Dec 15, 2012

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Video Blog 10, The Premiere

Peter Jackson’s Video Blogs on the making of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey continues in this 10th installment, covering the movie’s Premiere in Wellington, New Zealand.

  1. Kyryll Derzhkovskyy says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I saw the movie on Portuguese premier, yesterday. It was fantastic! I have no words do describe how exited I was.
    And tomorrow I will see the movie again.
    Thank you so much for this movie! Thank all of you!

    • rich machin says:


      A perfect movie except for the writers who chose to “fill out” Tolkien’s story so that it could be made into 3 movie. Changing the story – namely having Bilbo kill the orc that was about to kill Thorin – is akin to changing the chords of a Beatles song. Tolkien would be furious at you for turning Bilbo – the anti-hero – into a hero. Bilbo and Thorin were not supposed to be reconciled until the end of the movie. For shame Peter and Fran.

      • Kyryll Derzhkovskyy says:

        It is sad to think that movies have to be 100% exactly as the books. I know the differences. I’ve read it twice. They put more in the movie than changed. And putting Redagast was awesome idea. I will keep books in my heart but also this movies will have his place in there.

        • To Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens: a heartfelt thank you. I have seen the film twice and I have loved the additions and tweaks to original Hobbit story. Actually getting to see this beloved novel on the big screen is one thing, but also including events like the White Council, and the backstory of Durin’s Folk is marvellous. I can’t wait for the next two films to see what happens with the Necromancer.

          And to the entire cast and crew, a job well done!!! I have followed each vlog post anxiously and excitedly, looking forward to the day when I would finally see The Hobbit on the big screen. I wasn’t disappointed – the 48 fps was so clear it was the first 3D film where I wasn’t squinting at the screen to follow camera moves. The acting, the sets, the costumes and make-up were fantastic; I was transported again to Middle Earth.

          Anyone can see the love, care, and hard work that was involved in the making of these films. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for a great film, and that all of your hard work has paid off! And I can’t wait for the Desolation of Smaug!

    • The LOTR trilogy was a beautifully made film of the incredibly complex Tolkien story, the editing was excellent, keeping exactly the right parts and ignoring some of the lesser sub-plots. BUT… the hobbit was very disappointing. To flesh it out to the extent it was, seemed absolutely un-required and has diluted the powerful writings of Tolkien. The dwarf host have been depicted as a bunch of clowns, (largely) and Bilbo as an adventuring hero rather than the timid character he was in the book. The subterranean kingdom is more akin to a DVD game; there were far too many special effects.

      I know I’m probably entirely alone in criticizing the film but having read the books many times over the years, indoctrinated my daughter and loved the first trilogy, this will not be joining my collection of treasured films. Sorry, Peter, I think you made a mistake here.

  2. Thank you so much Hobbit Team! My son and I went to see the premiere last night at midnight here in Orlando, Florida. We had so much fun, but now we can not wait to see the next installment. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with the production videos! Best of luck to all of you during this busy and stressful time. Merry Christmas!

    Your friend and fan,


  3. I saw it on the premiere last night here in Brazil and it was AMAZING!
    Thank you so much for making this movie as epic as it could be. I turn 24 today and this was the best birthday gift I could ask.
    I can’t wait to see the next installment.
    Best of luck to all of you!

  4. LOTR nerd :) says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t go to the premiere but I really wanted to so glad I could see things form it, I’m seeing it TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  5. The movie is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail… and even your slight exaggerations. 48 fps is amazing and I am so glad to see archaic traditions pushed aside. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I hope to be able to see the movie soon!

    This video was so awesome. It almost made me cry. Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard on this film!! We love you all!!!!!

  7. LegolasPippin says:

    Omigosh. I saw the movie last night and it was without a doubt everything I had dreamed it would be. Peter Jackson, if you ever read this, I want you to know that Hobbit movie 1 is easily just as good as LOTR movie 1. Hope you can deliver the same effect on the other 2 films

    • Everyone seems so delighted. I want to know why WB did not tell us this movie was only THE FIRST HALF OF THE STORY!!! I feel cheated!! When the movie ended I could not believe it! Sinse no mention of second half has been mentioned I hope WB gets off their behinds and starts marketing the other half which I will bet is already in the can. Warner has scammed the people by not telling us tthis is only the firrst half of the story and we should be granted entrance to the part two for free!!!

      • T. Steven Sullivan says:

        Man, I hate to be the one to ruin your day, but this was only the first of three movies. Most of us here, I think we’re pretty excited when they announced five years ago, the Hobbit was going to be made as a two part series. Image our excitement nearly six months ago when PJ announced they were going to extend it into a trilogy. But I can see how you would be upset that it wasn’t completely finished now. I mean with so many remakes or movies based on cheesy 1980’s tv shows why would you want to spend time sitting in two more movies based one of the best works of fiction written in the last century.

