Sep 27, 2014

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Trailer for The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition is available on 11/4, featuring 25 minutes of new and extended scenes, and 9 hours of new bonus content. Here’s the trailer…

  1. J’ai hâte de voir ça !! C’est Thror, non ? Juste avant qu’il ne donne la clé à Gangalf ?

  2. Grizzilmoss says:



  4. Molten gold nonsense has been corrected?

  5. Smaug The Great says:

    Was that Thrain who attacked Gandalf?

  6. Luxettenebrae says:

    Looks like everything that was missing is back!!! So great!!!

  7. Looks like everything that was missing to give more intensity and regular rythm is back. Can’t wait to see that.

  8. Can not wait, only a few weeks now

  9. Now we just have to wait for the OFFICAL trailer for TBOTFA! Anytime now right? Eeeeeeee!!!! SO excited! 😀

  10. I absolutely can’t wait.

    so excited.

  11. I think it is not a good idea speaking dragon with facial expressions. It looks weird, like a fairy tale. There are not many to believe that he is physically able to give people a voice.
    The dragon is chatty, of course. But much more impressive it would be if he spoke telepathically, forced voice in mind…

  12. Un trailers please!!!!

  13. Un trailers please

  14. Will we be seeing a regular DVD Extended version anytime soon?

  15. Excellent. I am very pleased.

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