Dec 14, 2012

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Video Clip: Give Him The Contract


  2. Grizzilmoss says:


  3. Awesome!! Can’t wait, unfortunately I have to wait two more weeks.
    Sigh…Doesn’t come out where I live until the 26th.

    • you really should see it, awesome movie! Martin Freeman, who plays Bilbo Baggins, is an amazing actor !!

      • Izzy the LOTR fan says:

        Dear Peter Jackson

        I hope that you can send some more clips of
        the hobbit out iv seen an unexpected journey
        6 times now and i carnt wait till the Desolation of Smaug and i just reaaaally want to see the clips of the dragon and the spiders
        and the relationship between Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo Baggins work out and about the pale orc[AZOG] i dont remember that in the books but J.R.R Tolken did try and rewrite the book so i dont now wether he wrote that in or not? and all the dwarfs wich i can name under 10 secs but it will take me to long to right them all out as theres about Bard and weeeeeel i could go on FOREVER so i betta go thank you for these films

        from Izzy the LOTR fan

  4. SunshineNsmiles says:

    Sincerely heart warming! Wonderful clip! I’d write more, but it’s time to get in line for tickets! YAY!

  5. Wait, it says the date is December 14! today is the 13th!

    • LOTR nerd :) says:

      lol don’t worry different time zones 🙂 same happens to me but this looks so funny 🙂 can’t wait to see it

  6. Tajana Eowyn says:

    Our premiere was on Wednesday… 🙂 I was there, but unfortunately I have to say, that the movie wasn´t perfect… I would give it about 70-90 percent, so maybe 80 🙁 The storyline was fine, but it was all way too digital, for example Sebastian and the other hedgehogs… And the orcs were just “evil” but not scary or disgusting as in LOTR… Azog with his evil laugh was unoriginal… The Big Goblin was way too inteligent and he wasn´t funny… The beginning was a little too long and way too digital, it looked like a video game… And there were some cliche things, like Galadriel´s turn… I don´t know, I hoped it would be a little better…
    But I still think it´s great 🙂 Riddles in the dark is the best part, it´s perfect 🙂 and I liked the songs, I liked that the spirit of the book was preserved in the film, the playful way of telling the story… 😀 Saruman talking about mushrooms made me laugh SO HARD, also the troll scene.. And I loved the Stone Giants, Imladris, Thranduil´s stag 😀 And Martin Freeman is a brilliant actor, although I think that in LOTR there were better performances of the actors…
    That is all, definitely go and see the film if you haven´t already, it has many good sides 🙂

    • loved the first part with the story about the dwarf empire.. was done great

      Loved how they made the elf city

      Best part for me is that elf city, the necromancer in the castle, and the hobbit using the ring for the first time

    • Rivendell Elf says:

      I was slightly disappointed with the film – saw it yesterday. The 3D is fantastic, if a bit overwhelming, but the pace of action and the digital effects really make it feel like a video game. It’s definitely not LOTR and it doesn’t really feel like Tolkien – especially with the film’s addition of the big, bad, white orc and his white warg, it seemed too much like modern fantasy video-game style. The villains just didn’t seem right to me. Radagast seemed a bit too silly, as well. I liked Galadriel’s scenes, her acting was great, as was Ian McKellen’s and Richard Armitage’s. I was relieved that Martin Freeman played such a good Bilbo, and Gollum probably stole the show. The elves are a bit different, they seem slightly less highbrow; will be good to see more of them in the next installment.

  7. There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for this marvelous movie!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe!!!!! I have never seen such a wonderful movie!!!!!


  8. Friday finally came and with him the most perfect movie of the year, going to see it ASAP.

  9. Michael Emond says:

    Just got out of the midnight premier. Such a perfect movie! All the others who disagree can go die in a hole! The High Frame Rate was astounding, the brief strays from the book were easily believable/explainable, the CG was great and the actors (once again) were perfect!!! Once again, if you disagree then go die in a hole.

    Thank you Peter Jackson for bringing one of my favorite books to life!

  10. I agree with Michael…it was amazing. Definitely have to go see it, don’t believe the bad reviews! Also watch this…’A Simple Walk to Mordor’

  11. Saw it today, HOT D…! Too Long? Can not wait for the extended version. Maybe a little slow in the beginning (for anyone who has never read the books) but was needed to set the background. Great movie!!

  12. Saw the movie and it is GREAT.. Fantastic 3d effect at the (almost) end with something flying towards “you”.. so you have to see it 3D !!!

    great to see Saruman again.. Great to see another wizzard
    great to see Elron again.. and his fantastic city

    Big question is. when this movie comes to DVD will it … like the 3 LotR movies before it have scenes that are not in this movie… There is one part where I suspect it.. and that is after Gandalf spoke with the elf lady and she holds his hands.. When she is suddenly gone it seems Gandalf is turning to somebody to say something…

    it is horrible that we have to wait another year for part 2 and 1,5 years for part 3.

  13. Orcristawesome says:

    This clip was soooooo funny! You are so not helping,Bofur!!!!!!!!! I so can’t wait to see it! It’s going to be so awesome!

  14. Love it peter fantastic job thank you very much

  15. I can’t wait!!!

  16. can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! Just ordered few tickets online 🙂

  17. i thought the original lord of the rings was really boring, i will definately not be going to see the hobbit,i would rather go watch breaking dawn part 2 again

    • Tajana Eowyn says:

      what are you doing on this website then? go away and watch breaking dawn 😀

    • Pillow ambush says:

      Twilight sucks on the toe cheese of the magnificent LOTR, and if it wasn’t for self-absorbed, stuck up little girls, it would make no money at all.

  18. Please ask Loreena McKennitt to be on at least one of the upcoming soundtracks. Her musical style is perfectly-suited for Middle Earth! Thank you.

  19. Maria Cava says:

    Ha sido una pasada la repercusión y el éxito de el hobbit estreno en los cines, a pesar de lo caras que se han puesto las entradas.

  20. Maria Cava says:

    It was incredible the efect of the the hobbit at cinemas

  21. I cannot wait any more.i love this movie so much.I like hobbit character. Thanks for greatest

  22. The best film I’ve seen ever!

  23. Guys !

    I come from Slovenia and I have never read the book. After seeing a movie I was so much blown away that I started to watch the video blogs. You know what ? The country that I come from is really small one but we consider ourselves modern but… Seeing the “Making of” and the hard work of all of you people made me realize in how “Middle age ” country I live in :))) . You are so much inspirational and funny and creative and…you made me think in totally other perspective !
    I really hope from the bottom of my heart that I will be able to see the place(s) where all this marvelous creations are made (the studios). You should be proud-for me your work was equal to the first steps on the Moon ! !!!!

    Maja from Slovenia, Europe

  24. Never read the book, nor could imagine watching the movie. After seeing the trailer above, definitely gonna go. Thank you!

  25. Caedmon Pittman says:



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