  8. Thanks so much for doing this! The 3D was not a great experience for me but I am heading back to the cinema next week to watch the 2D version.
    The cast is just wonderful, Mr. Freeman is the best Bilbo I could have imagined, Mr. Serkis deserves 12 Oscars, the music is just great, visuals are breathtaking, there is so much work you have done…
    Even though I do not smile upon some changes in the plot, I think every Tolkien fan should be grateful to you and your team for bringing these amazing stories into life!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks.


  9. LegolasPippin says:



  10. Oh my ! I can’t recognize any dwarf (except Thorin, but that’s a specific case, hehe) without all their hair and beard…

    Anyway, beautiful movie… Actually I’ve never been so moved while watching a movie ! Thanks again, all of you !

  11. Great job!!! Saw the movie in IMAX 3D…INCREDIBLE!!! I loved Erebor and the new Rivendell footage. I want to state that I was mistaken in the previews, Bilbo fought with sting against an orc NOT Gollum!! Can’t wait for Beorn and the Barrel Rider!! Please send me an advance print of part two!!:-)

  12. Stunning! Saw it this morning (Dec. 14). I was intending to see it 2-D, but the theater has scheduling problems and I wanted to see the movie right then, so I braved the headache and it was worth it! Barry Humphries was so funny,and those dwarves are so dishy! The 3-D is the best resolution I’ve seen. Can hardly wait for next year!

  13. Just saw the movie. It is perfect. It is as faithful an adaptation of the books as any lover of this story could dream of. Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful present.

  14. Wonderfull moment 🙂 now it is too long for waitting the DVD the extended and the second film

    I love so much your JRR Tolkien variations !

  15. I don’t know if Peter Jackson reads this blog, or if anyone relays any messages to him, but I really would like to thank him and the rest of the crew for creating yet another masterpiece.
    Every part of this first Hobbit movie was fantastic, absorbing and incredible to behold, thank you a million times 🙂

  16. FANTASTIC movie!!! Just watched it with my wife here in Minnesota. I appreciated ALL the plot details, the new stuff from the Tolkien notes, the pace, the 3D, the action scenes, Gollum, etc. None of it felt contrived or wedged in, and it all felt like it belonged in the overall presentation. I left the theatre wanting MORE MORE MORE. If this film is any indication, the next two films will be brilliant and there is going to be a 22 hour Hobbit/LOTR DVD marathon in my near future.

    Thank you Peter Jackson & Co.!!

  17. I FINALLY saw the movie! I saw it in XD 3D HFR. Fantastic! The only things I could complain about were bird droppings in Radagast’s hair and Bilbo covered in troll mucus. The scenery was beautiful! Especially Rivendell and Erebor. Watching scenes in Rivendell was like being in heaven! My favorite scene is riddles in the dark. HFR was a little fast sometimes like in the beginning bilbo walking down a hall it looked really sped up. But i really liked the HFR after I got used to it. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG! 🙂

  18. I am seeing the movie tomorrow. I CAN’T wait!

  19. I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Joshua drakes says:

    loved the film watched it about 1 hour ago

  21. Acabo de llegar y es

    ¡¡ I N C R E I B L E ¡¡


    Corre reloj, se nos va a hacer un mundo un año completa para seguir disfrutando.

    Peter gracias , gracias , GRACIAS GRACIAS………….

  22. I am deeply disappointed. Mr Jackson apparently never actually read the Hobbit or failed to understand it. This was easily the worst portrayal of JRR Tolkien’s work I have ever encountered. Boo, Mr Jackson

    • I 100% agree with you. The cartoon version was much more accurate.
      I have read the books several times.
      I can’t believe how wrong they got this movie. They left out so much and added stuff from other books that simply did not belong.

  23. Stephen Cole says:

    Loved the movie,felt like I was only in theatre for half an hour, I didn’t want it to end. Laughed and felt sad and exited. Casting and acting was briliant, characters briliant. As always the music added so much to the experience just like LOTR’s. Peter Jackson and his team just keep getting better, they have really excelled with The Hobbit. Well done and thankyou for an experience I really enjoyed and treasure. A movie with real heart that captured my heart.

  24. Only white people in middle earth?

  25. Olivier Houot says:

    Hi, i’ve just seen the movie twice (in two different theaters), in HFR format. Just talking about the technical aspect, here. Though i more or less knew what to expect, it only became transparent to the story the second time, where i enjoyed it thoroughly. It certainly produces amazing smoothness in many camera movements. But when it comes to reproduction of completely natural motion, i think it is not completely there, yet. There is still some motion blur on some fast movements, and also a “multiple edges” effect. Some of that may be down to compromises to ease the conversion to 24 fps, or some limitations in DLP projection technology.

