`s name is taking so loooong?!?!!?!?

  94. No puedo esperar!!!!

  95. Can’t wait until 9pm tonight for the best trailer ever. What would make it better than best if there was Glorfindel in it…..

  96. Isn’t it supposed to be released already? Seven minutes have passed…

  97. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will debut on iTunes Trailers today at 7pm PST : #hobbit #thehobbit

    via @iTunesTrailers

  98. I’m with Christian all the way.

    GO HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Where??????????

  100. So… I’m here… Waiting…

  101. I just nerded. All over the place. It was messy.

  102. Doug Fountain says:

    It was awesome. You’re doing a great job PJ!

  103. is the only place I’ve been able to find it, so far.

    I’ll be honest… The damned thing brought tears to my eyes.

  104. Lord of Moria says:

    Today is Wednesday, but the trailer should have been released on Tuesday. Where is he?

  105. Oki, where is the trailer??? If not shown on this site, then atleast link to it?? Come on!

  106. Oki, found it!! Good job!! Looking forward to next december!

  107. Madhav Kyatsandra says:


  108. David Banner says:

    That was a great trailer, but we want more!

    When is the next production blog(no#5) and when will we get another trailer?

  109. David Banner says:

    The trailer is in HD(1080p) on

  110. Trailer looks great….the 5k, 48fps look fantastic…can really tell a difference.

    One issue: smoke in the beginning out of Bilbo’s pipe. Looks to me like it was composited in as a different frame-rate and is getting interpolated to 48fps. Hope that doesn’t happen a ton, it looks a bit strange.

    • They should make the movie in 60 fps or higher, but 48 fps is better than 24 fps 😀 24 fps is from the 1920’s 🙂

      I watch all my movies with frame interpollation, and after a couple of movies you dont want anything else, looks amazing 🙂

      The trailer was super mega awesome by the way!!

    • Tony Barks says:

      Ehm… the trailer is neither in 5 k resolution nor with 48 fps. Even some cinemas aren’t capable of displaying that, and the trailer’s highest resolution available is 1028.

  111. Thank you all for the links! Great! It is unclear why the trailer is not placed above all on this site!?.

  112. It was soooooo awsome!! Brought back all the feelings and the girly squealing and omg wholy crap this is going to be so unbelievably totally beyond words awsome!!!! As soon as airlines will allow me, I’m booking my seat for the world premier in Wellington! Watch out New Zealand, here comes frodosfan from Aussie land! 😀

    p.s next teaser/trailer/video blog please 🙂

  113. oh god richard is singing!

  114. Thorin, the great Man King of the Littlebeards – what a sell out

  115. The trailer seems to have been pre-released to some news agencies.

  116. Oh my God – oh my Goooood. Peter you’re the best! Can’t wait until December 2012!!!

    Here is the trailer:

  117. Ooooooohhhh I just can’t believe!
    Oh my god!I’m crying!it was amazing!
    Hannon le Peter!

  118. The trailer did not show much (I liked it), but they showed emotions brought up by those who experienced only “experienced” the first trilogy.

    Congratulations to you, Sir Peter.

    Brazilian Fan

  119. Pero Piter que el mundo se acaba al dia siguiente ….estrena yaaaaaa

  120. Oh My God. Words can not describe what I felt after I watched the trailer. I think I had a heart attack and then watched it five more time…..I”M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. I only hope it has not been mangled in the same hideous way as Lord of the Rings was.

  122. I just watched the trailer for the Hobbit. I am very concerned.
    Let me say that I am a huge fan of The Lord of The Rings and I feel Peter Jackson and his entire company did a phenomenal job with the trilogy. You left out the right things, you made changes but kept the spirit. It is a beloved series of movies to me.
    The Hobbit, however, looks to be in trouble.
    What is it that bothers me?
    The Dwarfs: Fully half of them including Thorin Oakenshield do not look like Dwarfs. They look like short humans. I understand the desire to make them less comical, (as Gimli was portrayed in the previous movies), but these characters look all wrong to me.
    This is a matter of opinion, I accept, but far worse was the appearance of Galadriel. There was no love interest between Gandalf and the Elf Queen! This was not in the book nor was it required. Adding this injects questions and sub-plots that have no place in the Hobbit. In my opinion, this is a major misstep.
    I know this is a first glimpse, and I do not wish to be over critical. Furthermore I sympathize that you are trying to take a single, well paced novel and make two movies from it. But making a love story for Gandalf is a poor choice. This is just as bad as having Bilbo married with a family, or making all of the orks fair skinned and blond headed.
    I am certain my comments mean nothing at all to Mr. Jackson and his group, and my concerns surely will be seen as very trivial. However, in this nerd’s opinion, this movie is taking a very bad turn.

