Dec 14, 2012

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Video Clip: I Wasn’t Talking To You

  1. Everybody laughed yesterday when Gollum said this !!!

    I’m so glad that I have finally seen this movie ! So perfect, and as a big fan of Richard, I was happy to discover that Thorin become a more important character than he is in the book !

    Thanks for this movie, can’t wait for the next !

  2. SunshineNsmiles says:

    Delightful clip! Looking forward to seeing film!

  3. Haha, Gollum/ Smeagol is finally back!!! 🙂 Won’t be able to see the movie right when it comes out, but I hope to see it soon!!! Thank you everyone who worked on this film for all of your hard work!!

  4. LegolasPippin says:

    I finally saw the movie last night at midnight! Just like Zelda said, everyone in the audience started cracking up when gollum said this. Amazing movie! everyone has to see it!!!

  5. the strange thing is that I thought that Gollum also was a hobbit.. once.. when he killed his mate in the fishing boat thing .. when they found the ring.. we saw a hobbit.. not a man

    and now he does not seem to know what a hobbit is.

    did he forget ? or is it a flaw in the movie
    that kept bugging for a while and made me skip much of the following convesation

  6. Gollum’s facial expressions were awesome during the quiz scenes:)

  7. Just noticed the url of this post! Fix?

  8. Brilliant scene. Gollum stole the show as usual.

  9. mithrandir says:

    gollum is hillarious in the riddles in the dark scene with Bilbo. Andy Serkis really did an awesome job!

  10. Victory says:

    I just LOVE this scene!!!

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