    As a humble amateur, owner of a 1080p50 consumer camera (not a mistake, i know it is non standard, but this is what it does, see panasonic HDC-SD700 specs), i observe that i can suppress the multiple edges effect by shooting at 1/50th of a second (100% shutter aperture), but then i loose some of the sharpness of the picture. On the other hand, with a 1/125 setting, picture is sharp, but then the multiple edges effect is amplified. The only working compromise i’ve found for now is to shoot with a high shutter speed for a sharp image, then use a display with 100 Hz motion compensation technology, which removes the problem with the edges.

    Also, i remember seeing the Showscan 60 fps demos. I was amazed by the picture quality and realism. Some times after, i went to a theme park with a 48 fps demo (based on film a the time), and it was not quite as convincing. So i believe we must go even beyond 48 fps, either by directly shooting at those speeds, or by producing the higher rates with motion compensation techniques either in post prod or in real time at the projector (modern consumer TV sets can do it in 2K, so why not). This assumes shutter aperture is consistent with the target rate, even if capture is done at a lower one. I am not sure how DLP technology will be able to cope with those higher rates, at least in 3D. In 2D, it is entirely possible, of course, since projectors can do 144 fps. The Showscan demos were in 2D, by the way.

    Just my thoughts, anyway thanks for the nice return to Middle Earth, the enormous effort and dedication put into it, and thanks for pushing the industry (in/of) motion forward into such an interesting territory.

    P.S.:I hope i will be able to also enjoy 2D blu-ray HFR in the home (and on 100 Hz display), by using the higher motion capability of 1080i/25 : extract even fields from even frames and odd fields from odd frames of the 48 fps stream (with a 48 to 50 “PAL speed up”), and fuse that into a 1080i/ 25 (50 hz) interlaced video format.

  26. saw the movie friday- amazing!!!! thanks so much guys- really loved these video blogs new year cant come soon enough. Looking forward to ‘dos’ and ‘taba’, ‘auj’ waqs amazin. merry christmas! 😉

  27. LOTR nerd :) says:

    OMG SAW IT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! Really can’t wait for part two now!!!!! It as so funny too 😀

  28. Thank you Peter and team … LOVED IT !! Saw it first showing in Manchester UK HFR 3d IMAX OMG wow … loved it the detail … i loved it really what do critics know? You need to let the fans see it first not the critics cause they seem to know nothing.

    Hobbit is the first book i ever read … it taught me to read… so means alot

    Looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd part.

  29. That film was amazing, it delivered on all fronts. From watching all the makings of ect I can see that all the planning and behind the scenes was done wonderfully. The acting was just divine from all involved. The directing from Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis was great. The production of the film was great. The animation was great. The transition from the story to film was amazing. The way that Peter Jackson has managed to go from Tolkiens “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit” and this great kids book to this 3 part movie which millions will see and will make billions and make all who see it happy. That film (and the ones to come) will inspire a whole load of stuff, I can tell, just like the Lord of the Rings did with things like Pipe smoking (which the hobbit looks like it will do as well). So in simple 10/10 all of the way! Well done you guys, I hope you have made your selves proud, because I’m proud to be the same species as people like Tolkien and PJ – minds like no others.

  30. Genevieve Root says:

    I just come back from the movie in Canad and it was REALLY amazing! Thanks to all the crew and can’t wait to see the second movie’s vlog!

  31. Thank You for crafting this wonderful movie. The HFR 3D presentation was stunning. The story additions worked very well.

  32. David, age 14 says:


    i am 14 years old, iv allways been a fan of lord of the rings since i was young when my uncle intradused it to me.

    so far iv been to see the hobbit twice! that was in the space of two days. BOY is it a good film! i love it cannot wait til the next!

    Next saturday i will be watching it again 😀

  33. Saw the midnight showing in Pasadena, CA USA on the 14th. I was also on an on-call status from work that time but I just had to risk it, and it was well worth it. Thank goodness I didn’t get called back because I loved every single second of it. It brought me back to the time when FOTR was released. That movie meant a lot to me as it became one form of inspiration that time when there was trouble in the world…and I started on my military deployments (and my own “adventures”) The whole movie and book trilogy served as some sort of companion too. Now, I’m on for another taste of a different adventure, but with the same magic and heart. Thank you Peter. As Bilbo puts it best, There And Back Again.

  34. bringingupboys says:

    I saw it this afternoon with my oldest son (9 yrs) here in Northern Virginia, and we both agreed that it was a superb movie! I think the reason the Hobbit is so dear to my heart is b/c I read it back in middle school when we were visiting Great Britain (specifically Scotland) for two weeks. I could see how Tolkein was inspired by his surroundings, with all the rolling hills, and streams, and lovely gardens and castles etc.. I knew Peter Jackson would do it justice! Kudos to all the cast & crew on a job well done! Already looking forward to seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug set for release December 13, 2013.