    • Bore off and cheer up ffs

    • How do you know that gandalf gets a lovestory?

      • Tony Barks says:

        Exactly, how could you possibly conclude from this short scene when she touches his hair, that there would be a love story between them. I rather think she was about to tell him that everything will be alright because he’s got a bad conscience about having thrown Bilbo into this quite dangerous adventure.

  123. Awesome !!!!

  124. why does thorin have no long beard, thats the only thing i dont like for the rest it looks amazing!

  125. Dain Reuel says:

    I love when Galadriel pulls Gandalf’s hair out of his face.. Brilliant! Thank you PJ and your awesome crew!

  126. Looks brilliant and doesn’t give too much away! Hope they don’t show Smaug and Thranduil before the real movie release!

  127. Correct Lyrics:

    Far over the Misty Mountains Cold

    To Dungeons deep and caverns old

    The pines were roaring on the height

    The winds were moaning in the night

    The fire was red, it flaming spread

    The trees like torches blazed with light.

  128. The song and lyrics are so mesmerizing. It leaves you in an unbreakable trance!!! =)

  129. i just saw the trailer and it’s completely captivating

    & the dwarves all singing so solemnly – so incredible

    this is as tantalizing as trailers get 🙂

  130. Thorin Oakenshield: “I cannot guarantee his safety.”

    Gandolf: “Understood.”

    Thorin Oakenshield: “Nor will I be responsible for his fate.”

  131. Hopefully they go back and fix the cleansing of the Shire at the same time they film this.

  132. OMG OMG! the trailer is AWESOME! this brought back the memories of seeing the FOTR trailer for the first time all these years ago – oh, I cried then, I’m crying now… it feels like seeing old friends again…
    but at least I know what I’ll be doing on my birthday in 2012 – not partying but sitting in the cinema – thanks in advance for this wonderful birthday present!

  133. 🙂 YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH its so gooooooood 😀

  134. That was so great – Thanks PJ. It started off a little light and Hobbity and I started off a little apprehensive through the introduction of the dwarves – but when that song hit – that was so great – so epic and awesome. I totally teared up and watched it again and again and again.

  135. The trailer looks amazing, as expected. Loved hearing the Dwarves sing!

  136. Dear Peter Jackson, I’m a loyal fan of J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and of your work and I was wondering if you could please direct The Chronicles of Narnia from the beginning. C.S. Lewis deserves better than the 3 adaptations that were made of his legendary stories and I know that you can bring his stories justice. The work that you, the cast and crew, and the Weta Workshop did on the Lord of the Rings trilogy is Legendary and people will remember it for the rest of their lives. I believe that the works of C.S. Lewis deserve to be remembered equally and I know that you can do it!

  137. Im laughing at all these ‘world authorities on the appearance of dwarfs’ criticising the trailer… bore off and cheer up.


  138. I loved the song, I hope there will be a longer version of it an the soundtrack. I really keep looking it over and over again, just because of this song. It really looks and sounds amazing and I´m really looking forward to next december.
    Happy chrismas from Germany


  139. Great trailer! Any chance to get it in 3D on the internet?

  140. Oh My Gosh. The trailer looks sooo cool! If they show the
    trailer at the beginning of a 3d movie in 3D I will definitely
    go and see that movie!!!! I can’t wait to see the hobbit in
    Imax 3D because it will be so good. They are using the best 3D tecnology around!!!
    I hope the 2nd trailer comes out soon

  141. bilbo baggins says:

    That does not look like me!

