Mar 19, 2013

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Worldwide Live Event with Peter Jackson

Calling all Hobbit fans for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Peter Jackson will be answering fan questions online on March 24. Submit your question now for a chance at being answered by Jackson himself.

Submit your questions by creating a Vine video ( and sharing to Twitter with the hashtag #AskPeterJackson, or visit The Hobbit Facebook Page and share the link to your YouTube video under the “Ask Peter Jackson” tab. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, March 19 at 11:59pm PST. More details are available at

Hear the answers to the selected fan questions and get a sneak peek of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on March 243:00 p.m. EST/12:00 p.m. PST! For details on how to access this exclusive fan event, visit

  1. Can’t wait for Benedict!! What excellent casting.

  2. I can’t wait to watch the event 🙂 The first part was the best movie ever and I can’t wait to see what the second part will brought 🙂

    • I totally agree! I preordered the blu ray 3D just to watch this!:) the blu ray has quite good reviews but id doesn’t come with a dvd so unfourtunatley can only watch at home 🙁

  3. I allready send my video 😀 I hope they choose me 😀

  4. LOTR nerd :) says:

    I wish I could do this but I don’t have twitter or facebook 🙁 Can’t wait for the film though

  5. I’m so bummed out. The Blu-ray release isn’t until April 4th here in Sweden, so I wont get my code until it’s to late :'(

  6. lil' bilbo says:

    It’s so cool that Benedict Cumberbatch is acting with Martin Freeman again, but this time as rivals! They are soooo good together in BBC’s Sherlock, it’ll be interesting to see them together in their different roles! 🙂

  7. I send my video:-)

  8. i love the movie. mine is sent. and cant wait for the other 2 movies and the 24th.

  9. Hobbit Loyalist says:

    I am so looking forward to this event on Sunday! I am having several people over and we are going to watch it together! 🙂 Proud to be a Hobbit fan

  10. Brett Waters says:

    Just a Fire Chief IRL…I SOOOOooo want to be Dauin II of the Iron hills…

  11. LegolasPippin says:

    I preordered my copy and it doesn’t arrive until the 26th…I’m so mad!

  12. anironmeldiriel says:

    WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE BLURAY! I pre-ordered my hobbit just like every other ringer out there- but I don’t get my code because I don’t have Bluray. This is not fair. What’s wrong with bog standard DVDs- Like most of the world. And why does the DVD come out in America first? It’s a British story being made in New Zealand by Kiwi Filmamkers, and so it comes out in the USA before anywhere else. Where’s the logic in that. And I’m not going to see the preview. I am not happy. Do these people understand how agonising the wait is?

  13. AshleyMcEwan says:

    Really disappointed, you call it a worldwide event but you can’t buy the DVD to get the access code in Australia. Feel pretty left out right now..

    • Gosh I feel so bad right now….. I get to do it but the US doesn’t really appreciate this movie It doesn’t make sense why they would do it here and not in places like Australia, I am so sorry for you!!! I wish there was some way we could do it together…….

  14. It doesnt have to be bluray, I bought my normal copy on the 19th and it has the code. My confusion is how we put the code in. Will a place to enter it in show up on the 24th? Do we watch it on FB?

  15. I’m soooooo glad i got my copy already, my brothers are waiting for the extended edition to come out (IDK if there is going to be one yet….) but I couldn’t. LotR means WWWAAAYYYY too much for me, I am feeling so sorry for everyone who can’t participate in this event, It is not right for the US to get this first, especially since most people here do not appreciate movies like this. I am glad because I get to make this my birthday party this sunday!!

    PS I am Glorfindel’s Daughter just BTW….aniornmeldiriel I do understand where your pain comes from, I would go to NZ or Britain to suffer with you!!

  16. dancingcrane says:

    Got “the hobbit” early, to participate in event. Went to the , and the ‘sneak’ went grayed-out and there was no place on the homepage to click, nor to enter a code. I’m sitting here knowing that others are there, and I have no way to join them. What happened?

  17. Lynn Monje says:

    Just remember. Here in the US, we are on Daylight Savings Time, so it will start at 4PM, not 3 on the East Coast!

  18. Ringlord2013 says:

    I know it’s a bit late. But has anyone got an ultraviolet code for me so I can watch this event, please? I was out of money, so I couldn’t buy a DVD myself.. please, please, please….

  19. Marianna says:

    The live premiere of trailer is going on now. I’m in the U.S., in Maryland (near DC). THERE’S NO VIDEO!!! the audio is working. Anyone know why the video is no being shown live? Are the live production people, website gurus, working on the problem? I’m missing it all–though, it shows how important sound is, because I can here it… but I can’t see the production offices! AND I can’t watch the trailer when they do it!!!

  20. SandrineB says:

    Live in France,film not released until mid April, so i pre-ordered it. I got the code, so by pre-ordering it everybody should have had one. I’m watching the event, but it’s always buffering so it’s
    very hard to follow.

  21. Just watched the sneak peek, that scene at the end was really cool.

  22. The DVD didn’t even come to my country. And only today I learnt that you could use one code for three times. If I had known I’d have contacted my penpal. Can anyone tell me where I can see the sneak peek ? It’s not on YouTube. (obviously). Tell me what happened at the live event.

  23. LOVED the Live Event! Totally cool for Peter Jackson to do this for the fans. Thanks to everyone involved! Can’t believe I have to wait until December 2013 to watch the next movie but I know it’ll be worth it.
    Thanks again for a real treat. Hope there’s another Live Event after the next film comes out on disc. (Hint, hint.)

  24. The live event didn’t work for me. Had the code, but no where to enter it. Tried, but nothing. Too bad.

  25. mithrandir says:

    There are going to be quite a few new characters, like Thranduil(Lee Pace), Bard the bowman(Luke Evans), Tauriel(Evangeline Lilly), and the master of laketown(Stephen Fry). Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  26. i sawthe first Installment, it was great. I would like to learn more about Gandaffs wiser friends the e
    elves ,and other wizards I am a big dr.who fan so the parts that Slvester and David will be interesting they already have shone Syvester When will they get back Rivendale?

  27. Thanks for sharing , but I feel a little disappointed, you call it a worldwide event but you can’t buy the DVD to get the access code in Australia. Feel pretty left out right now..

  28. Patricia says:

    Bought blu-Ray copy in UK but no code included. E-mailed and they emailed me a code. Have just watched the recorded version. Well worth a watch!

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