  35. Peter Jackson is a hero for using the 48 fps tech! I could clearly see those very fast moments, which was hard with the traditional 24 fps movies. I hope he’ll be the first to shoot at 120 fps 🙂

  36. I’m so incredibly disappointed in this film. I am a huge fan of the LotR adaptations. The work done on the previous films were award worthy for many reasons. The compromises made in adapting LotR made sense and were largely respectful of the source text. I’m afraid The Hobbit does not even share the same time zone, let alone zip code with the originals. Instead, it suffers from Phantom Menace-itis: Fear to try new things and therefore an over reliance on successes of the past, replacement of crafted storytelling with effects and action, the stripping of substance and texture for the use of gimmickry. The very fact of such a small book being split into three three hour length films should have told us all what to expect: A bloated product bent by crass commercialism. And this after so many of us fans protested, sent angry letters, and did what we could to indicate our extreme displeasure at the very idea that Mr. Jackson would not be in the director’s chair for these upcoming films several years ago. We witnessed this kind of insult to and disdain for the fan base from Mr. Lucas, Mr. Jackson. Et tu, Brute? Enjoy the cash grab. I for one will not be in attendance for the next two.

  37. Great Blog my friend, congratulations!
    Greetings from Oz.

  38. Aleksandar says:

    I am 36 old and a big fan of Tolkin and Peter Jackson.Now Peter Jackson must make film about THE SILMARION.Tolkin is the olso writter of this book,and this book is the first part of the hole story!Fist come The Silmarion then The Hobbit then at the last The Lords of the Rings!The Silmarion is the maybe the most interesting part of all!Meny big battles,with meny big creatures on both sides…good and bad and wery,wery intresting part of hole story!Apsolutle for the big screen in three parts!Make it Peter!!!I think like many others that you can and you will!

  39. Vilde15 fan nr.1 says:

    Dear Mr. Jackson
    This movie is the most amazing movie I have ever seen!!!
    You and your team have managed to make a masterpiece!
    I have always been a huge fan of “The Lord of the Ring”-movies, and they have been my favorite movies ever since I first saw them! But now i got new favorite! I really hope that you will read this comment and realize what an extraordinary artist you are!

    You and your team and all the actors should be so proud of yourself. This movie really touched a fifteen years old girl’s heart.

    LOVE from me <3

  40. I have always been a fan of JRR Tolkien’s books (The Hobbit & LOTR Trilogy). Having said that and after seeing the Hobbitt in IMAX 3D, I am sad to report that this new Peter Jackson adventure is a snoozefest. Three hours of predictable outcomes for confrontations that are not in the book. Characters showing up that are not even mentioned in the original text and they still haven’t gotten into the Lonely Mountain by the end of the first movie. The sets, costumes and scnery were stunning as usual but I saw no benefit from 48 fps. The story has been stretched to the point of boredom with little or no excitement to look forward to the next two excruciating 3 hour sequels designed to empty your wallet over a 2 year timespan. Perhaps it would be best to save your cash and watch all three on a cable network Peter Jackson Retrospective weekend. The best part of this trip to the cinema was watching 3D previews of “OZ the Great & Powerful” & the new “Star Trek” movie due out in May 2013. Save your money!

    • Glorfindel_73 says:

      The movie started out perfectly with the original Bilbo telling the real story. That brought tears to my eyes, because to me Ian Holm will always be dear Bilbo! Martin Freeman does an excellent performance for the character also. I didn’t enjoy the unnecessary additions and changes for the most part. I found the changes to the troll scene irritating. Why change perfection? The addition of the White Council meeting at Rivendell was awkward. It was like Gandalf was sent to the principle’s office. Radaghast with a sleigh pulled by rabbits? We all know he rode a horse to meet Gandalf when Saruman sent for him. Azog was killed at the opening of Moria by Dain!!!
      I don’t even think Bilbo used Sting as a weapon till Mirkwood.

  41. Yes,make The Silmarion-the movie!

  42. Nikos Georgoudis says:

    Hi guys (Peter Jackson, writers and producing companies )
    I have been a fan of Tolkien since 5th grade elementary when I read the hobbit for the first time . When it was unsure whether the hobbit project was going to be realized I sent letter to all parties involved asking for Peter Jackson to be the director . I would like to thank you for the amazing film . I have seen it twice already and will probably go to check out the 3d . I would like to point out a few things which stole away from the movie as i believe this is more important rather than telling the good things. It is not only my opinion but my most of my acquaintances who share in these points.
    In some occasion the dialogs were BAD – golf ? Who played golf in middle earth? Why did the goblin king sound and talk like the most literate and posh king of whales.
    The goblin encounters was altered so much to serve the 3D effects …. not impressive. It makes the story feel cheap. In between the story of Tolkien’s hobbit and Peter Jackson’s amazing capability I don’t believe there is any need for these excessive show’s of technology or requirement to go with the 3D trend. The hobbit and Director are above that.
    There were many more changes but those were done to better serve for an older audience I can only agree as I am an adult now :)))

    I hope these comments are duly considered as they are not my own …. And the only reason for my comment is I hope to reach someone in time for the next 2 movies. A lot can be done in one year; play down on 3D, use real people not only blue suits (like LOTR), take care for the dialogues to be truer and more realistic.