  142. Tore kjelbergnes says:

    This was mindblowing 🙂 I loved the trailer, and everybody looked great. Lovely to see good old Bilbo again, and the “new” Bilbo was everything I was hoping for. But what realy pleased me was the feeling the trailer had. The skale, the astonishing and beautyfull pictures, topped of with the song an music, sett the mood inn a major way. I hope this is the mood of the movie 🙂
    This was art 🙂

  143. Brought me to tears. I always knew I missed Middle Earth, I just didn’t realize how much until now. It really is like going home! Great work!

  144. The trailer is great!!!!!!

  145. Hobbit Fan says:

    All I can say is that that Trailer blew me away.
    The first novel I ever read was the Hobbit so I have a strong attachment to it compared to the rest of the books which I grow tired of after a while. It looks epic, more light hearted, but just as I expected a little darker which is fine. When the dwarves started singing, I instantly recognized the words. Peter Jackson has done it again…and I won’t expect it to go word for word with the book but should go with the main story line and flow; and that is all I hope for.

  146. So it begins! The greatest adventure of our time!!!!!
    Go Bilbo!

  147. Lammen Gorthaur says:

    As THE biggest fan of the music of LOTR, i was delighted to hear some new music in the trailer (the scene following the Dwarves singing). I can’t believe i have to wait nearly a year to see (and hear) it all!!

  148. Lord of Moria says:

    When the second trailer released?

  149. Anonymous.... says:

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Love….BEST. TRAILER. EVER. (sorry, Harry Potter….) I CAN’T wait! I had a panic attack yesterday because I couldn’t remember when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey came out….Do you know how hard it is to explain The Lord of the Rings to an extremely logical person? My friend just doesn’t get the idea of the One Ring….

  150. The trailer is promising and the story seems integrated with Lord of the Rings. I just can’t wait for it’s premiere.

  151. hectorcarni says:

    The only thing I have is fear Dain, is younger than fili and kili

  152. Thank you so mutch!
    This trailer is probably my best Christmas Gift and the music is just amazing!
    Have nice Christmas all the Team of the movie!
    Joyeux Noel a tous! et Merci du ce fantastique travail!

  153. Connor Grzesiak says:

    I am a huge fan for Lord of the Rings! The trailer for The Hobbit is epic and has me dancing on my feet. This could possibly be the slowest year as I wait in anticipation for its release.

  154. 356 days to go. I hope they just fly by.

  155. What an amazing trailer !!!

    The first time I read the LOTR saga, it struck me how often the characters are singing. Songs are very less present in the movie.

    That’s why I’m very happy to see (and hear !) the dwarves singing in this trailer ! Let’s all sing songs of joy, for the last movie we’ll see before the end of the world !

  156. Its about time. No offense Jackson

  157. I can’t wait to go back to Middle Earth!!!



  160. Really good work. Thanks.

  161. I haven’t been this excited since the extended edition LOTR Blu-rays were released, then re-released in theaters earlier this year! Wonderful news indeed!

  162. Soooooo awesome!!!!!!! But such a long time to wait ….. why can’t it be released earlier!

  163. I saw this Trailer in Theatres. I honestly waited when I saw it posted on the web. lol. I only waited a few hours though. I wanted to see it on the big screen at the theatre I work at, in 3D!!! LOL! I have to say I cried. Such a great adventure I had 10 years ago. Now, I am 21, have read all the books, and still cannot get enough. My Passion for these books, these movies, these legends go unspoken, for I could never find the words to describe my Love and devotion to them all.
    Being an actress I always wanted to act in The Lord Of The Rings, and then The Hobbit, but seeing as how that is now impossible, I only hope to work along side Peter Jackson one day. You are my Hero, Sir!

    • Ditto! I saw the Fellowship when I was 11. The very next day I went to my public library to check out the books and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. My trilogy set and my Hobbit book looks so ragged and worn out because of the multiple times I read and re-read it. I guess I should invest in a hardback collection but I feel like I’m cheating on my first set of the books lol.

      When I saw the trailer at home I was so excited I started squealing like the fangirl that I am. My eyes were teary and I nearly cried from the excitement. All I could think of was, “Finally”. I almost died of happiness when I saw it again during the previews for Tintin. I suppose I’ll just have a heart attack or bawl my eyes out by the time the actual movie premieres lol.

