Feb 13, 2014

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What would Middle Earth look like from space?

Middle Earth From Space

A team of Danish programmers is rendering Middle Earth on a truly planetary scale. As reported on the Fast Company Design blog, “The scale model is called the Middle-Earth Project, and it is so epic in scope that you can see the Eye of Sauron from space, yet so finely detailed that you could zoom from space right into Bilbo’s Hobbit hole.”

You can watch a video demo of the project on YouTube, or download a demo of the program for yourself here, or join in on the lively conversation about the project over at io9.

  1. Oooo that’s really awesome!!!
    But where’s a new video blog?!?! now it’ve been a big period of time since the last premier but nothing about the next((
    By the way, the movie was amazing!!!!! thank you, Peter for your work)

  2. WOW, this is amazing!

  3. Amazing but video blog please.

  4. The uploader of the video said that they’re Brits not Danish

  5. middle earth is in our hearts and it can be seen even by blind!but for what the eyes can see its fantastic,and i think maybe we,hobbit and lord’s lovers people,should live together in middle earth!we have the need to live like this!better the orks than the todays ‘soron’style world tyrans.and also,there were still man like aragorn boromir faramir and thorin!!!

  6. Awesome!!

  7. Hi Hobbit Blog!

    Check out this pic I just came across on FaceBook:

    “Fly you fools!”

  8. Hey Lord of the Rings fans! Check out “Gollum’s Song” the new video from one-man a cappella vocalist Peter Hollens.


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