    In any case I liked the film a lot . It was equal only to LOTR but only just due to the above which took off a few points from the ten it actually deserved .

  43. Glorfindel's Daughter says:

    I saw this in the US at midnight, and it was even more fun in IMAX 3D then i thought, I was crying 2/3 of the movie because I had just barely been able to get to the theater in time bc i was in the hospital. Middle Earth was (and still is) my escape from a world filled with disabilities and hospital beds. Long Live Middle Earth, and may a star shine forever on our meeting place.

  44. A question, really. After the Hobbit trilogy will there be more based on The Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin and the Unfinished Tales? If so, there is a lot more Middle Earth to come and I look forward to it.

    • I don’t think that will happen since PJ and co. don’t own the rights to The Silmarillion or The Unfinished Tales. I not sure who own these rights but if they are in the hands of the Tolkien Estate we will never see these tales on the big screen…..ever!

  45. I went to see the movie in Chian Mai, Thailand on the second day when it was released worldwide. Best quote goes to Saruman: “It’s because of his [Radagast’s] excessive cosume of MUSHROOMS! It has done something to his brain.” XDXDXD The whole audience was roaring in laughter, especially coz we were in THAILAND. XDXD
    Awesome script, director! As reasonable for a movie as necessary, bu tals as literal as possible. I loved it!

  46. First movie i have ever wanted to watch again straight after seeing it! the action scenes were amazing and the cgi was mind blowing, and i only saw it in 24fps.

  47. Guys, congratulations for the movie, i’m brasilian and I have to say: WE TOTALLY LOVE U ALL! Keep doin that estraordinary work, you rock!

  48. The quest for the One Ring couldn’t last forever. Trekking through the wastelands of Mordor, second breakfasts, fighting off various ugly hurtful creatures, hurling the ring into the fiery Cracks of Doom – job done.

    So what career path now for the fighty hairy footers and assorted evil nasties of Middle Earth?

  49. Roddy Stokes says:

    I just love Peter’s directing! The Hobbit is the best movie of the year!!!!

  50. Dear Peter Jackson and crew,

    Congrats on the film, it was amazing! I even became inspired and wrote a music theme as tribute to your fine work. It would be an honor if you were to have a listen:

    All the Best of the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year to all!

  51. Antoine Flemming says:

    Mr. Jackson. Not sure if you’re reading this. Saw the movie today. It was nice to see Middle earth again. But this film didn’t have the same feel that the Fellowship had. I was extremely disappointed in the more childish nature of the film. While the book is a children’s book, it doesn’t function really well as a prequel to your much beloved Lord of the Rings Trilogy. For one, I was disappointed in the massive amount of rather fake-looking CGI that was used, mainly in the villains of the movie (Azog, Goblin King, Smaug). They don’t match up to the very real looking orcs, goblins, and other creatures in the LOTR trilogy. Secondly, I was disappointed at the different, childish take on the goblins. The goblins in the Fellowship film were PERFECT. There was no need to change them for these films. I was disappointed that Azog was all CGI. He was very unconvincing, and looked like a video game character. You simply could have done the same thing you did for Lurtz – get a guy in costume. You could have made him appear larger than the dwarves the same way you did for Gandalf compared to the dwarves. Many people expected Smaug to be comparable to the very believable Balrog in LOTR. He wasn’t. He clearly looked fake, and not fearsome at that. Pretty much my main gripes are that 1) the graphics in this movie, while 10 years newer than that in the Fellowship of the Ring, actually look LESS realistic, 2) the tone of the film is not in keeping with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and 3) the movie was too whimsical and too silly at times (like Radagast with bird**** in his hair). If you are able, it would be great if changes could be made to make the film fit more with the LOTR movies.

    • Glorfindel_73 says:

      I know that Radagast is not the greatest of wizards, but this portrayal is on the level of Jar Jar Binks. This was a wizard who was a master of shapes and color. He loved the animals and plants of Middle Earth, but I doubt he had birds living under his hat. Saruman called him simple. But simple doesn’t mean stupid, in his case at least. Maybe he just had a great love for the simple things in life, maybe more akin to Treebeard’s views.

  52. RococoDammerung says:

    As a lifelong (and I do mean long) fan of Tolkien, I have to admit that I am truly overwhelmed by the quality and texture of this film. I just saw it in IMAX 3D and it was a perfect experience. I only wish that JRR were here to enjoy it. Congratulations on achieving your goal and ours.