      Good luck with acting! Maybe PJ and co. will read this and take pity on the aspiring ones. As for me, I don’t act but I would kill to be an extra in a movie or even meet any of the writer, producers, Alan Lee, Howard Shore, heck anyone! and have them sign my books. A dream come true indeed!

  164. I’m so excited to see this trailer in 3d that I am actually looking foreword to the Hobbit Trailer more than the actual movie.

  165. Fantastico Trailer mas so aumeetou ,minha ansiedade pois so vai estrear daquia um ano

  166. Can’t wait!!!

  167. Finally I can relive these special moments of my life. Once again I can forget the world around me and join the beautiful adventure of this epic story.

  168. wants it in 3D (the trailer ;))

  169. YES !

    it is comming soon ! cant wait to see the wood of no return
    and smog ! and and the escape of Bilbo fron the tunnel of the goblins . oh my god this will be better than the trillogy itself !
    and Beorn and and the worgs arond the trees ! this need more than 2 CD fo sure to put all the book !

    Thank you Peter to make this come true ! … but 2012 december .. we should be dead be4 seeing that movie !

  170. When can we hear the whole Dwarven song from the trailer?! We are impatient and we looooooooove it!!!!

  171. Mr. Baggins says:

    NICE!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

    Peter Jackson can be called a god! God of directors, screenwriters and producers! But… He shares this title with Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg….. Three gods!

    Think of it! A movie from Jackson (directing), Spielberg (producing) and Nolan (screenwriting). That would be awesome!

    Think about it…

  172. i love hobbit & gandalf

  173. Cantttttttttttttt waittttttttt .. OMG 1 more yearrrr .. gonna diee waiting hehehhe

  174. Can`t wait!!!!!!my land have celebrating Old New Year.Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!HELGA))))))))))

  175. You’ve made a mistake by not putting in the name of the movie “part one” and “part two”, because now people will believe that the hobbit is divided into two books, so that there is that a …

  176. I just hope that Mr. Jackson has the full song with these guys singing…deep rich baritones and basses…it’s almost a music video in and of itself.

    Nicely done.

  177. LOTR was nuts , peter jackson did a crackin job an am sure e’ll do same for The Hobbit, if you think you can do any better then naff off with ya nikon n come back when yav done a better job son!

  178. kevin fiqueroa says:

    I am the greatest Lord of the rings fans ever, living in the Netherlands Amsterdam. I have seen return of the king so many times that i know scene to scene by heart. This movie trilogy specially the third kept me in a spell for years. I decided to let it go and give it away cause i was addictive to the scenery, music, story and characters. Now that peter Jackson is making the 2 previous ones looking at the first hobbit trailer i am in awe of the process. My great comment to peter is, Peter jackson you must know the hobbit will and can never outmatch the return of the king this you know is a fact. So to still make it a wonderful compliment to the other 3 parts I would have 7 tips for peter. 1. Keep alive the same method of filming as in the movies. The camera work for example of the butterfly going to gandalf the way of filming on how the camera moves freely through the air at a long length in pieces of the film is what captivated me and is what I loved to see. So throw in those beautiful camera works. 2. Gandalf is a character that is dear to the heart. Give us some awesome fighting scenes of gandalf. 3. Keep the balance of speccial effect to real the same as with the other parts this gives it the raw effect. 4 Allow howards shore to compose beautiful music to the hobbits movies but still in a way mingle it with the music of rotk. 5. Nature is what we all love to see and give us the most beautiful mountains shots and nature scenes you can give. 6. I believe movies like these should be handled with Tender Love and care scene by scene. 7. Give us epic battle scenes. Take care and greetings from the Netherlands

  179. this trailer is better than all movies of 2011

  180. Had a LOTR-marathon with my sister this weekend. It always cheers you up =). We’ve now come to a point were we can’t stop finding small things that we can laugh about (even though the movies are still the BEST ever)…like the utter silence that follows when you’re completley surrounded by goblins in Moria, the elf that screams like a girl falling of the wall in Helm’s deep or the fact that the cute little boy and girl seems to appear both as hobbits, children of Rohan and later also of Gondor. Maybe seen it to many times?

    I do hope the music will be just as beautiful in The hobbit since it did so much for The LOTR (go Howard!!). Good luck everyone! The trailer looks good and I know no-one will do a better job than you 😉 Love from Sweden.

