Nov 28, 2012

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World Premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!

World Premiere

Watch the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey live from New Zealand. Warner Bros. is offering a live stream of the red carpet arrivals, plus a special performance by Neil Finn. More more details here:

Highlights from the World Premiere can be viewed here on Facebook.

  1. Anxiously waiting!!!

  2. Перебои со звуком были…

  3. love it


  5. well Peter Jackson here in the eastern coast of America its 12:24 and i have to wake up early for school, thank you! growing up with the Lord of the Rings movies, it shaped my life and got me through everything Ive been through. thank you ! great job!! enjoy your premiere and keep up the great work, cant wait to watch the movie!
    BIG FAN!!!!!!

  6. Sooooooo what do you think of New Zealand??????????????? Bahaha get a new angle NZ media ffs USELESS and EMBARASSING!!!

  7. Couldn’t watch it. Can I watch it back somewhere?

  8. Thorondorim says:

    By the Valar and Ilu !!

  9. Soft Boiled says:


    What’s with all the new rumours around the place about Sir PJ and Weta teaming up with Chris Carter to make another X-Files film here in Godzone?

    I hope it’s true coz I really REALLY wanna meet Gillian Anderson and slobber all over her! 🙂


    • Really? The X Files? God I love that show. It sure would be great to see it again. Maybe it will be a crossover with The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings?! 🙂

  10. My body is ready for this!

  11. Wasn’t there supposed to be a recorded video of the live stream here afterwards? Had to go to uni instead of watching it 🙁

  12. Where can I find the complete Premiere that was showed at the video player? Thank youu!!

  13. jack atsma says:

    I’ve heard that the Hobbit will be screened in an XD experience in the netherlands, incl moving seats, 4k and dolby atmos. anybody knows where exactly?

  14. Giuliano La Rocca says:

    … We have uploaded on youtube the two main parts of The Hobbit World Premiere.



    I hope you like them! 🙂
    Bye Bye

    Giovani Film Productions

  15. Omg! Can’t wait!

  16. I cant believe it, the wait is over. I have officially entered into Hobbit mode. woohoo!

  17. Waiting for this unexpected Journey.

  18. Hey there! Any idea where can I enjoy the best of 48FPS of ‘Hobbit’ in Delhi/NCR (India)? Don’t think there is an IMAX in here. Been asking everywhere, as I want to experience Peter’s magic to the hilt.

  19. TheHobbitGirl says:

    I can’t wait to see The Hobbit with XD Experience, I think it’s amazing!!

    Who has already seen this movie with XD? I’m very curious

    • Today in the US (where I live) it is December 13 and I can’t see it until tomorrow 🙁 but I am going to see it tomorrow in XD 🙂 SO EXCITED!!!

  20. We will see the film before the world ends. rs’

  21. Hi

    Congratulations to the whole team!
    The Hobbit as out today in France, and I’ve been waiting a while to rush to the nearest cinema. I have to say, all the things you did for the past few years and the troubles you went through and the waiting… all this was worth it. As Gandalf says, ”I never doubted you for a second”. How could I? You all love what you do, you all loved putting this book info images, and after seeing hundreds of times what you did for the Lord of the Rings, no one could ever doubt you.
    Yes, there are some who would disagree on small things about the adaptation, but they were just tiny little details that will not alter the narration. Every storyteller has his own way to tell a story, and I was blown away. Time literally flew. Not even the bunch of purists who came with their books could have wasted this afternoon. With those who, like me, grew up with the Lord of the Rings and spent hours and hours again in the book and the movies and bonus, we came to understand how Peter Jackson saw and chose to show Middle Earth.
    Once more, you’ve cut a window between worlds and ou gave some kind of substance to a great story. You gave a face to other characters, and you gave them a space to live in.

    You gave us a little more room for imagination and possibilities.

  22. Maria Cava says:

    From my point of view, I think the hobbit is the best film of the trilogy.

  23. The Hobbit is a better film in the world of film.


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