  53. Hello, my name is Denis, I’m from Russia. First what I must do, it’s to tell bravo to all of The Hobbit Team. The really great journey I’ve visited, is the most fantastic adventure for me which I have had last time. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” it’s a really great work and I want to tell many thanks to all command which has created it. I’m very like “Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien, his “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Silmarillion” and other of his stories, and of course as many of fans of Tolkien, I’ve seen the film about adventure of Frodo and the Brotherhood of the Ring. But in that time I saw the story, which touched me dipper than “The Lord of the Rings”. Of course I like that story too and it’s always will be in top list of my favorite movies, but this time, I saw not only the fairytale from beautiful and fantastic world, which was told me by storyteller. I have seen a real life of people, gnomes, hobbits, and elves in the real world which exists parallel to our world. I was like an inhabitant of this world and was with the group of Thorin in all their adventures.
    I want to tell many thanks to Peter Jackson for really great story, for his professionalism and attentiveness to all details and solicitous attitude to the world of The Middle-earth, many thanks to Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis (Gollum was inimitable as always), Manu Bennett (Azog was frighteningly real, I did not see such well-created dark character for a long time), Sylvester McCoy (the rabbit team was amazing 😉 and to all gnomes! And especially great respect and gratitude to Ian McKellen, I can’t imagine somebody else in the role of Gandalf, after The Lord of the Rings Gandalf and image of the character created by Ian McKellen became synonyms for me (and who is that Dumbledore after all ;-)!
    And I want to thank the visual effects specialist for really great work, physical effects was very natural and worked out to the smallest detail!
    My family and I wish happiness in life and good luck and success in professional activity to all people, who worked at The Hobbit. We look forward to the next story about Bilbo and his friends.

  54. WHEN DOES NUMBER TWO COME OUT??? already watched it twice!!

  55. Beautiful movie, pictures, story, artists and great compliments to Peter, who did it again!

  56. mixedfiction says:

    Whoa! Can’t wait for the next two movies and more video blogs! XD The movie was just Awesome! And seeing what they’re doing behind the camera is very interesting and amazing!

  57. JR Davison says:

    One question was it just greed that made you make this movie?The trilogy was fantastic,like seeing the pages of a book come to life.The hobbit was a travisty,didn’t you have a copy of the book to go by?All I was looking forward to was seeing the battle with Smaug,wow I got to see his eye.I know it dosen’t make any difference to you as you set on your pile of money that you made(by the way can you send me the 9 dollars I wasted)but perhaps you should have put a little more effort into this project,I mean buy a copy of the Hobbit and use that for a SCRIPT.I left the theater feeling cheated.So congrats on your money and your crappy movie.

  58. Unbelievable and incredible, words cannot do justice to such a perfect work thank you it brought tears to my eyes 🙂

  59. Can’t wait for the next movie (and video blogs)!
    Looove unexpected journey. And I love watching these behind the scene footages.
    You know in the book you don’t really get to know the dwarves because it’s hard to distinguish them from one another (except thorin maybe) but in the movie they’re really distinguishable. Love them all.
    Can’t wait to see all of them again and the fabulous shiny thranduil

  60. I saw the movie today and it’s definately the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life!
    The Higher Frame Rate is amazing and together with 3D it seems like you would be in this movie – it’s fantastic!!!
    I really can’t wait for the next two movies. The Soundtrack is so so wonderful – aww and yeah Gollum is still cute ^^
    Thank ou for the amazing movie!

  61. Scoobyyy25 says:

    When will the first production video ready about the second Hobbit film?

  62. Saw the film the other day. WOW. It was an awesome movie, I want to watch it again. A lot of people complained about the 48 fps, but was I the only one who didn’t notice it? The story was great, and the scenery was phenomenal!

  63. I went to see The Hobbit last night, here in Laval, Quebec and I simply loved the movie. However, I heard that there were a few scenes with Legolas in them, which were not shown at all in the movie. Is there really scenes with the son of Thranduil? If so, why weren’t they shown?

    Great work to all! You guys rock!

  64. Hey,

    I’d really like to know WHO Ian Mckellen’s favorite dwarf is…

  65. Andrew Johnson says:

    This is not my post or even anyone I know, but I think that he makes some very good, constructive points and I should hope that at least one person involved in the shooting ends up viewing it:

  66. I saw the first movie and enjoyed it. I knew about the two part plan, then learned of the three-part plan. I appreciated the concept of trying to link up the Hobbit with the LOTR series with Tolkien’s other material. Now after seeing the first Hobbit movie, I was disheartened. I will probably see the other two movies and probably enjoy them. But the simple fact seems to be that the biggest reason for three movies is to drag out the profit margin. If the principal photography is complete, why then are the other movies so delayed in their release dates? I understand the editing/completion process for making movies and that it takes time. But again it seems that the timeline is more dictated by profit than it is by film-making. It is at its very heart, disappointing. For LOTR I could wait for the other movies as they were largely discrete sections. The artificialness of the break at the end of the first Hobbit movie tells much about things. If the makers were worried that people would want to see the second part (in the original 2 part plan), because of this, I think they will really need to be worried about people watching the third part. Unless they really do something sneaky trying to pull everyone in for the last part. And if they do that, they risk losing the entire audience. I think the era of the big multi-part series like this is running its course, and may die out, like the Victorian 3 part novel tradition (which LOTR may have been on the tail end of originally).
    So I watched the Hobbit part I, enjoyed it, but am still grumbling, unfulfilled at the ending. I don’t like leaving novels unfinished for a year or two like we have to wait for for this one.