  181. So cute, my Bilbo <3

  182. This trailer is just mind blowing. I used to say I had 3 favourite movies – the LOTR trilogy. Now it’s going to be 5. I truly wish it was December tomorrow. And dear Peter, I hope these movies will really be long because the other 3 finished too soon 🙂

    • Agreed, lol. I can’t be the only one who would have gladly sat through three 6-hour LOTR movies. Even if the theatrical version has to be shorter, you should definitely release a dvd version where the cut is quality-based only without any regards to length.

  183. ProudFEET! says:

    I click on the link, and wait and wait and wait, nothing happens. Is the server down? Hobbits don’t make good webmasters — should have given that job to an Elf!

  184. This will be a great movie, can’t wait to watch it.

  185. This movie will be great. Peter Jackson did an amazing job with LOTR. There were a few things I missed from the books, but not nearly enough to make me less than amazed by the movies. That and I know I tend to like my stories a bit drier than most. Now all I have to do is wait for Peter Jackson to do a movie rendition of The Silmarillion. (I know, fat chance (even though he did throw in a refrence to it in The Fellowship, lol)). Good luck to everyone involved with this project, godspeed.

  186. This just looks like Tim Canterbury has been travelling around Asia for the 10 years since The Office finished.

  187. 1whoknows says:

    I wanna see this move RIGHT NOW!

  188. “The Hobbit” (book) has more songs than LOTR; it’s terrific and moving to hear one set to music and sung. It instantly elevates the emotional connection to these deathless characters Tolkien created.

    My big disappointment in LOTR was not really getting to hear the music of Chris Lee’s voice mesmerizing his attackers. That scene was ridiculously short, though I understood deleting the scouring of the Shire ending.

    Can’t wait to see the rage of Smaug the Dragon when Bilbo steals a cup from his treasure hoard: “…the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted…”

    “The Hobbit” is in good hands (the best!)

  189. I am so happy the Hobbits coming out. I will have waited 7 years since I wanted someone to make a movie out of the hobbit. This movie will we the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. barrelrider says:


  191. Can You release the full version of the “Misty Mountains” on a single CD? You can start to make money as many people loved it and would like to hear the full version. just look at the views count 😀 You can release the track and it will make a gold even before the movie is released. I would be more than glad to hear complete version of it sung by dwarves…. I would listen to it until December 2012. I could sell my arm and my leg for a CD full of all the dwarves songs…

  192. augustoarice says:

    sir Peter Jackson, I`m So waiting the time of movie starts here in Brazil but if the rumors about the end of the world is right, i can`t die before watch the 2 films…congrats you, Serkis and J.R.R Tolkien, For that`s great job and epic moment…

  193. OMG! Im soooooooooo EXCITED!

  194. Fantabulous 😀

  195. Rajesh Maallah says:

    I wonder when they are gonna release trailer with 48 fps that shows gollum would be a dream come true. Its been so long since i saw him last time.

    Have a Good Luck

  196. Whenever I listen to Misty Mountains Cold, I get chills. Every single time.

  197. waiting for it..check my blog to see new movies and some techs developments….

  198. Patrick Lambo says:

    I was a you boy than, back in time, i read the books. My world become different, more colorful, i said back than.What if, what if someone would do a movie on these books someday. I was it was true. 25 years later i saw the lord of the ring on movie, and now almost 10 years later soon, very soon the hobbit. Could that be a better dream come true ?. Now i have my final wish, Silmarillion. That is my final card. Thanks people

  199. Patrick Lambo says:

    Pardon my bad english:

    I was a young boy than, when i read the books. My world become different, more colorful, i said back than, what if, just what if someone would do a movie on these books someday. I dream it was true back than. 25 years later i saw the lord of the ring for the first time on movie, and now almost 10 years later, very soon the hobbit. What better dream could that be than this ?. Final i have my last wish and i think many would agree on that, that is movies from the Silmarillion. That would be something to show for next generations. Thanks people

  200. Damn, even after so many months, I love this trailer. I was 3 times in the cinema and I’m going again 🙂 I just can’t wait to see next movie! :)))

  201. Great movie indeed, I got all bluray collection in my room 🙂 great work guys!


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