May 16, 2013

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Wanted: Hobbit Extras!

The final two films of The Hobbit need extras.  All you have to do is simply fill out the application from on Trademe’s Job Search web site. You do not need to reapply if you’ve already submitted an application. They’re looking for people with character faces, live in Wellington and are available between May and August of this year.

View the job posting here.

  1. NO! Why can’t I live in Wellington :'(

  2. Too bad I don’t live there I’m only 4′ 8″ :p. This is my favorite book and now its my favorite movie. I am so happy they are breaking into three films! They did an incredible job!

  3. I would BUT I DON’T LIVE IN WEILLINGTON…….and it’s to far away to driver there:(

  4. melthemad says:

    WHY? WHYWHYWHY? Why don’t I live in Wellington? Why can’t I have enough money to be able to leave education and fly over there for a month or so juat to be in five armies? I wanna be an extra… ;( Ever since I saw LOTR I’ve wanted to be in the movies… WHY?

    • I share your pain

    • LOTRCRAZY! says:

      I know your pain!!!! This is on my bucket list and I can’t do it!!!! ZEASH!!! I so want to!!! They won’t have another opportunity like this again!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGGG! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


        *SOB* If I ever win the lottery between now and then… that’s where Im headed!!

  5. Sir Peter Jackson is the best director of all time and I want talk him!!!

  6. WELLINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?????????? I WISH I LIVED THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Zynctron says:

    I’m short too. Only 5 feet. I live soo far away from NZ. I wanna be part of the Hobbit too. But sadly I can’t.. cry cry cry :'(

  8. … I wish so bad.

    I’ve always wanted to be in it. I wanna be an actor.
    I wish. Then I could meet famous people 😀
    I can’t wait for the next movies ^^

  9. Hi

    I’d love to participate. I live in Delhi, India and am a huge fan. Too bad … best wished to you for all the success.

  10. Hi

    I clicked on the link for the trademe sight and it has expired… where do I get an application form from. Please can someone advise

  11. hello! this is diego, i wanna work in the hobbit production! where can i send my CV???

  12. Hello!!
    Where i can apply for be extra??
    The job posting was expired.
    Thank you!

  13. LOTRandTheHobbit says:

    Mr. Jackson! please let out of country hobbit extras apply!!!!! we love you too out here in Cali!

  14. I want to cry so bad at the moment.

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  16. Adam Battlehammer says:

    Maybe oh maybe maybe maybe… eventually Peter Jackson or hopefully SOMEBODY, will do a Silmarillion movie. Although sadly dwarves don’t feature much in those stories. So maybe we can wish for a Forgotten Realm’s Dark Elf Saga!!!

  17. Hey folks maybe this is for Kiwis only seeing we are so far away from Hollywood!!

  18. Tatyana Kowalski says:


  19. Do I have to live in New Zealand

  20. i am interested in being a hobbit extra, I am 4’10” tall I’d make the perfect hobbit wife for fruto

  21. barak obanta says:


  22. barak obanta says:

    i want to be an elf legolas please reply

  23. barak obanta says:

    youz cans neva silenc meh

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