  67. I looked at the blog message just before my last one. The youtube video. I too second many of his comments. Particularly, the one about the camera moves. I watch very few movies on the big screen anymore (cost, logistics, etc.). So when I do I guess I am often disappointed. Since movie projection, and likely since computerized filming camera moves are quite disconcerting to me. A pan across to set a scene, just about kills me. On the big screen I cannot even focus to see anything. You either sits trying to deal with the jumpy seemingly heavily pixelated bombardment and deal with the inherent nausea caused by it, or you simply look away or close your eyes.

    So his comment that you are being reminded that you are seeing a movie, does take you out of the movie. A bad reminder to give viewers. For some reason on the small screens it still happens, but it isn’t so egregious.

    Lest you think it is just me and/or my glasses or eyesight, many I speak to have the same problem. Nor is it bad adjustments at one theater. It happens in every theater I’ve been in recently.

  68. je n’ai pas vu le film mais j’ai lu dans un magazine que sur le tournage 27 animaux sont mort . Je ne trouve pas ça normal !!!

  69. Glorfindel_73 says:

    Is there a possibility of instead of a Director’s Cut that shows more footage can we have a Fan Cut that shows less added material? Maybe more of the characters that should have been in the story. The dwarves were great, and the casting of Martin Freeman was perfect. I loved Ian Holm, so I very worried about the casting. What I have seen of Thranduil was perfection also! I still have a hard time dealing with dwarves that I find attractive. Peter, Fran, Philippa, and del Toro: Those that have read The Hobbit already love the characters and the story, you don’t have to do anything different for the rest of the world to love them too! I have faith in your group, you have brought the world the greatest movies ever created in The Trilogy. But just as the movie was really grabbing me there would be a What the? Huh? moment that would make me think Why the?

  70. Tolkin so powerfull imagenation He had.

  71. Espectacular la película!!!! Ya quiero ver la segunda parte!!! Ahora tengo una pregunta! El anillo primero no estuvo en Erabon??? Entonces cómo lo consigue gollum??? Cómo se telaciona??? Plz respuestas!!! Gracias

  72. weltersbach alan says:

    bonjour petter voila maintena pratiquemen 10 ans que vous venner de faire rever un petit garcon grace a la trilogie du seigneur des anneaux .ceci fu pour experiance quelle que chose dinoubliable je ne pui oublier les reve que vos film mon inspire pendan mon enfance mon frere et moi aimon ce que vous faite meme maintena que je sui devenu plus grand vos film me pasione toujour autan je lis toute vos video . depuis que jai su que dautre film de la trilogie aller sortir la joie de pourvoir savourer ses film qui son realiser duremen comme vous le stipuller dan vos interviou cest pour cela que vos film nous font languire . voir les video de tournage cest comme se sentir present sur les lieu partager les meme chose que vous. etre a vos coter pour realisser ces film nest qun reve que je croi de tout mon etre .alor jespere que vous repondrer a mon message que je puisse me dire que petter noubli pa ces fan quil pene 2 petite minute pendan son thee pour rendre encore plus heureux ce grand garcon

    thank you petter

  73. LOVED the hobbit! saw it in imax 3D on 14th December and was awesome. I kind of missed the end since I was tired and I was wathing at 2:15!! I would love to see again. Bring on Smaug and hopefully I can see it in HFR Imax 3D!! That would be mindblowing. If only the book was written like this…….!

  74. Hi,

    I really liked your movie. It was fantastic, but I didn’t see it in 48fps because it was not in my region. I want to know if yoou plan to release a 48 FPS version of BluRay disc?


  75. As about the thing going on with the separation of the story into 3 movies, I’ve recently read the book and I can honestly say that it is so childishly written that it lacks a lot of information that they put into the movie so it was a good idea. I just wish I could get the date when the next production video comes out?! Can we get any?

  76. After a large amount of my friends recommended the movie I went to see the film, I Absolutely loved it I think its the best film I have seen so far this year.

  77. BobbieFisher says:

    Oh wow. I almost fell asleep twice during the film. I loved the LotR trilogy on film, still watch it and I love The Hobbit- the book. I know the differences in tone and material, so I was expecting something very different from LotR. But this monstrosity is so bogged down with all the added stuff, then it has this totally cartoonish action which I didn’t believe for a second, even in the 48 frame rate. It felt so staged and precious that I felt as if I was watching a different film from the book. And god, it was so boring. And where was Bilbo? My wonderful morally ambiguous Bilbo? It’s like he didn’t exist in the film. What a shame. This trilogy looks like it’s going to suck. Too bad, all that work and all that money for something so mediocre.

  78. Hello!

    I was looking for any contact information on you, but this is the only way I found.
    I have just one question: Is it possible to use The Hobbit Production Diaries (posted on YouTube by Mr. Jackson) to create a collection of them (that menas one video of a length of about one and half hour) and post it on YouTube and/or other video sharing servers as a non-profit video (giving you the credits)?
    Thanks for replying.

  79. I absolutely adored the hobbit film and look forward to the new one, love the behind the scenes clips and egarly await for more.
    Love the films, keep up the good work<3<3

  80. can’t wait the 2nd movie! <3

  81. Powerful Dainsmithengton says:

    Oi oi hurry up with the next production video!!!!!!
    Lots of love
    Powerful Dainsmithengton

  82. Please give us the first video for “Desolation of Smaug”!!!!!!!!!

  83. Are you guys going to make any posts about post production for the Desolation of Smaug? I’d love to get even more behind the scenes.

  84. Please make the orcs (goblins)look like real like in LOTR. They were not artfully created like all the Orcs in the LOTR trilogy. It really made me dislike the movie.

  85. Hey when is the next blog video gonna be released..??

  86. The Hobbit is a wonderful, brilliant and incomparable movie.
    So a big compliment to all of you, actors, editors, designers, the director, and all other I did not mention.
    I just bought the Special Edition Soundtrack CD and I am really impressed of it.
    But I have one request, one wish:
    Could you please, please make a record of the FULL Song of the Lonely Mountain with the dwarf-actors and publish it on one of the next soundtrack CDs?

  87. Well, the first movie was GREAT, can’t wait for the next one !

  88. A few weeks ago I saw Hobbit first time in 2D, after I said: “hmm… good movie”. Next time I was on Hobbit with my son, on 3D-24, after I said: “wow, it’s really good movie!”. Today I saw Hobbith 3D-48 with my friend. After than for a few minutes we said nothnig, and now I can say: “@#@%#@ I’ts just amazing movie”.

  89. Hobbit-Fanatic says:

    Please… WHEN will Videoblog 11 come??? I’m rly glad for that you posted videoblogs meanwhile you’re carrying on with the films. Hopefully I’ll stand next to the red carpt in Wellington upon the premiere of the Hobbit 3. I’d love to join the fans and see you guys irl.

    I really hope the 2 next movies will be just as awesome as the 1st.

    Thx for publishing this! :p

    • I agree. I’m totally loosing my mind by waiting the 11th video blog! I just can’t survive without some information of the Desolation of Smaug! 😀 😀

      Thank you for these awesome movies, which really have made a huge impression on me! I seriously LOVE the Hobbit and LOTR!!

      Greetings from Finland! 🙂

  90. I was looking for any contact information on you, but this is the only way I found. Thanks

  91. Well not able to catch it till now. Will it be in theatres in India?

  92. Smeagolisawesome says:

    When are the vlogs for The desolation of smaug starting? I cant wait

  93. jorge hervada says:

    El Hobbit fue el primer libro q lei y me metio esa pacion por la lectura de JRR. Aca en Uruguay estamos deseandi q pasen los meses lo mas rapido posible para poder ver la segunda parte. Ojala esto nunca termine y se pueda hacer la pelicula del silmarillon.

    Gracias JRR y en especial a Un gran amigo q esta en España quien fue q me regalo el libro de El Hobbit cuando yo tenia 17 años Ignacio Grignano. Un PADRE para mi.

    Jorge Gabriel Hervada.

  94. I just watched the live q & a. THANK YOU! For doing that been waiting for news on The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug. Also lol to Orlando Bloom. Yes, everyone is excited for Legolas.

  95. Well I have to say, I LOVED The Lord Of The Rings (books and films)I love the battle in The Two Towers I think its just beautifully done, I loved the hobbit (book) and found the additions to the story in the film, I wont say bad but interesting… however I don’t like the fellowship of the ring as much as the other two and I think this one has that same feeling… I think it is perhaps a little un fair that we judge it based on the quality of TLOTR, as that is indeed a high standard. I am however very excited for the next two parts. It will, I’m sure be amazing! =)

  96. PeregrinTook369 says:

    That was so awesome!
    The Quality of LOTR and thats really hard!

  97. PeregrinTook369 says:

    Marco u r so weird!
    it was awesome and if u dislike the movie why did u post a comment!!!!!

  98. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does anyone know if there will be an official premier of The Desolation of Smaug?


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